Customer Reviews: Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods
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on November 11, 2010
The TU-150 is 15' long. It is 3 pieces. I own 2 and bought my 3rd on 11/9/10 on Amazon.
The rod is phenomenal. I recommend you litely sand all connecting points for the joints so that the sections do not stick together because they will... after sanding rub surfer's "SEX WAX" for surf boards around the connecting joints (inside/outside as applicble). This rod casts about 30% further than my 12' surf rods and I use it in extreme surf with heavier weights OR when I just want to cast as far as any human being can cast a weight and a kidding.... I am able to cast 12 and 14 ounce weights with this rod in extreme conditions and I can cast an 8 ounce weight so far I have had other surf fishermen watch in awe. I fish for Stripers and Blues on Long Beach Island N.J. and this rod is great. Clean it after every use, treat it well and enjoy it.
Put a good reel on it, big reel recommended as this is a big rod. Nice tip action does not lie, tells you when a fish is messing with your bait. It takes a bit of muscle and skill to cast this beast and I love mine (all 3).....they make surf fishing even more fun !. Enjoy !.
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on March 19, 2011
It's big!!!...but that's why you order it. For the price, I don't know how they can sell it for ~ $35. Surprisingly well made for an inexpensive 15' surf rod. Casts a mile, but not for someone with a cardiac condition, as you will work. I have it paired with a 30 lb. test Daiwa 9000C and with some practice, it will sling it past the far break +. Recommend for someone looking to try distance surf casting.

I usually surf fish in close with a grub or Gulp; perch, corbina, croaker, halibut on a light spinning rig ~ 6-8 lb test, 7.5 ft. rod. With this 15 footer I cast out a piece of bait, put it in a holder and then use the fun light tackle for perch, etc., while I wait for something further out to hit this rig and ring the rod tip bell. In SoCal that usually means a small leopard shark or a ray. Fun
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on April 23, 2011
Great rod perfect for fishing off the shore and the lightweight and durable for any type of fisherman. I've been fishing for 15 years and i've found
no problems with rod and for the price you can't go wrong
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on June 9, 2012
Ordered the Okuma Fishing TU-150 this is a 15 foot surf casting rod. For the money this is impossible to beat the price!!! I have use the rod on two different days at the ocean. I used a 3oz sinker. Cast easily. If you can get a good knack, this rod zings the bait way out....Sets up easy, 3 piece makes the rod easy to carry. I use elastics one at the top end and one at the bottom end to sort of hold the rod together when going to and from fishing area. On warning when you are putting the 3 piece rod together, wiggle the rod pieces slowly into the male and female fitting. take your time. Try to allow the air to like escape that is getting compressed. You will find little trouble this way when you tear down the Okuma Fishing TU-150, 15 foot rod when you want to move or go home. If these pieces are places together fast and just pushed in, you WILL find yourself with a mated one piece or two piece fishing rod. Take some fine sand paper and just lightly sand down the male ends of the 3 piece rod, not too much, or when you cast so will part of your rod. This will help prevent the suction you will create by hastily setting up your rod. You will not be able to remove the pieces if you put this rod together hastily. TRUST ME. USE the sandpaper as needed on the male end of the 3 piece rod. Of course you will have only two male ends to worry about. And I would take this seriously. Besides that you have a $300 rod for good money........Love mine. I have 3 of these rods and will not take no when I ask someone to join me, the excuses get slim, when you have the equipment. And at this price, I feel great about the price and value. Rocky shoreline...this rod will keep your bait from getting jammed in the rocks with its 15 foot length
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on July 3, 2012
I purchased 2 of these 15 footers and was well impressed on how they were shipped. Each had a box and was packed tightly with air buble packaging and each had a plastic bag to protect them. I checked all the rod guides and they were mint as well as the rod and reel but sections. Amazon must have listened to other posters where they had broken guides and shipping was not packaged well. They certainly stepped it up with what I received. First thing I done was take the suggestions from other posters and sand each connection point down a bit. They are hard to seat if not done and the sanding helps get them apart. I assembled both rods and man are they long, you do not know really how long 15 feet is until it is all assembled. It is a heavy rod but that is ok for river fishing for big catfish. The cost is incredible and with free shipping you cannot beat it anywhere. I currently am looking for a good pair of large spinning reels and am leaning towards the Okuma baitfeeders series or the Daiwa Giant. I have on them some old large spinning reels that have 60 lb braid, and with a 6 oz weight I can cast so far it is rediculous. The trick to casting this beast is let out enough line so that it is 3/4 the length of the rod, lay it on the ground underneath the rod then begin to throw forward loading the rod and release at the 11 o'clock toward your target. The rod loads up well and casts forever. Great buy and will buy a few more as well.
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on July 21, 2012
I love it. The best $35 rod I've ever scene.
I read others reviews b4 buying and poked a slit in the bottom to eliminate the suction people were complaining about and rubbed a little oil on the connections. No problems
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on August 12, 2012
I bought a 13' Tundra rod. It's big. I fished for a week in the Outer Banks, NC (in August, so not much action). I am glad I brought a smaller rod- this one is big and heavy. If I caught a big ole fish, I'd be glad I had it, but the truth is I'll probably end up using this monster very rarely- only when a LONG cast is necessary.

I did catch a 6" Whiting. On a 13' rod... funny.
Anyway about the rod- 13' 3 piece rod- I bought it because 3 pieces of less than 5ft will fit in the luggage box we have on top of the car. I think the tip is somewhat sensitive, but it's a long long way from the reel. It's stiff and not particularly light for its size. I am sure that's where the low cost comes in- a light and strong rod would cost 4x as much. I do think it's worth having around, though if you are fishing at the beach like did, you don't need a very long rod. (unless you catch a 12' fish). 6 or 7 feet of rod would have been plenty for me to catch what we did in the breaking surf. Another thing to consider is this- I would hate to have to use this as a cast-and-retrieve rod. It's too heavy for that. You will get very tired.

When I buy another surf rod, I'll probably spend a lot more on a much lighter weight rod- not necessarily a light-tackle rod, but made thinner and lighter out of more expensive material.
I hope this review helps-
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on June 4, 2011
It is long 15' and that gives better casting distance
The first guide has a large diameter so the line travels easily
Compared to other surf rods guide diameters are larger including the last guide which I believe adds more distance to the casting
Rod color white is better when fishing at night to detect bites without using bells or led light
Stronger rod blanks
Non slip thick rubber grips and their positioning is better for distance or power casting
The rod action is very good for distance casting

Sections stick together extremely hard to remove
Guide materials tends to rust easily
Reel seat has a minor play to it further tightening will damage some rubber around it.
Pole is heavier and thick in diameter
Very short insert points in sections (probably cost minimization in manufacturing process) it is a major disadvantage on this rod
Short insertion points in sections may have made them fatter to make section joins stronger but sometimes totally impossible to remove sections

4 stars

My good experiences are tainted with bad experiences. I had virtually impossible to detach rod sections.
Drove few hours to get to the high tide in one of the best surfs ended up with rod sections stucked together with guides facing opposite directions.
Let alone that I could not even bring it back home as it not fit in the car without removing sections.
Word of warning when assembling do not press sections hard together it will create a vacuum (just like clapping with cupped hands). Make slowly and gently go in (bit hard though).

If sections stucked together then remove the reel completely and hold rod 70 degrees to the earth surface (10 o'clock facing west) from the bottom section then go shake the rod hard to loosen the joints.

If above did not work flatten out the rod on a table and lightly clamp the MALE section (WARNING do not clamp tight) use thick rugs on clamping area to avoid any damages to the rod paint work. Lightly make three taps around the edge of the joint in order to press the female section slide out use a very blunt object like a cold chisel (not a sharp object) and a light hammer.

Why I rate 4 is mainly due to reasonable prize and the action of the rod.
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on May 27, 2016
Well, there's good, bad, and ugly with this rod. First off, I've fished solely conventional rods/reels my entire life. This is my second purchase of a spinning rod for surf fishing (both for my 20 yr old daughter). The first one was a 10' no-name brand from a local shop and it snapped in half casting the first time out. I didn't want to spend a lot if the next one was going to snap as well, so this met the price point where I considered it sacrificial. My first thought when it arrived was...MY GOD, THIS THING IS HUGE! It's thick, heavy, and has a very heavy action. It doesn't have a whole lot of guides, so it's not the smoothest feeling rod either. That said, it's a lot of fishing rod for the money.

On the beach, we quickly encountered its major flaw. We used a 5oz sinker, 9/0 hook, and a squid, which I'd say is a realistic upper limit for what's castable with it. If we hadn't caught anything that day, I'd have left a significantly better review - it actually casts fairly nicely. Unfortunately, my daughter hooked up and the problems became immediately apparent. Within minutes she was saying that her arms were on fire and her back was hurting. She's an Olympic weightlifter, so I took advantage of the situation and made fun of her until about the 10 minute mark. At that point, she passed the rod off to me because she was "finished". I'm 6'2" and a very solid 240lbs, I work out hard, and WOW...did I get worked over! The line rating of 30 lbs (which is what we were fishing) is WAY over what any average sized human being is going to be able to withstand with the heavy action of this rod. I honestly turned into a terrible fisherman with this thing. I had no choice but to walk up the beach with the rod pointed toward the fish instead of pumping the fish in. Fully loaded, there's very little bend in the lower 10' of the rod, giving the fish a huge leverage advantage. Every time the ray would run some line off the reel I thought I was going to cry. It took us almost 30 minutes to land a 70-80lb bat ray, and I was TOTALLY exhausted by the time we got it in.

The good...the rod didn't break, it looks very good for the price, and it casts fairly well. The bad...there aren't many guides and I don't imagine this being a rod that gets passed down to the grand kids. The're going to have to be an NFL lineman (and I'm not joking) in order to catch a good sized fish with this thing. I'm keeping it, but with the intention of letting one of my very large friends borrow it when he comes fishing with us. It should provide at least 30 dollars of serious laughs watching him struggle with it!
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on July 18, 2011
I took this pole salmon fishing. It performed well. Cast very well. I have a glass blank by South Bend that I finally wore out the eyes.
I have a Berkley glass trout rod in the same condition. Depending on how much it will be to strip, equip, tie and finish these poles is what determines if I will keep them. This Okuma advertises it is made of glass fiber. We will see. To me glass rods have greater casting distance, and unlike as advertised, all other constructions of blanks are not as sensitive to light bumps as the glass. Many of my acquaintances want to go back to glass only. They are looking at garage sales to find glass poles to rebuild. If this Okuma is truly glass construction maybe I will be wondering if I should rebuilt it in 25 years.
Aug. 12 2011, I have fished this rod several times now on the Nestuca River in Oregon, and this is a great rod. I am VERY happy.
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