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LOVED IT!!! Sure that is a hottie ROCKING the cover and many of you may think that this is a fluffy romance, but its not. Its about 2 total opposites, who end up getting married after knowing each other for just one night (more like less than 12 hours; a serious case of wham, lets-get-married, bam, NO thank you ma'am). Tim is a straight as an arrow Marine (oo-rah!!) and Skye is airy and hippie-ish, and believes that Fate is her God. This story is about both of them trying to make their marriage work despite all the obstacles in their path. Its remarkably sweet, honest and sexy and i loved it!!!

This is the first book in the Sempre Fi trilogy which is based around 3 Marines who are best friends, the other two books will be about Jeremy and Dwayne! Cannot wait for the next one! Excellent job Ms. Murray!!!
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on July 10, 2012
A Girl's Night Out (GNO) ends in an "I do" it Vegas or is it Fate? Only time will tell.

Lieutenant Timothy O'Shay doesn't make snap decisions, that could be fatal in his line of work. He certainly doesn't do it when even a little bit drunk. Well, not normally, anyway. One decision to "let go and live in the moment" will forever change his life in the form of one curvy, nature loving brunette. Sometimes you have to give up control and give fate a hand.

Skye McDermott was not raised in the military. She doesn't have a clue about rank, the Corps or military protocols. But she does know that what she felt the first time she touched Timothy O'Shay was real and meant something. She's not sure what it meant but walking away and not giving their marriage (for what it was worth) a fair shot wasn't an option for her. Her open mind will be tested to its limits when faced with the stricture of the military life. It'll take more than a stiff shirt CO and his less than welcoming wife to send her packing. Doubts about her ability to be the wife Tim needs...that's a different story.

I can't get enough of stories that make me proud of our service men and women. The Officer Says I Do introduced me to three honorable men who chose to serve and structure their lives around the military they live and breathe. Ms. Murray doesn't skimp on the character building. I knew who Tim was before the military and who were his influences. I met his parents, and his sister was a pivotal member of the cast. The same with Skye. Her family is brought into the picture and her background is clearly drawn out. It gave me a solid foundation to watch how she and Tim grew as a couple. It was beautiful and refreshing how honest and open they were with each other. Tim is a bit an alpha but it's mostly in the bedroom and even the feminist in Skye can't help but melt when this soldier gives a command.

Book Two in this series is slated for January 2013 but I'm not sure whose story it'll be. I'm hoping for Jeremy and Jessie since the tension was slowly building as a side story in this book. I think the other friend, Dwayne, is going to be a sweetheart when he finds his match. He's had some heartbreak in the past so it's clear it'll take a special woman to get him to embrace the big C (commitment).

If you crave a genuinely sweet and altogether spicy romance with a military flavor, you NEED to pick up a copy of The Officer Says I Do. The clever dialogue will tickle your funny bone while the characters, the chemistry and sensual love story will have you begging for more. An easy recommend and a new favorite writer for me.

Originally posted at LAS Romance Reviews
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on July 3, 2012
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Not if you're a by the book Marine who impulsively marries a free thinking Bohemian who believes that Fate had a hand in their marriage. In The Officer Says "I Do", Jeanette Murray brings her readers an entertaining, whimsical and very sweet romance that is deliciously steamy and a whole lot of fun.

Skye McDermott is a free spirit but she is well-grounded and quite responsible. She is an independent and feisty woman who has strong beliefs and a good sense of who she is. She is deeply committed to making her hasty marriage a success.

Tim O'Shay is a third generation Marine who is a bit on the uptight side. He is quite traditional, plays by the rules and looks out for his friends and family. In the bedroom, he is an alpha male and definitely the one in control. Outside of the bedroom though, he is willing to compromise with Skye on most issues and there is give and take as they struggle to make their marriage work.

Two totally opposite worlds collide in The Officer Says "I Do" and it is fascinating watching Skye and Tim combine their very different lifestyles into a happy marriage. Military life is like life on another planet to Skye and I loved seeing her reactions to some of the situations she finds herself in. Tim is quite regimented, with a clear idea of what he wants in a wife, but with Skye, he has to rethink a lifetime of very traditional beliefs. Their sex scenes are quite passionate with Tim taking the dominant role.

As a military wife, Ms. Murray provides an authentic view into the inner workings of the military and military marriages. I, too, am a military wife and I can assure you, she is spot on with this part of the novel.

The Officer Says "I Do" is a cleverly written novel with a unique but realistic storyline and delightfully developed characters. With this first installment in the Semper Fi series, Jeanette Murray sets the stage for the remaining books in the trilogy and leaves her readers eagerly anticipating Duty Calls which will be available January 2013.

Review copy obtained from publisher through NetGalley.
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on April 14, 2015
I enjoyed this romance novel. Murray does such a good job of making the choices flow from the characters' personalities that neither the initial lead up to the marriage nor the decision to stay married felt contrived. All the decisions made and actions taken fit with Tim and Skye's characterization. The surprise marriage trope can easily feel ridiculous, but Murray makes it work well and provides a smooth, light-hearted, and fun read.
This book is a perfect distraction from a bad day.
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VINE VOICEon July 7, 2012
Formally titled Honor Bound, The Officer Says I do is a new series by Jeanette Murray. Skye is a free spirit who believes in Fate when it comes to life decisions. Tim is an OCD Marine who likes to make his own decisions in life with no belief if Fate or Destiny. Put the two people together in a marriage and you have the cliche of opposites attract.

To be honest, this was just an okay book to me. Yes, it has some hot scenes in it, but nothing too over the top. I think the main thing that bugged me was the way the two meet and make it to the alter. If Tim is such a person to where order, routine and seriousness is all he lives for, then the way he gets drunk and marries Skye a few hours after meeting her was totally out of character for him. I also wasn't a fan of him not even remembering that he got married but he was able to remember the sex on the wedding night. It didn't seem in character with what the author was wanting Tim to be portrayed as.

I didn't have a serious connection with the characters either. If I had to pick one character that made the book enjoyable it would be Tim's sister, Madison. I really enjoyed her character and reading about her more than I did Skye. I can definitely tell who is going to be the future couple for the next book.

I would say that this is more of a pass-the-time book instead of an engaging read to keep you up all night. It is interesting enough to read between chores and other books, but not one that kept me up until 2am to read the outcome of the last chapter. I will give the second book a chance in the hopes that now that the story base is set up, the rest will fall into place with the next couple.
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on July 4, 2012
Can you make a mistake and miss your fate? - Sarah Jessica Parker

Skye has a firm belief in Fate. This free spirit jumped heart first when drunken Tim asked her to marry him during a weekend in Vegas. Even though Tim left her the following morning, Skye followed him back to California where he was stationed in the Marines. Rather than think that she made a mistake, Skye embraces the opportunity laid before her.

Marine brat turned Marine Officer, Tim is pleasantly surprised to find his bride on his doorstep. When Skye asks him to give fate a chance, he tosses aside his lifelong reserve. But Skye places one condition - no sex until they know each other.

Jeannette Murray offers a lighthearted story of "what if" between polar opposites. I was skeptical that an impulsive marriage, one influenced by alcohol, could actually work. But Murray delivers a sweet chronicle of a couple taking a step back to "date" each other. The "no sex" rule serves its purpose - Skye and Tim learn about the other as their attraction grows. Like a hunter stalking his prey, Tim is patient, slowly creeping up on Skye. Tender kisses turn to tempting foreplay, giving way to passionate union in body and spirit. Skye embraces life in the military while Tim appreciates the breath of fresh air that follows Skye.

Murray gives readers an inside look at military life although I thought the Colonel and his wife were a bit cliché. Still, it is apparent that Murray writes from personal experience. I salute her for sharing the rewards and challenges in the Armed Forces.
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on August 6, 2015
Enjoyed this story about how opposites attract initially and how the attraction continues to grow as their relationship develops. Really liked Tim and loved Skye's character. Secondary characters were strong and well developed.
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on December 13, 2012
Tim and his buddies are in Vegas having a good time before deployment, and as usual, Tim is the sober/responsible one....until he accidentally places a bet, and wins. Deciding to let loose for once, Tim has a few drinks, and in the process he encounters Skye.

Skye is in the casino with her girls for a Girls Night Out. That is, until her friends see some hot guys at a gaming table and ditch her, leaving her no choice to go it alone, or join the group. After joining the group, Skye meets Tim, and let's just say....CHEMISTRY (or is it Fate?) takes over.

After what was supposed to be a hot one night stand, Tim gets a hard reality check (well, phone call). He got married. To his one night stand. In Vegas. Being a career Marine, this is the furthest thing from good news that Tim can possibly imagine.

I freaking LOVED this book. I read it in one day, and I'm sure the next will be just as good! I can't wait to get the stories of Tim's sister Madison, and his buddies Dwayne, & Jeremy. Jeanette definitely has a new fan!

My FULL REVIEW at: solefulreader. com
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on December 12, 2012
Great romance. It would be a steal at 5.99 but it is a must buy at $0.99! Can not wait for the next 2 books to be released. It made me smile and cry a little. The H/h work together through out most of the book. I love his sister. Can't wait for her story in Jan. Made me think of my Friends who's husbands have been deployed. It was a book that made me proud of our military families. Oh and the CO's wife... I knew one just like her at Fort Bliss, the wives coffee just made me laugh and remember my short time as an Army wife... My only coffee I hosted... I was just as much of a mess, but I can bake.

Jeanette, Thanks for sharing your words! ~ meg

Storyline: Romantic, little drama, no angst

Intimacy: sweet and spicy, hot man in dress uniform

Enjoyment: very much, made me smile!

Book length: novel

Kindle length: 5521
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on July 8, 2012
This is the 2nd book I've read by Jeanette Murray. (I LOVED The Game of Love!) I really enjoyed this story. As someone who was also thrown into military life, I could definitely relate to Skye and how she felt lost in it. I especially liked the supporting cast and can't wait to read more about Jeremy and Madison in the next book. Another winner from Ms. Murray!
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