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on February 3, 2012
Before I bought this I was heading more for the most expensive micca player since it can handle 3tb and I did not know if this can do the same thing especially not being a 64bit pc system... I only bought this model too for simple media when i am not around a pc and want to view usb files instead via flash drive...

Boy was I wrong though. This model blows the competition away. It can read my 3tb hard drive with i plugged in just for a joke just to try to give this model a heart attack... Did not have a heart attack and it kept on running. Plays all video and audio formats even the ones that western digital have problems playing so that is a great plus.

The only flaw this model has is probably the remote response time. Like with other reviews there is a delay but it is not that much of a difference in my book. Remember that this digital media player is acting like a pc in its own way and it does what it supposed to. For under 70 dollars this player is hell of worth it even if you plan to take it out when spending night with friends or showing off a new gadget on your tv if your pc does not have hdmi or rca connectivity.

Normally you get what you pay for but in this case if you pay under 60-70 dollars than you have a steal since most other digital media players can only handle 2tb at most and I already did the shopping around. I will be the first one to confirm that this does handle my 3tb western digital external hard drive very well....
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on August 26, 2012
I really like this little media player (especially the fact that it easily reads 3TB drives), but despite this, I'm going to list the two things I did not like:

1. The older model's remote had a subtitle button that made turning subs on and off a breeze. Now you have to go into 'options' to turn them off (or on) for each movie you play. Makes no sense to me. Why remove the button?

2. The USB input is on the front of the player, which means I now have an unsightly USB hub and three cords hanging down in front of my entertainment center. Again, this makes no sense. Why?

UPDATE #1: I unfortunately have to add a third complaint only days after purchasing.

3. The player only recognizes my Western Digital Elements external hard drive when I push the USB plug firmly into the port and arrange the cord so there is no slack. Otherwise, the Mini says that a new device has been added but never loads any folders or files. EDIT: I'm not returning the player, because it does work, but it's kind of a drag that the USB input is so overly sensitive.

UPDATE #2: (12/21/12): The problem, apparently, was with my USB hubs. The player works just fine when there is only a single HD attached. So, I take back complaint number three and upgrade my rating to 3.5 stars.

UPDATE #3: (06/08/13): This week the player started rebooting itself occasionally after I stop a video. Not a big deal, because it doesn't happen while the video is playing, but it is happening nonetheless. Still 3.5 stars.

UPDATE #4: (01/10/14): No problems at all recently. I'm bumping it up to 4 stars.
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on January 16, 2012
I have the other O'Play R2 that we really love. Since I think the R2 is no longer in production, we got this O Play mini. This little devil plays all mkv, avi, mp4, mpg, ...that we tried. looks like it is going to be able to play all what R2 could play, including rmvb, jpg, mp3, and other formats. We played tons of k-drama, c-drama and tw-drama from sdtv,720 p to 1080 p format, from those of 200 mb size per file to 2+ GB size of 1 hour series, in mkv. The subtitle can be changed colors, can move up and down (to avoid the low bar ads/tickers), can change size, etc. The Main menu allows me to select the hard drive, the different with the R2 is that it does not display the preview while selecting video files, but that's not important for me. But access to hard-drive is faster (connected to usb 2, 2TB WD), connected to the tv (1080 p, Philips or Sharp) via HDMI. The charger, 100 to 240 voltage, has a deep blue LED lite, serves as a night light to our room... I have been playing the R2 roughly 3000 hours, the minis is just new, so it has just been played for 200 hours roughly during 2 months, at many times played for consecutive 12 hours w/o problems. It hanged twice so far, I just restarted and it was back to normal. To my observation, the default setting of this Mini is brighter and sharper (mo contrast) than the R2. We love either settings. I have another media player than the ASUS, but we love the ASUS. In my comparisons, ASUS is better in playing more varieties of Codecs as well as new codecs mostly used to record the hdtv broadcasts in korea and japan. In conclusion, ASUS OPlay Mini is a low price minis but delivers a high value.
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on July 26, 2011
This is my third media player, but first ASUS. I had two Western Digitals in the past. The first was given to me used and died within a month (no power). I bought a new one and it started having issues after about 3 to 4 months. It still had power but it wouldn't view anything but photos. So, I decided to switch brands.

So far, it plays all of my home movies and the digital copies of my DVDs/Blurays. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles but it doesn't need to have them. My 9 year old son and wife can use it with no problems. It also has an SD card slot which is perfect for taking the card directly out of the camera and popping it in to view the pictures/movies.

The HDMI auto-formatting is ok for my HDTVs, but it has some issues with you take it to a standard def TV (yes I still have one). I have to specifically set it to 480i/p for it to look normal.

Overall, its been a month and I've had no problems. Hopefully I don't update this in a few months with another "Death of a media player" story.
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on March 1, 2013
This device is pretty awesome!

It can send analog Stereo audio over the audio output, while sending digital video over the HDMI connection; as well as send 5.1 surround sound (or stereo too) through the HDMI connection.

The only thing that's missing are:
1- Manual screen saver (to enable it whenever you want)
2- EQ (to enable sound changing)
3- Easier aspect ratio modification (the player has a single aspect ratio change in configuration settings, but it would be nice to be able to change aspect ratio's indipendently and on the fly while watching the movie. Eg: sometimes a video might look stretched, or might be shown as 16/9 over a 16/10 screen (with 2 unwanted black bars). Sometimes a person may actually prefer to remove the black bars, at the cost of some data on the left/right of the screen; and to some extend, this is where zoom function comes in handy. However zoom can not correct for stretched image.
4- No postprocessing, no sharpening, no de-interlacing option, no crystalizer (sound optimizer for low bitrate music or audio)

Other than that, some video may look a bit weird, low quality through the player (as if it operated on 10 or 12 bit instead of 24 bit colors).

Aside from these minus points, the device works really well!
The remote control is of much better quality than the chinese variants sold on Amazon! Great, long lasting (high endurance) rubber buttons, with sensible feedback (click) when pressed. 2xAAA batteries (not the crappy flat batteries used in other devices), and the buttons on the remote are kind of where you want them to be.
Not too many buttons, and not too few.

In some occasions I get confused when to use the stop button, or when to use the back/return button.
As well as when to use the 'ok' or when to use the 'play' button.
In some menu's it would make sense to make both work the same function.

When playing back the movie, the Up/Dn on the cross don't work. Left-right conveniently skips you forward/back to part of the movie quickly.

It also has an optical output, but I haven't tested that one yet.

*edit: the device has no global setting for subtitles. At every movie, you'll have to manually turn on subs.
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on July 23, 2012
I first got this to use as an alternative to my PS3 because some of the videos I was trying to play on my ps3 were cinivia protected, also my ps3 doesn't support MKV.

At first I was a little skeptical, and looked around at all my options, and boy are there a lot when it comes to media players on amazon. I ultimately decided on the Asus OPlay mini because of it's nice form factor, aesthetically pleasing design, and it doesn't take up much space.

So far I have NO! complaints. It plays every type of file I've thrown at it flawlessly. For the price, I don't think there is anything better on the market. I chose this product because Asus has never let me down in the past, and I'm glad I purchased this media player.

The remote:
People are complaining the remote is not responsive, I don't have this problem, unless you are very far away from your TV you shouldn't either. I'm sure this is only a problem when you are far away, cause I'm about 10 or so feet away from mine, and it's always responsive and fluid.

- Plays every type of file you can throw at it
- Small form factor, fits almost any where
- Can read both of USB and SD card, and works with external HD's connected to it via the usb.
- Aesthetically pleasing, this thing looks great for a product that cost so little.

- Ships with out dated firm ware, can easily update by downloading the latest version from the Asus site and putting it on your USB, and plugging it in and updating it.

- The widgets, and operating system don't look very good on it, but you don't spend much time fiddling around with those if you are using it to watch movies, so it's fine.
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on June 29, 2013
1.Fast response
2.Good remote control
3.Works well even though in hot summer. Not very hot such as WD TV, etc.
4.Supports many different video and audio formats
5.Sold built quality
6.Low cost
7.Many updated firmware can be downloaded from ASUS's website
8.Major video features work well
9.Supports Logitech Harmony universal remote

1.Can't access internet
2.Interface isn't as good look as WD TV, etc.
3.The default video quality isn't as good as WD TV if don't adjust your TV settings

This product uses Realtek 1055 chipset. Even though its clock speed is only 500MHz, its response speed is very fast. The biggest bad side of this product is it can't access internet. I also tried WD TV Live Streaming Media Player, WD TV Play Media Player, Micca,IncrediSonic Ultra Play, KdLinks, etc. products. All of them have many bugs including can't fast forward and backward video those basic features. This player doesn't have these problems. Other media players, such as Apple TV, Roku, NetGear,etc. are only support MP4
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on March 2, 2012
It does exactly what i need.

(1) It plays RMVB. I don't need to connect my pc to the tv to watch my rmvb anymore. I can sit back and use the remote to watch my rmvb on my usb drive.

(2) It plays DVD ISO. I don't need to suffer from those hiccups and frozen scenes from my DVD player. I back up my DVD as ISO on my usb drive and I can watch them smoothly with my o!play. Although the quality is not as good as my upconversion dvd player with my HDTV, it is better than regular DVD player.

(3) It plays my photos and video taken by my cameras, with better quality than my pc.

(4) It also play all my mkv, avi, mov... so I don't need to download any codec to my pc.


(1) I disabled the Auto Scan feature and used the File Manager feature instead of the Movies and Photos feature. So, it can load the disk much faster.

(2) The remote is ok. Not extremely quick response. Just be patient and wait about 1sec per click.

(3) It also shows the hidden and system folders in my drive. Better have them hidden.

(4) Fast forwards works great, but rewinds is a bit of a problem, but at least it can jump back and for.

(5) The usb port is on the front, so the usb cable will be visible. It is better to be on the back or the side, so the cable will be hidden.

(6) No network connectivity. So, can't access files from Network Storage nor PC. It is ok to me, since the purpose of buying this is not to have my PC or other equipment on. I have a dedicated usb drive attached to the o!play to hold all my movies.
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on February 22, 2013
Wanted a multimedia box to stream HD movies to my 40 inch TV on the living room. It was too hard to connect it to my router (given the position of this one) and I prefered buying an external 1 terabyte hdd to use it with this oplay mini. Everything worked perfectly :) .

The only "con" that I would say but it's not that important is that the subtitles you use have to be the same name as the movie/episode you are playing. If the subtitle doesn't have the same name it is not recognized.

But rather than that small pain :P it's a good product for the price. Recommend it!
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on April 3, 2013
I work on a cruise ship, so all of my movies and shows are stored on hard drives. I could just watch them on my laptop, but being able to have them on my tv is SO much better. My only negative for this machine is that it requires you to have the remote at all times. That's not usually a problem, but on the occasional instances where I want to use it outside of my room, a remote is an easy thing to forget to pack. Otherwise, I really love having this to take with me. It's GREAT for frequent travelers (as long as you never forget the remote).
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