Customer Reviews: Official Nintendo White Classic Gamecube Controller
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on August 19, 2009
This is the official Nintendo Gamecube controller. This, obviously, can be used on the gamecube and also the Wii. This controller looks amazing in it's clean, stylish white color. What is really nice about this certain colored gamecube controller is that it matches the Wii's color, and more importantly, has a longer cable than the other colors.

This is overall a great purchase to anyone looking to play Gamecube games, and certain Wii games such as Super smash Bros. Brawl or Mario Kart Wii.
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on August 8, 2009
It's straight up a standard Gamecube controller but colored to match a Wii. The cord for it seems to be about 10ft which (if I recall correctly) is much longer than the original Gamecube controller's cord was. I'd recommend it for anyone who needs a Gamecube controller in general or if you're looking for one for the Wii.
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on October 16, 2009
If there has ever been a controller out there that you have been looking for then look no further because this has got to be the best Gamecube controller I've ever found. It plays perfectly and the buttons are smooth; the L and R buttons click in fast without any real push from the springs. The 10ft( or 3m[or 9.8ft for those technical guys]) cord was a surprise to me, I didn't even know it was going to be that long and really I'm glad it was. A long cord like that for controllers work well for where i play my games. This is a definite recommendation and I urge all those looking to buy a new controller to pick this up even if you think the price might not be worth it, just trust me cuz it truly is. You won't regret buying this product.
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on October 1, 2012
This white controller is, in my opinion, the best controller to have if you play super smash brothers melee for the Nintendo gamecube. The controller is very durable (will last for a long time through button mashing), stylish, and you can perform all the technical skills such as L-Cancelling and wavedashing with it. Anyone who is looking to replace their nintendo gamecube controller to play Melee, i strongly recommend getting this one.
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on November 30, 2011
To begin with the cable in incredible long, 10 feet more or less. Which is great because you never know when you might need that extra four feet. The controller has good response times and the buttons are feel great. I still have to break it in a bit but for any those who want a good controller for SSBM this is probably the best your going to find. It's incredibly responsive that moon walking with The Captain and even minis with Ganon are extremely easy. Even shine wavedashes all day, lol. I guess the color is cool because it matches the Wii but I really don't care that much, could just spray paint a regular one if I wanted it for aesthetics. Overall great controller, just hope it can taking a melee beating.
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on January 1, 2011
Like many of you who are looking for a Gamecube controller, I was tempted to go with one of the cheaper knockoffs. I do like to get bang for the buck, but after doing some research and reading some reviews, I decided to dish out the 29.99 and bought this from Amazon. I am glad I did. The controller really is high quality. I've held some of the other ones available, and they really feel cheap compared to this one. The buttons are really nice and sturdy, everything about it feels the way a top notch controller should. Now, it isn't wireless, but I actually think that that is a plus. First of all, the wire is VERY long. I never owned an original Gamecube( I got this for the Wii) but I have to assume it is way longer than the original Gamecube controllers. So even though it isn't wireless, you still should be able to play your game from just about anywhere in the room. And of course with a wired controller, you don't have to worry about running out and getting batteries every few days. Even with rechargeable batteries, constantly recharging them can be a little bit of a hassle.

So to sum it up: If you need a Gamecube controller, get this one. Yeah, initially it will set you back more than one of the others, but I think it is worth it. Cause when you add battery cost and/or charging stations, etc, it will probably save you money. And based on the qualities of each controller, in the long run I'm guessing you will get the most gameplay out of this one, by far. Really a quality controller
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on June 25, 2013
This is a genuine Nintendo Brand White Gamecube Controller, the last ones that were ever made. These GC controllers were briefly re-released in White during the launch of the Nintendo Wii, which sported backwards compatibility with Gamecube games. These are not only very high quality but also have a longer cord than original GC controllers. Other than that minor improvement, they are physically identical to the controllers you would buy with a Gamecube back in 2001. Many vendors and ebay sellers offer look-alike knockoff controllers for a much cheaper price. However, I recommend you pay the extra money for the real deal. Compared to my old Silver and Black controllers which have become worn over the years, this one feels fresh and is visually appealing. These controllers are becoming increasingly rare, so I'd recommend you grab one ASAP, especially if you're into competitive Super Smash Bros or just want to play some good old Gamecube games.
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on December 8, 2014
With the arrival of Smash Bros 4 Wii U and the Gamecube controller adapter I found myself needing another Gamecube controller due to 13 long years of heavy usage, especially through Smash Bros Melee and Brawl. This controller is exactly what you could need and expect; it is an official controller exactly matching my others but I had never seen a solid white one before. I found the white to be very poetic as the Gamecube has come and gone and is ancient by gaming standards so the white conveys old age. I was extremely hesitant to open the packaging knowing that I may never see a pristine unopened Gamecube controller box ever again but when I mustered the will to carefully remove it, I was in awe. With all my other controllers polished perfectly smooth from the countless hours of use, to hold one again in a pristine and virgin condition for the first time in over a decade was both bizarre and breath taking. The sticks were firm and responsive as were the buttons and triggers; it was as if I was gazing at freshly fallen snow that had yet to be disturbed and was as crisp as ever. The mild grain on the plastic was so unfamiliar as my other controllers had been rendered smooth years ago, I found myself handling the fresh new controller as if it were an artifact from an era lost to time. This controller, I suppose, represents one last hurrah for the Gamecube and though there are many new types of controllers for the Wii U and Smash Brothers, this one has the most personal meaning. I found myself hooking up my old Gamecube to revisit some of my favorites from yesteryear and was able to go back to a seemingly simpler time.

The controller itself handles very well. Solid build, sturdy buttons, it has the same manufacturing as the previous runs controllers so I expect this one to last many years into the future as my other controllers already have. The stunningly white cord is a great variation from the black cord found on my other copies and the cord is even a few feet longer like the Smash Bros edition recently released. If you are familiar with the Gamecube controller as I am, you will find no difficulty picking this one up and letting your muscle memory do the rest. Ignore the JAPAN-ONLY labels, the controller works perfectly fine with my American Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, and PC adapter.

I definitely recommend this controller for people looking for another controller for Smash Bros 4 or any Gamecube games, or to wow your friends with the ability to hold a Gamecube controller still in perfect condition, or even if you are someone with the inkling to have a pristine controller for your collection. This controller was one of the best things I bought this year due to functionality and sentimental reasons; I hope you find yourself enjoying your own as much as I did.
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on May 21, 2012
Oh Nintendo. It's quite amazing how you've always been a consistent force in the video game industry, and even more interesting, is the fact that your company created what is often considered one of the best controllers ever produced.

With ergonomics and storage in mind, Nintendo created the gamecube controller with the intentions of making a controller that didn't force your hands into odd positions, while offering the maximum amount of control and buttons that is humanly possible. The left control stick was placed in the natural position for the thumb, with a nice amount of rubber placed on top to prevent slipping, as well as a C-stick specifically for camera control, kept out of the way of the main action. An additional Z button which is tiny, but quick and easy to press, allows for quick and precise actions, while the L and R triggers have both soft triggers, which activate when partially pressing down the trigger, and a hard trigger when you press it down and pass a certain threshold. The A, B, X, and Y buttons are all extremely responsive, as one would expect them to be, and the A and B button are both located in a spot that doesnt force you to overextend your finger.

IF I had any real issues with this controller, it would be the following:

A. The d-pad is terrible. It was put in as a control method for any extra 4 buttons the game would need that you dont need to control the game using the control stick

B. The X and Y button are easy to lose track of, and to this day, I still sometimes confuse the position of these two buttons.

One final thing to note is that this controller has an extra long cord, approximately 10 feet long, it allows you to play from rather large distances, which is a definite plus.

Honestly a magnificent controller, and easily one of the better controllers I've ever owned.
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on March 22, 2012
I ordered the white (Japan only) Nintendo Wii/GC controller and did get the right ones - the Japanese version with the long cord as described. I see others reporting they did not, but I can only guess that their orders were fulfilled by a different vendor. ?? About all I can suggest is that when ordering, make sure it says the order is being fulfilled by Topken Corporation (AKA: Toys and Games Outlet).

The box and info insert were in Japanese and it does have the 10' cord (nice!!!). We play Tiger Woods golf with it and if you've ever played the game, you know it is critical that your buttons and pads work correctly or you're not going to have any fun. So far so good!! (I only wish it could improve my real golf game!) The controllers work like they should, and feel just as sturdy and well-made as the originals. I hope they hold up as well. If not, I will update this review.

Grab them now while you can!! These are getting pretty hard to find and the price is fair. ($43.88 + free shipping)
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