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on February 11, 2012
It is one of the best short single season shows released within the last few years.

The show brings in characters from a variety of fables and stories. The most prominent is Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf, and the hunter who hunts the wolf. Each character is recreated into a modern day anime counterpart. It's story centers around the Big Bad Wolf, Okami-san. The companions and friends make up a sort of school mafia organization. They take jobs and handle student problems to earn favors which they can then call in later at anytime they want. The school itself is then part of a larger group which owns the city. The concept of a feudal society mixed with mafia tones in how things run, is very prominent.

Characters themselves are more akin to generic anime in style and presentation. There is the weak guy, the tough girl, and the schemer...along with all the other common threads like the fan service character/etc. But the interactions of these characters, coming from their fable roots, brings a degree of freshness to the anime that gives it a step above others. Each character has well designed backgrounds and some are very rich. When you recognize who these characters are referencing, you will see new life being breathed into the classic storybook characters.

This is a series that will leave you wanting a second season, but for the most part, it does come to a decent stop point at the end. Art style is good and the voices are excellent. The Amazon page lists it currently as Japanese language, but the actors listed and the fact that it is Funimation means it could have an English dub. Hopefully it is a decent dub if there really is one. It is hard to imagine this show done in English. The personalities are so key to characters like Ringo or Okami. Future edit will note this once it is released.

Great series, one of the best in recent years. It will cause you to rethink your opinion of the Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood. Enjoy it! See if you can name all the fables used! You might have to wiki it to figure them all out!!
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on April 2, 2012
This series is adorable! I had heard about it being an alright series when it was out in Japan so I thought I would give it a shot and it was far better then I was expecting. The characters are all so cute, I love the art style and the show has tons of funny scenes to keep the viewers laughing while enjoying the plot. The series itself tries to mix up all the famous fairy tails all mixed into one anime series like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, The Rabbit and the Turtle, The Three Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel, and many more. The main characters in the series are Ryouko Ookami playing the role of the big bad wolf, Ringo Akai playing the role of little red riding hood, and Ryoushi Morino playing the role of the hunter who hopelessly falls in love with the big bad wolf. Ringo and Ryoushi play Ryouko's two main sidekicks with Ryouko as the main heroine of the film, the other characters serve as supporting characters in a business that they work for called the Otogi Bank. The Otogi Bank is a student organization that grants favors to students on the condition that the favor would be returned someday. Some of the favors that they get asked to do include playing the role of matchmaker, beating up rival school gangs, and setting up some contest. As the story progresses we see that the main character Ryouko starts to open up to Ringo and Ryoushi more and the audience starts to learn more about why Ryouko was so afraid to let people become too close to her and why she didnt want anyone to find out more about her past. I wasnt completely satisfied with the ending because it leaves some things unresolved but I will be eagerly awaiting a second season if the creators decide to make one. The ending left me wanting to watch more of this great series, it was very entertaining to watch.

- Awesome voice acting in English! all the characters are super cute and the voices go very well with the characters and the narration of the series.
- Very funny, cute and entertaining series to watch.
- The series has a light mix of nudity, ecchi, and fan service but nothing over the top, its mostly used to add a bit of comedy to the show.
- It has comedy, action, and romance which make a great combination with all the cute stuff in the series.
- Super cute! Ryoko has cat gloves that she beats enemies up with and they keep getting upgraded as the series progresses making them even more cute. There are also many other cute things in the series like the way that some of the characters behave or dress.
- Very fair price, $35 for 12 episodes on blu-ray and dvd format.
- I love the intro and ending videos, the video game theme in the ending video was awesome.

- The English subtitles dont match what the characters are saying on the screen with the English dubs in some scenes. It makes some of the characters attitudes a little bit different in the subtitles and it kind of makes you wonder which one is the real message that the creator of the series was trying to convey to the audience. Some of the message might have been lost in translation or altered in order to have the characters talking animations sync correctly with the translated audio but this is common when watching dubbed anime, some of the original message is always lost or altered in the translation.
- The narrator sometimes talks over some of the characters in the series so you cant hear some of the characters conversations but you can still read it in the subtitles.
- The ending was alright it concluded some things but it still leaves some other things unresolved that could be continued in a second season. Hopefully the creators follow up with a second season of this great series or at least release some ovas with alternate endings.

Its a great series to own, right now there are 12 episodes in a dvd/blu-ray combo box set for $35. The series is definitely worth checking out if your a fan of comedy, romance and cute stuff. To get the best experience out of this release if you hate reading subtitles then I suggest watching the series with English audio and English subtitles that way you can watch the series in English and still know what your missing out on storyline wise if you would have seen the series with Japanese audio and English subtitles. Watching the series with the subtitles on will also allow you to read some of the conversations that the characters have when the narrator is talking at the same time as the characters.
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on March 15, 2014
In the city of Otogibana the characters of fairy tales and folklore attended rival schools with the virtuous characters attending Otogi high school and the villainous characters attending Onigashima high school. A group of Otogi high school students establish the Otogi bank a club that can be hired to solve the problems of their schoolmates in exchange for the recipient owing the club a favor which can be redeemed at anytime and can't be refused. The heavy hitting Ryoko (the wolf), her best friend Ringo (red riding hood) and the smitten Ryoshi (the hunter) along with the rest of the Otogi bank members will do their best to help their schoolmates as well as each other.

One of the funniest things of the show is the narrator who often makes comical, sarcastic and offensive remarks about the characters which cause them to break the fourth wall to give the narrator dirty looks.

The animation is top notch, the characters are intriguing, the story is sidesplittingly funny and the English dub is excellent making this series a must own for any anime fan especially if they enjoy fairy tales and folklore!

Some people may be annoyed by the narrator and characters occasionally talking over each other as for myself it didn't bother me and I had no problem understanding what was being said.

Be warned this anime contains some fan service so it may not be suitable for children!
Fan service involves bouncing breasts, skimpy bikinis, revealing clothing, glimpses of
panties, brief nudity and suggestive themes.
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on August 11, 2015
Recently there has been a trend of these REALLY FANTASTIC Anime shows that are too short. Normally they get through 8 or 9 episodes and then put the pedal to the metal in order to get the story told in the time remaining. Best example: Demon King Daimao. Another would be High School DxD. In the second case, a second series did come along, was done very well, and makes the screaming-to-the-finish ending of the first all the more obvious. Same could be said of K-On, though in it's defense it ran at the same pace as the manga.

Okami-San, however, does not suffer that rushed-ending. Instead, the pace builds steadily throughout, and when the final credits roll you fully expect another episode to start. Then you got check the package and read (to your horror) that there are only 12 episodes! OH NO!

This is a good one. Scratch that, this is a GREAT one. It's Moe, is Tsundere, its ecchi, and it has one heck of a great story to boot. Archetypes that don't act like you'd expect, and THE most expressive eyes ever animated. Seriously, it was the expressive eyes that kept me coming back for more, and completing the whole series in one sitting.
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on April 13, 2012
This is an anime of a style that has been rare in recent years. It's a romantic comedy, without a harem. The story's pretty simple. Boy likes girl. Actually the boy is completely devoted to the girl and has no problem being open with his feelings once he gains the courage to actually talk to her. He does have a problem being the center of attention. He has a fear of being stared at. This is a problem because the girl is a fighter and values strength. A boy that can't even stand to be watched for seconds isn't very appealing. She's also very closed off from her emotions, so even if she did eventually have feelings for the boy, getting her to admit it, even to herself, would take time.

The girl's part of a high school club that does favors for people in return for favors at some future date. Sometimes these favors require violence to complete. That's when the girl's boxing skills come to play. Many of the episodes of this anime are mini stories based on the club's client of the day or to further develop the story of one of the club members. These are usually just silly or emotionally positive side stories that finish by the end of the episode. There are a few exceptions and these center around the anime's villain. Besides that, the only main story line that carries throughout the anime is how the relationship between the boy and girl develops, or doesn't, through the episodes.

This is one of the better anime of its style that I've watched. Though the story is unresolved by the end of the anime, it stops at a point in time where everyone is in a good place. Hopefully there will be another anime following these same characters in the future.
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on February 23, 2012

Ookami-san and her 7 companions isn't particularly remarkable as series go. J.C. Staff brings top shelf production quality and the character design is fun if a little cliche (a fake loli, perpetual maid, moe mad scientist, super tsundere and a relatively weak-sauce but surprisingly solid male lead).

The story follows the members of the Otogi Bank, a mutual help association that does favors for favors - helping people out with certain requests and asking for their help at a later date. It's here that Morino-kun comes on the scene, confessing his affection for Ookami-san, the titular lead. Through a series of adventures the two try working out a troubled but ultimately sweet relationship.

The series plays off a number of fairy tales. Ookami-san (wolf) is Akai-san's (red, as in little red riding hood) best friend. Then there is Shirayuki-hime (Snow White) who has seven siblings. And so it goes. It makes for a fun backdrop.

One has to hope [POSSIBLE SPOILERS IMMANENT!!!] this is a first installment (though i haven't checked, recently, on plans for another season) as a number of central storylines remain unresolved: Ookami still hasn't told Morino about her past, Shirou is still at large with Rikkun's threat hanging over his head, etc. And "I don't dislike him" is hardly sufficient relational development.

Overall, the series is enjoyable but not a must see. It resembles (and even has a brief cameo by the cast of) A Certain Scientific Railgun in many ways. A group of cute characters running around having fun little adventures. I liked it well enough.

One thing i forgot to mention. It is really annoying that the narrator and characters talk over each other the entire show. While i like the narration, the subtitles become atrociously hard to follow.
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on June 26, 2016
This is an unusual anime where a group of students lead by a girl named Okami who helps out other students in trouble. She helps a boy who falls for her and tries to join the group. He has to develop her trust along with the rest of the group. While Okami shows herself to be strong girl on the outside, she is actually like any normal girl on the inside, scared to admit she has feelings for the boy...
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on June 9, 2015
OKAMI-SAN is a fair story ruined by inane babbling BS. It's like trying to watch a movie
with people talking all around you. A narrator can add to a story if the director has the
skill and talent to blend the the two together. This idiot has proved he or she has got neither.
The narrator is constantly talking over the dialog so you can't hear the characters, using the
subtitles doesn't help because they do not match what's being said and the narrator's
babble is shown over the characters lines. I gave up on the third episode. Save your
money, or buy something else. I wish I had.
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on October 2, 2012
The obnoxious loud British fantasy voice sounding narrator makes this anime basically unwatchable. Every time I started getting into the story she'd make some asinine comment about the female character's lack of breasts or something equally pointless. She's constantly undermining the story and making fun of the characters. If they were going for funny it just came off as annoying. It's like going to a movie and having to sit next to someone who talks really loud and has to keep up a running commentary the whole time. I was going to rate this 1 star but I gave it 2 because I felt the rest of the anime had promise, however I couldn't finish it because the narrator got so annoying. I would recommend previewing at least the first episode on youtube or Funimation's website BEFORE buying this to see if you like it.
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on February 2, 2013
You know what? I placed this anime on the bottom rung on my want list because of reading the reviews. Sometimes they can help, other times they can hurt ya. This was one of the few times they did not help me.

The reason being was the review comments about how annoying it was having the speaker talking over the characters. That right away sounded like something I would not like and would ruin the anime watching experience for me.

So after a time, I finally ended up getting this series. Turns out imo, I find that I LIKE the narrator's witty banter during the story. I think it works how they added it in. And after that the actual story, character voices, and everything else made this a fun series for me to watch. I happily give this series 5 stars because it seemed to me that as soon as I started it, it was over. :)

Plus I thought the fighting gloves that the Okami-san wore were super cute. I'd totally date a girl who wore crime fighting gloves such as those.
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