Customer Reviews: OP/TECH USA 6704062 SLR Wrist Strap (Royal)
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on April 7, 2010
Strap was purchased to replace a neck strap provided with a Canon G11 digital camera. I do not like anything hanging around my neck that has any weight. The camera is heavy enough that a skinny strap used for the small point-n-shoot cameras would not offer adequate security. As other reviews has described, the plastic snap connector adds no value and perhaps is a negative feature.

Another consideration is the size of the connecting ribbon cord to the camcorder or camera. This braided cord is substantial, about 3/8" x 1/8", not a weak link in the strap assembly. The negative side of this is its size is just big enough not to fit through my camera's strap loop. I have cut down a plastic electrical cable loop to use as an interface between the camera's loop and the braided cord. The plastic cable loop has holes for a screw that I used to attach the cord. The cable loop is white so I dyed it black with fabric dye. Functions well and looks very good.

Overall, the strap provides a good, non-slip feel. It's elastic wristband is comfortable and has a sliding, plastic adjustment to tighten the strap for smaller wrists.

During warmer weather the strap makes my wrist sweat. The inside of the strap gets wet, but dries quickly. I have used this camera a lot during warm weather, sweated a lot onto it, but it doesn't stink. I could wash it.

The look is very utilitarian. The photo is accurate.
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on November 6, 2009
This neoprene wrist strap is comfortably wide, can be cinched to your hand with the included buckle-like device, and is not so long that your camera will dangle far from your wrist when you let go of it.

My only concern is the plastic clip that attaches the neoprene wrist strap to the lanyard portion secured to the camera. It looks sturdy enough, and hasn't given any indication that it's going to come loose, but given how easy it is to get your hand into and out of the wrist strap, it seems like the inclusion of this clip doesn't add enough value to the product to justify the loss of peace of mind.

If you were going to be switching between a neck strap and this wrist strap, the plastic clip would probably make that process quick and easy, but if, like me, you're only interested in securing your camera with a wrist strap, the clip feels unnecessary.
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on January 21, 2012
I've always wound the slr strap that comes with an slr around my hand to give the similar effect as the hand strap that screw into the tripod socket and wraps around the back of your hands, so I just decided to get a "real" wrist strap instead of a makeshift handstrap. It's pretty sturdy made and the snap-in buckle is solid enough that it seems that it will not just flake out with your camera flying. I do question the durability of the string on the end that attaches to the camera. It's shoe-lace like but very thin with not much fabric density. So I don't think I'll be flinging the camera around just by the strap. But for what this strap is made for, it's perfect - so that you don't accidentally drop the camera as you may without a strap of any kind.

The strap material is elastic neoprene. You can close down the strap to make it tighter around your wrist but I really don't see the need to adjust as it's already comfortably tight enough.

I also considered getting one of those slr grips that screws into the tripod socket and wraps around the top of your hand but when I thought about it, for the camera to be safe from accidents you always had to have it glued to your hand whereas with this wrist strap, you can hold the camera in a more free and loose kind of way with the peace of mind of knowing that the strap will save your camera from a fall if your hand decides to let go.

Price is good. I wish it came in more exciting colors and wild prints though.

Update: There's a difference between a "handstrap" and a "wriststrap". So back to what I said in the first sentence about handstrap - this strap being a wrist strap still requires you to consciously keep the grip of the camera and hold it while you walk around because it's not the type of strap where you can just fling around or let the camera just hang off the wrist strap since DSLR is way too heavy compared to P&S cameras. So the act of consciously keeping the grip translates to work/effort for me. In a way, I think a handstrap might be better... so I thought... however, using this strap with a DSLR on a weekend trip proved how great it is. The buckle is invaluable as you can quickly detach the camera and put it away when not in use and then quickly attach it when you need it. Keep in mind though, the wrist strap does mean you'd need to be consciously holding the camera while walking around with it (as opposed to a neck strap) but if you don't mind like me, this strap is great.

Update2, July 2012: I've now bought 3 of these darn things b/c I keep losing them due to my clumsiness. The first time was in a public restroom. I took off the strap from the wrist to wash my hands to not get any soap on it. Then left. The next time was outdoors on a hike. I took off a jacket and must've slipped from the wrist somehow. Point is, don't lose them! I keep ordering more b/c I really like the product. The quick release is really convenient.

Update3, Aug 2012: Now I have this strap on a Sony NEX-5n (edit: then NEX-5R after that, and now a6000). It's lighter and smaller than a regular DSLR and when I hang the NEX with kit lens by this strap, I don't fee like it's too heavy to support it as I did with a DSLR. I still wouldn't fling it around but it's great for peace of mind and protection. The quick release continues to be the best feature. It really is super handy.

Update4, June 2015: Yup, I still have the strap. It's on a6000. I use the neckstrap that the camera came with so when you do that, there's just not enough space in the loop to squeeze in the Op/tech. So I ended up attaching to this wrist strap to the loop end of one side of the neck strap. It's a bit quirky but hey, it works. So I use both the neck strap and the wrist strap.
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This is sold as a hand strap for DSLRs. Strap construction is, putting it mildly, interesting. A thick (I think) neoprene look is riveted to a clasp which in turn has a leather flap sewn around a clasp holding an elastic look. Yes, it looks like something you'd find in a bondage emporium.

The wrist strap feels secure and fit snugly around my wrist.The clasp, which is of the kind commonly found on bags and packs these days, feels secure. The advantage is that it allows you to quickly detach the wrist strap if you have need to. The disadvantage is that it would be possible - not easily so - to accidentally release the clasp.

The elastic loop that is supposed to thread through the eyelet of the camera is a bear, very difficult to get through. It is about 3/16ths of an inch wide. I bought a wrist strap so I could alternate with the neck strap. Not with this one. There isn't room on my LX5 for both loops, which definitely limits the usefulness to me.

Unless your camera has large eyelets or you want to use only the hand strap, I suggest you scrutinize this model closely and also consider the alternatives.

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on January 13, 2013
Some other reviewers complain about the solidity of the attachment and don't feel comfortable swinging a big DSLR from it.
This strap is not meant to hang the DSLR but as a safety. Just like you wouldn't want to go hang-gliding with just a safety belt, you don't want to let your camera hang from this. Yet the safety belt is good to have just in case - same here.

Other reviewers were noting that the clip is a weak link - indeed, but then you can use it to attach for instance the OP/TECH 1501372 Pro Loop Strap for Camera Equipment (Black).

I use it a lot when on location and not lugging stuff around. It will stay attached to my main body when in a case or a backpack where the whole strap is cumbersome - then I can take the camera and shoot around before putting it back. It is unobtrusive and will provide the safety I am looking for.

When I need to carry the camera with me, I will attach either the loop strap already mentioned or the Black Color Carry Speed Cs-1 MK II Camera Sling Strap Rapid for DSLR which attaches to the tripod mount.

When I pick up the camera to take a picture and put it down immediately, I didn't bother passing the neck- or shoulder-strap. Now that I have this wrist-strap I absolutely do bother putting it on, even for a few seconds, and it already saved my camera once.

Only thing that could be better: it is just a little too short for comfort when shooting in portrait orientation with a battery grip or a pro body. Half an inch longer would have been perfect.
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on June 29, 2009
Great product for lighter SLR's. I probably wouldn't trust it with a pricey professional workhorse, but it's a convenient alternative to bulky straps for consumer oriented SLR's.
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on April 26, 2013
The neoprene is my favorite for straps due to the comfort, moisture tolerance and controlled stretch. It won't rub your arm raw on long days, can be tightened enough to make it VERY secure, and (since I have other Op/Tech gear) the attach point is very flexible and useful for a lot of different situations. I wouldn't try rock climbing with it on, or spin the camera like a helicopter blade, but it does guarantee you don't set the camera down and quickly find that it grew legs and wandered off. In crowded places, sadly, that is always a prime concern.

The strap does not interfere with any operations like the more formed setups do, and your hand is still somewhat usable for other purposes even with the camera attached (assuming whatever you're trying to do is REASONABLE considering you have several thousand very heavy dollars hanging off your wrist). It could be a lifesaver if wet hands, an opportunistic thief or (as in my case) a stellar lack of coordination threaten your ability to maintain close hand/camera proximity. Moving vehicles, roof tops, cliff edges and camera grabbers can all more easily be dealt with, and very comfortably.
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on June 21, 2009
Most of the time I use the wrist strap when following sports or any other type of action. The strap provides more freedom of movement (higher or lower) instead of having a dangling neck strap which can be very restrictive. This particular strap if very flexiable and most comfortable on the wrist. This strap also has a quick release feature. Highly recommended.
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on November 1, 2009
I have an Op/Tech bino/cam harness and bought this at the same time. They use the same size clips, so they're easily interchangeable in a matter of seconds.

This strap fits securely, is very comfortable (I hardly notice it's there), and gives me the peace of mind that I won't drop my Canon XSi. I never hang or dangle it by the strap and don't recommend that, but I'm pretty confident it'll survive the few inches of drop just fine.

If you don't need your hands free and will either mostly want to carry your camera ready in your hand a lot (because of frequent usage) or for a short period of time, it's so much nicer to use than a regular neck strap. Some people will wrap their neck strap around their wrist, but if you drop your camera, you'll likely have a drop of a few feet and the neck strap may then slide off your arm.

Highly recommended!

1) inexpensive; good value for the money
2) comfortable and adjustable
3) no big neck strap swinging around
4) very discreet black color don't attract attention or scream out "I'm carrying an expensive SLR, please mug me."

1) I wish they replaced the Uni-loop clips that attach to the camera. They're a little difficult to get on on camera. I would prefer some sort of fast attach/fast release clip that directly clips on/off the camera's rings.
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on November 11, 2010
I used to wrap neck straps around my wrist, but that wasn't very secure so I looked for a nice wrist strap. The first one I tried was the OpTech version that uses velcro. It worked fine, but there is always that worry about the velcro not being secure and giving out in a drop, plus it took both hands to put it on and it didn't let my wrist breath. This strap has all the advantages of the other one plus it is easier and faster to put it on, it feels more secure not having to worry about the velcro, and there is some breathing room around the wrist. This offers the freedom of hand holding your camera while offering security against accidental drops.

I keep mine on the left side since I usually hold my camera with my left hand and I am right handed so prefer to have that hand free. It is long enough that I can switch hands if I get tired of holding it in my left hand. If you had a neck strap with the same kind of quick connects you could quickly swap it in as well.
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