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on August 16, 2014
Theraputty is not a toy for unsupervised play. It is a therapeutic exercise material, best used by adults or children with adult supervision..
I have read several reviews from folks complaining that they aren't getting a big enough glob of putty in these tubs....Or that this stuff ruins fabric..It is hard to play with because it's so soft and won't hold it's shape....WELL...
I'm not exactly sure what people are expecting when they order a 2 oz. package of physical therapy putty. This stuff is NOT play dough or modeling clay. It is a very smooth, pliable, elasticized physical therapy putty that comes in varying strength levels and is absolutely invaluable as a physical therapy tool for anybody who has had any kind of surgery on their hands or wrists. Theraputty retains its elasticity and soft texture forever, and will not dry out. It is important to store it in it's container to keep it from "oozing" into crevices and fabrics.
Upon opening a tub of putty, the consumer will see that the putty is smooth, shiny and self leveling. It has a "Silly Putty" feel, and although there are no warnings printed on the container, common sense should tell you that any self leveling product can and will seep into any pours surface that it comes in contact with for any length of time.
The 2 oz. lump of putty in each tub is color coded for its pressure level, and is just the right size to fit into the palm of almost any hand. It is the perfect amount of putty to use to manipulate weak stiff, swollen fingers and wrist muscles that need strengthening, and a 2 oz. ball of putty is huge in the hands of a three year old!
Like Silly Putty, it will soak into clothing, furniture and carpet if you leave it laying around. Unlike Silly Putty, this stuff will not pick up dirt and will maintain its wonderfully smooth texture as long as you use it for it's intended purpose, and put it back into its container in between uses. Theraputty is non toxic and is treated with an antibacterial agent, and will last forever if you take care of it. .
After a rather severe hand injury, my physical therapist started having me work with the softest available putty, and my hand was so week that I could barely squeeze the stuff. I just ordered this set so that I can continue to use it at home, and work on advancing my strength and endurance in my spare time, like while I am watching TV in the evenings. Although I doubt that I will ever regain enough strength to manipulate the black (firmest) putty, my husband uses it to exercise his hands and keep his joints from stiffening up.
I have to admit, my six year old niece does love playing with this stuff, but we keep it on a table and she knows to be very careful about getting any of it on anything other than the table. Unlike most children's play putty, this product does not crumble or leave any hard to clean up residue anywhere. So, feel free to allow the kids to play with it...under adult supervision.
I highly recommend this product to anybody who has any issues with their hands or fingers, including occasional joint stiffness or swelling, even arthritis. It's wonderful to use simply to loosen up your fingers before starting any crafting project that involves excess use of your fingers, or even before playing a finger intense musical instrument. I would not recommend this product as a modeling clay or as a toy for small children unless they are being supervised, as it can ruin clothing and carpets.
Although there are no printed warnings or instructions for this product included in the packaging, you can always ask your physical therapist to print out diagrams and instructions for recommended exercises for therapy putty. There are also lots of YouTube videos and many different articles available on the internet to assist you as well.
If you are planning to use Theraputty with children, plan to play with them. This stuff is fun to squeeze and squish, and is therapeutic for all ages.
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on August 6, 2011
My son has Sensory Processing disorder with motor delays. We use this putty to "wake up" his hands before doing homework. We hide beads and such for him to find. In regards to others who have complained that there isn't enough, there is only 2 oz. as STATED in the description. Note that a few pounds of a single color is over $20. 2 oz is plenty for at home work with him. This is great for him as he is onto the blue and green colors. Will be needing the black soon! This is an inexpensive way for us to work with our son at home!
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on May 12, 2011
I just received my theraputty and I'm really disappointed. Each container has only a drop of the putty, not even enough to make a good ball. I thought the containers would be at least filled half way. In order to be effective and get enough for therapy, you have to combine the colors. I feel like I was ripped off.
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on May 18, 2015
I broke my wrist and use this stuff with my therapist. It's the therapist's office. The theraputty that arrived today is 1) much stiffer than the comparable color in the therapist's office. In the office I use the 2nd softest color (yellow), but when these came, even the softest color (tan) is way too stiff for my hand. And 2), as other's have said, the portion is deceptively small. I'm using the 2 oz size canister in the therapist's office and it's ample. The putty that arrived today filled only 1/4 of the container, unlike the picture (full containers.) There is a fill line halfway up in the container -- and it is way below that. And yes, the product theraputty sold me is a smaller portion than the 2 oz theraputty in the therapy office... yet it's the same brand and everything. I think they are skimping on their orders. Bad form, theraputty! This is the manufacturer of the putty I received:
review image
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on December 27, 2012
I am a mental health therapist. Both children and adults sometimes us the Theraputty in my office when anxious or upset. Having the different firmness allows them to pick a firmness according to their mood. Both of my children have ADHD and find it helpful when they are upset or need to concentrate and have the urge to fidget.
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on December 13, 2011
I ordered myself some theraputty (on a different account) after giving myself a Repetitive Stress Injury from fidgeting with silly putty. I was hoping it'd both help with healing and would be something that I could do the soothing motions I'd been using the silly putty for without injuring myself more.

I got it today and it immediately seemed like it would in fact help with my wrist healing, and the texture is such that I will be able to use it in the place of silly putty.

However, I didn't actually get what I was expecting from the product description and the other reviews. This was in both positive and negative manners.

I got far more than the 'drop' of putty others described. I've been unable to measure how much it actually is, but it is enough I can't close a small adult hand around it and is enough I can use both hands to mess with it.

However, the colors listed in the description were not the same as the colors I received. I received the normal tan/yellow/red/green/blue/black set rather than yellow/red/green/blue/orange/dark blue.

I was looking forward to the orange and dark blue theraputty and had ordered this set in particular because of them being mentioned. If I could have only chosen one, the soft microwavable one would have been my first choice, and now its not been included.

My guess is that the product description is wrong, but be aware that you're ordering a set of 6 different resistances not four different resistances and two microwavable ones.

For people with Sensory Processing Disorder, or who are autistic, I do recommend this stuff, especially those who have stims of the sort that might cause you to give yourself RSIs.

November 7 2012 Note: The product description has changed to match what you get. If I had ordered it now I'd have given it a 5 star review. I'm not going to change my star rating or review, but will note here that this is the case. I'm still regularly using the theraputty and was on here because someone else was wanting to know where I had ordered mine so they could order some.
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on April 26, 2015
I had wrist surgery two months ago and my physical therapist uses this. He suggested I buy some because I'm going to be finished with PT soon but still need to do some stretches and exercises at home. I particularly like this putty because squeezing it against my palm helps stretch out my scar, which is still pretty tight.

The one thing I'd point out is that this 2 oz container is a little bit small. (There's a picture of the ball of putty in my hand below; my hand is about 3.5-4" across measuring just above the thumb.) I think my therapist has 4 oz containers, and I prefer the extra material in my hand. This set is currently ~$10 cheaper, though, which is why I picked it.
review image
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on October 26, 2011
Kind of a rip off for what I bought it for. You have to combine colors to have enough to work with and that sort of defeats the purpose of it's increasing levels of firmness. In the future, I will just buy the individual colors with an amount sufficient for OT.
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on August 18, 2013
My doctor recommended this to me.This package has everything you need to rehab your hand after carpal tunnel surgery and other hand injuries. The progressive consistency of the different puttys makes it easy to gradually progress to increase your strength at a steady pace. There is a good amount of the putty to do exercises and each comes in its own container. The putty goes back to its original shape once it is put back into container. I would recommend this to anyone needing this type of product. the price was also very reasonable.,
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on July 1, 2008
The putty works great, it came quickly. The only problem I found is that the orange-red putty smelled very toxic, all the others were fine. I will purchase again with the exclusion of this color or I will talk with someone directly.
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