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Office 365 Home 5 PCs or Macs Key Card (No Disc)
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on February 1, 2013
For those that don't know Office 365 is basically a 1 year lease of "Office Professional", with some bonuses (80 Skype minutes, an additional 20G of sky drive space, and Office on Demand). They want people to go to a leased model - and who can blame them. It provides a steady stream of revenue, and they only have to maintain the "latest" version. If everyone is on the latest product, no one has to maintain security updates and patches for software that was released years ago.

Also by dangling the "5 license carrot" this product becomes very appealing - especially to those of us that want the additional software such as outlook / publisher / one note. This breaks down to less than $2 per month per computer - Giving "Free" a run for it's money.

If you are looking for the 'core' office items (Word / Excel / PowerPoint) to use on one or perhaps two PC's - Simply buy Office Home and Student.

PRO's of 365:

1. Price - If you are comparing 365 to the Office Professional then spending $100 VS $400 (or even $219 for Office Home/Business) is tempting. What really adds to the temptation of 365 is that you can install it on 5 machines as opposed to one machine on the other platforms. So if you need office on your home computer, laptop, and the kids school computer - office 365 may be the route to take; And you would still have 2 licenses left. If you make full use of the 5 licenses you are only paying $1.66 per month per computer.

2. FULL office suite. Your get all 7 software pieces found in Office Pro - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access.

3. Virtual Office - If for whatever reason you don't have your computer with you, you can access 'office on demand'. This will stream a copy of office to any internet connected machine and you can access your files via sky drive. Nice if you are at someones house / public internet terminal.

4. No longer cloud only - In the past 365 was a cloud only app - the software had limited features and capabilities compared to the full desktop versions, and if you didn't have an Internet connection you didn't have Office. No more though, you run the real software on your machine locally - so if you are on a plane, or without internet you can still use the product.

5. "Free" Upgrades - With 365 you are leasing the latest version. So as long as you maintain your subscription, in a few years when the next version comes out you will be able to upgrade without having to 're-buy' office.


1. You are 'locked in' - Every year you must renew your lease if you want continued functionality. You will still be able to view your documents and notes, but if you don't renew you loose the ability to edit them.

2. Tablet support - 365 works well on Win 8 tablets, but no support yet for Android or Apple.

3. Price - There is no price guarantee, what is $100 this year may be $149 next year. Although I don't see Microsoft pulling any "Gotchas!" with this product. They already know there is some pretty stiff free competition by Google and Open Office. I think the $100 price point is here for at least 2 years perhaps 3, then we will see a sales pitch to "renew early and avoid the price increase to 119".

------Bottom line:

The bottom line is this, Office 365 is a good product that runs quite smooth, 365 is now a solid product. It feels more streamlined than office 2010, and it can really reclaim those people that switched to the free software. At less than $2 per month per computer its a good deal.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Thanks for your review. We appreciate the feedback. Your information about the subscription model will hopefully help people in making their purchase decision.

-The Office Team
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It has been 10 years since the new versions of office documents (docx, pptx etc) were introduced. For better or worse, Ribbon interface is here to stay. Is there something new that Microsoft can bring to the table?

I write as a sole proprietor who has been using Office 365 Enterprise for half a year. I installed Office 2013 RTM (i.e. final version) about a month earlier than the official release in late January 2013. My review will answer 1) why and who should upgrade to Office 2013 and 2) which version (Home & Business, Pro, Office 365 Home Premium, Small Business or Enterprise) to choose.

For Q1 (who should and why upgrade), my short answer is: upgrade if you are: a) using a touch computer; b) you own several computers and use all of them to edit the same documents; c) you are running on a slow computer and wants some extra speed. Otherwise there is no need to upgrade from 2007/2010. 2003 users will have to decide whether they want to make the switch to Ribbon.

1A - Using a touch computer
I own a Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro, a Windows 8 Pro tablet. Office 2013 automatically recognizes the touchscreen and increases the spacing between icons for me. Frankly the increased spacing is not much use on my 11.6 inch display as mis-clicks are still frequent. I still resort to the built-in pen for clicking the small icons (Save, undo etc).

More importantly, the new version supports gestures such as pinch to zoom and flicking the screen to scroll. This, together with Windows 8 Pro, make touch experience almost bearable on a PC.

Of course, to truly take advantage of Office 2013's touch function, you also need Windows 8. The on-screen keyboard in Windows 8 is simply better than the one in Windows 7. The most important improvement is the maximize icon next to the X button of the keyboard. Press it, and the keyboard becomes "one with the taskbar". The app will not occupy the space beneath the keyboard and make itself inaccessible (because the keyboard floats above it).

Word now supports a Reader mode, which is HUGELY useful and makes me want to convert all my ePub to word documents. The idea is simple: Word reflows the text to single column/double columns while maintaining certain formatting like italic, fonts, highlighting etc and discarding others (tabs, line spacing for example). This is similar to what we experience from other eReaders (Amazon Kindle, ePub readers etc). The great thing about reading document in Word 2013 is that you can save your annotation directly on the file - there is no need to worry about syncing annotation. Contrast this to reading ePub - each software saves its own annotation file that cannot be easily read by another software.

1B - Multiple computers, one document
Having multiple computers is both a blessing and a curse. Nothing beats turning off your office computer and take an early leave, knowing that whatever you failed to complete can be finished at home. However it is a nightmare to learn that the document (or the newest version of it) is not available when you arrive at home.

There are many ways to transfer files from office to home, from the tedious (USB, manual or software assisted) to the care-free (dropbox automatic sync). Your organization may or may not allow USB drives (for good reasons). Dropbox requires administrative privilege which 99% of the working force do not have. With Office 2013 you have a third option - save to your own Skydrive. If you purchase the non-subscription version, you get 7GB space of Skydrive, Office 365 Home Premium gives you 27GB. For the business version, storage depends on the base subscription and add-on plans. Skydrive is like a USB stick that connects to your computer through the Internet. You can create folders, save files, read files, delete files just as you would on a USB stick. The difference is that it is always available as long as you have connection to the Internet.

To save to Skydrive, you must first have a Microsoft Live account. If you have a Hotmail/ email account, you already have one. You can also register a Live Account with any email you own (gmail Yahoo university mail). You then login to this Live account from within Office, you only need to do it once for each computer, and you can do it in Excel/Word/etc. After you have logged in, you can Save the document to Skydrive by pressing the icon linking to your skydrive, and you will be prompted with your Skydrive's folder structure - just as what you would see if you were to save on C drive. To open a file, choose Open, then press the icon to your skydrive, and viola - your file is there. A little icon called Office Upload Assistant on bottom right area next to the clock (the notification area) tells you whether all documents have been uploaded.

I also like the fact that opening Word 2013 shows you a Welcome screen with built-in templates AND YOUR OWN TEMPLATES (provided they are saved in Skydrive/locally). No longer do you need to go through layers of folders before finding the template for Invoice etc. You can also "pin" your favorite templates so that they are one-click away from being created. You can of course still create new documents from templates the way you would in 2007/2010.

1C - Performance
Performance is BIG thing nowadays. Finally Microsoft saw the need to reduce the footprints of its software and make them more suitable for the "average" machines. It used to be the case that business machines are evaluated by how many Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word can be opened simultaneously while running on Windows Vista!

Having used the RAM-eating Office 2007 and the atrociously slow Office 2010, Office 2013 breathes new life to my 4 years old Dell Latitude E4200 (running on an ultra-low voltage dual-core Penryn processor). I used to uncheck Outlook when I re-installed Office 2007/2010 because they start up painfully slowly. The speed of Outlook 2013 is almost tolerable (about 7 seconds). Outlook 2013 also does not cause my notebook to stutter.

The re-sizing on Word has also been improved. It no longer draws accurate snapshots of the document as you zoom. Instead it "blurs" the document as you zoom, and after you have settled on the zoom level, it draws a final, accurate snapshot. It may not seem much, but coming from a computer-engineering background, I suspect this reduces CPU workload (and thus energy use) significantly.

Saving, opening, and switching between Ribbon tabs now feel instant even on my crappy 4 years-old laptop. On my new Samsung tablet (sporting the newest Intel processor), starting Word is instant and outlook takes a mere 2 seconds to show. The whole experience is very much like using an iPad, where every app loads instantaneously.

New features
I can only comment on Word, Onenote and Outlook 2013, which I use daily. I will let my more knowledgeable fellow reviewers comment on the rest.

Word 2013
New features include the reader mode, touch-icons, touch gestures (mentioned above).

Track Changes is now infinitely more useful as it shows comments like a conversation. The new Office Store allows you to install third-party apps (such as Merriam-Webster Dictionaries) to increase functionality. You no longer need to "hunt" for plug-ins as you would for all previous versions.

You may or may not need the add pictures from an online location function. The ability to embed YouTube video is also of dubious use - I prefer saving the youtube video offline, convert it and send it as an attachment to the word document. This way my client won't ring me at 2am complaining they cannot view the clip (whether it is due to their connection to YouTube or some technical problem I do not care to solve), but this is just me.

The much-touted PDF manipulation is trash. It seems that whatever PDF file I open using Word 2013, formatting is heavily messed up. Apparently Microsoft tries to convert PDF to DOCX first before you can do any meaningful operation. You are better off with a software that treats PDF as a PDF, such as the cheap but excellent PDF-XCHANGE software suites.

OneNote 2013
I could not be bothered to compare the feature sets between OneNote MX (free with Windows 8) and OneNote 2013. It suffices to note that MX has fewer features but a more touch-centric control.
OneNote still does not get the degree of formatting control like Word. You cannot make multi-layered lists or format text (and change formatting) using an umbrella category (like the Body, Heading 1, Heading 2). Still, I enjoy jotting notes with OneNote much more than with Word. Lists just indent to the proper place EVERY SINGLE TIME and there is no need to deal with page breaks.

I cannot think of any new features that are worth mentioning. Onenote 2010 already had some sort of integration with the predecessor to Skydrive (called Live Drive). The auto-correct still does not correct Recognise to Recognize etc (as Word 2013) does. You can still add Online picture as you do in Word 2013. There is also a new helper software that sits on the Taskbar and help you get screen capture quicker. I always turn off the helper software because it adds unnecessary complexity to my taskbar.

Outlook 2013
Microsoft has not gone enough to change Outlook 2013. Just as 2007/2010, it is extremely difficult to change account settings such as whether to download headers only or full text (with or without attachments). The data file (OST or PST) still reside in the elusive place of C:\User\(user name)\AppData instead of your own "My Document" folder. Sure you will forget to back that up as you re-install windows? You also cannot see all emails using an "Unified Inbox" as you would with a 2-year old android phone/iPhone without using a script (search unified inbox vba if you really want to know)

Outlook has always struggled to find a proper interface. I still recall using Outlook 2000 and being greeted with a Today's screen which shows some of my unread emails and upcoming appointments in extremely small fonts. Outlook 2013 is better, when you start it shows you the Inbox, and you can quickly switch to appointments/contacts from the bottom left huge icons.

One new feature is integration with Facebook/other social networks. The idea is to merge your contacts with Facebook's contacts. I only connected about 20% of my friends because Outlook doesn't know Charles Jeremy Moore in outlook is really Charles Moore on Facebook. You can of course manually link them as you could in the People app in Windows 8, but I cannot be bothered.

Assuming you have linked facebook contacts with Outlook, you can see a snapshot of your friend's profile while reading his email. Useful? I doubt it. It is not often the case that your business associates will write something you absolutely must know business-wise (gossiping is another matter). If there is some blogs/feeds you must read, the recommended course is to setup an RSS feed and read it regularly. Stumbling upon someone's relationship status only distracts you from the current work.

It may or may not be a new feature, but pinning Outlook 2013 to your taskbar allows you to create tasks/appointments quickly. Right-click the icon (not left click) and you will be greeted with a short-cut for New Appointment/Email/Contact/Task/Meeting. What is best is that using any of the above will not launch Outlook 2013, not the whole program at least. It is extremely handy for adding new appointments etc when you are talking on phone. The ability to quickly add appointment from Outlook 2013 is one of the reasons I ditched Google in favour of my Office 365 Exchange account for storing calendars and contacts. (note: Outlook 2013 cannot sync with Gmail's Exchange ActiveSync as of now, Outlook blames Google for not having the newest Exchange version).
WARNING: do not use the New Email function from the right click menu. After you have typed your email, it is stored at the Outbox but NOT send out. You have to launch Outlook to send it. I cannot understand what Microsoft is thinking...

2 - Comparison
I have been using Office 365 to host my business email address and website for half a year, so I am familiar with the subscription model.

Feature-wise Office Pro and Office 365 is the same (but note the difference in Skydrive storage). Simple math tells us that the price for Office Pro equates 4 years of Office 365. The catch for purchasing Office Pro is that you are limited to 1 PC while Office 365 covers 5. If you own more than 1 device, Office 365 is a no-brainer, or so it seems.

The reason why I gave Office Pro 5 stars while Office 365 Home Premium 3 stars is solely based on Price alone. If you are a sole proprietor/small business, you are better-off with the Office 365 business plans (as I am subscribing). If you are a Home User, as the name Home Premium suggest, I make the following assumptions: 1) your company pays for the office licence in your work computer(s) and 2) you do not have more than 1 home computer that needs Office. Under this assumption the 5 PC advantage practically falls away. The remaining question is whether you will upgrade in 4 years and whether the extra storage matters.

4 years is a bit longer than 1 product cycle (see 2003 - 2007-2010-2013). If you will buy/subscribe Office 2016/2017 (if there is one) when it is released, then subscribing to Home Premium will present better value. If you will skip one product cycle (i.e. skipping 2016/2017 and purchase 2020/2021), then Office Pro is better value. I think most home users can afford to lag behind more than 1 product cycle. New products are not always better, often the new features are useless to a home user and the new interface just spells frustration.

I think Office 365 HP is only appeal to users who match every criterion below:
1) You need Outlook/Access/Publisher
2) You have more than 1 computer
3) You plan to receive the next Office as it becomes available
4) You are not benefitted by Office 365 business versions

Regarding 1) above, most home users need Word/Excel/Powerpoint only, and their needs are well served by the cheaper Home versions. Please note that if you do not use Outlook now, you probably won't need it in the future. It is an overkill for checking gmail etc. Access and Publisher require you to sit down and learn, possibly taking 1 month each before you fully appreciate their use and advantage over Excel/Word. There is no point in going for Office Pro or Office HP just to get all software and be "future-proof" if Office Home Student/Home Business is good enough.

If you are willing to pay so much for the extra software (Outlook/Publisher/Access), but doesn't receive a free licence from your company, chances are that you work at a SMB. SMBs stand to benefit A LOT from Office 365 business (see below), and even though you may not implement all the features, Office 365 business is still worth considering.

Office 365 Home Premium is expensive compared with Office 365 Enterprise. At $20/Month Office 365 Enterprise gives you all Office software, your own exchange email account, Sharepoint and Lync (basic) servers. The website shows Office Professional Plus 2010, but you can download Office 2013 RTM from TechNet and use your Office 365 login name to get the software running. That was how I got Office 2013 a month earlier than the general public.

I wish only to add that regardless of whether you use Office 365 HP or Office 365 Ent, Office Web App is trash. The idea of being able to edit document from a web-browser (running on an iPad maybe) is attractive, but unrealistic. The reasons are: 1) Web App only supports DocX etc formats, but not the old formats; 2) more importantly, formatting is often MESSED UP when you use Web App.

More coming: the benefit of having your own exchange account and more importantly sharepoint server (in the coming week) and why it is much better value to sole proprietor/small business.
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on March 14, 2013
O'k, I made a mistake and hit the wrong key on my e-mail address when I registered the product. I deserve to pay for that. I have talked to seven different people on the help desk, 5 level 1's and 2 level 2's. Keep in mind that each call takes at least 45 minutes and their wait-time music/static is torture. I have been given 4 different problem codes. They have promised to look into it and call me back in 3 days, 3 times - they do not call back on the day they say they will. Twice they have given me times as in - between 12 and 2pm CST. The first time they called back at 2:30pm, the second they didn't call back at all.

It has been two weeks since this mess started, and they still cannot give me a copy of the software. But they have "escalated" the problem three times. The e-mail address I gave them is off by one letter, it does not exist as an e-mail address. This should not cause two weeks of fruitless research on their part.

MicroSoft has become too big to succeed.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear David,

We are very sorry to hear about your experience with Office 365. We would be happy to provide further assistance - please contact at your earliest convenience. We will ensure you are contacted by a Premium Support Professional who will stay with you until your issue has been resolved. Please contact us via this email address by April 30, 2013. Thank you for your feedback.

-The Office Team
The manufacturer commented on the review below
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on March 8, 2013
"Purchased" Office365 and was mislead from the start. Login was corrupt and spent hours trying to solve it and after speaking with seven, yes seven Microsoft customer support individuals, they could still not explain the problem but confirmed I had an account. Two hours later without a solution, a logical explanation or an apology for wasting my time, I got so frustrated that I asked for a refund. Next hour was a process of being transferred to the cancellation department (each time I was transferred information was not forwarded to the next agent so groundhog day each time and the whole story had to be retold each time!) Oh, by the way, the person who cancels, can't refund! What idiot created this system? Transferred yet again to another department: refunds, and agent said I was not entitled to a refund since I had been issued an active account (the previous agent promised me that she would transfer me to someone who would provide a refund). Explained the whole situation again and had the same sentence about "an active account" parroted back to me each time with a mechanical lack of caring or concern for the customer. End result? No solution, no refund, but thank goodness no year contract with paying for unusable and inferior services. BUYER BEWARE!!! Microsoft does not have their act together, has customer service that makes cable television companies look good, and will not be able to compete with iCloud or Google in this arena. Review written not by a casual user, but an IT professional that runs a business with multiple MS licenses and an Exchange server. This is the first review I have taken the time to write, so accept this as a barometer of my frustration: category five on its way...
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Thank you for sharing your experience. It's great customer feedback that has helped us make several improvements to the product and the service since this review was posted.

We always appreciate hearing from customers. Please send us feedback directly here You can also reach us on our social channels: &

-The Office Team
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on June 17, 2013
I have spent EIGHT hours creating an excel document that would have taken an hour with 95, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It crashes more than a crash test dummy It recovers only what you have already saved once it restarts. I have seen the message, Microsoft office has stopped working" "microsoft office is looking for a solution to the problem" -which it never finds- about 300 times and then about two minutes later re-opens with nothing of the work you dud before it crashed but instead re-opens work you've saved previosly. THIS CRAP WOULD COST ME £8 PER MONTH. I am going back to the 2010 office I have. Take my advice and stick with previous office or use Open Office. This review is the worst I've experience I've ever written about.
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on March 15, 2013
I purchased this Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium 5 installations, 1 year. It won't download, then to make matters worst, it won't let me do anything with another computer saying that it can only be installed on one computer. That's not the end. I called Microsoft to inform them of the difficulties I was experiencing. They left me online for over 15 minutes. Then, after I called back three times, I finally got someone online, who then transferred me and I had another super long wait till the next voice came on, but it was a recording which told me to leave my phone number and they will call me back.

I did, I left my number and when the call was returned it was a recording, trying to verify that I had contacted them. Once I confirmed that I was indeed who I was, they gave me a "wonderful" recording that said "this call cannot be completed". That played about six times before I hung up.

This product is a fail and so was the Philippino Customer Service Center.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear Dianne,

We are very sorry to hear about your experience with Office 365. We would be happy to provide further assistance. Please contact and we will ensure you are contacted by a Premium Support Professional who will stay with you until the issue is resolved. Please contact us via this email address by April 30, 2013. Thank you for your feedback.

-The Office Team
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on December 3, 2013
Update 4 days after original purchase: Although the bill for Office 365 hit my account within a couple of minutes of placing the order, the refund still had not appeared 4 days later. A call to MS Store took half an hour out of my morning with the result that the refund has been submitted....and it should be credited to my account no later than the 17th of the month (the original purchase was on the 3, so 2 weeks to get my money back! Super service, as usual, Microsoft!). Of course, if I don't receive the refund by the 17th, I can always contact them and start the process over again. If I hadn't initiated the call, it appears that the refund would never have been issued, and would never be issued even if I contacted them if more than 30 days had passed since the cancelled purchase. Buyers, beware!

My experience with MS Office 365 subscription was horrible ....and I have only myself to blame. I read all the 1 star reviews here as well as the 5 star and the industry reviews, so I knew the pros loved it and home users pretty much hated it. But I'd had a rotten day with Office 2007 (problems with stability of styles that I never faced in 97, 2003, or in 2010....coupled with the continuing annoyance that 2007 Word "lost" the functionality of the Shift+F5 key that made it so easy to go back and forth) and I'd decided that as much as it annoyed me, I was going to have to buy an updated license. But the 2010 3-pc home license has increased from around $120 to $185 (another one of MS moves to force you where they want you to go) and I did like the inclusion of Publisher and Access in 365 along with the regular "upgrades" (which, for MS, usually means "patches on what we didn't get right the first five times").

So....log on to my MS account. No problem. Give them my money. Smooth as silk. Download the install.exe....again, just fine. Surprisingly quick, in fact. Disable Kaspersky and firewall. Check. Close other programs. Check. Run install. Check. Lovely little graphic that allowed me to choose my background then gave me a bit about Sky Drive (I've been using it since it began) and other junk while it "installed." Then the happy little button that says I'm ready to go.....only, I'm not.

Win 8 Start icons. Search for office icons, no files, no exe files. Nothing. Log on to Office 365 website. Doesn't recognize me. (MS had no problem recognizing me when it took my money!) Go back to account site. Yup. I do exist after all. Took my money. Swears it installed 365 on my computer and that I only have 4 of 5 downloads remaining. Go back to 365 site. My account doesn't exist. Okay....wait a half hour. Maybe MS computer systems don't talk to each other. Maybe I have to wait for an update to register. Doesn't make sense, but this is MS. Return to log in. I still don't exist. Look for on-line help. MS online FAQs and help for 365 are notable for their poor graphics, poor search, incomplete or downright insulting responses, and all the topics they DON'T cover. (If you don't list it as a problem, I guess it doesn't exist....contrary to the experience of so many here on Amazon.) Search the forums. (Interesting how many of the "expert" responses don't really address the question....they go off tangentially....could it be because English isn't their first language? Or they aren't "experts" after all? Just wondering). Nothing that solves the problems, though I'm not the only one with the problems. Go on-line to "customer service." Wait fifteen minutes, then am disconnected. Try again during "normal working hours" it says. Huh? 11 a.m. PST on a Tuesday isn't normal working hours for Seattle? Oh, wait! We're probably talking East Asia time zones here. Silly me. Royally angry now, I cancel subscription. Only satisfying part of the entire experience was responding to their "why are you quitting?" survey (give them credit, though, they gave me more than 400 characters to tell them why!)

And just as background, I'm on a Win 8 laptop updated to 8.1, Intel i5 processor, 8G RAM, 750G storage---more than adequate for their requirements--and I deliberately handled all contact through Internet Explorer 11 rather than through Chrome, which I prefer. Other than having the MS good fairy on my side (who's probably seriously overworked since she wasn't available this morning), I'm not sure what else I could have done.....except pay more attention to all the 1 star ratings here. Thank you, Amazon, for providing the forum! I really should have listened.

Not sure which direction I'll take next. I have Open Office, Libre Office, and Google Docs, but none, unfortunately, quite do what Word does. have a suggestion? I notice some of your customer service reps seem more willing to reply to disgruntled Amazon raters than you are to the customers who actually take the time to try to connect to your customer service. How about it?
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We're sorry to hear about your experience, we appreciate your feedback. Our support team is equipped to assist you. If ever you experience an issue, please reach out to our team directly on our social channels: & You can also reach our phone support & forums here:

-The Office Team
The manufacturer commented on the review below
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on February 16, 2013
It took MS support 2 hours remote controlling my computer to get the install done. Final solution seemed to be the only way to uninstall copy of Microsoft Click-to-Run was to boot up in Safe Mode and then the fixit program was successful in uninstalling all old office products. I'm not even sure how click-to-run got on my computer in the first place. I recently installed Windows 8.

After removing in Safe Mode rebooted in normal and the installation was successful.
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We're glad you're now up and running. If you need further assistance on this particular issue, or any other Office related issues, we would be glad to assist you. We can be reached here or on our social channels &

-The Office Team
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on February 25, 2013
We started with the free trial and then the $9.99 a month option. I'm really glad we did not fork out $99.99 for the year. My husband attempted to edit a 13 page Excel document that he had been working on at the office. The program kept freezing..... Not once, not twice, but over and over. I thought maybe the document was just to complicated for home use. Then I was working in Word for the home office trying to make a page of labels. Every time I tried to increase the font size from the default, the program kept "not responding". I will NOT be renewing this. Save yourself a big headache and don't bother with this.
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Dear Paula,

We are very sorry to hear about your experience using Office. We would like to help you troubleshoot your issues so you can continuing using the product you have purchased. Please contact at your earliest convenience. We will ensure you are contacted by a Premium Support Professional who will stay with you until your issue has been resolved. Please contact us via this email address by April 30, 2013. Thank you for your feedback.

-The Office Team
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I really like the idea of office 365. 5 computer licenses, SkyDrive space, automatically saving documents to the cloud, simple integration with my phone. I really like the new design tab in the office programs. I like the new shortcuts for excel.

But then there are the flaws. Office will not open a document after downloading it from the web. I have to first start the program and then select open from the menu within the program to open a document. Office will not save into the SkyDrive folder. It crashes on saving. So you are left guessing how much of your work will be recoverable. Because of this almost omnipresent error I have to save to my computer, open my file explorer and then move the document into my skydrive. I quickly switched all of my docs back to dropbox. Also, i have had a document save successfully to the computer and sky drive, only to load an older version of the document until i went to the skydrive website to download it. ALSO (there are a lot of alsos I guess) I have successfully saved a file to SkyDrive, and when I come back to work on it some more, the program tells me there are two copies, the one on the computer, and the one on SkyDrive. The two don't match. Which one should I keep? I have no way to see which document has my most recent changes, so I have to blindly play Sophie's Choice, and I usually choose wrong. There is no auto save to automatically save your changes as you go. This is a glaring omission.

Wow, after writing all that out, I am downgrading my rating until these issues are fixed. I was going to give it 4/5, but I just can't. I want to like it. It is like an abusive live in parent. You kind of have to live with it even if it treats you like crap. Maybe I have Stockholm syndrome.

Also, I should note, I installed this on a new build Windows 8 machine with 8GB ram, 256GB ssd. So I know it is the program having problems, not the computer.

***UPDATE 6/10/2013***

After spending an hour trying to update an excel spreadsheet using the data tab -> refresh all, (to update data pulled from an external website - Yahoo Finance) I feel I need to update this review. Excel WILL NOT update my data anymore. This is appalling! I use excel to track stocks, FOR MY PROFESSION, and now it will not update the data from external websites. The program stalls indefinitely until I force close it. It never updates. This software is unacceptable and I do not recommend that anybody purchase it. I am downgrading my rating from 2 stars to 1. Excel, the singular program that is responsible for Microsoft's market position, does not work. Unacceptable. For shame.
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We appreciate your feedback, Brian. Input from our customers helps us continually improve the Office experience. We continue to work hard to make Microsoft Office the best productivity suite for our customers, and we're thrilled to see the results. We have had several updates since your original post:

* Now all Office Web Apps users working in SkyDrive and Office 365 will have real-time co-authoring capabilities, auto-save and new features: and

* Office 2013 has many helpful new features. See more here and

* How to connect external data to your workbook:

If you have additional suggestions or feedback, we would love to hear from you here or on Twitter @Office.

-The Office Team

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