Apple Mac Pro MD770LL/A Desktop (OLD VERSION)
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Gettin first Mac in October. Should I get the new Mac Pro or the current version. The one I want will cost just shy of $10,000. I am curious about the hard drives and the lack of disc drive in the new Mac. Those who know, share your thoughts.
[UPDATED] asked by Joshua Glowzinski on July 4, 2013
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If you are willing to spend that much money on a Mac Pro, you should be able to build it to your specifications. They are VERY dependable computers.
Lisa Noble answered on July 7, 2013
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Last year I purchased my first 2012 Mac Pro. The moment I received it I added 10TB of drive space (because I utilized one of the optical bays as another hard drive bay) and 32GB of Ram to my Mac. I am also looking to upgrade my Graphics card soon. The one that Apple provides is great for watching movies or internet browsing etc. But when I do video editing I want my graphics card to perform a bit better. I love the ability to upgrade my Mac Pro which has four PCI Express slots, four internal hard-drive bays, and two optical-drive bays, while I've heard that the new 2013 will not have any of that. Plus it seems like they might make the graphics card permanent which means in order to keep up with rapidly changing technology you will most likely have to buy the newer model. While some people don't mind the internal storage being reduced with no option of adding more because of thunderbolt, for me I feel like with the amount of internal I currently have it is fine especially with thunderbolt drives being a little on the expensive side right now. Keeping my internal storage is fine until thunderbolt becomes more affordable. The plus side is the newest chip set the Xeon E5, USB 3.0 a ton of Thunderbolt ports and an HDMI and ethernet port, 4k capability, as well as an SSD drive. Again my issue is SSD is still limited in the sizes they come in and more expensive but they are better than standard rpm HDs where durability and speed are concerned. But to answer your question more throughly, If you love your internal storage space and like everything in one place instead of having a myriad or drives sitting around, can do without the faster processor, better graphics card, and 4k capability as well as thunderbolt, get the 2012 mac pro. If you love the newest bells and whistles and don't mind having to buy more expensive thunderbolt or usb 3.0 drives or even having to setup an external RAID system then get the new one. It all comes down to which you can't live without. Massive Storage Capability or The Latest Technology with additional expensive drives to buy. I for one like my internal drive storage even tho I won't have the newest technology but I'm still going to wait a few more versions before I make the jump because when I do, the internal storage will most likely increase in size with the technology and all will be right with the world again.
CB answered on September 3, 2013
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