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Color: BlackStyle: SlingChange
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on April 2, 2011
A little background : I've never liked neck straps since the camera just gets in the way and with large DSLR's and lenses it puts a lot of weight onto your neck. One thing I don't like about the Black Rapid or similar sling style straps is the connection point - the tripod mount. Personally, it would get in the way when shooting in a portrait orientation and hinder tripod usage. It also worries me a bit that there's so much weight put onto the tripod mount on the camera/grip when it wasn't really designed to hold weight in that fashion. I created my own sling style utilizing the OEM strap mounts on the body and it has served me well so I never bothered looking for another sling style strap. I happened to come across this Optech strap and it seemed like a perfect strap (which I explain below.) Since my custom sling strap doesn't have padding and the connection points are a bit bulky I decided to give this strap a try.

The Optech strap is very well built. The padding is great, helping to cushion and distributes the weight wonderfully across the shoulder. The quick-release connectors are a sturdy plastic and the engage/disengage clips require quite a bit of force which eases the worry of accidentally releasing them. (I don't use the quick-release too much though and was thinking of chopping off the quick-release connectors and replacing them with metal carabiners with locks.) The length of the strap is perfect as well. Personally, at 5' 9" and a big build it rests comfortably near waist level.

The main part of this strap which made me buy it were the "system-connectors". These connectors, which have a nylon loop on one end and a quick-release clip on the other, utilizes the OEM mounting points on the camera. This makes me feel a lot more comfortable than using only one point at the tripod mount like other sling straps. These system-connectors connect to one (or two) matching free-floating connectors on the main strap. Movement of the camera from waist-level to your eye is very smooth with the connectors. As mentioned, the actual connection to the camera is nylon, through the OEM mounting points. Like with OEM neck straps, it'll eventually eat through the nylon after extended amount of use. The beauty of the Optech strap is that you can buy just the system-connectors for under $10 if you ever need to replace them.

My heaviest setup (and one I use very frequently) is the Canon 7D with grip and the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II. The strap feels very solid and I don't have to worry about the integrity of the strap. The padding on the strap definitely does help in distributing the weight. It really does feel lighter when using this strap (at least compared to my custom one.)

If you're looking at this product and wondering if this is a good sling strap I would definitely say yes. It is well designed and solidly built. The mobility that a sling strap gives you is a wonderful feeling and with most lenses you won't even feel it over your shoulder.
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on March 16, 2013
1. It stays in place. Unlike the RS-7, the "stops" clamp solidly on the strap. So everything stays where it's supposed to. The strap doesn't slide up or down your shoulder. It stays solidly in place, even with fairly active movement.

2. It's lighter and less bulky than the RS-7

3. It feels great! More comfortable to wear than the RS-7. You hardly feel any weight at all.

4.It doesn't use the tripod socket, so it's easy to switch (unlike the RS-7)

5. Oh, and it costs less than half of the way overpriced RS-7.

So glad I found this one!
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on October 11, 2011
When I first got my dSLR I really wanted to be able to carry it comfortably with me for use at a moment's notice. The strap that came with it was OK but was a bit on the short side, and did not allow me to carry the camera in sling-fashion very comfortable. On top of that the camera would be in an awkward position with the lens sticking out just asking for some broken glass.

As I was searching for a new strap, I came across a few expensive options that looked like they would work, but used the tripod mount as a connecting point for the camera. I wanted something that would allow me to connect to the factory strap point and still fit comfortably across my body.

That's when I came across the OP/TECH strap-sling connector. There wasn't a lot of reviews, but it looked like what I was envisioning so I took the chance and ordered it.

Since receiving it I have not been disappointed. The sling is exactly as advertised, with a padded neoprene strap connected to a couple quick release connectors on each side. The camera itself can be attached via one or two OP/TECH uniloop system connectors which have quick release connectors that connect to the sling. I have the camera attached to one connector and it sits comfortable at my side, hip-level, and the lens doesn't protrude out to my side. When I pull the camera up to take a shot, the connector freely slides along the sling so the shoulder pad never moves and if I want to have someone else take a pic, I can just release the connector without having to take off the strap.

While I am wary about how many times I can connect/disconnect the plastic connectors these pieces feel pretty sturdy and are replaceable. I am not a pro so I don't know how a pro would feel about this product, but for me, the accessibility it provides to my camera and the comfort are exactly what I was looking for. It's definitely something I would recommend to someone looking for something that allows a bit more flexibility than a kit camera strap.
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on June 20, 2012
I received this product today, on time and excellently packed.

The sling at first glance is very well made and sturdy. I quickly read through the instruction and well, starting looking at the things people were crying about in the reviews. I will go through each one in a minute. With in 1 minute the sling was attached to my DSLR, the strap was adjusted and I mastered the sling, folks it doesn't get any easier than this.

First the loop connecters are great, no buckles to come loose. The snap-in connecters on the handi loop are super strong, they won't go anywhere or come undone. I adjusted the length to where the right side of the camera body where the connection is made is hanging just at my waist, I can go another two inches lower but then it would be in my pocket. Where it is resting I can allow my right hand to semi-rest on the body as my hand was in my pocket. Nice and comfy. Folks I am a stout man that wears XXL T shirts with a 50'' chest and this sling fits me fine. Bringing the camera to my eye and NOTHING gets in the way. It glides up smooth as butter every time. Now (ladies I am sorry) The front strap buckle if used right handed will be in the center of your chest right in the cleavage. You can move it some up or down but for the most comfy fit it was there on me. A smaller person it may fit differently. Works fine with my back pack. If you want to and it can be done but it takes away for the proper use of the strap but can let it hang in front of you. Not sure why anyone would do this though.

Two things you need to get use to.

1. the camera dangling at your waist or side. I am use to it snug on my chest or in my hand with wrist strap. Resting your hand it helps. This is an easy thing to overcome.
2. attaching the handi loop to the right side of the camera. Can't turn the camera on end with right side up with out moving the handi loop buckle out of the way. No big deal to me but will take some getting use too.
3. Only had it for one day. I will put it through its paces and report any problems or things that might annoy people.

Now about the cons some reviewers posted

1. the extra handi loop, really? It does not have to dangle. Here is what I Did. I used the lowest loop for the camera. I look the other loop and pulled it to the top buckle. I put the loop through the gap between the buckle and the strap then pulled it over the buckle (just like attaching it to the camera) Whammo it is out of the way, not dangling, pulled tight and I have an extra loop with me all the time. That took about 45 seconds to figure out.

2. The buckle gets in the way of the eye piece. How? Only if you turn the looped end up to take an inverted picture. Easy to fix, turn the left side up instead of to the right. I will have to get use to that myself but hey it's not hard.

3. only attaches to one point. Won't work well attached at both camera loops, not designed to. This system blows away any two point camera strap. Can't believe I never went this way before.

4. doesn't work left handed. Yes it does. Here is what I did. I put the handi-loop on the left side of the camera instead of the right. Now the little slide buckle that was on the back for a righty is now in front, soooo slide it all the way up to the shoulder buckle and it is a perfect fit. It comes to the eye perfectly and NOTHING is in the way.

5. The OP/Tech USA Logo on the shoulder strap. It isn't that big so It doesn't bother me, yet. I don't advertise for free. If it bothers you take a black sharpie and trace it out. Problem solved.

6. Doesn't work if using a back pack. yes it does. The strap goes over your shoulders and over the BP straps. I don't see the problem and It worked fine for me.
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on May 26, 2013
The con: The company logo/name, on the shoulder pad is quite large (white letters, size of 2.5 x 0.5 inch). Personally, I prefer the logo on the products, if any, to be displayed more discretely. This problem can be easily resolved by coloring the logo with a black permanent marker.

The pros: The OP/TECH USA utility sling strap is a versatile product. Besides using it as advertised, which is attaching just one or two connectors from the strap to the top loops of the camera. One can use the strap in conjunction with a mounting plate, e.g. EzFoto Black Color Rapid Mounting Plate with Tripod Mount Ready (one of the cheaper metal plates available on Amazon) so that both connectors are attached to the camera on the side, instead of on the top. I have uploaded several images for illustration of how the two products can be used in varying ways, e.g. 1) as a sling strap, 2) as a shorter sling/shoulder/neck strap and 3) as a camera handle (or a even wrist strap by purchasing an additional Uni Adaptor Loop). Since with the use of a mounting plate, both uni-loop connectors are on the side of the camera, the connectors will not get in the way between your face and the camera when shooting.
review image review image review image
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on April 19, 2013
First off, let me just say that I love this strap! It's very comfortable and feels natural where it sits on my hip. There is however, one caveat, and maybe other reviews have already covered this point. I find it hard to look through the viewfinder when both connectors are attached to the camera. If you look at the user submitted picture I posted (with the Red Socks hat in the background), you'll see how the two connectors pull in towards the viewfinder. I found that it's manageable when taking horizontal pictures... it usually just rests on my nose. However when I twist the camera for a vertical shot it can easily get in the way and obstruct the viewfinder.

Actually, Let me expand on the vertical shot problem. If you pull up and twist the camera counter clock wise it obstructs the view. If you pull up and twist clock wise, it doesn't. I prefer to shoot vertical shots twisting counter clock wise so that my index finger and trigger are above the camera not below.

So why the five stars? Well, I've found that if you have only one of the two connecters attached, there's no problem looking through the viewfinder. Also, you can still work with it if with both connectors (i.e. if you know to twist clockwise for verticals) for those "on the fly" shots.

What I usually find myself doing is:

1. If I'm just walking around with the camera, I have it connected with both connectors for the added security / safety (it prevents it from swinging around at all).

2. When I'm in picture mode where I'm actually holding the camera and / or anticipating a shot, I'll take the extra second to remove one of the connectors (which is really easy to do).
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on July 17, 2010
I don't find over-the-neck straps all that comfortable, and I'm constantly annoyed by the strap getting in the way when I'm trying to take a photo (especially potrait orientation). Now that I'm frequently carrying two bodies, I decided to give a Sling style a shot. Since the Op/Tech was quite a bit less than the Black Rapid I orderd one.

As far as the padded part goes, it is amazingly comfortable and super light weight. The stitching is solid and the op/tech logo is nice and subdued.

The connectors have a super cheap feel to them. I have a sense these will get brittle and snap over time ... and the thought of $3,500 of camera gear hitting the ground is unnerving. I hate the fact that they have 2 quick connectors on the strap with no way of removing them ... not sure what I was thinking here ... it should have dawned on me when reading the item description. Since I use only 1 connector attached to a swivel in the tripod mount, I now have this extra piece of plastic poking me in the side ... I may just cut it off with a pair of bolt cutters. On the plus side, the cord and leather part attached to the quick connector is very nicely constructed.

The strap itself is adjsutable and extremely long. My guess is that it will fit on anybody up to Sumo Wrester sized. A trick I learned while being in the US Army when I was younger ... disconnect the rear connector, give it a full twist and then put it back on. This will make the strap fold over at the 'bottom', and lay flat against your body in the area under your arm.

The connector attached to my camera moves very smooth and completely eliminates that 'dangling in my way' nusance I get with a normal style strap.

Overall however, I don't find the configuration all that comfortable and that extra connector MUST go. Maybe over time I'll get used to it.
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on August 17, 2011
Much cheaper than BlackRapid, AND it works better because it does't use your tripod mount. Hooked up my D7000 on it for a 3 week tour of France and Italy, and it was a life saver. It definitely feels cheaper than BlackRapid and LumaLoop because the connectors are all plastic. The shouldner padding is comfy to wear around all day. I have the strap on one shouldner and a messenger style camera bag on the other. It balanced the weight evenly between the camera body and spare lens. It's versatile enough so you can use it as a neck strap too.
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on September 14, 2011
This is a complete camera sling that consists of two components: a shoulder pad and web strap. The pad looks like fabric-faced neoprene about 8mm thick, 16" long and varies in width from 2.5" in the center to 1.5" at each end. The edge is nicely finished with a cloth binding. The web strap is adjustable from about 23" to 36" in length and connects to both ends of the shoulder pad.

Both pad and strap are terminated with plastic side-release buckles; male on one end, female on the other. OP/TECH straps were designed as a system, so components can be replaced, or mixed to develop customized solutions. The buckles appear to be very strong and are relatively stiff to operate, so it's unlikely they could be released unintentionally or surreptitiously. But unless you intend to take advantage of the system's modularity, they represent two unnecessary potential points of failure that could have been eliminated by sewing the web strap directly to the pad.

The strap has three additional plastic parts: a male and a female side-release buckle that both slide freely along the strap, and a moveable slide that limits their backward travel. The camera is attached to one or both of these buckles with system connectors. A pair of short connectors is included. The end buckles are sewn on, so the sliding buckles and slider can't be removed intact without re-sewing. All the buckles are the same size.

For me, the best place to attach the sling to the camera is the tripod socket. This keeps it out of the way whichever way I hold the camera. A tripod socket mount isn't included, but my cameras were already fitted with quick-release adapters with slots that can accommodate the included connectors. A Black Rapid anchor is another alternative, but would have to be removed to use a tripod. If you prefer to attach the sling to one or both of the camera's standard strap eyelets, you may want to try longer connectors to keep the buckles out of your way.

For years, I went without a strap; too confining. This sling gives the same freedom of movement with less risk of dropping the camera. It is well made (USA), unobtrusive, simple, light, comfortable, and suitable for even the heaviest DSLR. And a good value.
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on May 24, 2013
Purchased this to replace the neck strap that came with my Canon 7d. This is WAY more comfortable than using the neck strap. The 7d with a medium zoom lens on it is heavy and with the neck strap I also had to use one hand to lift the camera to keep its weight off my neck while I was walking around, which was awkward an annoying. I could walk around using this Op/tech strap for hours! The padded shoulder cushion is very comfortable. It feels like soft gel and molds to my shoulder and it's rubber coated on the bottom to prevent slippage. I'm a 5'3" female and I think this strap is a good option for women to consider. I did attach it a little differently than in the instructions. Instead of connecting it to the side of my camera, I connected it to the bottom at the point of my tripod mount. I have a tripod plate attached to my camera that comes with a special D shaped ring that is designed specifically to hold a camera strap so that's what I used. (I always keep my tripod plate attached to my camera even when i'm not using a tripod.) I can attach my camera quickly and easily to my tripod with the Op/tech strap still attached to the D ring, so this works as well for me as using the camera's side connector. On my Canon strap I did have the little rubber cover that you can use to cover over the eyepiece to block out light for tripod exposures, and there isn't really anyplace to attach that on this strap, so I just keep it in my camera bag. Using the Op/tech strap I can easily pull the camera up to shoot in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Obviously, you have to protect the camera from knocking against stuff as it is oriented on your hip, but I'd rather do that than deal with the neck strap. Plus the neck strap was so uncomfortable half the time I didn't use it, which left the camera at a higher risk of being dropped. I decided to try this strap rather than going with the way more expensive Black Rapid, and for my needs, this works just fine.
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