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5.0 out of 5 stars Great left field choice, May 31, 2013
Samsuddha (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: OPPO Find 5 Unlocked Android Smartphone, 32GB White (International) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
I primarily bought this phone because it was not made by one of the ubiquitous big brands lie Samsung, HTC etc. I wanted to try something new but with the quality and premium feel of a known brand product. Based on web reviews it seemed like this was it.

I am not disappointed. Far from it. I am on the whole very happy with my choice and I will be keeping the phone (this is after one week of heavy use and trying out all the features and applications).

It is not perfect. You will not get an android phone which is perfect because there will be no android phone tailormade , software and hardware-wise, just for you. But it ticks a lot of boxes and falls short only in a few. And where it falls short seems mostly software related and so hopefully something Oppo will tackle in their frequent firmware updates (more on this later).

Now, to the details. I will begin with the positives:

1. It has a gorgeous screen. I mean - just wow! It is not just the resolution (1080p!) or the pixel density (441) - there are other 1080p screens out there and the HTC one has a slightly higher pixel density since it 4.7" to this one's 5". I have seen the HTC one and Experia Z and Galaxy S 3 and 4, and this display just blows them away. I found the screen bright and contrasty but at the same time with a natural color reproduction which was very important for me since I am amateur shutter-bug and love admiring my (and other people's) flickr and 500px uploads on the phone. I hated what the samsung displays (my last phone was a galaxy s2) would do to my pictures making it look garish and cartoonish, while the Sony rendition was pretty dull and underwhelming. HTC comes close to a natural output but the Oppo nails natural color - be in skin tone, nature or city/ architecture. Plus it renders the native apps beautifully in 1080p and the web pages look sharp and readable at very small fonts, and game graphics look very striking too.

2.1080p video playback is flawless- granted I have not tried all sorts of file formats, but mp4s and other common formats work very well

3. great sound - the dolby for the speakers and 'dirac' engine for the headphones/.bluetooth headsets seem to make a positive difference - I'm no audiophile but the music output for the same files is better than my old s2, and more importantly, the phone speakers are loud enough to be actually used for a call - not tinny and useless like many high end smartphones, but loud and clear like the blackberry you threw away because everything else about it was s****y!

4. great specs and it tells - 1.5 Ghz snapdragon 4 quad core processor, 2 GB RAM, bluetooth 4, NFC etc etc...not just stuff on the spec sheet - thingie works smooth and is responsive. I guess the s4 and maybe the HTC One may have faster response, but not so you'd notice on day to day use.

5. Quick capture on the cam - 100 shots in 5 secs is crazy! plus you can record video at some insane frames/sec (128 or something) which you will never use cause there's no displays for that, but gives you braggin rights

6. Great premium looking feel and satisfying heft. looks like a posh piece of cell goodness. Who'd have thought - a China brand beating the big boys in the build quality dept!?

7. Community and firmware updates - it seems Oppo is taking firmware updates seriously and is pumping out firmware updates frequently taking into account feedback received through the official community. This has worked well for Fuji X series cameras and won Fuji lot of customer retention. If Oppo can keep up the support, it augurs well for the device owners. Also, there are already custom ROMS in the net for those looking for a stock or closer to stock android experience.

8. Good common sense optimization of software all over the place. The settings are grouped in intuitive categories (scroll sideways like windows) instead a long list. galary app has a small file filter so that music album art, icon and app images and other annoying things dont clutter the gallary. It has some cool lockscreens too, with weather animations if use want - though more towards the pretty than functional (which is why custom ROMs exist)

Neutral stuff:

1. The customs skin/ UI - cant make up my mind on this one - there's a consistent design philosophy and has good polished feel to it, but sometimes confusing if you're used to standard or almost standard android experience. Some of the things, like choosing widgets and apps for the homescreens in the old 2.3 style (not the new 4.x style) I'm not impressed by. But other things like contact management, messenger etc, system options seem better laid out than stock android (shock and horror!)

2. camera - it's 13 mpx but that's just a number - performance is quite good in good light but very average in crappy light - which is strangely enough when most people compelled to use their cell phone cameras for one reason or another (think dimly lit pubs, parties with funky lighting). What is most annoying is that there is next to no manual/creative control on the camera - it seems that a good sensor is being limited by a very average software. Third party apps may be your best friend here.
I use zoom FX and it has lot more shooting options than the stock app. One good thing though is that you can use the volume key as a shutter button right out of the box, which is a much more natural and stable way to click a photo.

3. built in apps for music, videos etc - some may like it more than the stock, others may not. Nothing much in it - just a bit different with some added features (notably being dirac/dolby enhancement for music/ videos). Doesnt matter - use the stock androif if you dont warm up to this


Very few, but these are -

1. ergonomics - contradicts a bit with my look and feel positive above. Actually you sacrifice a bit of comfort for that sharp and premium look. The edge to edge glass is great but the top part does dig in your ears a little while on call, and it isnt easy to hold and type with one hand - the weight and sharp angles can be a bother in this case if you have small hands.

2. some software glitches - there is some lack of compatibility with some market apps - also, I am having to use the second last update of common google apps such as gmail, google plus, google play books etc since the latest update is not working too well. But it an issue that Oppo will likely fix in their next firmware itself

3. Annoying habit of resetting to default setting - it seems the Oppo takes every opportunity (like a reboot) to reset the language and keyboard and some other settings to the other default setting.

As I said, lot more positive than negatives. customer support was also very good since I had to replace the first device and that transaction was done smoothly and without any cause for distress.

Definitely recommended


I love this device even more than before! The software glitches I pointed out have been eradicated through subsequent OTA updates, so now I am happily running the latest GApps and there seems to be compatibility with all market apps I have tried - so my biggest issue has been solved. Further, I have not had default settings reverting after the last update so that's fixed as well. The device too gets much easier to hold and use after you get used to it and now the weight and sharp angles are not a problem for me. its still certainly not the most ergonomic, but the sharp look and premium feel does compensate - I hated the plasticy-ness of a galaxy S4 after this though that was easier on the hand.

What is more important than the updates itself is that Oppo is listening to customers and correcting things fast! I have received 3 updates in the last month (one final and two polished betas) and each has had tangible improvements. Also, I think an important factor while buying an android phone is amount of third party development, and I have experimented with two customs ROMS - AOSP and CM10 and it is good to see so much 3rd party development for Oppo. I am also awaiting eagerly the Project Firefly development - which promises to be an entirely new ROM experience - check out the concept videos on youtube and more details on their community site -

Also, I tried .mkv movie files in 1080p and it works perfectly.

Now only if they work on the camera software and provide further creative control options that would be great (you cant even change white balance or exposure compensate for now). The camera software needs serious attention from Oppo since the cam itself is quite good, if used with a decent software such as JB+ camera, Zoom FX or Athentec's PerfectlyClear. But its always nice to have a good native app.

Also, a practical advise - if you are buying the white, make sure to purchase a cover for it. It is a beautiful pearly white but has a soft matte texture which tend to take scuffing and thereafter dirt in the scuffs. This will also protect the camera lens which is not substantially recessed.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!, October 2, 2013
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This review is from: OPPO Find 5 Unlocked Android Smartphone, 32GB White (International) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
Fantastic phone, nice design, amazing screen, pretty fast and strong. Recommended 100 per cent. Just update to the new Android 2.3.2 via Color ROM, smooth!
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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best phone, July 8, 2013
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This review is from: OPPO Find 5 Unlocked Android Smartphone, 32GB White (International) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

I am really happy with this phone. It is one of the best phone I have ever used.

I liked the quality of the material used in this phone + the performance.

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5.0 out of 5 stars An unknown marvel! Worth every penny., May 15, 2013
This review is from: OPPO Find 5 Unlocked Android Smartphone, 32GB White (International) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
While many don't know of OPPO, they've actually been producing phones overseas for some time now. Here in the States, they're more known for their high end DVD and Blu-Ray players. With that said, they seemed to have taken their visual excellence to create a very functional and competitive phone. For me I was looking for an unlocked GSM phone; which boiled down to the Apple iPhone, HTC One, Samsung Note 2, and this OPPO Find 5. While all 3 Android phones shared similar specs, the OPPO is actually a few short. However, what really sold me was the higher capacity battery, frequent updates (every 2 weeks) which address issues that are brought to the developers attention by owners(via OPPO forums), and the steel casing that houses the electronics for a more weighted feel. There was one thing that did almost kept me from purchasing the Find 5, no LTE support. However after speed testing, on the ATT network, I am still able to get 3.5Mb/s down and 1Mb/s up. Makes you wonder what's going on with other phones or what's really in the Find 5. You won't be disappointed with this phone, it is definitely worth every penny. For accessories check out the bidding store (- bay).
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5.0 out of 5 stars This is a great device., May 9, 2013
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This review is from: OPPO Find 5 Unlocked Android Smartphone, 32GB White (International) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
I bought this device mostly because of hardware and specs since i have the galaxy s3 and didn't want to upgrade to the s4. This device didn't disappoint me at all. On the software side there's work to do but I'm a fan of CM 10.1 so I have no issues with it.

Very solid, full hd display, 13 megapixels, good audio, decent battery life.

It's a bit hard to find variety of accessories for this device.
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