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Size: Swivel Peeler|Color: Black|Change
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on August 7, 2005
I peel hundreds of pounds of potatoes every day at our restaurant, and I love my Oxo Peeler. All we make is Belgian Frites, and all we use to make them is fresh potatoes, a deep fryer, some oil, and this amazing Oxo peeler.

This is an excessive amount of use, I know, but under all this stress, only one thing has gone wrong with this peeler. Unfortunately, it's potato-eye remover has started to crack a little bit. I doubt this would happen under normal usage, but two hundred pounds of potatoes a day for a year would put stress on any peeler.

If you are a restaurant peeling potatoes by hand, as we do, buy a few because the eye remover is really useful but it wears out. This feature does make peeling faster, and wastes less potato then just peeling down past the eye. This is definitely the best peeler you can buy, and for normal household use I bet the eye remover would never wear out.
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on August 29, 2004
This is a sturdy peeler with swiveling twin blades and a built-in potato eye remover, which easily pares even the toughest skin of your fruits and vegetables, and carves out blemishes without damage. It produces thin rinds and peel with little or no pulp, and cuts on the first run every single time. Its blade never seems to need sharpening and its hefty body fits comfortably in the hand, making it require less force to operate than the more traditional lightweight peelers do, and keeping you away from any stress-related injuries. You can even use it to quickly julienne vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and potatoes, among others.
Like the rest of the products from the OXO Good Grips line, this one is a great value of superior quality, unsurpassed durability and flawless performance. Its ergonomic design and big, pressure-absorbing, outstanding non-slip grip, complete with flexible fins to accommodate your fingers and an oversized hole for easy hanging, allow you comfortable, daily, wet or dry use.
Its elegant, stylized shape fits seamlessly with the rest of the OXO Good Grips collection. Its easy-to-clean, simple construction and dishwasher-safe, hard-wearing materials make this essential tool one that you will be able to depend on for years, and its stainless-steel metal parts will permanently keep your rust worries away.
After submitting this product to over two years of relentless, everyday use, mine is still just like new.
--Reviewed by M. E. Volmar
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VINE VOICEon October 3, 2005
I purchased the OXO Good Grips Peeler back in 2000 and I have been using it ever since with no problems whatsoever. I originally bought it to replace the peeler that came in my Culinary School tool kit. That peeler had broken after only a month of use. But I have used the OXO peeler ever since, going on 5 years now. It feels great in my hands and peels potatoes, carrots and other vegetables perfectly. While I was in school my classmates were constantly borrowing this from me and asking me where I bought it. Even one of my Chef instructors loved it and would use it from time to time. If this peeler were to ever break on me, which it has shown no signs of doing, I would not hesitate to buy another OXO.
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on April 28, 2000
If you're like me, you've probably always hated peeling vegetables, especially potatoes. This changed the first time I tried an OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler. The grip is so perfect that it feels like an extension of one's own hand. It makes my most hated kitchen chore fun. For that alone it is priceless!
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on March 13, 2005
I bought a Henkels peeler online and while waiting for it, I saw the Oxo and since I had nothing but good experiences with the brand, picked it up too, since there's always a peeler in the dishwasher when I need one anyway...

I have poor quality peelers I got as bridal shower gifts that came in sets with other gadgets and you can tell the difference between the Oxo and them. I love this peeler and it's just as sharp and even more hand friendly than the Henkels, which cost nearly twice as much.

You know it's good when a tedious chore like peeling potatoes is pleasurable. Oxo is a reliable brand. They've never let me down.
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on October 9, 2010
After my 8+ year old OXO Peeler started getting a little dull I thought it would be just a matter of ordering another OXO Good Grip Peeler and it would be the same. I thought wrong, after 3 New OXO Peelers in the last 3 weeks including the Pro-Line these new OXO peelers will barely peel Warm butter much less a Broccoli stalk or stem. I can see 1 being dull but not 3, there is a serious breakdown in the Quality Control Division at OXO. All the places that have sold or given me replacement peelers have had great customer service it's just the sorry product that's the problem. OXO had my 'Brand Loyalty', now it has completely lost it. I took a magnifying glass and compared my old OXO to ALL 3 new OXO Peelers and the angle that the blade is cut is the difference. The old OXO is cut at an angle where as all three new OXO Peelers the blade is cut straight across whereby there is no way it can dig into the skin of a broccoli stem or even a carrot. I tried one last peeler via Amazon made by J. A. Henckels called the Henckels Twin Cuisine Swivel Peeler and it will get 5 stars, it is wonderful, just like my old OXO was when it was new. Spend the extra money and get a great quality peeler and a hell of a lot less headaches, it was a real nightmare!!!!!!!!!
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on July 28, 2010
I bought this peeler years ago and didn't think much of a peeler. I had issues with the handle sliding back occasionally while using, handle filling with water and getting smelly and peels getting stuck in the "D" design, making it a bit annoying to clean. The handle being fat, to me, is clumsy to use and takes up too much space in the drawer. I really had to push hard to get the fat plastic eye remover to dig into the potato.

One day it was missing, never to be found again. I knew I wasn't going to order that one again and I found the Rada peeler for about the same price. The blade is stainless steel, super sharp (Sharper than the OXO), the eye remover is fantastic, the handle is small and light aluminum. I find because it is not so bulky, the work is much lighter and quicker. It looks much better, is way easer to clean, and takes up practically no space in the drawer.
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For years I thought that the veggie peelers I purchased time and again at the dollar stores were good enough. After all, a peeler just peels stuff -- so who cares.

After trying this at a friend's house while making some soup, I learned the error of my ways. I'll never use one of those cheap things again!

This is so comfortable to handle and work with, it made a job that I considered the worst part of the process the easiest! (Why didn't anybody tell me that peeling potatos is not SUPPOSED to be a nightmare?)

GREAT little tool! GIANT time-saver! BIG bargain!
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on July 22, 2014
Greg huddled in the corner of his dimly lit kitchen, a strip of stray light from the street lamp outside beaming down on him through a small opening in the window blinds as he stood with a potato in one hand and his OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler in the other. Even though his apartment was empty, he threw a cautionary glance over his shoulder out of habit before pressing the blade of the OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler to the skin of the potato. Greg hesitated and took a deep breath. What he was about to do was highly illegal. Just possessing a potato was enough to get a man thrown in jail for a year. Cooking with a potato could put a man behind bars for life.

But it was worth the risk.

Greg exhaled definitively and slid the blade of the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler across the potato in a smooth, practiced motion that sent a section of potato skin curling upon itself before falling onto the kitchen counter. THE TWIN BLADES OF THE OXO GOOD GRIPS SWIVEL PEELER WORKED LIKE MAGIC, SLICING THROUGH THE POTATO SKIN WITH INCREDIBLE EFFICIENCY. THE OXO GOOD GRIPS SWIVEL PEELER'S ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED RUBBER HANDLE ENSURE GREG DID NOT LOSE HIS GRIP WHILE HE PEELED THE POTATO. He quickly finished skinning the potato in his hand and moved on to another. After he skinned the rest of the potatoes, he set about slicing them up into neat cubes in preparation for mashing. Following another twenty minutes of work, Greg had a large, steaming pot of mashed potatoes. His stomach rumbled loudly and his mouth watered as he scooped mashed potatoes into a bowl. He carried the bowl over to the dining room and sat down, eager to taste the forbidden fruits of his labor.

Gingerly, he brought a spoonful of mashed potatoes up to his mouth. His lips closed around the spoon, sliding the potatoes into his mouth, and in involuntary moan rose in his throat. It had been years since he had tasted mashed potatoes, REAL mashed potatoes, and they were even better than he remembered. He tried to focus solely on enjoying the mashed potatoes, but the more he ate the angrier he got. He was angry at the Government for outlawing potatoes and he was angry at the people who stood blindly by and let it happen. They had traded their potatoes for peace and prosperity. Pah! What good was peace and prosperity if it didn't include potatoes?

Greg was halfway through his bowl of mashed potatoes when a knock came at the door. He froze, spoon hanging in mid-air, and tried not to panic.

"Coming!" Greg called, bolting out of his chair.

He grabbed his half-finished bowl of mashed potatoes and threw it into his refrigerator along with the pot containing the rest of the potatoes. He pushed the potatoes all the way to the back and repositioned the rest of the refrigerator's contents to best hide the contraband. The knock at the door came once more, this time louder. Greg extricated himself from the refrigerator, calling out.

"Hold on, hold on! I'm on my way!"

Greg did a quick once over of the kitchen to make sure he had left no evidence behind. None of the dishes were still out, the potato skins were carefully disposed of, alright he was in the clear--wait. The OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler. He had left it out on the counter in plain sight. With no time for anything else, he snatched the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler and put it in his pocket before hurrying to the door, where the knocking continued obnoxiously.

"Okay, okay, I'm here," Greg said, his hand closing around the door knob.

He turned the knob and started opening the door but he only had it open a crack before the door burst inward with enough force to knock him to the ground. Looking up from where he lay on the floor, Greg saw the door was barely hanging on by its hinges and standing in the middle of the doorway was a six-foot tall robot. The robot was roughly human shaped, with a boxy torso and cylinders for arms and legs. It had a silvery domed head with a gleaming red visor where a human would have eyes. Its upper body was covered in some sort of material that gave it the appearance of wearing a leather jacket. Across its chest in big bold letters were the words SPUD REMOVAL TASK FORCE. Greg recognized the robot immediately. Officially, these robots were called Spud Removal Drones but they had a more common, colloquial name: Potaterminators.

The Potaterminator stepped into Greg's apartment, towering menacingly over him on the floor.

Greg scrambled to his feet.

"I'm not going anywhere!" He yelled, taking a defiant stance that probably looked a whole lot more confident than he felt.


With that, The Potaterminator lurched forward, surprisingly spry despite its appearance. Greg tried to back away but the robot easily grabbed a hold of him, firmly clasping a metallic hand around each of Greg's arms. The Potaterminator lifted him off the ground and Greg hung in the air, futilely kicking at the robot's metal exterior.


Greg paid no attention to the warning and continued wriggling in the robot's grip, feeling pain shoot down his arms as the grip tightened. However, he felt something else besides pain as he struggled against his captor--the OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler. As his arms wiggled back and forth, his hand brushed against the OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler in his pocket. Feeling a surge of hope, he shoved his hand into his pocket and firmly grasped the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler's handle. With the way The Potaterminator was holding him, he could only bend his arm at the elbow but that would be enough.

With a roar, Greg brought his arm up and shoved the blade of the OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler straight into The Potaterminator's visor and then swept the blade across horizontally in a shower of sparks. Smoke poured out of the broken visor and a voice screeched from within the robot's chest.


The exclamation was followed by a nasty sounding pop from deep inside the robot and the grip on Greg's arms immediately loosened, sending him tumbling to the floor. Greg had to quickly roll to the side to avoid being crushed by the falling body of the now defunct Potaterminator. He lay there for a moment catching his breath and then leaned over to yank the OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler from the robot's visor.

Getting up, he stood over the robot's body with the OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler held firmly in his hand and looked down on the destroyed Potaterminator. He knew this wouldn't be the end of it. The Spud Removal Task Force would learn of this ones destruction soon enough and send another Spud Removal Drone after him. He had to run, he had to leave his job and his apartment behind and go into hiding. Greg's life would never be the same again. Slowly, a smile spread across Greg's face as he realized it didn't matter.

The mashed potatoes were worth it.
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on December 24, 2015
i've always had cheap vegetable peelers that rust or break, so when i saw this one with the high ratings and good price, i knew i had to try it!!
i only peel veggies off and on, not all the time. so in the hands of a more experienced person I think this would be wonderful. but for me, not so much. I wish it were just a bit smaller. I always peel 'toward myself' and I was flying thru some apples to make a pie, then on to potatoes to make mashed potatoes. I guess I got over confident and sliced right thru my knuckle. owie. I can say one thing- this darn blade is SHARP so in addition to peeling veggies it could also double as a deadly weapon.. wow i hate to lower the rating of this peeler just bc I'm not that good with it. maybe with some practice i would get used to the 'swivel' design of this one. but i'm used to the smaller, cheaper peelers where I have more control over the blade and nothing 'swivels.' I may go back to the peelers I'm used to.. it would be safer for me. I could always put this one on my keychain and use it as a weapon!!!
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