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on August 26, 2013
Just a quick review first about this keyboard/case but I will update this review over time, once our family uses it more and more.

Our tablet will be used 40/60 for our son's school use and family simple browsing at home when the other computers are not available. I wanted to include a physical keyboard so our son didn't have to use the virtual KB. Easily reclaiming the valuable screen space on the smaller tablet displays. This is our first plunge in the tablet world. Initially I thought the tablet would somehow dock into the case/keyboard and power the keyboard. It doesn't, the tablet clips into a hard plastic frame (surprisingly it holds tight AND is easy to detach as well). The keyboard itself is charged via a micro USB port. This Folio comes with a short micro USB to standard USB cable. No charging adapter is included. For $80, you would think an AC adapter could have been provided, but no, you will have to "borrow" one from your other gadgets if you want to charge both your tablet AND the keyboard at the same time.

So far, I like the unit. The bottom of the keyboard has four rubber button feet. The top outside cover however is silicone like. It may attract all sorts of dust and lint. In between the keyboard and the top is the folding "hinge" and this may be the part that wears out first. We'll see once our son takes it back and forth from school. The keyboard keys are fairly good, the connection is via bluetooth, I do feel a little lag sometimes, as well as some anomalies, such as once or twice, I type something and it jumps out like "cccccatch". One time that happened, I tried hitting backspace but it didn't register. This was also when it just came out of "sleep" mode. As far as lights, there are two lights on the keyboard, both next to the power button. A orange and a blue. The solid orange stands for charging and turns off fully charged (I recall it being off after I charged it, I'll have to confirm on the next charge). The blue is for showing flashing blue = sync'ing, solid blue = sync'ed/ON. On the "sleep" mode I mentioned earlier, say you leave the tablet and come back to it. Hit a key on the keyboard and it wakes up, you do not have to turn the keyboard again, etc.

Very good instructional foldout (multi-language) of the shortcut keys on top of the keyboard. Easy to sync and stay sync'ed. When you initially sync it to the tablet, you enter a sequence of numbers displayed on the tablet screen. Once sync'ed and ready for use, if the keyboard is off, press AND hold the "power" button for about 2 seconds and it will sync and display a solid blue light on the keyboard. To turn off the keyboard, press AND hold the "power" button for about 2 seconds, the keyboard blue light will flash and turn off. If you just press the "power" button on the keyboard and release, the keyboard flashes blue, showing that it will try sync'ing. It's weird, because generally, pressing a button means on/off (particularly a button displaying "power") and holding it longer generally means selecting a "secret" or advanced function. With this Asus Folio, it's the reverse.

We will see how often we will need to charge this, our son just started school and will be using this in about a month. In the mean time, we will put it through the paces at home. Weight spec wise, the keyboard/case weighs ~ 14 ozs, together with our Pad Smart, 2 lbs, 2 ozs.

I do wish it was less costly. At $80, it's a pretty high priced accessory. A negative is when opened, the two halves do not click or hold together in any way, the keyboard portion is like a flap under your tablet that you must hold together. Another negative is when closed, it also doesn't snap close, or stay closed. No magnets to hold it closed or snaps, and nothing to hold when the keyboard is flipped behind the tablet. Also, the shift key on the right side is small, about the size of regular keys on the keyboard, and there is no ALT key on the left side, it is placed on the right side, these can take a little use to while typing on the keyboard. Those are something to consider for others deciding on a case.

To be fair, I would think 3 to 4 stars for this Folio Key (I give it 4 from my initial observations), it's a perfect fit for the Pad Smart 10", there are some short comings, also taking into consideration the price too.

UPDATE 8/27/13: A quick tip, put tape over the speaker grills from the inside of the Folio KB/case. I find the sound from the tablet is increased since we are then redirecting the sound. Painter's tape or something else that is easy to remove later is fine. Tape over the speaker grills of the case, NOT the tablet itself.

UPDATE 8/30/13: Been looking around and I can't seem to locate a DEL key on the keyboard. Also, I've seen the situation again I mentioned earlier, the keyboard not responding sometimes. So far, any non-response only occurs after a sleep period, turning the keyboard off and back on, resets the issue.

UPDATE 9/3/12: The more I get accustomed to using this, the more I find to update. :) For today's topic, does the keyboard and the screen kiss? I was thinking about the concern of the keyboard scratching the screen since the case folds close with the keyboard facing the screen. Upon closer examination, I see there is a gap between the keyboard and the screen surface. I closed the case and looked through the center against a light and was able to see the light clearly. That part is very good. The next part of the test involved pushing the back of the keyboard (outside of the case) against the tablet screen. Examining again, this DOES cause the keyboard to touch the tablet screen. Also, I laid the tablet in case on a table and put a few books on top. This also causes the keyboard to touch the tablet screen. So both pushing down around the center and a uniform load (example with books) will make contact between keyboard and screen.

This does not cause much concern for me because 1. I have a screen protector on the screen so I am not as concerned for scratches (I also recommend a screen protector to place on the tablet for others as well) 2. Generally, no one will typically exert a force on their tablet or place books on it. Though sometimes, I can see the case where the tablet/case is in a backpack with books against it and zipped tight. If you carry books with your tablet, I would recommend trying not to squeeze too much into the backpack too tightly. Sometimes, just because one can force the zipper closed, doesn't mean it is safely secure. I wanted to point this out because others who are looking to buy this or have purchased it, should be aware of the low possibility of damage.

Back to enjoying this accessory.

Please click YES if my review have been helpful to you, it will encourage me to continue writing and updating my reviews, and leave a comment if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer if I can be of help.
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on July 26, 2013
-Protects the tablet well
-Pops in and out easily while also securing the tablet well
-Keyboard is great
-Shortcut/Function keys are handy and easy to use.
-Is high quality and attractive.

-It took me a while to figure out that hitting any key turns it on and hitting the power button initiates it's pairing protocol. Would have been nice if it were in the directions. I thought it was broken for a few days. Now that I know it's not a problem
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on December 15, 2013
I ordered this keyboard/case in conjunction with my ASUS MeMO Pad. First impressions were okay. The keyboard looks nice and has a nifty system for sitting your tablet upright. However, all other qualities of this product are garbage.
First of all, the tablet snaps in to a hard plastic case. It is a very snug fit, which seems nice. But, when trying to remove the tablet from the case, the lip of the case that holds the tablet in digs in between the screen and shell of the tablet. Because the case was so tight, I could not even get my finger nails under the lip to try to pry it up and over this seam in my tablet. It resulted in the screen and shell of the tablet separating, allowing me to actually see the internal components of the tablet. And yes, this is the keyboard that ASUS suggested I get with my tablet (ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302C-B1-BL 10.1-Inch), so size should not have been an issue. I would also like to see a strap or a clip to keep the keyboard closed on the tablet when not in use. As it is, the keyboard can flap around freely. Not a very good quality for a case.
Although this was a pretty big inconvenience, I figured I would be able to file down the lip of the case and then use it normally. However, once I started using the keyboard itself, I found that it is even worse quality than the case. The keyboard does not type what I type. It often types several letters when I only press the key once. And it was not just a minor inconvenience. It did this a few times per sentence, causing me to have to spend more time going back and fixing this than I did actually writing. For example, if I tried to write, "The dog ran across the yard," the keyboard would write, "The ddddog ran across theee yaard." For a $120 keyboard, I, at the very least, expect the keyboard to function as an actual keyboard. Needless to say, I promptly returned this product.
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on June 4, 2013
And so it is... when Asus makes a tablet, yes, you should know that the original keyboard will work great. ----- Perfect fit------ Wonderful keys and, of course, all the keys/shortcuts you need in order to use the Android soft without - for example - a mouse. I recommend this, because - in my case - sometimes I need to write extensive emails, edit docs.. and yes, the touch (the virtual keyboard) works great, but...... you desires, you need, more screen and yes, the old school, the physical keyboard. The bluetooth connection, the feedback between the pressing key and the writing, is perfect. Don't know exactly how much last the keyboard battery yet, buy I'll try this and will let you know. --------------- Oh, forgot: it has on the base - every corner - four rubber pads so it won't move when you type and touch the screen. Also, i should say that i'm giving to my tablet a full use (i'm not using my 14 inch notebook, except por burning DVDs sometimes, downloading torrents, etc.
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on December 25, 2013
Got this today (12/25/13), and did not realize it was not made for the model ASUS tablet I got. Took a while to figure out that the power button was being held in the "in" position, causing the tablet to go on and off constantly.

Got it working, and used it for a while... I like it so much that I decided to do some "DIY mods" to make it work right... BUT, it will void the warranty, I'm sure...

We used a small razor blade plane and "shaved" off some of the plastic on the top, so it isn't so hard to get on and off, and used a Dremel Tool with a tiny round grinder to shave the inside of the power hole at an angle, so the button doesn't get pressed in.

Works GREAT now!

If they release a version of this for the ME302C, I'd highly recommend it!
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on November 8, 2013
Have to send my keyboard in for an exchange. The keyboard does not have a "delete" key, only a "backspace" key, which unfortunately stops responding fairly frequently. All the other keys work fine, but with this keyboard, (until I get used to it) I find I'm using the backspace key fairly often..(:-(. This is definitely a fine addition to the Memo, because typing on the screen is quite clunky for me. The one drawback when using this keyboard is that there is no "VOICE" key on it. The voice dictation on the Memo is amazing. On the screen keyboard there is a "voice" microphone button, but the Folio lacks that, which is a shame, because it is very cool to be able to dictate when the opportunity arises.


Got my replacement keyboard today... Amazon is just great! cross shipped the new keyboard. So far everything seems fine... I also found through MUCH trial and error, SPELL CHECKING in gmail (and other apps) just did not happen... so after playing with all the settings I could find, I switched in SETTINGS the keyboard from ASUS keyboard to GOOGLE keyboard and voila, spell checker (as I typed) now WORKED!!! I have not found any keyboard shortcuts that do not work as before, so far... so if spell checking is important to you (it is for me!) there is a solution....
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on June 6, 2013
I really like the flexibility of the hinge, would actually help if an impact was to happen while it's set up. Key board works great, but I keep reaching for a mouse. Some old habits are hard to break! If you buy the ME301, buy this, it's well worth it.
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on March 26, 2014
I wasn't sure how much I would really use the keyboard, but now that I have it, I not only use it all the time, but I love it. It has held a charge for almost a week. I find I charge my tablet more than the keyboard. I have not had any issues with the Bluetooth not working correctly. I found that If I wake the tablet by pressing a key(spacebar) on the keyboard that both the tablet and keyboard wake, and pair with no issues. I do wish that the folio allowed for more than one viewing angle. But other than that, I have no complaints. There is a bit of weight, but not as much as I expected. The metallic bottom and polyurethane top provide adequate protection for the keyboard and tablet. When closed, the Tablet does not come in contact with the keyboard. I do wish that the top and bottom would latch or have a magnetic closing to keep it closed. Overall, I really enjoy and appreciate the Asus Folio Keyboard case.
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on December 15, 2013
I actually use it with the ME302 series memopad. Although it's not designed to be used with that model, it does work--with modifications. To prevent unwanted power button presses I had to expand the hole. This keyboard also fits far to tightly around the ME302 so I shaved off the upper locking groove down to a bare nub. If you want it permanent then you won't have to do this. If you want to easily remove the 302 from this keyboard without separating the pad's case you will have to make this modification as well. Not a design fault, I'm just using it on a model it wasn't designed for.
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on October 25, 2013
I received the Czech layout version of FolioKey today; it only differs by extra letters (with diacritics) written on the keys with digits or punctuation marks. The product looks professional, the magnets attaching the cradle in the "standing tablet" mode are exactly as strong as they should be, the response time is perfect, the Bluetooth just works, the recharging by microUSB is economic because it just works, and other physical properties are very good.

Well, I needed almost ten minutes to figure out how to actually switch to the Czech layout. In the right lower area on the screen, there is a keyboard icon whenever you are typing. You click at it by your finger and you may choose a keyboard like "ASUS keyboard Czech" to switch to the Czech layout of the physical FolioKey keyboard. When I switch it to "Hacker's keyboard" which is one that I normally use on the screen, it gives me the English U.S. layout for the physical FolioKey keyboard - which may be handy, anyway.

It's not too hard to figure out how to use it in the standing mode; and how to use it without the keyboard so that the keyboard is *not* at the bottom. It may also be at the bottom. Other users should think about it, the splitting of a connecting piece in the middle is a hint how to use it in these three ways.

The product only received four stars because: 1) I was a bit surprised that when used as a cover, it isn't kept closed but may be opened in the V-shaped way but that's in principle true for laptops as well (although it's harder to open them) so it shouldn't be a problem, and, more importantly, 2) I found it extremely difficult to remove the tablet from the cradle once it's in. In fact, it seems necessary to push on the top middle of the tablet as well, not just the left and right upper corners, as a 3-star reviewed suggested. I didn't do it so the case of the tablet itself scarily opened in the middle a bit (I could just "click" it back and it seems to work well), some pink paint was drilled out of the upper edge of the tablet's case, and I hurt my left thumb so that I could see some blood for a while! Unless the two of us are doing something silly, this is a rather serious design flaw. I will try to never remove the tablet again, at least not for quite some time.

Haven't tried whether the compass/magnetometer works fine in the (magnetized) cover.
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