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Package Quantity: 1|Size: 16-Inch|Change
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on May 8, 2000
Tongs are the MOST useful tool in my kitchen. I use them to: stir fry, turn hot foods on the grill, hold meat while I slice it, etc. etc.
The rubber handles put these tongs over the top. Get 'em greasy, get 'em wet, doesn't matter, they won't slip. Another bonus - where other tongs get too hot these are fine because the rubber stays cool. You can safely use these to fish things out from a pot of boiling water! Try that with a pair of all metal tongs... ouch!
I also like the ability to lock them in the closed position. You will not regret buying these tongs.
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on September 23, 2002
These tongs are cleverly designed and solidly built, with a good, sturdy spring, a convenient locking mechanism and comfortable, stay-cool rubber handles. The 16-inch variety is the perfect length for barbecues. It is too long for most indoor tasks.
The 12-inch is the best size for all-around use, and the 9-inch is best for salads and the like.
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on May 1, 2003
These kitchen tongs are better than any purported "BBQ" tongs I have tried. Most BBQ tongs are so tight, they'll give you hand cramps at the end of the day. The springiness on these is just right, and the rubber grips reduce slippage. Also, I don't know why, but many BBQ tongs have claws instead of being scalloped like these. These are much less likely to tear apart tender fish.
The locking feature is great so you don't have to have 16" tongs splayed open all the time. They lock in the closed position by pulling on a metal ring at the end of the tongs. I tied a leather loop to the ring, so I can hang them and lock them in one motion. To unlock, I just press the ring against my body - all done with one hand.
To top it all off, they are sold at a great price. Don't let the fact that these tongs are not advertised as BBQ tongs fool you - they're great for grilling.
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I had a smallish pair of tongs for turning eggplant and cutlets while sauteeing. Tired of burnt fingers, I invested in the locking OXO tongs. Good move. The lock allows you to put the tongs in a drawer, and you just pull the ring at the top to unlock and get the full spread of the tongs.
The longer handle, insulated with plastic, means your hands stay cool and more importantly, at a distance from spitting bacon, hot slices of eggplant or a frying chicken breast. They also work fine on the outdoor barbecue grill, though LONGER tongs would be good if your grill is larger than my puny one.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 16, 2014
These are the BEST tongs I have ever owned. I initially purchased the 12-inch size, but I liked it so much I then purchased the 9-inch and 16-inch size to complete the set. These are some of my favorite kitchen tools and so I highly recommend these tongs.

I've had a lot of tongs that have warped, melted, broke, did a poor job grasping food, etc. Part of this reason was because I was too cheap to buy nice tongs. It took me a little while to bring myself to buy these more expensive OXO Good Grips Tongs, but I am really glad I did.

The construction of these is a brushed stainless steel frame with (removable) rubberized silicone inserts to give you more grip. These tongs can lock closed via a mechanism which is a pull-push lever located on the back. The portion of the tongs that makes contact with food is bare stainless steel. As I cook on stainless clad cookware that is safe to use stainless utensils with, this is exactly what I wanted (if you have non-stick cookware, certain coating types can be damaged by these as a heads-up.) If your cookware can safely support stainless utensils, THIS set with stainless steel heads will yield maximum performance & durability.

Beyond everything else, these tongs are SUPER easy to grasp food with and do a fantastic job at preventing food from slipping. Even if that food is heavy or covered in [slippery] oil, these tongs maintain a stable grip. The finish is simple, consistent, and functionally beneficial. Brushed stainless hides scratch/usage/hard water markings, plus it increases stain/corrosion resistance. The silicone inserts are tough, heat-resistant, can be removed for cleaning or replacement, and firmly lock into place so they do not pop out randomly. The mechanism to lock these closed is oversized & easy to use (even with gloves/mitts on), strong as can be, and accessible (the hanging hole is convenient.) The spring is heavy duty and after years of almost daily usage it still shows no sign of fatigue. The hinge is also heavy-duty and has not developed excessive lateral play. In fact, despite heavy & frequent usage, my tongs still look and function like the day I bought them. OXO clearly spent a lot of time with the research & development because they made a product that is very functional and very durable.

These are low maintenance and do not need special cleaning care at all. I usually clean these in the dishwasher without removing the silicone inserts and they come out perfect every time. If there is a lot of caked-up food on them, I sometimes clean them with a metal polish called Bar Keeper's Friend (amazing stuff.) These tongs have held up like a champ to countless cleaning cycles & the use of cleaning chemicals/polishes.

I initially purchased the 12-inch size and it is the size I use the most. With that said, I LOVE the 16-inch for when I am doing something in which more distance is desirable, such as if I am turning bacon as 16 inches puts a nice distance between my hand & the scalding-hot popping grease. And while the 9-inch is the size I use the least, it is still great to have when I am making something in a smaller pot as that reduced form factor makes it a little more nimble. So while I think all three sizes are very useful, if you are only going to purchase one size, I recommend the 12-inch.

So if you are thinking, "hey, these cost more than many other tongs I have seen," I understand where you are coming from as I've been there myself. However, I highly recommend spending the few extra bucks on these OXO Good Grips as that small price premium gets you a product of exceptional quality: not only will these tongs last a very long time to offset the higher purchase price, but their good functional design makes using them more convenient (and therefore more enjoyable.) Convenience and enjoyment can encourage cooking more often, and when cooking more often one can save money over eating out, and arguably eat much healthier. So like other premium kitchen tools, I see these quality tongs as an investment.

(PICTURE NOTE: The attached pictures show the 12-inch and 16-inch sizes, with various angles showing the different features & the sturdy build quality of these tongs.)
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 27, 2003
Great balance and tension make these tongs a pleasure to use. I bought them for the grill, but use them for a million other things in the kitchen. I got a small taste of what arthritis sufferers must endure when I whacked my hand on something a couple weeks ago & bruised it badly. My grip strength was greatly reduced & it hurt to try to squeeze anything... this was the only tool in my kitchen that I could still use easily. The locking mechanism is sturdy, simple to operate, & makes storage easy too. Get 'em and you'll find that they move to the top of the "always in the dishwasher" list, because you'll use them that much!
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on June 7, 2016
These are NOT OXO brand Good Grips. These are cheap Chinese imitations. My arrived packaged in a flimsy plastic wrapper with no protective cushioning and were shipped from China. They smell like petrochemicals. The pull grip does not work to free the tongs for use. It is loose and broken, dangling uselessly. The "cushioned" grips do not match the picture in the product description.
review image
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on August 5, 2003
I wasn't much of a user of tongs, I just used an old pair of Ecko's when I needed to get corn or a lobster out of a hot pot of water, or turn over chicken on the grill. But these are the tongs that are changing that pattern. They're great for almost anything. Theey feel good in your hand, have a good grip, are easy to clean (dishwasher safe too), and they have a neat little tab you pull out to hold them in the closed and locked position so they don't monopolize your utensil drawer. The 9 inch tongs are long enough that you don't easily get burnt using them on the grill, and they're small enough to leave in a salad bowl for serving. And they look nice enough that you can use them at the table and not be embarrassed.
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on December 30, 2002
Love these tongs. The 12" model is much more practical for the kitchen, but this 16" model is absolutely perfect for the barbeque. There are many brands of tongs, but OXO has the best springiness -- not too strong and not too wimpy. The only other tongs worth considering are the 12" Hamilton Beach ones that lock or unlock by gravity -- one or the other as you invert them. The latter are excellent for a cook who cannot use a second hand to move the locking piece at the handle end of the OXOs.
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on September 4, 2008
i love OXO and my tongs are like an extension of my hands in the kitchen. i use them for everything.

for a company that exceeds every expectation i could have in the hand-held kitchen gadget market, there is one nit that needs to be picked with these tongs: the silicon rubber grips do not stay in the holes created for them and while it is not a show stopper (you won't burn yourself or drop anything as a result) it provides moments of frustration, particularly if you rely on them when you are in production mode.

also, the little thingy at the top that locks the tongs in place and then releases them bends after a while.

i have had my tongs for two years as of this writing and they will be with me for the foreseeable future, but it is worth noting the small design inconsistencies for those who would otherwise take it for granted that all OXO products perform superlatively. these tongs are good, but not great.

worth noting that my OXO tongs never go into a dishwasher and hang from a hook over my workspace (never banging around in a drawer), so i would say that they have been pampered when they are not being abused. hand wash only.

three stars.
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