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on March 25, 2011
Seems like a lot of the negative reviews are from people who didn't "test drive" the glasses or do much research on the glasses before purchasing them. Oakleys are not cheap, by any means. They have a variety of glasses that serve different purposes and have different fits and lens shades. I have the polarized Straight Jackets and they fit me great. The Gascans, IMO, are more for a "fashion statement" as they had somewhat of a loose fit. They would not be well-suited for sports but would probably be great for driving or hanging around the pool. I use my Straight Jacket's for bike riding, driving, shooting, etc and they are an all-around great fitting pair of glasses with rubberized frame "sleeves" that help keep your glasses in place. Do your homework before spending $150+ for glasses!
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on June 20, 2013
I usual don't write product reviews but I feel like I have to after an incident today. Okay first off, I always assumed my oakleys were overpriced b/c who wants to spend this money on sunglasses unless your one of "those guys" that collects them. I've had them for about 9 months now and they've been pretty good. For some reason they were on the floor while I was frantic trying to get out the door and just destroyed them. I don't mean i just lightly stepped I mean if there was a small animal under my feet it wouldve been roadkill. Think 205 lb bull in china shop. immediately I started freaking out because I saw 5 pieces on the floor. Then I looked closer and realized nothing was broken--I just snapped the pieces back together like a puzzle (the two sides the front then the two lenses). I just stood there in aw for about 30 seconds when I realized what just happened and that they still moved and fit exactly the same on my face.
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on March 24, 2015
I had a pair of Oakley Gascans (same exact model/color/lenses but "Made in the USA") for 5+ years which I loved but unfortunately lost on the beach last weekend, these new made in China Oakleys feel noticeable different. They have a visible uneven seam along the bottom which you can feel with your finger and it makes contact with my hose. The glasses also feel tighter against my head than my old ones. The lenses themselves don't seem as clear as my old oakley polarized iridium lenses. I had to go online and make sure these weren't fakes, but I guess Oakley has just gone down in Quality.
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on April 11, 2009
My Gascans arrived a couple of days ago. They looked even better in person than the pictures on amazon. I was very pleased when took them out the box. They came earlier than the vendor stated, would definately buy from this seller again. Perfect fit, very comfortable, and good coverage of sun blocking. I love the tint on the lense,they really brighten everything,and are great for cutting down on glare and contrast. The bronze is not to dark either. These are large and have somewhat bling styling, maynot be for everyone. One of the reviews I read earlier said that they didnt fit,but he stated that he was an average size guy. Well Oakley states that they are made for large melons. They make a Gascan small,that are styled a little diferently,and fit a little tighter. I would suggest to anyone to go to the mall and try on a pair before ordering. Sunglasses are like shoes,they all fit differently.
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on September 13, 2014
Nice glasses. I love polarized glasses im a huge Maui Jim fan. I have three pairs of jims I feel like they are the gold standard for polarized lenses. These glasses are not quite as good but they are very nice.

I need a par of polarized work glasses that meet the zz 87 rating these glasses meet it. They claim that there for large heads. For guys who where size 7 3/4 to 8 I will tell you these glasses will fit tight against the side of your face
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on February 12, 2014
I started wearing these while I was in the USMC because they are one of the few pairs of glasses that could be worn in uniform. That being said, I'm out now but I still only buy these glasses. Very comfortable, very sturdy, and well priced for Oakley. My 14 month old twins constantly play with them, they have not been able to break a pair yet. The only reason I've have to buy 6 was because one I drove over with a truck (can't expect em to survive that) and lost 2 over the years, and now I have 3 different color frames, lenses and one of them with polarized lenses. Just a warning to those thinking about polarization. Oakley has great pole lenses, which is awesome, but sucks when trying to read anything digital. I use the pole glasses only when I'm on the water or mountain. Usually a brand new pair creaks and moans when you first open them up, but this goes away after a couple days.
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on September 14, 2015
Awesome. Love them! !!
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on December 17, 2012
These were the perfect gift for my boyfriend! They look awesome. the only downside is that they didn't come with a protective case, just the fabric bag.
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on January 31, 2016
Oakley sunglasses have always been great quality. The lenses are resistant to scratches and are the perfect amount of shad for the eyes without being to dark or to light. These glasses really hug my face and I think they look really nice when being worn. I really like the mat black finish and feel like the mat finish actually help keep them on your head better than gloss finish glasses. The nice thing about these glasses is that you can purchase all of the parts if something unfortunate happens to them. The only thing that I do not like about them is that when I wear a ball cap, I have to wear them on the outside of the cap. If I don't wear them this way the arms hit the back of my hat and push them off of my face. I have a 7 and 5/8 head so I would imagine this would happen to most who wear them. The other negative is that this practice has caused them to stretch out a bit and has made them a little loose when a hat is not worn. Overall, these are really great glasses.
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on July 1, 2015
The whole reason I decided to buy an Oakley pair of sunglasses for the price, was because they came with a decent length warranty. However after about 2 years after purchasing, there was finally a mishap where the glasses were dropped at the just perfect angle the one of the sides had a small piece snap off. I get it, they're still plastic, but the whole reason I went with Oakley was because I figured their warranty would cover such incidents. However, with my warranty still in tact for another few months, I called to ask for a replacement side piece, spending $90 on sunglasses, I felt my claim was justified. However I was told that their warranty policy doesn't cover accidents and the product breaking. Okay great, it's 3 pieces of plastic and 2 lenses, if your warranty doesn't cover the item breaking what does it cover? What else could possibly happen that you would need to enact your warranty on a pair of SUNGLASSES. When I first got them I justified it because I was in love with the design that I couldn't find anywhere else, and the warranty was the icing on the cake. However, now that they broke after falling from my pocket I realize it's just another cheaply manufactured, cheap plastic, over priced product that you're only paying for the branding.

You're better off buying a pair at a gas station for $7 and if you break them, you can buy another 10 pairs before you spend as much as you would on an Oakley product where, if something goes wrong, tough luck. They care about their branding and not appeasing customers. Oakley is the Apple of the sunglasses world. Avoid unless you have plenty of money to spare.
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