Customer Reviews: OPPO BDP-93 Universal Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
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VINE VOICEon November 30, 2010
Oppo has created quite a name for itself with their Blu-ray players for home theater devotees. Priced between extraordinarily high end equipment and players that you can buy at warehouse clubs, the Oppo units have wowed users by truly being worth the extra dollars while providing a high-end experience. So here we have Oppo's brand new BDP-93. There were some minor glitches that were solved with the first firmware upgrade, already included on the release units. Firmware upgrades take place wirelessly using the included wifi dongle, assuming, of course, that you have a wifi network at home. You can alternatively plug into your network using an ethernet cable.

First thoughts: This is a well packaged machine with subdued highlights on the front panel, clearly labeled inputs and outputs on the back panel, and an informative and useful display. Drop in a DVD-A disc, for instance, such as the one within the Lord Of The Rings complete soundtrack sets, and the front panel informs you that you're listening to a DVD-A. There's no confusion, as there can be with other components, as to whether you might be mistakenly listening to the standard stereo track and creating surround from that. The intuitive setup panels, accessed via the well designed and internally lit remote, quickly allow you to adjust your playback desires - you can listen to the multi-speaker output from the DVD-A or the mixed-down stereo version at the touch of a button.

And I've started out with audio discussion for a reason. Many of us with high end CD players still have an extra box in our audio stack; finding a DVD player, Bluray or otherwise, that can play back a standard CD with sufficient quality to allow removal of the CD player has been a difficult task. Most reviewers of DVD players seem to ignore the stereo audio component entirely. Here, you not only have the ability to listen to DVD-A versions of audio sources when available, but you have a real reason to disconnect your CD player for good. I have one of Sony's wonderful ES models from years ago which until now has been unparalleled by any reasonably priced component. The staging of the audio, though, is really improved on the Oppo over other DVD players and is at least on a par with the Sony ES CD player, if not somewhat better. Taking, for example, "Blackbirds" from the new remastered Beatles White Album, Paul is clearly staged just to the left of my right speaker. His vocals are pure and clear to an exquisite extent (sometimes to a fault as you can now clearly hear a sibilant s in the lyric - a fault of the microphones of the era - that is somewhat muffled on other equipment). Orchestral and pop music alike are impressive and clear. Of course, now you can listen not only to standard commercial CD's, but also to CD's containing .mp3 or .flac libraries (among other alternatives). In those latter situations, your TV will function as a display, showing the titles of the entire disc's content and allowing you to easily pick your desired track.

The Oppo's front drawer operates smoothly, quickly, and quietly, and the entire unit itself is inaudible in operation unless you're hovering a few inches above the component. Playback of DVD-A's and CD's are quick and straightforward. No delays in loading were apparent. Unlike many alternative models, the Oppo responds quickly. Turn it on by pushing the eject button and the unit will immediately come alive and open the drawer. There's been no time when I found myself standing next to the component and waiting for a response - as I have with many earlier Bluray players.

After testing audio, I moved to streaming. Getting my Netflix account set up to stream to my BDP-93 took all of one minute. Seriously, this was far faster than I thought possible. Click the Home key on the remote, then move the cursor to select Netflix, click Select, and you're given a code. Type the code in at the Netflix website and in a few seconds you'll see your Netflix Instant Viewing menu loading. I quickly and easily watched the first few minutes of a movie and a TV series, both in HD. Mind you, Netflix doesn't stream 5.1 or 7.1 audio nor is their HD of the same quality that you're used to from Bluray. Streaming is NOT a replacement for Bluray discs (and isn't really a replacement for DVD's if it's quality that you're after), BUT it's a great way to quickly watch a movie with the family that you don't have available in your home library.

I didn't test Blockbuster on Demand, but that's available as well.

As we move to video, I should point out that I utilized a direct HDMI 1.4 connection between my Oppo and a 53" Sony XBR6 (last year's model, not 3D). 1080p Video was selected for my first test disc - the JJ Abrams Bluray of Star Trek. This disc was one of the tougher discs for my previous player (a Sony BDPS550) to handle, and I would wait and watch the Enterprise spin for quite some time while the player loaded the disc. No more. By the time I walked back to the couch to get comfortable, the first preview was starting. I quickly skipped to the main attraction - no delays in doing so, by the way - and was floored by the audio difference between the Oppo and my earlier Sony player. Now I should point out that I haven't tested the 7.1 capabilities, as my system is set up as a 5.1; I took the time to set up the 5.1 downmix in the setup menu (again, an intuitive and straightforward few steps). I felt enveloped in the soundstage and drawn in to the picture, which looked remarkably film-like and free of artifact. Just before the movie presents the "Star Trek" title, there's a fadeout which glowed as it would on a movie screen. The title card is presented in black, gray, and silver, a tricky combination of "color" that is difficult to see on many systems without at least some banding. None here that I saw, however. And any problems with bright red that you've seen on older DVD players are entirely absent as well.

The Oppo has a secondary HDMI output that can be routed to your processor. For those with, say, the newest Anthem processor, that's a reasonable way to go. I have an older Sunfire TGP-V, however, so ran the 6 analog cables into my direct inputs and utilized the Oppo's internal decoding. This is perhaps the greatest advance over my older Sony which has the same decoding capabilities but with far less resulting quality. With the Oppo, dialog remains pure and pristine, easily understood over the sound effects bouncing from speaker to speaker, with the low bass routed appropriately to the Sub. The two HDMI outputs allow you to utilize a direct connection to a new 3D TV while using the other connection to go to an HDMI 1.1-1.3 processor without losing the 1.4 capabilities in the interconnect over to the TV. What does that mean? It means you don't have to upgrade your processor! You get everything you could possibly want with a 3D-capable TV and your old processor. Let the Oppo handle the sound decoding and the TV handle the video with a direct HDMI feed. (And those with a non-3D TV shouldn't feel badly at all. The picture quality is so perfect, you won't notice 3D's absence).

I have lots left to try: the Oppo has two USB ports and an eSATA drive port. Bring on your FLAC files, your AVCHD files, your Kodak Picture CDs, your SACD's, and multiple other formats. Connect to your network and access your music files from your networked computers. The Oppo will handle it all. And yes, I ran a few non-Blu DVD's just to see how those work. There's up-conversion, of course, and you'll find the quality to be far better than you've seen before. I'd still get the Blu-ray when available, but it's nice to know that my DVD library won't go unused.

One tiny nit has been raised by folks on the web: the eject button on the face of the unit is difficult to find in a darkened home theater. True. However, there is an open/close button on the remote, which has an internal light, so I'm not going to nit-pick there. I'll raise one of my own: push a button on the remote and the internal light comes on. It stays on for a couple of seconds, then turns off. That's annoying in a dark room and I'd rather see the light stay off unless I ask for it by pushing the button for the light. I'd also like to be able to turn the light off as well as on but the remote light button works only to turn the light on; you then have to wait a few seconds for the light to automatically extinguish. That's about the toughest criticism I can offer on a splendid follow-up to the BDP-83.

As I mentioned earlier, Oppo distributes firmware updates online directly to the BDP-93, so that, plus the very sound pre-release firmware leads to my strong recommendation for this Bluray player as a worthy addition to your home theater - now, as opposed to waiting several months (my usual recommendation for a new product like this). Finally, the manual. Clearly written by those familiar with the language, the manual is both entertaining and informative. There are numerous technical points made with the reader clearly informed as to which choice and which selection is likely to be the most useful. We're at an incredibly complicated stage of home theater development. There are numerous potential sound outputs, video outputs, and connector possibilities, and everything has to talk together just right...the TV, the remotes, the processor, the player...Oppo makes this very easy, even to the point of having a "wizard" guide you through the basics on initial start-up. I was up and running in a few minutes, and it was a while before I returned to the Setup menu for a full and final set of adjustments. No gripes at all and kudos to those at Oppo for a well designed and implemented component.

Those like me who are using the BDP-93's internal digital to analog converter may wish to consider the more expensive BDP-95, due out in another few months. The -95 will have an improved analog section which will likely produce improved sound. I suspect that you'd need to have a substantial audio system and truly impressive speakers to detect the differences between the -93 and -95, but then I haven't heard the -95 yet. If, on the other hand, you plan to use the HDMI cable for audio, letting your processor do all the decoding, then you'll have no audio difference between the -93 and -95 and may as well save your cash.

Addendum 9/20/12: Note that the BDP-93 will be replaced next month with the BDP-103. Similarly, the BDP-95 will be replaced toward the end of the year with the BDP-105.
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on December 4, 2010
I was one of the early owners of the BDP-83. My only major disappointment in it was its lack of Netflix streaming. At one point, there were rumors that BluTV (included in a firmware upgrade) would add this feature, but after waiting for over a year I gave up on that.

Is it worth it to upgrade this player just to get the BDP-93's streaming capabilities (which are limited to Netflix and Blockbuster now, but will be expanded shortly)? My answer is an unqualified yes. Why? Because you not only get streaming, but much more. The BDP-93's video processing, including its upconversion of standard DVDs, is even better than that of the BDP-83. The BDP-93 also has built-in wireless, although I opted to connect through an Ethernet cable for better speed and stability. The BDP-93's disc transport is more solid and stable than that of its older brother (although, to be honest, I never had problems with the 83's transport). Support for SACD and DVD-Audio remain, to say nothing of numerous other formats like HDCD. Finally, there is its 3D capability -- not something I'm interested in right now, but should I decide later to go this route, my Blu-Ray player is ready.

You can get a Blu-Ray player with network streaming for a lot less than the cost of the BDP-93. But this player delivers all the goods -- it's a high-end component at a price that won't break the bank. It will play, with optimal results, almost anything you put into it. And it is ruggedly constructed, built to last. In the end, I bought it for both these reasons: flexibility and high quality. One last thing: Oppo is a company that really listens to its customers. It responds promptly and competently to feedback and questions.

I highly recommend this player. Like other reviewers, I strongly suggest buying it directly from Oppo or from Amazon, so you won't get fleeced on the price.
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on March 13, 2011
I really enjoy Oppo players. They are built well, play movies well and the company seems very good at providing customer service and support. I currently own the OPPO DV-980H, the BDP-83 and now, this BDP-93 model.

I'll be honest, I was one of (probably) many who thought their BDP-83 could have 3D capability with a firmware update (Just like the the PS3). Sadly, this was not the case. What we did get was a new player capable of playing 3D at the same price as the previous model. While I was not anxious to spend another $500, at least the price was reasonable (OPPO could have really taken advantage here) and I really wanted to have 3D capability so I was one of the first to order as soon as it was available just before Christmas. This new 3D player however, while having made some improvements, still has some flaws compared to the previous player. Here are some of the things I like about this new player:

- Call me superficial, but I love the look of this new player. The faceplate looks like brushed steel or aluminum painted black with buttons that are flush. Very sexy. It seems like it is the same dimensions as the previous model although there is no fan in the back.

- The 3D capability is fantastic! The same picture quality that we have come to expect from Oppo but with 3D!

- One thing I did not like about the older BDP-83 model was the fast-forwarding and rewinding during DVD playback. No matter how fast you forward or rewind during DVD playback, it is choppy and slow. I'm happy to say that this is greatly improved on this player. It is much smoother and more accurate. Navigating through DVD playback is much easier.

- I also love the second HDMI output. It's a very helpful feature to have under certain circumstances.

- And finally, OPPO has finally gone wireless! No more having to drag Ethernet wires through the house to somehow connect your OPPO and get those valuable firmware updates!

Here is what I don't like:

- The loading time seems longer than the previous model. Maybe it's my imagination, but I find the loading time especially longer when I insert a DVD. Not so much with most Blu-Ray discs.

- Which brings me to my next point: I have noticed that some Blu-Ray discs take a very long time to load and I have already encountered one movie (Monsters on blu-ray) that not only took very long to load, but also froze my player just as the movie was about to play. I contacted Oppo about this and the person I spoke to told me that they've had issues with discs from certain companies like Anchor Bay. They were not, though, aware of the problems with the Monsters blu-ray. OPPO suggested I send the Monsters Blu-Ray in the mail so that they could test it, but I decided against it because I was afraid of losing my disc. (By the way, the movie played flawlessly and loaded quickly on my older BDP-83 player.)

- When I eject a disc from the player, I have to wait about 10 seconds before I can close the tray again. This is an annoyance I can do without. I never had this issue with the BDP-83 player. I was able to eject the disc, switch another disc and close it without any trouble. In fact, I've never had this issue with ANY player. Hopefully, a firmware update will change this.

- Although I like the new faceplate for this player, the display is significantly smaller this time so it is harder to see the information when you're sitting on the couch away from the player. The BDP-83 player had a larger display that was easier to see from a distance.

- And lastly, although I love having wireless on this OPPO, it is not built-in. You have to plug-in a fairly fat wireless USB adapter that looks like the D-Link WUA-1340 model. It's ugly to look at so I have it plugged it in the back of the player. This wireless adapter adds another four inches or so to the length of the player. Fortunately, I had just enough room to fit it in my TV stand.

In conclusion, the most important feature on any Blu-Ray player is picture quality and the OPPO BDP-93 certainly delivers. I had, for a short time, a Sony BDP-S350 and as nice as that player was, it still couldn't compare to the picture quality of my two OPPO Blu-Ray players. Still, the BDP-93 is not perfect by far and hopefully the problems I've experienced will be remedied with upcoming firmware updates. As it is now, with the exception of 3D capability, I think I still prefer my older BDP-83 player. Perhaps this player was rushed so OPPO could have this available in time for Christmas. I can't say for certain. What I can say is this player has a lot of potential if these flaws are fixed. For the time being, however, I would rate this player as is with 3 1/2 stars.

**Update May 1st, 2011**

Just to let everyone here know, I've encountered the exact same problem again with another blu-ray disc as I did with the Monsters blu-ray disc. I recently purchased the "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" blu-ray. I inserted the brand new disc in the Oppo and waited...and waited ...and waited. Finally, after about five minutes, I tried to eject the disc so I could try having the Oppo read it again, but no luck! The Oppo had froze and I had to hold the power button for 10 seconds to completely power down the player. I tried powering up again, hoping to have a different result this time and finally watch the movie, but unfortunately, the exact same thing happened. For the sake of curiosity, I played the blu-ray disc in my older BDP-83 player that I keep downstairs in the basement. Sure enough, I had the exact same result as with the Monsters blu-ray... It loaded quickly and played flawlessly! At this point, I am becoming too frustrated with this player to enjoy it anymore. The negatives are outweighing the positives so I've decided to replace the Oppo BDP-93 with my older BDP-83. The BDP-93 will go downstairs and I will switch them back for those few times I need a 3D player (assuming that I don't replace it for a different 3D player altogether!). Otherwise, the older BDP-83 will be my main blu-ray player. Because of this, sadly, I am now changing my personal rating from 3 1/2 stars to 2 1/2 stars.

***Update June 25th, 2011***

I just encountered the same problem AGAIN with another disc I purchased. This time it's "The Italian Job" Blu-Ray. That's right. You read correctly..."The Italian Job" on Blu-Ray. I inserted the disc, got as far as the main menu and once I selected to play the main feature...I got, what seemed to me, the OPPO equivalent of the BSOD (blue screen of death). That is to say, nothing seemed to work on the BDP-93 and all I could see on the television was a blank screen with the OPPO logo. The only way I could get out of it was to completely power down the BDP-93. I tried playing the disc over and over again, but unfortunately with the same result. Needless to say (but I will say again for the record), it "loaded quickly and played flawlessly" on my older, discontinued OPPO BDP-83. This is becoming ridiculous! These are just the discs that I'm aware of! Sadly, I am very close to giving up on the BDP-93. I will wait to see what the next firmware update will bring to the table, but in the meantime, I think it's time to accept this loss and begin my search for another 3D Blu-Ray player.

Even though it's discontinued, if you're looking for a solid, no frills, quality Blu-Ray player, you won't do better than the OPPO BDP-83. Grab one, if you ever have the opportunity. As for a 3D Blu-Ray player? If anyone has any recommendations, I would be very happy to hear from you.

****Update October 12th, 2011****

At the request of some of the people who have shown interest in my review of the OPPO BDP-93, today I have tested those three discs (Monsters, Anchorman & The Italian Job) that the BDP-93 could not play many months ago. Although it was not relevant to me at this point since so much time has passed, I am happy to say these discs are no longer unplayable. After a fair amount of time and a few firmware updates, the BDP-93 was able to play those blu-rays with no trouble at all. This is good to see, but what has really made me happy is that since my last post in June, I have not had any trouble playing ANY of my purchased blu-rays with the BDP-93. I have a fairly extensive collection of older and newer blu-rays (from The Natural to Thor 3D) and all have played flawlessly so far. I still find the small time delay when opening and closing the loading tray incredibly annoying, but the continuous firmware updates are helping and I am finding myself feeling optimistic with the BDP-93.

*****Update December 16, 2011*****

Yesterday, I accidentally found a workaround for the annoying delay problem when opening and closing the loading tray. I mentioned earlier that there is an approximate 10 second delay when opening the loading tray, placing a disc inside and closing it again using the open and close button on the player itself. However, I discovered this annoyance does not occur when using the same button on the remote. I have tried this a few times last night and as bizarre as that might seem, using the remote to open and close the loading tray causes no delay whatsoever. It works as seamlessly as it was meant to be. I'm still hoping for firmware update that will address the problem for the player itself, but at least this is something. The only alternative to this would be to actually physically push the loading tray closed, but this is something I am loathe to do. In my mind, I worry about breaking the tray somehow as I cannot imagine it was designed to be closed that way (I could be wrong...).

Anyways, I mention this in case someone else might find this helpful. Otherwise, all is still going well and I am continuing to enjoy the BDP-93. I have had no need to fall back on the Sony PS3 yet for movie playback (although it is a great video game console!).
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on December 6, 2010
This is my first BD player and I have to say it is fantastic. I own an OPPO DVD player and know about their great build quality and performance. At a relatively bargain price of $499, you'd have to spend at least double/triple that amount to get a comparable BD player from Denon/Marantz/Onkyo/Yamaha/etc. Picture and audio quality are excellent, load times are well above average, and setup was very straight forward. It's nice to have 3D capability, which will help keep this player from becoming obsolete in the near future. I use the 7.1 analog outs with my older Yamaha (RX-V3200) and the sound is amazing. Clear dialog, amazing bass management, transparent audio image, usually only obtained through a much more expensive AVR and/or BD player.

I would definitely recommend this player to anyone interested in a top notch BD player, but not at a top notch price.
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on January 7, 2011
I have been reading about Oppo for 1-1/2 Years on various blogs and internet sites. I have been wanting to get a Blu-Ray Player that had the best DVD Upscaler to enjoy my movie collection that have not yet been replaced with Blu Rays.

I finally got my new BDP93 yesterday and set it up in a matter of a few minutes. The OSD (On-Screen Display)was so user friendly and the Easy Set up took me through the most basic set up steps. Oppo really pays attention to the fine details from the way they package the player to the beatiful UI on the set up screens and Home Page. Most Blu-Ray Players have a UI that is not presented in Hi-Def clarity. Yes, a small detail but shows the companies obsession and passion to being the best.

I don't have a 3D TV set yet so I cannot cooment on 3D quality, but I am impressed that Oppo included 2 HDMI Outputs for those that dont have a 1.4v HDMI Recievier so that sound can be directed to the reciever and a 3D Video signal can be sent to the 3D TV Display. You will always want your Video Signal coming from the HDMI 1 port as that one takes advantage of the advanced QDEO Video Processor.

Setting up the Wireless Connection to my Dual Band N Router was a breeze, no problems encountered here.

The Video on Blu Rays was OMG! and the DVD Upscale using the DNR and Sharpness Settings was also OMG!Hands down the best video ouput I have seen for upscaled DVD's. Star Wars IV was beautiful, I think as good as many streaming supposed HD sites with the exception of VUDU which is 1080P streaming. My Samsung 63" Plasma has never looked better!

I am awaiting a few SACD's to see how good the audio processor is for Multi-Channel Sound. Movie Audio on Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio was spot on excellent. Finally a component that is worthy of my Yamaha RX-V1900 and Klipsch Speakers.

The build of the BDP93 is solid, it just says High End Component. The Disk Tray is Smooth and quiet as well as the playback. The player doesnt even get warm. It also has a RS232 Port for Home Installers setting up High End Systems.

Oppo is still in the process of developing some features that were not quite ready for market such as the Network functions for home media and NAS Servers to share files; but has plenty of media options from USB Drives and port for a SATA Drive.

My only minor gripe that Oppo wil fix in the future is more streaming options other than Netflix and Blockbuster OnDemand whom neither stream in Full HD or 5.1 Surround Sound. Netflix is stil 720P. I am hoping they add VUDU On Demand as that is full 1080P HD and 5.1 Surround Sound.

Overall, I just love this player. It was well worth the research and wait. My weekend will be filled with watching movies; and nice that a few could actually be on DVD vs. Blu Ray. *;o)
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on January 5, 2011
After reading raves about the BDP-83 I decided to buy one. OPPO said "No, we're working on a new model and we'll let you know when it's ready." I actually liked that they didn't continue to produce and sell the "83" to people that didn't know a new model was in the works. I'm not interested in today's 3D TVs and would have been fine with the "83", but the "93" sells for the same price so why not get the latest?

I also just purchased a new 55" Samsung (not 3D) and because I didn't know how long I'd have to wait for the OPPO BDP-93 I also purchased an inexpensive Blu-Ray player. Nice TV, excellent picture, but there was little difference between the picture of a Blu-Ray DVD and any other digital input.

Within two weeks I was notified that the BDP-93 was available, and the first DVD I used to check the operation was a non-Blu-Ray Pirates of the Carribean. My wife and I, and our two teenagers, watched for a half-hour remarking on the clarity of the picture and the detail that had not been evident with the other player. A few Blu-Ray movies later and the difference between the video output of the the OPPO and the admittedly low-cost "place holder" player is simply stunning.

I've thrown a few varieties of audio disks in the player and it has yet to reject anything. A few MP3 compilations that would not play in my Sony CD/MP3 player were handled flawlessly by the BDP-93. I'm looking forward to trying some better digital audio disks and retiring the Cd player.

Piling on with the other reviewers, I can also recommend the OPPO BDP-93.
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on August 5, 2011
Because there are over a hundred and seventy, five star reviews on the Oppo BDP-93, I am going to try and approach this from a different angle.

Like all other digital (computer) systems, the digital audio and video systems of the late 70's and early 80's, used the two-digit binary number system (0 /1).

When digital audio and video first came on the scene, the plan was to use a 16-bit 44.1 KHz file format for audio and an 8-bit file format for video.

Because these formats were universal and A to D converters were still in their infancy and were all the same configeration, the price and quality of the player did not matter much, they were all just the same.

This is also in part, because the technology was still evolving (but needed some place to start). Engineers and marketing people of the day thought that the 16 bit "wav" file system would exceed what the human ear can actually pick up on and recognize as an audio sound signal and the video was better than any TV at the time.

Yes, there were some expensive players made by Macintosh Lab's, NAD, Marantz and others (who make great equipment) but would argue to differ that there's was better, but the bottom line was they were still all putting out the same "standard" resolution audio and video signals.

We also must remember do to processor clock speed, memory size and other factors of the day, that this was the best technology available that the consumer would tolerate in cost and would actually pay for.

With the advancement and addition of SACD, DVD, Blu-Ray, 24/32 bit "wav" files, 1080p 24Hz video output and other newer file/technology formats, we now know that they were not quite so correct in their original thinking, making the choice of disk player and its capabilities more important now than ever before!

In having many CD, players from 1982 and SACD / DVD players from 2001 and because of the above explanation, I accepted but was never completely happy with the cold hard sound of digital audio or eirly low resolution video, on mine or any one else's equipment.

I also have a large library of cd's and SACD's but in order to achieve the richer "warmer" sound of music; I was still going back to my record collection on a very high end turntable and styles. Also (in reference to a measure of quality) my top of the line (two channel) JBL and Adcom audio equipment was and still is worth more then most people's cars and has been used in its life time to test other equipment and/or recordings in a professional manner. When it came to earlier video, well with the older TV's it was just OK because 480p video resolution was (like an older wave file) it was what it was and no better.

In short, the brand and price of a player did not matter to much, they were all the same!!!

Fast forward to December 2010 and I am shopping for a Blu-Ray Player to go with our 42" plasma TV and quickly discover that you can by players from as little as $49.95.00 to as high as $5,000.00 or higher. After researching and learning about Sony, Samsung, LG, Marantz, Deon, Oppo and others, I determined that the Oppo was probably the best player on the market for the money.

Placing price and my young kids handling of the equipment before quality, I decided to go with the Sony BDP-S770 unit for $250.00. The unit did what it was supposed to do and the video and sound were good but not great. After six months the Sony player died and between the delays and frustrations with the Sony exchange program (this is another story) I decided to purchase the Oppo BDP-93 universal player while the Sony was being repaired for the second time.

What I found most impressive about the player was not its looks, build or specs which are all great; but that the player did "truly" display video and sound content better then any other equipment I or any one else I knew owned!!!

While I was setting it up, one of my kids (who could not care less about this kind of stuff) came in the room and took a double-take and WOW when she saw the picture and heard the sound coming from the TV and audio systems. She and I did really notice the difference in both video and sound quality of the Oppo unit.

Oppo may not like this to much, but to be fair, if you do not have the level of video and audio equipment capable of producing what the BDP-93 can produce in the way of audio and video qualaty (except for its reliability and there great service) you will not be getting all that you can get out of this unit.

This does not mean that you have to spend your 401k on equipment in order to enjoy the Oppo. Just don't connect it to a 1990 480p television and shoe box speaker and expect miracles. Any of today's high resolution televisions and a nice sound system will do well with the unit.

In short the bottom line is, the Oppo 93 unit dose display and sound better then other Blu-ray players and if you have or are planning to purchase audio and video equipment capable of reproducing what the Oppo can do, it is well worth the cost.

One important point, the Sony is back from the shop and working hopefully for a longer time then six months. I re-hooked it up to the TV and sound system and explained to the kids that they are to use the Sony and not touch the Oppo player, and they are very un-happy about this because the Oppo is much better.

Up Date-1: I have not had the time for a formal A/B test between the Oppo and Sony, but every one who has now seen and heard the player can notice a difference between it and there player(s)

Up Date-2: I have noted that a lot of people are criticizing the external wireless Ethernet connection design. This idea was brilliant, to say the least.
Think about it; the player is housed in a full metal Aluminum / Steel case, not plastic. The external Ethernet connection allows the player to achieve the best possible reception, without interference from its case or any other equipment which may be around or on top of the player.

Up Date-3: Since having and hearing this player on my system, other people I know have purchased this player as well and are just as happy as I am with it.

Up Date-4: I have since had the time to do an actual A/B test between the Oppo BDP-93 and Sony BDP-S770 units and below are the conclusions to the test, short version. Note, I am not going in to the details of the equipment or source material because it does not matter; it was the same for both systems.

As both players do a good job, the Oppo BDP-93 did noticeably out preform the Sony BDP-S770 in both sound and video quality.
Although the differences were not night and day (black & white), they were measurable to the level that you can see and hear them without squinting your eyes or stretching your neck and ears out to hear and see the difference.

The most significant difference was in the detail in both video and sound. The video quality was a little sharper but what was more noticeable, were the more natural colors of the picture. The same was true for the Oppo's sound quality as well. It is in the details! When listing to music some instruments (by design of the music) are more noticeably pronounced than other instruments in the arrangement are.

The Oppo unit did a much better job of letting you know that these more subtle sounds (instruments) are present in the music without artificially enhancing the sound signal. There was also a better pronunciation of the "breathing" of the instruments. The term breathing refers to when you can hear the subtle after tones of the instrument once a note or set of notes have been played. For example, a finger sliding across the frets of a guitar or the after harmonics of a piano cord is struck by the hammer are the after effects of a live instrument.

In conclusion, the Oppo BDP-93 was more accurate and true to life making it more enjoyable to the eyes and ears.
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on February 2, 2011
I own a PS3, Samsung blu-ray player, and now the OPPO BDP-93 blu-ray player and I can actually say I can't beleive the difference in video quality the OPPO has over my other players. The PS3 is a close second but the OPPO definitley outshines. I was first impressed with the packaging which was top quality. The manual is great if you are unsure how to connect it to your receiver or TV or both via dual HDMI outs. I connected directly to my Onkyo TX-NR5008 and went through the OPPO's setup menu with no issues. The backlit remote is good too although I use a universal for my setup. I first tried a regular blu-ray and was extremely impressed with the video quality and being able to bitstream DTS-HD to my receiver sounded awesome. I then tested a 3D blu-ray and was again very impressed. I also tested out the DSD feature on a SA-CD. I thought it sounded even better then my Sony SA-CD player. All in all, this product is top notch and I definitley recommend to anyone looking for a high end Blu-ray player.
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on January 21, 2011
The Oppo BDP-93 is a true Godsend in terms of what it has to offer.

I was able to eliminate two machines: A DVD/SACD player and my Sony Blu-Ray player.

The nicest part about this was that I also eliminated 11 wires from my previous set up. I had been using 6 RCA analog outs coming out of my DVD player for SACD Surround playback, a fiber optic digital out, three component video outs and a power cord.

One of the greatest features on the Oppo BDP-93 is the HDMI output jacks. Instead of having to use all of the cables listed above I now have one cable that handles all of the audio and video signals: the HDMI out. In fact, the Oppo BDP-93 hs two HDMI output jacks and I have one jack going straight to my TV's HDMI Input jack mainly for video only and the other going to my A/V Receiver for audio only. This is where the Oppo shines. No more RCA analog outs to be able to listen to SACD and DVD-Audio discs. The HDMI out on the Oppo takes care of all of this with that one cable!!

The Oppo also does a great job at streaming Netflix to my TV. Picture quality is far better than I expected for a streaming video on my 46" Mitsubishi LCD TV.

The on-screen menus and set up were a piece of cake and very intuitive.

The remote control is very well designed and layed out as well.

Anyone who is remotely serious about audio and/or video who enjoys watching Blu-Ray / DVD / Streaming Video and listening to SACD / DVD-Audio / CD should seriously consider purchasing the Oppo BD-93.

There is simply nothing better on the market that exists at this time that compares to the Oppo that offers as much in the way of playback of multiple disc formats.

10 stars!!
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on April 11, 2011
Thanks to Samsung, I have learned a valuable, but expensive, lesson on what to
look for in a blu-ray player. These are some the questions I believe a purchaser
should ask themselves before purchasing a new blu-ray player.

1) What kind of warranty does it have?
2) How good is the construction and build quality?
3) What kind of reliability does the brand have?
4) How much noise does it make while operating?
5) Does it require a fan for cooling?
6) How long does it take for a blu-ray disk to load?
7) Are firmware updates reliable and timely?
8) How long will the unit be supported?
9) How good is the customer service?

Why do I mention all of this? Because you definitely do not want to go through the
experience I had with my Samsung blu-ray player. It was a blind buy and I did not do
my research.

First of all, the player was slow, very noisy, accompanied by lots of fan noise when
playing disks. As if this was not enough, the player then had developed convulsions with
clunking noises, stuttering, stalling on or even refusing to play some blu-ray disks. I was
so angry that I was ready to throw it in the trash.

After 10 months, the player already stopped working and needed to be repaired. I had to
pay for the labor and when player was returned, it arrived in a dented and torn box that
did not even belong to this model. The player was all scratched on the front panel from
the repair facility. So much for Samsung customer service and support. Also, I found out
that firmware updates or support for it is practically non-existent now.

After reading about the Oppo and all its owner's positive comments, I decided to take the
plunge on the new BDP-93. Everything mentioned in all these positive reviews is really
true. Plus, I might add that their customer support is awesome. For example, when I had
a lip sync issue with my Samsung c9000, I received an updated test firmware from Oppo
support in just 5 minutes after contacting them via e-mail on a Friday night. Not only that,
it actually fixed the problem.

I have now had this player for 3 months and I highly recommend it. It is really a pleasure
to use. To me the Oppo BDP-93 really is worth it's cost. These are the things I really
like about it:

1) Build quality is incredible (no flimsy metal or cheap plastic)
2) High quality lighted remote with large buttons
3) Very quiet and smooth running from start to end
4) Loads up to the disk menu quickly
5) Firmware updates are timely with Oppo actually listening to it's users
6) Great and prompt customer support
7) No problems with loading and playing on any disks so far
8) Awesome picture quality on both blu-ray and dvd
9) Great sound from the analog outputs, better then my cd player

I cannot think of anything negative to say about this great blu-ray player. I highly
recommend the Oppo BDP-93!
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