Customer Reviews: Okuma ABF-90 Avenger Baitfeeder Spinning Reel (30lb/330yd)
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on October 27, 2014
Caught a 39inch, 40lb Blue catfish, reel worked like a charm, drag was awesome!
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on September 23, 2010
This is one of the finest reels I have bought in recent years. Right out of the box I was impressed with the smooth action and sturdy craftmanship. I originally bought this reel for my son since his saltwwater Shakespear couldn't handle the saltwater, but after seeing the reel, I ordered one for myself as well. I was afraid the reel might be to small for the Snook, Redfish, and Trout we regulary fish, but after seeing the reel firsthand I have no fear and I would even use it for tarpon. Another great feature is the fact the reel only weighs 16 ounces, but it is definately built strong. The baitrunner switch is an awesome feature that allows for my son to set his pole down without fear of losing it to a big hit. The feature works by freeing the spool, but it still has enough tension to tighten the line and it is adjustable. The other nice thing is that it clicks as the line goes out, so you hear the fish testing out your bait before the big hit. This feature is a definite plus if you do any bridge, beach, or pier fishing. We will be testing it out again this weekend at Matlacha Pass and I am hoping that my Okuma comes in before then. I would definately reccomend this reel to anyone fishing saltwater or even fresh water.Okuma Avenger ABF40 Baitfeeder Spinning Reel.
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on July 25, 2015
I have the "40" for 5 years now, great reel for the price point. Not 1 issue with it. The rotor loosened at tad just recently. That's after many, many 15-20lb carp and bye cats. A couple 30+ers! I took the spool off took a set screw out, tightened the brass nut a 1/8-1/4 turn and that was it. Set screw back in and it's as smooth as when it was new. I also clean all external moving parts with a waterpik to get out grit. I let it dry and use dry silicone spray (Remington, same as I use on my guns). The baitrunner feature works as advertised. I highly recommend Okuma reels. If you're an outdoorsman with even a tad of "handyman" skills any reel will last years!!
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on May 6, 2011
I have had one other Okuma spinning reel and loved the smooth quality of its reeling and quiet bearings. This new one was just as good or better than I remembered. The new Baitfeeder feature makes it a top choice trout or any baitfish reel for your collection. I used it as soon as I got it and was so pleased with the performance casting, reeling and under presure of large trout. This is a tremendous bargain at $34.00 considering Bass Pro was selling it for $76.00! I bought two for the price of one!
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on December 3, 2010
ABF-90 has the biggest spinning reel spool on the market PERIOD! I have this reel for a year now, and in only used in saltwater here in FL. My biggest catch on it was a loggerhead turtle with an impressive size of a jetski - over 200lbs easy! It was a hole pier fishing show when hocked, and the fight was on for an hour straight. Many people that looked at my setup said that the real will broke or that the rod will snap - non of that happened. It toked two people to fight it, and finally we release the beast after bringing next to the pier. My setup was Okuma ABF-90 with 30 Lbs braided line, and 15Ft SLS1503MHFS daiwa surf rod. This setup also got me a 42 inch snook of the beach in a 4-6 minutes fight. Big reel, good price and reliable - BUT - MAKE SURE YOU WASH THE REEL AFTER EACH USE IN SALTWATER OTHERWISE LIKE ANY OTHER REEL WILL BROKE VERY VERY FAST!
I didn't washed one time my reel after few hours of surf fishing and the handle got stock in the main gear. At that point i thought that the real is toasted. I mean i still could use it, but i couldn't take it apart for maintenance service, but after calling Okuma, everything was fine. They sent me 100% FREE the handle and the main gear. When i said 100% FREE i mean FREE SHIPPING to. The conversation on the phone was very pleasant no question asked, not even from where i got the reel, or for how long i have it. Great warranty coverage, hassle free customer service people (quick and knowledgeable). If you are on a tight budget, as my self, then you should probably consider Okuma reels for the price and warranty coverage. I'm not really sure about other brands, but for this price range and warranty that you get, you probably won't get a better deal.
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on July 10, 2015
The bait feeder works great. I've switched 3 poles over to them and have no problem with any if them. Wife already caught a 5lb blue cat with new reel. She loves it as well. Never going back to conventional style reel again. I can use these for catching anything. I also have the ABF-30.
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on February 18, 2011
I started using baitfeeder spinning reels (reels with secondary drags) for salt water fishing. I found them extrememly useful for many reasons: letting a fish run with the bait, letting line out in a controlled fashion, setting a lighter drag to cushion the initial hit while trolling, etc. I found myself using the reels for fresh water as well, but they were all too big. The Okuma ABF-20a is is the only reel I found with a secondary drag that comes in a size small enough to be comfortable for normal freshwater fishing. I was hesitant because it was such an inexpensive reel, and I like good tackle. For my primary reels, I use the Daiwa Certates which are astonishing, but I was very pleased when I got the Okuma. It is not a great reel; it is not as smooth as more expensive reels, but it is solid, well-balanced, and does the job very well. It has a very good infinite anti-reverse. If you are not too picky about your tackle, I think you will be very satisfied with this reel as your main reel. If you are picky about your tackle, you probably won't want this as your primary reel, but it is still a great tool to have for situations where a secondary drag would prove useful. It was a very good purchase for me.
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on April 22, 2012
This ABF 40 is great. Baitfeeder system, 7 bearings, very smooth, good drags, well built, 4000 size, clicker, plus an extra spool, all for under $40 total from Amazon. By the way that is about $30 less then Cabelas want for the same reel and then you have to pay shipping and tax. Liked it so well out of the box ordered an ABF30 the next day. Reason ordered next smaller size is the ABF 40 looks a little large on 6 1/2 foot med action rod.

Fish for large bass and cats using large minnows and perch. Use Okuma troling rod/reel combo fishing deep waters. Untill now, was just loosening the drag on spinning reels till there was little to no resistance when fishing skinny water and running baits under floats. Wanted to have spinning outfits with the baitfeeder system for fishing skinny water. The bait-feeder works great can adjust the drag on it to your likeing without changing the front drag. Have caught several fish on it and the bait-feeder and drags worked perfectly. The clicker is not as loud as the ones on the trolling reels but will get your attention from the other end of the boat. In addition, can cast almost 2 country miles with the reel using 30 lb Power Pro braid.

ABF 30 arrived a few days after ordering. Size wise, a better fit for 6 1/2 ft rod. Has every bit of the quality features as the ABF 40 plus the extra spool and functions just as well. Have caught several fish on it also and in spite of its smaller size it handled a 15 lb channel cat with ease. Gave rod and reel a good workout. Like it so well ordered another ABF 30. May order another ABF 40 later on too.

In short, great reels for an incredible price.

Ok, it is July 28 of 2013. Have a total of 7 Okuma bait feeder reels now, four size 30 and three size 40. Have worked great, smooth, with good drags that have landed many fish. The reasons we have so many of them.

Recently ordered and received a Cabela's Pro Guide spinning reel size 30. Out of the box the bail did not want to engage if opened too close to the kick in point. A bad thing to me. The Okuma ABf 30 that received the next day, much smoother kick in for the bail at that point. Could not believe that a reel designed for for live bait fishing had a smoother action then one designed for casting lures. Go figure!!

January, 26, 2014

Just order another Okuma ABF 40 to go with a 7ft one piece MH Ugly Stick that I purchased yesterday. This will make the 8th Okuma ABF reel that have mounted on an Ugly Stick since the first review. 6 outfits are mine the other 2 are my wife's

They have proven to be a great combination for large cats, 10 lbr+, and large bass, 5lbr+, using live or cut bait. They have held up great. Have taken 4 of them apart to clean and grease this past week. Upon opening could see there was no dirt or grit inside and the gears and shift were in good shape. All I did was add a dab of grease here and there and put them back together. Still working smooth as new.

Note: if you take one of these reels apart be aware that there is a wedge shaped spring under the Select lever for free spool that may pop out when you take the side cover off. It goes back in under the lever with the 2 points facing to the left. If you loose it you will be out of luck for a while.

By the way, a big box store had the Okuma ABF 40 yesterday for $49.97 plus 6.75% tax. Amazon $37 and change plus free shipping.
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on June 26, 2014
I own the ABF-50, and a friend of mine also bought the ABF-50.
Both reels work well and look nice, with the following 2 exceptions:

Minor issue:
Turning the baitfeeder on is not consistent. Sometimes the baitfeeder doesn't engage. In these cases, sometimes a hard push towards 'on' will fix it, other times I have to turn it off and back on, and still other times you have to turn it off, turn the reel handle a bit, then turn it on. It's fast to do, but still irritating. It always comes OFF baitfeeder without issues, with either a manual switch throw, or reeling.

MAJOR ISSUE: The ABF-50 reel handle joint is too weak for big fish.
The joint which holds the reel handle out is too weak. Both mine and my friends ABF50 had this same exact issue while using it for fishing big (20-25#) channel cats. I loaned mine to a novice fisherman, and my friend is also a novice fisherman. When fighting a big catfish, there is a normal human tendency to push 'inwards' on the reel handle as you turn it under heavy tension. The circular section where the handle and the spindle meet (the part that loosens when you unscrew the thumb screw on the other side) is PLASTIC and quickly gets 'rounded' when the handle is used under big fish pressure. Then the reel handle will easily move in and out no matter how tight the thumb screw is. I was able to jury-rig a 'fix' for both reels by loosening the thumb screw a lot, then inserting the shaft of a gold #6 aberdeen sunfish hook strategically across the inside of the joint and then tighten down the thumbscrew, and wrap electrical tape around that joint where the hook is. BUT this 'fix' is temporary as eventually the wire hook wears a divot into the plastic piece and the handle moves in and out again. I permanently 'fixed' mine by buying a 'spare' handle for the Okuma Coronado 55a, and putting it on the Avenger.

IMHO, a reel of this size is expected to be used on big strong fish, and that reel handle joint should be designed to take a LOT of inward force when reeling, as it is human nature to do that, especially for people not used to catching a lot of very big strong fish. With the new Coronado handle, this reel is working good again, but I still give it one star due to NEEDING that fix (plus the issue of the inconsistent bait feeder switch).
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on July 21, 2011
Have used this product for about a month and a half now. Midwest fishing - muddy rivers, farm ponds, etc. Have the 40 sized reel, purchased through amazon, seemless process from purchase to delivery, everything went as planned. This reel is used for cut bait/live bait fishing for catfish - flatties and channels. Have it set up on a 7 ft catfish ugly stick, spooled w/15 lb Yozuri hybrid line. This reel is heavy, quite a bit heavier than similar sized shimano/quantum reels it is replacing, but you don't buy this type/size reel for making 100 casts a day. It handles 1-2 oz sinkers and sunfish without slipping, built very solidly. The drag works great - just don't forget to release the drag tension - okuma is a little more touchy when it comes to this - you put it up tightened down, you may regret it. The bait feeder option works great, even in rivers you can set it to hold up against current with heavy bait and still allow a run. The main drag is a beast as well, have caught several channels in the 14-19 lb range and this rod handles them well without the flexing so many people worry about from composite/graphite reels. Okuma products are built sturdy. Mind your drag and this one will give you several seasons of fun. Have over 50 fish on it now, still working as new.
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