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245 of 257 people found the following review helpful
on December 10, 2010
I never used plain foam rollers, so I have nothing to compare to. But I like this gadget. I like to stretch/massage my tense back and tight muscles over shoulder blades. Having spikes is clearly an advantage. In fact, I have a 2.5 inch (diameter) 6.5 inch (length) rubber roller with (much thinner obviously) spikes that I have been using for the same purpose. And it was intended for foot massage in principle. So I've been wondering if I could find a bigger roller just like The Rumble Roller. And I did. The only thing is that I can't lie on it lengthwise (to exercise the abs) as I would on a plain roller (sacrum hurts from lying on spikes lengthwise!!) but you can't have it all.

An update a few months later - 1) I tried the "plain" foam rollers at the gym finally.. No massage effect for me whatsoever on those ones! 2) I love massaging my calves/hamstrings and even anterior of the hip. I can even massage my deltoid/biceps/triceps. And oh, the buttocks massage rocks! Rolling on my back helps mobilize it. I recommend.

Another update - Sept 2011: BTW, mine is regular size, regular firmness (long blue)
I am using this roller every single day. It's pretty sturdy. I wonder how long it lasts.. but so far so good! I love it. Now I see that the manufacturer came up with a variation in length and firmness and I am determined to buy a black variant. I need something firmer, for my upper back at least. Footnote - I am accustomed to using all sorts of firm gadgets for rolling; but I suggest that most people start with an original density one!
And last remark - to those complaining about the price.. It's cheaper to own this device (hey, you pay once), and learn how to use it, and do so regularly, and listen to your body (and a PT's advice occasionally), than to hope a medic can magically fix you in one visit! Lazy attitude..
Stay well!

October 2011: I just got my small black version of the roller. My, this thing rocks! I love it. I'll save the blue one for quads and calves, black one is irreplaceable for the back and buttocks! Note: I guess the manufacturer would put me in their so-called "advanced user" category. Most people, especially those who are not athletes, will probably be satisfied with the less dense version (blue).
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on October 10, 2010
I must say that it was not the easiest to use but I am not in the best of shape at age 55. I used it every evening before bed for at least 2-3 weeks before getting real results. I believe it did help with my hips which where painful to lay on at night and leg pain behind my knees that I was having.
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25 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on May 8, 2012
I'm a fairly athletic (amateur/pro beach volleyball) player who works out and plays constantly, and I've been using foam rollers for years now. I've noticed as I age that the black roller wasn't doing much for me, tennis balls and LAX balls weren't cutting it, and my body was starting to break down again. I ordered this guy, and WOW. The Rumble roller is amazeballs, I can use the nubs to dig into knotted areas, it can actually roll my glutes and piriformis effectively (finished off with a goosebump) and I have found all kinds of trigger points along my IT band and rear leg chain that a regular foam roller never touched. My guilty pleasure with this guy (I purchased the small black one) is rolling it up horizontally between my shoulder blades so it gets all those nasty shoulder blade stress points from the work day.
The only things I can't roll with this are my feet and core, so if the manufacturers want to make a small foam spikey ball that I could use on my core,I promise them at least one sale!
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39 of 46 people found the following review helpful
on September 16, 2011
As a serious athlete who is training hard every day, I have been doing self-myofascial release (rolling) for many years. I own pretty much every possible self-myofascial release "toy" -- I have maybe 15-20 of them. My two favorites were foam ball and a PVC roller, until I found the Rumble Roller. I got the black version, because I have been rolling for many years and I like to go deep. I got the full length version, as I already have a few portable versions of other rollers/balls. The Rumble Roller is absolutely great. It's huge and beautifully firm. I can spread out on it and roll both legs at the same time, or the entire back and shoulders without having to adjust my body on the top of the roller. The nobs get deep and will find many "secret" trigger points that the PVC roller or foam ball couldn't reach. It's been pretty painful the first few times (yet, I do enjoy that pain), and it helped to get rid of a lot of tightness that I get from training (and often, overtraining :-( ). I have the roller in my sofa, and sometimes I just lean on it when I watch TV and let the nobs dig in my back and around the spine. It is well done, and even though I've had it just for short time, I suspect it will last long time. The foam ball and foam rollers get all smashed after a while. I have already recommended the Rumble roller to many of my fitness students and hitting partners. Every serious athlete or fitness warrior needs one :-)
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on January 8, 2011
Best roller I ever had. It is fairly rigid, but not unduly hard. My daughter (she dances ballet) immediately stole it from me and she and her other dancer friends refuse to return it ... I have to buy a new one. For the price I think it is definitely worth it
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25 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on April 17, 2012
This is my first myofascial roller I've ever bought. I did a good amount of research looking at alternatives like PCV, regular foam, and other brands like the Grid. I decided on this model due to the feedback and the appeal for me. I bought the large size regular (blue) version of the RumbleRoller and love it! I come home on stressful days and use this for just a minute or two to loosen up the knots in my back I get from stress at work. The nubs on this thing are incredible! If you like a little extra pressure in a massage and like that "good pain" when stretching - this is the roller for you! My girlfriend tried it once or twice but says it is too much for her. If you are more delicate, I recommend the Grid or a regular roller as is won't have the bumps that feel like knuckles pressing into your muscle.

I first saw this product on P90X2. I completed P90X and have been continuing the routines as I await the new workouts. This roller is amazing at hitting those extra sore spots on an muscle. I opted for the large model especially for my back and so I can roll both legs at once. I would only get the small model if you want to travel with this roller. In some reviews I read that the nubs on the roller were squishing down, but I've been using this for at least a month and the nubs may show small creases, but are still very effective. While I haven't tried it, I wouldn't recommend the black roller unless you are a glutton for pain (in the good sense).

This product is a little pricey, but if you use it for back stress or work out on a regular basis then this is more than worth the money!
For athletic reference, I am in my mid-twenties and work out 3-4 days a week. I use this at least once a week for sore muscles and at least 3 times a week to loosen up my back.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on October 23, 2012
At first I was nervous to try this because I ordered it without reading the reviews. When I did read the reviews and realized I ordered the firmest one, I was scared. Some of the negative reviews made me a bit nervous, but I felt reassured by the fact that I have been using a regular foam roller for several months now, and it is NOT firm enough. It has an hour glass shape now from me pressing into it so hard. I have deep knots in my upper back (rhomboids). I received this product last night and laid on it carefully, and found I got MUCH deeper into my knots, but it was not unbearable at all. It was amazing and I slept like a baby.

I was seeing a physical therapist and a chiro for 6 months working the knots out of my back, going for visits 3x a week. It worked, but who has the time for that? Now I can just lay on my trusty rumble roller 3 times a week while saving loads of time and money.
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32 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on July 9, 2011
I had been using a soft foam roller for a long while and decided to add an extra-firm black RumbleRoller to my arsenal of bodywork tools. The first time I used this thing was like rolling on studded snow tires, and I'm no wuss. I've been Rolfed in the murky past and this was akin to that level of pain initially. After months of daily use, a team of wild horses will not separate me from this tool of torture. I love this thing! If you can afford it, start with the softer version, the blue roller. Be consistent and use the roller daily. I still roll on the soft foam roller each session, it prepares my muscles, stretching and relaxing them, before tackling the RumbleRoller. There is nothing else like this on the markets for DIY full-body accupressure.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on December 13, 2011
i have tried a variety of massage devices from the expensive chair to the electric thumper ranging from $3500 to $450 in price. for $70 the rumble roller beats them both by the proverbial mile. the other day i had a golf related stress to my inner thigh that caused a noticeable limp and sever pain and after two minutes with the rumble roller both limp and pain were gone. neck pains are gone and after only one week of daily use my range of motion has increased for my golf swing. i play golf approximately six times and week both hitting balls and playing 18 or more holes and i now use the rumble roller both before and after each outing to great effect. i also lift weights and do spin bike cardio alternately every day and once again experience little to no associated pain with these endeavors thanks to my rumble roller. to put this into perspective i am a sixty three year old male who has awoken every day for the past i could not tell you how many years in considerable pain due to my active life style and you guessed it, now those nagging pains are gone. if the house were burning the first item i would rescue would be the dogs sitting atop my roller. i just ordered the black version to hopefully work on my super tight hamstrings which have basically been that way since my teens. if successful i will post another review. if you are considering getting one of these rollers i can guarantee you will find tight muscles you never knew you had and once loosened you will be wondering why the wait.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on July 23, 2013
foam rolling has changed the way i work out, and has greatly improved my fitness and comfort. back pain when i wake up? roll it. get back from a run and my calves are tight and sore? roll them. about to do an arm workout? roll them. The rumble roller is fantastic, and is such an improvement over the regular foam rollers (which is such an improvement over doing nothing at all!) its not even a comparison. This is a fantastic tool, well worth the price.

if you are wondering about the different hardnesses (black vs blue) i'd go with the blue unless you've done a lot of foam rolling in the past and have been using like, pvc pipe to do it. the blue is plenty hard, the only place thats difficult to fully roll out is my hamstrings, but i'm not sure how much the black would help with that, and the blue is by far enough of a stimulation by itself. I'd definitely start out with blue, and only if thats not enough then go to the black. I'd also recommend getting the full size rather than the small one, its overall better.
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