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on December 4, 2012
While the first 69 pages or so are, as one might expect, the tale of a man in his sixties coming to grips with the modern internet... George Takei is, fundamentally, a geek.

And brilliant.

And given to reverse-engineering everything he comes across.

So the last two-thirds of the book ends up being one of the most coherent, insightful, and accessible explanations I've ever seen on how to build and maintain a social media presence.

If you're still grappling with this social media thing, especially as part of your business, you cannot go wrong with this. Unlike your average "how to do that social media thing" book, this one's actually fun to read.
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VINE VOICEon December 6, 2012
Although like many in my generation George Takei first became known to me as Mr. Sulu on "Star Trek," I really came to appreciate him during his many appearances on Howard Stern's show. That someone with that grave, elegant demeanor and fantastic deep voice could be so hilarious was a great thing. When he transitioned to the internet it was instantly made richer by his presence, and "Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet)" documents not only his rise to net domination, but how social media helps and hinders us all.

Possibly the most amazing thing about George's adventures on the web is that he's 75 years old, of the generation that is supposedly computer-illiterate or phobic. Not only that, but he writes netspeak with the best of the plugged-in kids, which makes his writing all the more entertaining. If you're reading this book hearing his voice in your head (which you will) reading phrases like "lowest common denominator of butthurt" will crack you up. Oh, excuse me, LOL.

Yes, the book contains his favorite memes and pictures, but George also writes eloquently about how the speed of the internet can catch even the most savvy net surfers in embarrassing situations, as well as how to handle trolls, the overly sensitive, and Facebook's behind-the-scenes string-pulling. I was surprised at the last part; it was a genuine learning experience for me as I maintain a Facebook page for my website and would wonder why the page stats were so out of whack.

Whether he's being an actor, an activist, or the guy who just posted the meme that made you spit coffee all over your keyboard, George Takei is, as the kids say, the man. "Oh Myyy!" is a fun, smooth read for everybody. We're all glad you listened to your husband and wrote this, Uncle George!
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on December 10, 2012
When I first learned that George Takei was going to write a book about his experiences with the internet, I was expecting something similar to his Facebook page. At first I was upset, where was my funnies? I wanted my memes. I wanted my cats and star trek/wars mash ups.

Then I read some more.

Now I'm being entertained and informed. Maybe not the funny ha ha that I was expecting, but something more. George Takei lets us have a little peek into his life.

He talks about the charities and causes he chooses to support, why and how he chooses them. He talks about how he went from being the guy who played Mr. Sulu to the humanitarian, spokesperson, activist.

He talks about learning how to connect with his fans and followers using the internet. The mistakes and the successes he had using the internet.

So while I purchased this assuming it was going to be funny ha ha. I am so glad I assumed wrong.

I recommend this book.
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on December 4, 2012
George Takei was a master on Star Trek and he is a master when it comes to getting more and more followers to his facebook page. I think that I spend an hour every day perusing his facebook page and all the funny pictures and captions he posts. "Oh Myyy!" is a wonderful collection of his insights into creating a following (not like a cult or anything) of peers and fans. He writes about his successes and not so successful post in the Twitter and Facebook world. I got the e-book a week ago in the presell and have already read it through twice and have directed many of my friends to get it for themselves. You will not be disappointed! Why haven't you stopped reading this review and clicked on 'Add to Cart'? ;)
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on December 4, 2012
Good casual read. It gives behind the scenes insight into the challenges of running a digital persona and how George coped with the rapidly changing social media environment. If you love social media, George, or both I highly recommend.
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on December 16, 2012
I really enjoyed this book. It's, as others have mentioned, about Mr. Takei's coming to understand how social media works and really finding some solid methods for building and maintaining his Facebook (and early Twitter) presence. His signature humor is there, and as I was reading I could hear his voice in my head. For me, that's a bonus! So why 3 stars and not 5? I normally do all of my reading these days on my Kindle Paperwhite. The images, particularly the Twitter posts, were pretty much unreadable. So, when I was finished with the book, I went to my iPad and downloaded the book to my Kindle app and looked back at all of the images throughout the book. If not for this, I would have given the book a higher rating.

I often gripe about people giving low ratings for products based on shipping problems and the like. That has nothing to do with the product! However, in this case, I feel like if a Kindle version of a book is released, it should be tested on all available Kindle models. Or at least an e-ink version and a Fire version.

So, to break it down... Content: 4.5 stars. Format: 2 stars.
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on December 5, 2012
Even if, like myself, you never saw George Takei when he was on Star Trek, and in fact have scarcely seen him act, this is a great book. I only started following him on Facebook fairly recently and yet I couldn't resist pre-purchasing the book when I heard about it. It is also very reasonably priced. And so very worth it. If you have any connection to the internet, or social issues, or society in our world today, it's worth a read (especially since it's only $10).
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on December 4, 2012
If you're a fan of Takei's humor on twitter or facebook, this book is an obvious must-read. For everyone else I will attempt to convince you that this book is worth the 10 bucks Takei is asking for it. To start things off I'd like to say that I bought the pre-release about a week ago, so I'm not just writing this because I love Takei(although I do), but because I really enjoyed reading this and have recommended it to friends and family.

This book is basically two things : a commentary on the current state of social media and at the same time a summary of Takei's rise from actor to social media star. The former is actually very accurate and illuminating; I found myself agreeing with most of it, and learned quite a bit, including information on some of Facebooks inner workings(how the new feed prioritizes posts etc). The latter is a very amusing and touching story of how Takei became first a twitter and then a facebook phenomenon. Takei of course accompanies the book with about 2 dozen memes/images. I had seen most of them before, a lot from Takei's own facebook wall most likely, but a couple were new and all made me chuckle.
The book took me about an hour and a half to read(~150 pages). I read it pretty much all in one sitting, it was hard to put down. The only reasons anyone could possibly have for not reading this book would be: it's too short, even I wished it was longer, or they just don't appreciate memes and internet humor.

I was never a big Star Trek fan, so I am one of those fans of Takei's that heard of him through facebook and his funny images. Because of this I really liked the first chapter or two of the book, which goes over his Star Trek fanbase, and how he connected with them, and then kept going until he reached the thousands of people that read his posts every day.
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on December 5, 2012
I was honestly not sure what to expect from my favorite helmsman, but I was thoroughly engaged by his writing the entire time. I honestly could not put it down.

Part history, part how-to guide for social media, I found it very entertaining. Could be a few hundred pages longer as I was left still wanting more from George!
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on December 5, 2012
I was able to enjoy a pre-order copy of Oh Myyy. Usually when I read a book I zone out and I'm not really aware of my surroundings. With this book it was just the opposite. I was nodding along with George's insights. I'd stop frequently to scurry over to my partner to read choice passages aloud. On occasion I had to stop to catch my breath - I was laughing too hard! This isn't a book of comedy - there's some serious stuff here as well, enough and more to certainly justify the price. One unusual benefit is that George writes the same way he talks. I couldn't read this without hearing his voice in the narration - a very fine bonus!

Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended!
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