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"$500 for a Blu-ray player?" my postal carrier asked as he delivered my Oppo BDP-103 earlier this month. But this is not your run-of-the-mill Blu-ray player, I said. Later, I invited him in to listen and watch. "Oh," he said.

As I mentioned in my BDP-93 review, Oppo has created quite a name for itself with their Blu-ray players for home theater devotees. Priced between extraordinarily high end equipment and players that you can buy at warehouse clubs, the Oppo units have wowed users by truly being worth the extra dollars while providing a high-end experience. So here we have Oppo's brand new BDP-103. We're already several firmware iterations beyond the originally shipping version and I haven't yet run into anything distressing. I only chuckled about the green line that appeared on the left side of the screen saver screen, which I haven't noticed lately and was probably fixed in the last firmware release. As I write this, I'm listening to a "radio" station I created with Pandora Internet Radio, streaming through the Oppo and into the home theater, and while audio dynamics might not be equivalent of an uncompressed playback, it's certainly good enough that it has confused several listeners so far. But I get ahead of myself...

Again, Oppo has delivered a well packaged machine, this time with a somewhat better user interface for the front panel, particularly when using it in a dark room, thanks to a better ability to feel for the on/off and open buttons. The remote has been ever-so-slightly improved as well, particularly in terms of its handling of the internal lighting and component response time, which occasionally was lacking in the BDP-93.

The interface for user settings is among the best I've encountered, with a GUI that rivals those from Apple. The user manual is superb - well-written with clear illustrations. You'll find that given the fine interface, you rarely need to refer to the manual, but then again the complexity of this device is extraordinarily high by virtue of all it can do so there will be times when you want an excellent and handy printed manual.

Play a CD, a DVD, a SACD, or a Blu-ray disc and you'll find audio and video characteristics that rival those from components costing four to five times as much as the Oppo. Loading is fast; you won't be spending significant time watching animated "loading" icons. Response to input from the remote is rapid. The sound is glorious. The picture is impressive. All will be right up to the capabilities of your TV and your speakers.

Since I'm using the Oppo BDP-103 with a 55" Sony LCD panel that is not 3D compatible, I haven't had the chance to check out the upgraded 2D-to-3D up-conversion. 4K Video upscaling will also have to await the brand new equipment that can handle such output. That said, running with a Marantz AV7005, Sunfire 400wpc amp, and Martin-Logan reQuests, I am incredibly impressed with the BDP-103. Audio, Video, Blu-Ray, Netflix, Pandora, SACD, DVD-A, CD's with mp3's (or FLAC files, or nearly any other format you can imagine), USB inputs, HDMI throughput as well as output, automatic firmware upgrades via wifi or ethernet, and the list just goes on and on. About the only thing it can't do that I wish it could is stream directly from Amazon. I could expand upon each of these capabilities further: for example, if you choose to run the HDMI output from your cable box into the Oppo, have the Oppo perform the analog audio conversion, and then take the analog audio from there and bring it to your processor, you can do it. If you'd like to place an enormous amount of music on a USB storage source, then plug that in and play it, you can do that too. And naturally, there are little bonuses such as the Oppo's display (on the TV screen) of the artist/title information for each track being played from a CD.

Overall, you'll quickly find this to be a flexible and intuitive component well worth the extra dollars over the competition. Let me say a word about customer service. Last year, I received a newly released Bluray movie from Netflix - and by newly released, I mean it had been released that same day. Inserting it into the BDP-93 resulted in the unit freezing up and needing to be turned off, then back on again to eject the disc. Within 24 hours, Oppo both heard about the problem with this newly released movie AND released new firmware that allowed the -93 to work with it. From time to time with a Sony blu-ray player, I've run into the same circumstance; generally it takes a month or two, if then, for a new firmware release to come out - and then there is a question as to how to install it.

If your plan is NOT to use the BDP-103's HDMI output but rather to utilize on-board converters, you might want to wait for the soon-to-be-released BDP-105 ($1200) which will have some improvements in the analog audio output section. And by all means, if you're in this category, go to the Oppo website to read about the differences as you may find that the BDP-103's internal handling is perfectly sufficient for your particular installation. Finally, there is an excellent forum for discussion of both the -103 and -105 at avsforum. Search for "BDP-103 Owner" and you'll find it.

Disclaimer: I don't usually write overly glowing reviews, particularly about audio components, though I did about the BDP-93. I don't work for Oppo. I just happen to love their products, their customer service, and their approach to music and home theater. You can tell when the creators truly care about the product they are releasing, and the BDP-103 represents another mark in a line of impressively designed and constructed AV components. As usual, I'll keep updating this review as time passes.

Addendum 1/23/13 - Oppo has posted version 1.6 of the user guide on their website. They also note that there are now apps for both Android and Apple iOS devices allowing the BDP-93 and all newer models (including this one) to be controlled remotely. This is useful in case you're in a different room from the player (which is on your home network and can therefore be reached remotely from your iPhone/iPad/etc.)
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on November 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
I have a Samsung BDP-3600 Blu-ray player hooked to a Sony DA5600ES Receiver (HDMI 1.4) which is connect to my 52" Samsung "Touch of Color" TV. I bought the "Sound of Music" Blu-ray for my wife and I was disappointed to find out that my BDP-3600 wouldn't play it. I had the latest firmware update and it still would get stuck trying to load the main menu after several minutes of waiting...very frustrating and disappointing.

I figured that new state of the art Blu-ray disks are probably using advanced Blu-ray features older disks simply weren't. So I needed to buy a new Blu-ray player that would handle everything.

When I buy anything I try to get the good stuff. When I bought my BDP-3600 it was highly rated but to be clear there were no affordable "high-end" Blu-ray players at the time. Now Oppo has released the BDP-103 which by everything I read was a high-end player with outstanding picture quality and features. I took a gamble and bought it hoping it would blow away my Samsung did! The Oppo has noticeably superior picture and really fast disk load times!

All I can tell you is WOW! The load speed of Blu-ray disks like the Sound of Music, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Avengers, and Prometheus are incredibly fast and completely silent. My BDP-3600 always made grunting noises as it loaded disks and was much slower.

If you think all Blu-ray players have roughly the same picture are dead wrong. The Oppo BDP-103 blows away my Samsung BDP-3600. The most dramatic difference is with the Blu-ray Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I don't know if you know or even like this family classic but whoever digitally remastered it went all out and it's a work of art. This disk is brighter, sharper, and has the best color and depth of any disk I own. Although it looked very good in my Samsung BDP-3600, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang running on the Oppo BDP-103 produced a picture of such quality and depth that I didn't know it was even possible to reproduce on my TV. The Oppo BDP-103 has really taken my Samsung TV to new heights of jaw dropping picture quality!

MOVIES WATCHED on the Oppo BDP-103
I have tried the Indiana Jones movies, The Avengers, Sound of Music, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Prometheus, Alien, and Gladiator. Watching these movies on the Oppo BDP-103 is almost like watching them again for the 1st time. The improvement in picture quality is so good it simply blew me away and I am fussy about such things.

I have a strong interest in aviation and have some HD links to classic aircraft on YouTube. Using the built in YouTube player app on the Oppo I played a link to a HD video of the Gloster Gladiator. Whatever video processing wizardry is taking place inside the Oppo it had the same effect on HD web content as it did my Blu-rays. The aircraft looked sharper with greater color and depth of image than I had ever seen. It looked more like a Blu-ray than something off of the web...What an amazing player everything looks better!

I have some older DVD's that have not be rereleased on Blu-ray yet. I tried to buy all anamorphic DVD's but you can't always get them in that format. I loaded up the comedy Rushmore and got the standard black boarder all the way around the movie. It kind of makes you think...what a waste of's such a small picture on this big screen...I refuse to watch it like this! Well as part of the incredible video processing capability of the Oppo it also has superior video scaling technology built in. Just a touch of the button and I was able to zoom in on the picture to where it fit the screen appropriately. The surprising thing was that the picture quality was still very good. Not comparible to a state of the art Blu-ray mind you but way better than your DVD's has ever looked on a typical DVD player. The quality of zoomed DVD playback is such that even though I have been spoiled by Blu-ray quality, I'm not disappointed to play my old Letterbox DVD's anymore!

I had the Sony S9000ES DVD/SACD player which was AA rated at the time. I bought a few SACD's back then just to find out how good digital recordings could sound. Unfortuantly you could only connect your SACD player to your receiver with analog connections because of legal issues around digital copy rights. Fast forward to the present. The Oppo BDP-103 plays SACD through digital connections...OMG! As you would expect it was a very smooth natural sound with excellent dynamic range. None of the digital harshness of CD audio. It's just more icing on the cake.

If you're serious about enjoying a high-quality Home Theater experience, you are missing out unless you own the Oppo-BDP-103. This high-end Blu-ray player has picture quality and speed far superior to a PS3 or your typical name brand Blu-ray players. Here's to Oppo for striving and achieving video processing excellence!!!

If routing this through your AV receiver, make sure it supports HDMI 1.4 or you won't get the full quality of the video signal coming from the Oppo. The Oppo also has a work around for receivers that don't support HDMI 1.4. It has 2-additional HDMI outs so you send 1-HDMI directly to your TV (for top picture quality) and other to your AV receiver so it can process the sound.

The Oppo BDP-103 does far more than I listed here. Take a look at the specs or better yet buy won't regret it.

The consensus of informed opinion is "OH no, OH Poe!"

4/13/2014 Update:
I bought an iPhone 5s. The OPPO has a feature which lets you link your iPhone to the OPPO so you can search for YouTube content on your iPhone and then play it on your OPPO! This is really sweet because it so much easier to perform searches on an iPhone than using the OPPO remote control.

Also not a single problem with the OPPO since I bought it. It continues to play every new Blu-ray disk I purchase flawlessly!.
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OK, there are people who think paying $500.00 or more for a Blu Ray Player are crazy and there are people who think it is worth every penny. I am one who believes it's worth it, but it really comes down to two things.

One, can you afford it?.. and two what are you hooking it up to? I have a large theater in my home with a 10' by 7' screen and before I went HD I had a Denon 3910 DVD player which still works better than any other unit I have ever owned or operated.

To pay the insane price of $900.00 (and that was a crazy good price for the unit at the time) was unthinkable for someone like me who believed most of this stuff was all hype.

I did a side by side comparison with standard DVD players at the time and to make a long story short, it blew the competition away.

My first impression upon opening the box was that it was packaged really nice with a slip cover tote bag for transporting the unit and a box with HDMI cables and various other accessories. The unit itself is sleek and looks really nice with a fair amount of weight for its size. I would prefer separate on and off buttons but it's not a deal breaker.

My first Blu Ray player was a PS3 for obvious reasons it was a solid BR player and one heck of a gaming system.

Why am I talking about the Denon DVD player and the Sony PS3? So I can tell you that this OPPO 103 is heads and shoulders above both of them, being half the cost of the Denon and much better and faster than the PS3.. How long it will last remains to be seen, but if I get the same dependable service like I am getting with the Denon I'll be more that satisfied.

Besides being a very cool looking unit, the Oppo BDP-103 also plays more types of media than the Denon which was a multi media player too, but now if I can't find a movie in region 1, I can look elsewhere because this unit plays them all. This unit is way faster than the Denon too.. So if you've invested good money in a theater, you may want to upgrade to this unit.

Now I've been able to buy some hard to find films in PAL and various other regional formats and this unit plays them without any problems. It also plays SACD which is nice.

Overall I'm loving this unit and hope it holds up as well as my Denon. If you can afford it, buy it, you won't be disappointed.

*****UPDATE MARCH 2014*****

I ran into some trouble playing discs from other regions after a firmware update was done on my Oppo(Apparently it is not supposed to be able to do this in the U.S. A region modifier for around $50-$60 will fix this problem, it's super easy to install and all regions are able to be played on this unit.

*****END OF UPDATE*****
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This is my first Oppo blu ray player purchase and it wont be my last. As my title says There's a good reason its praised as the best player in every Hi-fi magazine, because it is the best. This Oppo even beat out a much more expensive Mcintosh player. For 2 years on my lunch break i would go to Barns n Noble and read every hifi magazine i could find and every single one of them contained an add for Oppo blu ray players. At the time it was for the bdp-93 and 95's. Also each one of these Hi-Fi mags had reviews of the Oppo players and they were always well received and won many awards. But when i saw the price tag i could not believe people would spend that much on a blu ray player considering how inexpensive other models were and the PS3 makes a great player as well. Up until January 5th my ps3 was my blu ray player and was just fine until i got fed up with the PS3's inability to play WAV music files without ID data and album art as well as FLAC playback.
So believe it or not the deciding factor in the purchase of my Oppo bdp-103 was its ability to playback High-Res WAV and FLAC music files with full album art and info displayed on screen. It also has a very nice and clean, simple interface with very quick access to the music files stored on an external HDD connected to one of the Oppo's back usb inputs. The HDD drives by the way do NOT have to be formated in Fat-32 it can read them as is but i did find that if you connect a storage device to the front usb the data is not accessed as quickly and it takes a long time for Gracenote to pull the album information so use the back usb. The Oppo makes a great high-res music player the overall sound to the Oppo is outstanding. Excellent soundstage with clear separation between channels. The treble, midrange and bass sound just the way they otto with good timing. I've tested my oppo with WAV & FLAC files, multiple compressed and HD video files, CD's, SACD's and of course blu ray movies and concert disc's and the Oppo handled them brilliantly with easy. The video processing in this unit is truly amazing it renders videos in such breath taking clarity, detail, with accurate colors. The audio is equally amazing steering sound affects with easy and separating the channels perfectly.

The unit is incredibly fast to. From the initial turn on, to pressing the play button. This player is the quickest i've owned to date.

The oppo has some really nice customization features for optimizing video/audio playback to your desire.
my favorites are as follows. Dual HDMI outputs so you can use one for video directly to your TV and the second for audio to your AVR. (at the moment im waiting for an audioquest hdmi to come so i can do this, i will update this post)

(Different Picture Modes) with adjustments for brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness, noise reduction, color enhancement, contrast enhancement.
(Color Space) Auto, RGB video level, RGB PC level, YCbCr 4:4:4 or 4:2:2
(Deep Color) bit rates are 36, 30 dithered, 30, off dithered, off
(HDMI Audio) Auto, LPCM, Bitstream, Off
(Coaxial/optical output) 48k LPCM, 96k LPCM, 192k LPCM, bitstream
(SACD output) PCM or DSD
(Speaker configuration) set individual speaker level output as well as Crossover 40Hz-250Hz, Dynamic Range and speaker size.
(Audio output connection) HDMI 1 or 2, Digital SPDIF or coaxial, 7.1 analog.

Update 7-11-13

So still loving the Oppo 103. Absolutely no problems. Finally got a second Audioquest Carbon hdmi and now I use HDMI 1 on the Oppo for video only directly to my Panasonic plasma and HDMI 2 for audio to my Marantz AVR. Instead of using HDMI 1 for both A/V passing through the Marantz then to the Display.
To my surprise there actually was a difference. I used Prometheus on blu ray as my test disc. Using only 3 different scenes to compare the differences for audio and video. Overall i would say sound was the biggest improvement. Every Channel all 7.1 sounded much more separated and detailed.
Video was impressive too seemed slightly cleaner and sharper. I will admit it was more difficult to tell for video but it did seem better. I like knowing that the video signal does not pass through my AVR's video processors and its just pure video from the Marvell QDEO processor in the Oppo to my Panasonic.

Customer service from Oppo is outstanding. I had a question about gracenote and high res files they responded quickly with lots of info.

The build quality is superb rock solid steel chassis with some weight and a good looking brushed black aluminum face plate.
all in all this is a phenomenal player and considering everything it does and the way it performs its worth every penny.
Cant say enough about how pleased i am with it!!!
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on September 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
After reading all the positive reviews and having a friend recommend OPPO highly, I took the plunge and spent the $500.00 for the player. The package arrived cleverly boxed. Setup took exactly 10 minutes. It took another hour for my jaw to come off the floor....after watching [and listening to] Blu-Ray Celine Dion, Sade and Dexter both me and my husband were completely blown away. As noted by other reviewers, two dimensional imagery almost appears three dimensional. Customization for your particular sound system is a snap (unless, like most men you don't consult the owner's manual, then it will take you longer...) Take the time to do sound set-up as this baby is flexible from stereo all the way to 7.1 surround. Love, love, love this OPPO. Bite the bullet and spend the $$$; you will thank yourself later. I consider it one of the best purchases ever.
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on April 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
I have to start by making it clear that it took a number of months to convince myself that $500 was a price I was willing to pay for a Blu-ray player. After all, I have (for the most part) become well entrenched in the streaming world. What intrigued me most was what so many have said about audio performance as a universal player. I can't stress this one point enough: you have to see and hear this to really understand all the awards, comments, and praise from consumers and reviewers alike.

I recently upgraded my receiver to Pioneer's Elite SC-68 and was very impressed with the quality of the leap in sound I was hearing over my previous Onkyo unit. That said, I was largely still using compressed MP3 or AAC for my music collection as they were all ripped at the highest bit rate possible and with my Panasonic player there was little difference. Not anymore. More to come on that.

Just the simple act of unpacking this player speaks volumes about what Oppo is all about. Meticulous attention to detail was given to each item. There is a even a very large, very comprehensive owners manual that is very well written, included. I can't say that for Pioneer, even though I paid $1500 more for their receiver.

The player is heavy, solid, and made from brushed aluminum. It's user interface is second to none and there are options for every detail of audio and video playback imaginable. Wireless is included in the form of a USB stick. Oppo claims the all metal chassis would be prohibitive to signal strength. A USB extension and base for the stick are provided. I did not find that I needed to use it. Wireless setup was quick and easy, and the firmware was current.

The player is quick to both navigate as well as load. I believe the 103 brought a dual core processor to the hardware side and it shows. If you are looking for a player with streaming options galore, this really isn't it. Options are limited to a few basics like Netflix and Vudu. However, the 103 is Roku ready; meaning you can plug a roku stick into the mhl port on the front and have roku service in the player. Oppo sells the stick at a discount for owners on their website. I believe it's 49.99.

Now, if you bought this for audio and video performance; look no further. CDs are presented with incredible clarity and very good stereo separation. The sound is simply excellent and has made me reluctant to listen to another mp3 again...ever. That said, even the sound with compressed files is distinctly improved and i am really looking forward to hearing a sacd or dvd-a on this thing. Video is top notch as you would expect as all of the oppo players are bit perfect. DVDs look fantastic as the player does a great job with up scaling.

I have a lot of testing I want to do with various file types and with different configurations. It does have dual hdmi out on the back as well as 7.1 out for audio analog. If you weren't aware, all players for 2013 and beyond had to lose the video analog connections. That had to do with copy protection (aacs) and was not a choice made by oppo.

So, at this point I am very impressed with this player. Far more so than my SC-68. Not only did they create a piece that performs beautifully in everything it does...but, they built, presented, and shipped it with class.
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on June 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
Have been wanting to buy an OPPO Blu-Ray such as the BDP-83 // BDP-93 // BDP-103 for several years now. Waited until I was able to accumulate enough gift points on my credit card to get it for free.
I didn't want to get a less expensive player, because I was concerned about the long load time problem that has frequently reported for media-rich blu-rays. I also have a large DVD collection, and I wanted to be able to get a player that would up convert and & improve the image to near-blue-ray quality.
The OPPO BDP-103 does NOT disappoint !!!
This is a superb player. I have a 58 inch SAMSUNG plasma TV, and, for the first time, I have a source that can take advantage of the full display quality of the TV.
All I can say about the Blu-Ray images is: ZOWIE !
The sound is also notably better than either my previous DVD player (an inexpensive Zenith), and a Toshiba DR550 DVD recorder, the latter of which produces pretty good quality audio/video.
Although the DVD recorder produces noticeable better output than the basic Zenith unit (the recorder upconverts to 1080i), the Oppo is the clear winner wrt resolution, color rendition, and overall three dimensional feeling) (for standard 2d pictures.)
Avatar and Blade Runner in Blu-ray are now incredible home viewing experiences!
The OPPO loads all the Blu-rays I insert very quickly, and displays images that make me feel like I'm in a theater watching a digital projection movie. On the other hand, I guess I really am, just that the theater is a bit more intimate in size.

You cannot go wrong with an OPPO player. I can't wait to upgrade my TV to 3D to see how that will look.

Although my earlier review covered the basic things I was looking for in the OPPO, I based my opinion on a somewhat "objective" analysis of what I was viewing. I have recently calibrated my SAMSUNG PN58A650 plasma set using the Disney WOW calibration disk; minor changes to settings resulted in slightly more accurate brightness and contrast results.
I can now provide feedback based on some SUBJECTIVE viewing of "standard-def" DVD's. All that I've watched are a definite improvement, even over the upconversion offered by my Toshiba DVD recorder.
I've just finished watching the DVD of "Star Trek 5" via the BDP-103. Several times. Viewing the early scenes of this movie via the OPPO is now a truly transcendental experience. The "Sunrise at Yosemite" scene, and the ones which immediately follow, are now a completely different experience than I had in previous viewings. Just after the Lawrence Luckinbill credit roll, the range of color and brightness as the star field fades into the sunrise looks so wondrous that it makes me feel that this is what EDEN must have looked like. The subjective impression of the forest and rockface climbing scenes is now startling! I know the El Capitan scenes were a combo of both a constructed rock face and the real thing, but throughout, the rock now actually looks ALIVE! I don't think I have ever seen a reproduction of "nature" that looks as beautiful as this now does. I can only hope that when I go west on a trip to the National Parks that it will look half as good as it does in this movie. I extend a huge and hearty "thank-you" to the folks at OPPO for their wonderful player.!!!!
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on January 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
I have purchased five different bluray players since blueray was introduced and this OPPO RDP-103 is by far the best one. It loads amazingly quickly and produces the best quality picture and 7:1 sound I have ever experienced. It is also the most expensive of the bluray players I have purchased, but it is worth every nickel. This Oppo replaces a Samsung BD-D6700.ZA I purchased a couple months ago that recieved rave reviews in some of the periodicals but which performed even worse that my old Sony BDP-S300, both of these players having excruciatingly long load times, with nothing more than average video and audio reproduction and even some occasional artifacts in the picture and audio anomalies like hissing, pops or mechanical noises. Both the Samsung and Sony were also below average in their DVD and CD reproduction. We played the newly remastered bluray of "Lawrence of Arabia" on the Oppo the other evening and I can honestly say that the reproduction was awesome....the best I have ever experienced on a home theatre setup. I challenge anyone to play "Master and Commander" or "Phantom of the Opera" on this Oppo and tell me it isn't the best home theatre experiance they have ever had. I simply can't see how the bluray experiance can get much better than the Oppo BDP-103. For the record I use my Oppo with a 54" Sony Bravia LCD and a Sony STR-DA5300ES AV Receiver with Sony main and satellite speakers and a Klipsch 15" woofer.
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on March 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
I'll soon be 75 (an assumption, of course) and like most men my age, don't get excited over the latest technological doodads anymore. So why did I pony up twice what I would have spent on almost any other high end player? The quality of the viewing experience -- I can't believe how much sharper my standard DVDs are being reproduced.
My old player was a 7-year-old Sony progressive scan DVD/VHS player, which I'd taken care of. But I'd begun to notice a lack of sharpness in some DVDs. The OPPO has made them better than ever.
I liken my satisfaction with this player to that experienced with my stereo, Marantz electronics and Dynaudio speakers. The Marantz has a lot of source capability that I'll never use, but I'm very happy with the quality of its CD reproduction. The same goes for the OPPO -- I'm very happy with the quality of its DVD reproduction.
One more thing worth mentioning: Consumer Reports top-rated this Blu-ray player in its tests. And it's easily converted to an all-region player. Look online for instructions -- won't void your warranty.
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on May 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
I've had this Blu ray player for a little less than 2 months; until recently my only complaints have been a strange design decision to put the second HDMI input o the front of the player rather than the back (which makes any kind of cable hookup extremely awkward) and the lack of an internal wireless card (forcing you to waste a USB input slot on an included wireless stick).

However, on May 3 2013, a firmware "update" was installed that has been giving me nothing but trouble. There are serious problems if you plan to use an HDMI input to connect a streaming device. If I am using the Netflix Roku app (for example) and try to stream something with 5.1 surround sound and if I ever hit pause, the video suddenly becomes very choppy and will only go away by shutting everything down and restarting. This is not a problem with the Roku player as it works on an older receiver.

I contacted Oppo and they said this is a known issue and they have no idea when they will fix it because they "have isolated the cause of the errors, but not why the errors are occurring in the first place." They said there is no way to roll back to the previous firmware unless I ship my Blu ray player back to them (which according to UPS will cost about $35).

There is absolutely no excuse for this on a Blu ray player that costs twice as much as the next most expensive unit. If you want to buy this unit, under NO circumstances should you update the firmware, unless there is a new firmware update since the one on May 3, 2013 by the time you read this (check OPPO's website). I'm hoping this is fixed quickly so I can give this player the 4-star review it deserves, because until it is, I have a $500 brick.

UPDATE (9/16/2013): It's been a while so I thought I'd make an update as to what happened over the summer. OPPO reverted the firmware back to the previous version when I sent them my player; they thankfully paid for the shipping. I haven't noticed any of the issues that occurred from the firmware update in the few months since the reversion to the old firmware. I see there is an official firmware update as of July 24, but a public beta released soon after on August 12; I do not know if this beta was issued to fix any problems with the July 24 release, though I just sent an e-mail to OPPO clarifying this point. I'll revise my review up to 3 stars for now since I cannot say for certain that there are no issues with the July 24 release. I'll try to post another update once I hear back from OPPO.
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