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on March 18, 2008
I have used the Opalescence whitening line for a few months. I used both 15% which I had to wear overnight and the 20% which is worn for an hour a day. I started using the 35% concentration because I really did not like wearing my dental trays overnight -- they hindered my sleep quite a bit. In addition, I liked the idea of only wearing the trays for 30 minutes each day (as opposed to the hour for the 20% concentration).

I have used the 35% for about a week and am seeing great results already. I really like the product but would mention a few precautions to those looking to try it:

(1) It will be pretty uncomfortable for someone with sensitive teeth. I notice some discomfort in my back teeth after removing the trays but it is usually gone by an hour or so. Sometimes the discomfort lasts longer but it is manageable.

(2) Using too much gel can cause your gums to burn. The instructions that came with my purchase failed to indicate how much gel was to be used during each bleaching session. I followed the instructions from my previous uses with the 15% and 20% concentrations, using a half of a syringe per treatment. This was too much. Despite having custom trays (which is a MUST with this system), the excess gel burned my gums in some places turning them white. The whiteness from the burn is gone in an hour and really is not uncomfortable but considering there was enough gel to reach the gums, it is pretty wasteful to use that much. Consequently, I now attempt to get 2.5-3 treatments per syringe. This has eliminated the potential for burning and reduced the discomfort associated with the high concentration. The bleaching process may take a little longer but it is worth it to alleviate these issues.

(3) I have had some uneven bleaching thus far. I have a few spots on my front teeth that are whiter than the rest of the tooth. From afar, this is not noticable but close up, it is obvious. I still have many treatments to go and am assuming it will all even out over time (it is already better now than it was 1-2 days after I started last week).

(4) Lastly, as I noted above, I would only recommend this treatment with custom molded trays. As I noted above, I have had some unevenness in my whitening thus far and cannot help but believe that this issue would be compounded if I did not have custom trays (and would be much harder to correct).

All in all, I am very pleased after a week of using this product. I gave it 4 stars only because I think the instructions should be more clear (i.e., how much gel is appropriate). I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great whitening product, excluding those with sensitive teeth.
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on October 19, 2007
With products as this, it is best to precursor the review with some instruction and expectation setting:

--This product is meant to be used as a refill to custom trays fitted by your dentist. Otherwise, you will have issues with uneven application and gum burning.

--Application muust follow instructions that are provided. Do not overapply or the gel will burn your gums and turn them white for a little while.

--At the end of the day, research suggests that the 35% whitens as much as the 15%. The difference is twofold: The 35% needs to onlt stay on for 30 minutes, but the 15% needs to stay on an hour. Second, the 35% will get your teeth whiter faster. E.g., if it takes 12 weeks for the 15% to get to the desired whitening, it may take 8 weeks for the 35%.

--The 35% will make your teeth more sensitive than 15%. For me, it was worth the extra sensitivity to get faster results.

--It takes time! Results do not occur overnight for most people. Expect 12-16 weeks, applying once a day at night for 30 minutes. If it occurs faster, use the remaining gel to periodically keep them white.

--The gum line part of the tooth may still be yellowish. My guess is it is hard to get right to the gum line without burning. So the application will still be a little uneven.

My review:

I had noticable results after 4 weeks, from 2-4 shades. One tooth was 4 shades, most were 3, and the rest were 1 to 2. I am under Dentist care for the entire process.

For the 4 week period, the Dentist was highly pleased with the progress. I was pleased as well. After 6 weeks, though, the progress seemed slower, and the lower teeth are still too yellow.

As well, one issue remains: one upper front tooth would not whiten well. It had undergone tramua when I was young. So, the 2 upper front teeth will need veneers. Right now it is a race to whiten as much as possible to get the whitest shade of veneers possible.

My method:
-- I used 12) 15% gel for 6 weeks that the denstist provided
-- I used (8)35% gel for 4 weeks that I bought from Amazon
-- I applied twice a day for at least half the time
-- I used between 1/3 to 1/2 of the syringe per application

In all, you have to be patient and not expect quick results. Some teeth will whiten faster and others may not whiten much at all. From what I researched and the Denist's input, results widely vary. However, you should certainly see viable results and the effort is not hard. 30 minutes after bushing and flossing is pretty easy.

I disagree with the low ratings for this product. Just because someone does not use the product properly, does not reflect on the product quality. Results based on non-custom trays are invalid in my opinion and should not reflect on the rating.

I would have given a 5 star, but I felt somehow they need to get the gel to the gumline without burning, providing full tooth coverage.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 4, 2007
As a dentist, I know that the key to success in tooth whitening is to have a properly made custom-fitted tray, and the right concentration of bleaching gel.

This product markets a 35% Carbamide-Peroxide bleaching gel. The 35% concentration is considered extremely strong in comparison to the concentrations available. Most at-home systems use a 10-15% concentration of Carbamide Peroxide.

The MAJOR drawback to this system is that it assumes that you have a custom-moulded bleaching tray, which is essential to using this product correctly and safely. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CUSTOM-MOULDED MOUTH TRAY, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. A custom-moulded tray must fit the teeth precisely and must not allow the bleaching gel to leak from the tray. A properly moulded tray will have a reservior for the gel, and a contoured scalloped border that prevents the gel from coming into contact with the gum tissues. (Sustained contact of the bleaching gel with gum tissues will result in a white chemical burn).

Since this product does not have a custom tray, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend it therefore giving it an overall score of 2-stars. However, if you have a custom-moulded tray (not an at-home heat moulded (boiled) system), this is an effective product if used in moderation and according to instructions (in that case I give it 3 stars). I actually think that a 20% bleaching solution is too strong to be used unsupervised. A 20% solution will likely cause tooth sensitivity and has the additional likelihood of causing chemical burns of the gums. It must be used with caution and restraint.

Keep in mind that Crest and others offer a tray-less system (no gel), as the gel is impregnated in the adhesive strip that is applied to the teeth. These systems work well and are fairly cheap to use. The advantage with the custom-made tray system is that you can use a variety of different bleaching gel strengths, some of which are much stronger than the adherant strip systems.

Jim "Konedog" Koenig (dentist)
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on March 10, 2008
I've just finished my first bleaching session with this product and, in all honesty, I have used whitening products from aquafresh, crest, colgate (including the version from colgate that dentist offices sell for bleaching), and two other versions of 35% Carbamide Peroxide solution...But Opalescence has been the best so far. The viscosity of the solution keeps the stuff in the mouth trays (mine are custom-made) better. I think anyone who bleaches their teeth will likely agree that the solution, the feel of the trays, and the occasional burning or stinging if there's too much product around one area of the gumline will make you salivate more than usual. (Duh!) Other products were notably thinned out or almost totally dissipated by the time I'd had the trays in for the recommended length of time for each. I would say there's an element of truth to assuming that, unless you can stop making saliva for 30 min. to an hour, having a 'thinner' solution that keeps seeping out of the trays (and thus the 'gel/spit' ratio decreases, spit being the victor) cuts down on the effectiveness of the treatment. A 'thicker' solution such as Opalescence pretty much didn't budge. I rinsed after the first time I used this product (which was, as I stated, just now and I was so impressed I leapt online-this is the first review I've ever written-it was THAT GOOD) a tactic which usually cleaned out most of the residue from the other bleaching gels I've used, and found that there was still a decent layer on my teeth for me to brush off. Yes the syringes are a little small and it's a little more expensive, but I'm no longer even interested in trying anything else. Opalescence will be the only bleaching product I buy from here on out. If you're on the fence about what brand to buy or whether you should bleach (though if you've never bleached before, perhaps try the lower percentage) I'd recommend this brand to anyone and it's absolutely worth a try.
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on September 5, 2007
I used 22% from my dentist and wasn't all that pleased with the results. My dentist didn't even tell me that there was a stronger formula out there so when I found it here I jumped on it and even after using the 22% for 4 months one application of the 35% was amazing!!!!! My teeth are as white as what I thought they should have been after spending over 300$$ at my dentist office. Why is it so hard for them to give you your moneys worth when you know that they are getting the gel for less than what I paid here? Oh well, lesson learned, get your whitening gel here and if you aren't sensitive go for the 35 %. You'll be glad that you did.
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on December 21, 2007
First, I am pleased to report that while a couple of the reviewers mentioned a burning sensation from this product, I did not.

I have always used Opalescence 15%, but there is a distinct acceleration in the efficacy of Opalescence 35%. I had for years gotten the 15% product directly from the dentist who had made my molds. So, I was happy to find that Amazon carried a higher concentration of this product with a much lower time requirement for results.

To think ~ I used to wear my mouth molds overnight! With this concentration level though, as long as you're not particularly sensitive, you are only supposed to wear them for 1/2 an hour. That's a step in the right direction! With Oplaescence 35% I saw distinct whitening improvement after only two uses.
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on May 23, 2013
I have been using this product for about one week now.
I got it at my last dental visit. My teeth and gums are both in great shape (floss everyday)
but I wanted whiter teeth.
My dentist gave me this product. Made professional modes, etc.
I used the 35% daily for the first 3 days and was amazed at how well it worked. I would say
my teeth in those 3 days improved by 3 - 4 shades...
The product does get on your gums (I would leave it in for 30 - 40 minutes as recommended).
It may turn parts of your gums white (which my dentist did warn me about)... It goes away
within one hour...
But worse is that it definitely will make your gums tender for a couple days.
I did not use for 2 days and applied it again.
I can say my teeth are now amazingly white after a total of 5 treatments...
I plan to use it about every 1 - 2 weeks now...
I would rate this a 5/5 if not for the pain you very likely will encounter on your gums
(even if they are in great shape!)
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on April 21, 2015
I ordered this product about 2 months ago and I feel like that was ample time before coming to a conclusion about it. After one day I saw no results at all. I have ordered previous kits on Amazon and saw results in one day which was unexpected, so I wasn't quite expecting that from this product. After one week of use I still saw no results. A month later, still no results. I saw visible results within just a couple days use of other products from amazon so either 1- I got a bad batch, or 2- this just doesn't work. I see plenty of reviews on here talking about how great it is so I automatically assumed I did something wrong. I used new trays, tried with/ without light, tried using accelerator. Nothing seemed to work for me. Perhaps I got a bad batch, but I'm pretty disappointed about this purchase. Was looking for something with a better price and higher quantity so I tried something new this time. Guess I'll go back to the product I used to order on here.
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on May 21, 2015
Just got them today. Was worried from older reviews that they might not work but then I checked and every recent review this year has great reviews. They definitely work in a short time period! I wore it for about 60 mins. Lots of white spots on my teeth...I think those will go away but I'm excited that they are stronger (and I can tell they are) then the 20% I was using. Getting a lot of dental work done next week and want to whiten my smile as much as possible before getting some crowns. :)
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on July 4, 2015
I guess I was hoping for miracles considering I smoke and drink quite a bit of coffee.But it certainly helped get my teeth whither, and if I knew how to attach my pics (dummy) I would, to show so you what to expect.But please don't be afraid to take the leap.It works though, A couple of things though is don't put too much on,it will run over the top and burn your gums and turn your gums whiter than your teeth will ever be! Don't worry it doesn't last long 1/2 an hour or so and the pain isn't unbearable just a little uncomfortable.Also try and place some (a little)of the whitener in the tray where your teeth meet each other or after you load the tray give it a minute then I shift the tray gently side to side to get better cover and fill any gap's it's not covering.The longest I left it on was about 45 minutes,better results than 1/2 an hour but when you go to brush your teeth it's gonna be sensitive so a softer brush my be handy in those day's.Before I ordered this stuff I asked my denist and there hygienists if this is really the same thing they use and my other dentist I used before I moved.Not to mention googleing the he'll out of it.And it is the same product,they were using though at 20% and almost $300.00. Granted there results might be better than mine I can't afford so I'll never know, but this way I can touch up teeth any time I need.
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