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on April 3, 2013
I wasn't really sure what to expect when I went to this movie. The decent action flicks of yesterday have been replaced by superheroes shooting space aliens or super gory, gross movies that are so hardcore they turn me off before I ever get past the trailer. But this movie takes you back to the really cool action thrillers of yesteryear and frankly, I was riveted throughout.

The action is non stop and the acting is superb, especially for this type of movie. I had never seen Gerard Butler in a movie before but from now on, he is on my watch list. His portrayal of Mike Banning is gritty and down to earth, never over the top. Aaron Eckhart does a very good job with the rather thankless role of the Hostage In Chief. He, too, never stoops to caricature; just a man faced with a horrifying situation. Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett are solid and realistic as the Speaker of the House and the Director of the Secret Service. Rick Yune is a absolute chiller of a villain.

Yes, the movie is bloody - but not as bad as some. The violence is brutal and dirty but crucial to the plot. Maybe some of the story is cliched but I haven't seen this type of movie for a long time. For me, it is a welcome return to the action genre. (In fact, I'm going back next week to see it again. Been a long while since I have done that.)
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VINE VOICEon April 15, 2013
This movie is fantastic for these people:

- You like the film concept of a foreign government capturing the President inside the White House, with a single hero (as in Die Hard) who tries to save the day (and the world) - against all odds.

- You're looking for an exciting, heart pounding, non-stop action flick.

- You like movies with lots of explosions, surprises, and situations that look really impossible.

- You don't care if there are some things about this film that are a bit cliché. They can work in films. And you're just looking for some entertainment anyway.

- You're okay with a character theme that's been done before. There's some time taken to show you the woundedness of Gerard Butler's character, and some of what makes him tick. It's not a new theme. You've seen this before. But you're ok with that.

This movie is not for you if:

- You can't stand cliché's in movies.
- You're looking for really deep characters and relationships.
- You can't stand seeing anything in a movie that's been done before.
- You want something completely unique, and utterly original.

So for me I really enjoyed it. It was full of suspense with some twists I didn't see coming. Once the twists came I realized I'd seen some of them before in other movies, but who cares. It still worked. I was on the edge of my seat almost the entire time, and it was a fun afternoon worth the price of admission.

I also recommend seeing it on the big screen to get the full effect.
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on April 29, 2013
Best action movie of the year.
Even though the White House is a very unlikely site for the plot, it is not an unlikely story in view of the latest and older
developments in the recent history of the US.
Edge of your seat action, does not let off for a single minute. You will definitely never get bored.
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on May 23, 2013
Olympus Has Fallen is the first of two films this year that has a plot centered on the White House being assaulted. Purely set up as an all-out action film it succeeds by setting a chaotic and dire stage and never letting off the gas. It's more Die Hard than A Good Day to Die Hard was.

Gerard Butler stars as a former Secret Service agent who finds himself in the midst of the takeover and as the only person in a position to put an end to it. A rogue North Korean faction takes control of the White House and with it the President hostage putting the group's leader in a position of leverage to make demands that would allow North Korea to invade South Korea and ultimately bring down the United States by another means.

While the CGI shows flaws in certain instances it was still believable enough. The scope of the set pieces was more notable. What really established Olympus as more than just a bland action movie was the intensity of the scenes and the gravity of the events taking place that was reflected through them.

The takeover sequence was not just visually powerful but creatively planned out. There were many moving parts to it which made it seem at least semi-plausible. The close-combat scenes were visceral with some brutal kills. While its no The Raid: Redemption in that sense it was a much harder "R" than anticipated.

Aaron Eckhart plays the President and if he comes across as a tad weak it's probably because of movies like Air Force One where the POTUS refuses to give an inch and fights back no matter the circumstances. Eckhart's performance considers the personal loss he has gone through and seeing others face death right in front of him - leaving the fighting to those who are trained for it. Morgan Freeman is the Speaker of the House and assumes the role as President during the situation. He's pretty much what one would expect from Freeman in such a leadership role, though refreshingly he didn't have all the answers either.

Olympus Has Fallen is an action film that feels as though it could have belonged in the 80′s or 90′s. It's a non-stop adrenaline ride that racks up a high body count within a high concept plot and it works to a surprising extent.
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on April 30, 2013
Saw this when it first opened. We sat on the edge of our seats and held our breaths till the end. Great movie kept you interested and no let up in the action. We said at the end upon leaving the theater it would definitely be a movie to purchase.
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on November 8, 2013
Honestly, one of the best action movies I have ever seen. I would put it up there with Die-Hard. I had never heard of this movie before I rented it on Amazon on my PS3 and I was truly blown away at the action. This is not the same old rehashed action movie either, the stuff in here is very original and kept me wanting more. Literally non stop front to back! great story and great acting. Must own!!!
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on April 1, 2013
High-adrenaline, fast-paced intense action, a victimizing, threatening enemy, and a strong, heroic lead character - Olympus Has Fallen succeeds where A Good Day to Die Hard miserably, miserably failed. On the other hand, it can also be said that Olympus Has Fallen succeeds where the original Die Hard also succeeded. However one wants to look at it, if you like any form of Die Hard, you are sure to like Olympus Has Fallen.

While the title may lead one to suspect that this is an epic Greek battle of the gods, this "Olympus" refers to the "most heavily secured building in the world," the White House. Yet within thirteen minutes, a grisly surprise attack by North Korea causes this "Olympus" to fall and fall hard! Disgraced presidential security operative, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) finds himself in serious John McClane territory as he becomes the only eyes and ears that Speaker of the House and acting president Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) has on a hostage situation that includes President Asher (Aaron Eckart), Secretary of Defence McMillan (Melissa Leo), Vice President Rodriguez, and South Korean Prime Minister Lee (Keong Sim).

Butler plays this role well. He's tough but also sympathetic. Director Antoine Fuqua keeps the action fresh, moving, and increasingly relentless. He also keeps it dark, and not just figuratively. Much of the film takes place in a darkened White House at night, which results in some confusing and disorienting action scenes from time to time. Butler's main objective is to infiltrate the presidential bunker where North Korean terrorist Kang (Rick Yune) menacingly tortures and executes hostages until his demands for the US to withdraw all resistive forces from Korean territory are met. Kang is an excellent villain and Yune plays his part to a cold and ominous effect.

Olympus's greatest advantage is its pacing and relentless action. There is little character development, barring a short prologue at the beginning that reveals the rift between President Asher and Banning; thus, the characters are hardly memorable. Instead, it is shooting, killing, stabbing, kicking, and punching and lots of it. The film isn't lazy about its action though, and it is for this reason that it is successful in rising above average action fare. It is doubtful, we will see Olympus Falls Again, but for a one and done "kicking ass and taking names" kind of movie, this one feels like Die Hard on a "Good Day." B+
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on June 11, 2014
I actually saw this at the movie. I thought it was a great movie. It only had one major loop hole, but otherwise it was pretty straightforward. I thought Gerard Butler was totally badass. The president was cool too! The special effects were great and the bad guys WERE NOT STUPID. Everyone did some good acting and kicked butt. I also saw White House Down. This was such a better take on the White House hostage movie genre. Olympus was a serious movie and it was seriously a lot of fun!
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on September 28, 2015
Barely worth 3 stars. Pretty formulaic. Nothing new. An absolute ton of graphic violence. About 500 uses of the F word and/or variations of same. Ridiculous weapons and tactics technology employed by the bad guys including but not limited to a huge US military gun system installed inside the White House on an elevator that ran to the roof! How they ever got that in there is a total mystery. Morgan Freeman has just an inch or two shy of a cameo appearance to get a name brand actor in the cast. Last, the US military guys involved are pretty much made to look incompetent or worse. With just a little effort you should be able to find much better movies to watch that this one.
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on May 4, 2013
Olympus Has Fallen is one of the best action movies of 2013 with an all-star cast that brings National Security to the forefront. Special effects made the movie seem realistic with the characters being believable. I went to the theaters with my wife, who hates shoot 'em up action movies, and she loved it. The movie gives a strong sense of patriotism and definitely is a MUST SEE movie to add to your library!
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