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on September 7, 2011
Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Quartz Watch 2221.80.00

My wife bought this watch for me as a gift after I had researched and decided on this one. I received it September 3, 2011. I chose the Seamaster quartz model because of the accurate time keeping. Quartz watches simply keep time better than mechanical watches. I can check it when daylight savings time changes and not have to worry about its accuracy otherwise. The stainless steel bracelet and case will not show wear over time like gold plating will and is much less expensive and more scratch resistant than 18 karat gold. Other models are available in a Titanium case to save weight but be aware that Titanium is softer and scratches more easily than stainless steel. The stainless steel bracelet and case with a blue dial and bezel really gives this watch an understated classic look. It has a look of quiet elegance without being flashy.

Experts say Omega compares favorably with Rolex on all meaningful points, at a fraction of the price. Because Rolex is the most recognized watch name in the world, the style is the most copied. This makes it difficult for Rolex to have a unique style because so many other watches are copies. Omega stands a better chance of having a unique style because it is less known and therefore, less copied. As a result, Omega can give you a unique style, quality comparable to a Rolex and a price that is far less than Rolex. This is why reviewers say Omega provides a very good combination of luxury, quality, style and value. The Omega Seamaster Professional 300M Quartz is a luxury watch that is tough enough for everyday use.

The bracelet on the Omega Seamaster 300M Quartz is heavy and masculine, with a double pushbutton release on the clasp. The synthetic Sapphire crystal is very scratch resistant. It is rated a 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness with a cubic zirconia being an 8, a diamond is 10, hardened steel is 7.5 to 8 and tungsten carbide is 9 to 9.5. The wave pattern on the dial and the scallop design on the outer edge of the bezel add to the unique look of the Seamaster along with red accents on the second hand and the Seamaster name on the dial. The luminous markings on the watch face glow brightly after exposure to light. In very low light, when the glow begins to fade, the skeletonized hands are not quite as easy to read as sword hands would be. However, the skeletonized hands do allow you to read the date even as the minute hand is passing over the date window. The diving extension folds out to give the bracelet an extra 1 3/16 inch to fit over a wetsuit. There is no fine user adjustment on this watchband. If you need it adjusted you will have to have a jeweler add or remove links to fit your wrist or purchase the jeweler tools needed to do it yourself. This watch complements almost any attire from a suit to blue jeans or at the beach or poolside. If you have never worn a diver watch, be aware that they are big and heavy. You may find a slight interference with extreme wrist movement. It may take some getting used to.

The crown has three positions. Screwed down it is water resistant. Unscrewed and pulled out to the first stop, the second hand continues to keep time but by rotating the crown you will cause the hour hand to jump forward or back in one hour increments. This allows you to adjust for daylight saving time or time zone changes quickly without having to stop the second hand and lose accurate time. You can also rotate the hour hand through 24 hours to change the date at the end of a short month. The third position, unscrewed and pulled to the second stop, stops the second hand and allows you to rotate the minute and hour hands. The serial number is in very small numbers on the back of the lug at the 7 O'clock position. The folding clasp is solid, secure and is released by squeezing the buttons on either side of the clasp. The single direction rotating bezel allows you to time minutes elapsed.

The Helium escape valve at the 10 O'clock position is used mainly by saturation divers who spend days at depth, in chambers, breathing special helium/oxygen mixtures under pressure. Helium diffuses through the seals and allows the pressurized gas to enter the watch case. The valve is unscrewed as they decompress so pressure inside the case can escape without damaging the seals inside the watch or popping out the crystal. The watch is designed to keep out water under pressure, not to hold in gas under pressure. Hence, the escape valve for decompression. Check the escape valve regularly to make sure it is screwed down along with the crown. The watch is not fully water resistant if either is unscrewed.

I was fortunate enough to find an excellent authorized dealer in Bayside, New York who sized the bracelet, engraved the watch to personalize it and shipped it overnight all for no additional charge. Alicia's jewelers has been in business almost 30 years and gives excellent service. Tell Kathy Rota you were referred by Dave Easley in Colorado. As a referral from an existing client, she will be more than happy to help you get exactly what you want. Because they are an authorized Omega dealer you get the international warranty.

Almost any cheap quartz watch will keep accurate time but if you would be satisfied with a cheap watch you probably would not have read this far. Make no mistake; you are not buying just a watch for timekeeping, you are buying, and paying for, quality, branded men's jewelry with fine Swiss watch works inside. The Seamaster has been described as a piece of art, a thing of beauty. It exudes quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail with excellent build quality and fit and finish. Omega promises to have parts available for 20 years after a model is discontinued so this watch may last a lifetime and may be fought over by your heirs.

You may encounter those who will say you should buy a mechanical watch (also called self winding or automatic). The arguments of mechanical vs. quartz would fill a book, perhaps a library. Watch connoisseurs love to watch the second hand sweep around the dial rather than make 60 stops. Each mechanical watch has its own sound when held to the ear; it hums, sings and talks to you as the gears, springs and mechanisms whirl inside. Some fine watches have see-through backs so you can view the parts at work. Prior to the twentieth century the finest, most delicate and most advanced machines made by mankind were watches. Even in the twenty-first century they are nothing less than marvels of engineering and design, still being improved upon by master watchmakers who have devoted their entire lives to their craft. A rare few mechanical watch owners may be able to maintain and regulate their watches to within a minute a year. The much more usual drift is between 30 seconds and two minutes a month. Fine quartz watches are often within a few seconds a year. People do not buy mechanical watches for their accurate timekeeping. They buy them because of their appreciation of the craft of watch making, its history and romance, much as those who appreciate art or other fine crafts.

Some snobbish mechanical watch devotees look down their noses at the owners of quartz watches, because quartz watches are more electronic than mechanical. However, mechanical watches are more expensive to buy, more easily damaged by shock or rough handling, require more frequent and more expensive maintenance and are more expensive to repair than quartz watches. If you don't wear a mechanical watch for a couple of days it will stop, unless it is placed on an automatic watch winder. It has been said that the owner of a quartz watch knows what time it is, while the owner of a mechanical watch is never sure. You should buy which ever watch suits your lifestyle, personality and function. If you prefer mechanical, you will have a large club of associates. If you prefer quartz, do not let anyone belittle you for your choice. Quartz watches are rugged and allow you to set it and forget it, for 3 to 5 years, until the battery needs changing. Quartz technology is the culmination of a centuries long quest to create the most accurate watch and Omega has one of the best quartz movements out there.

Thank you for your attention through this rather lengthy review. I welcome comments, corrections, suggestions, and questions to help make this review more complete and helpful. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to click whether this review was helpful to you. If you did not find it helpful, please send me a note telling me how I can make it better. Again, thank you for your kind attention.

September 17, 2011 update: In the two weeks I have had my Seamaster it has gained less than one second when measured against navigational time signals.
October 3, 2011 update: I have had my watch one month and it has gained one second when measured against navigational time signals. September was a short month so I pulled out the crown to the first stop then turned the crown to jump the hour hand 24 times. That changed the date to October first. All this happened while the second hand kept running, keeping perfect time.
November 3, 2011 update: My Omega Seamaster is now two months old and has gained two seconds. When daylight savings time changed on November fifth, I unscrewed the crown and pulled it out to the first stop, then turned it to jump the hour hand back one hour while the second hand kept ticking. It couldn't be much easier.
January 3, 2012 update: My Omega Seamaster is now four months old and has gained five seconds.
February 3, 2012 update: My Omega Seamaster is now five months old and has gained eight seconds.
March 3, 2012 update: My Omega Seamaster is now six months old and has gained nine seconds.
April 3, 2012 update: My Omega Seamaster is now seven months old and has gained eleven seconds.
May 3, 2012 update: My Omega Seamaster is now eight months old and has gained fourteen seconds since September 3, 2011.
June 3, 2012 update: My Omega Seamaster is now nine months old and has gained sixteen seconds.
July 3, 2012 update: My Omega Seamaster is now ten months old and has gained almost ninteen seconds.
August 3, 2012 update: My Omega Seamaster is now eleven months old and has gained a total of 21 seconds.
September 3, 2012 update: My Omega Seamaster is now twelve months old and has gained a total of 23 seconds.
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on February 25, 2007
This 2006 edition of the famous James Bond watch made its debut in the movie Casino Royale. Actually, there are two Omega watches in the movie; the limited edition Omega Seamaster Plant Ocean Big Size 2907.50.91 and the limited edition Omega Seamaster Chronometer 2226.80.00. The watch offered here carries on the James Bond style without the limited edition price tag.

This style of the James Bond watch first appeared in the movie 'Golden Eye' (1995) and is still available as the full size gents automatic chronometer model 2531.80.00 and the same in a quartz model 2541.80.00. The new 2006 quartz model 2221.80.00 has several refinements that you should consider over the previous (but still available) model. Most notably is the appearance of the watch face. The blue wave dial is a deeper shade blue with a more distinctive wave pattern and the Seamaster script is a subtle red. More apparent is the hour markings are now encased in stainless steel mountings instead of painted on as in the previous model. This alone cleans up the watch face and makes it look like it costs thousands more.

Bear in mind that any Omega watch purchased on the internet voids the International Warranty, so read the seller's warranty terms carefully. This watch is also available in an automatic chronometer with the new Co-Axial escapement movement as model 2220.80.00.

If you desire a James Bond series watch at an affordable price, this is the one.
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on June 19, 2009
Verified Purchase
Like the title says, a true piece of art trumps price, every time. This watch is the perfect mate of beauty, class, craftsmanship and usefulness.
The watch immedietly stands out a quality time piece to even the most casual of observer. It sets itself apart from minor details; details that speak of expierence, care and attention to quality.

I cannot give an honest pro/con list of the watch's qualities at this time because I haven't owned it long enough. This review is my initial impressions. Although I conducted an immense amount of research before purchasing this particular model, and from the reviews, personal testimonials and widely-available resources, this watch is as sturdy and reliable as it is beautiful.

Details: This watch is like any fine jewlery product. From the images posted on Amazon you cannot get a feel for how this watch feels and looks in person. All metal parts are either finely brushed or beautifully polished. This watch stands apart from every lower-end watch in the spectrum. All the laser etchings are crisp and clear and fonts are classic and clean. It is the small details such as the font, exact mechanical tolerances and minor touches of class that make this watch the fine piece that it is.

The root purpose of this review is not to brag about the watch though, there are plenty of people that do that already. The point I want to clarify is that customers shopping from Amazon can do so without hesitation. Amazon IS NOT, an official Authorized Dealer (AD). Therefore, the Omega warranty is void! If you are looking for a watch from an AD that will cover the full Omega warranty - DO NOT order the watch from Amazon. Although, I will say this: Amazon does provide a comprehensive and detailed warranty and support network for customers. If your not concerned about the Omega International Warranty, then you can purchase this watch without concern. Amazon provides the official hang tags, outter box, inner red leather box, instruction manual, official and authentic pictogram and International Warranty card (which is not endorsed by an Omega AD so therefore the Omega warranty is no good). I felt completely comfortable purchasing this watch from Amazon despite not having the Omega support available. When I purchased the watch on June 14th, my only concern was the shipping and condition upon delivery. When I recieved the watch a mere five days later (shipped on the 15th, arrived on the 19th overseas to an APO address), there was no damage to the product or the packaging whatsoever. In fact, I was surprised and pleased at how quickly the watch arrived.

To keep this as short as prudent, I won't get into the details of Quartz vs. Automatic but if you have questions or want more details, you can search online where there is a plethora of information or contact me and I will be happy to explain it. But suffice to say, I was very happy with the quartz watch.

Bottom line: If you an Amazon customer wishing to purchase this watch and your NOT concerned with having the Omega Warranty, go for it, dive in and enjoy every wonderful detail this instrument provides. If your a collector and stickler for having the warranty then I suggest moving on to your local jeweler or AD.

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on September 15, 2009
I have several High dollar Rolex divers and I love them all but for everyday abuse and accuracy the Seamaster Professional 300 QUARTZ wins hands down. Its one of the few divers watch that is'nt a Rolex Submariner knock off. The Omega stays true to its own design and does not borrow the Rolex look in any way. This is important to me because I already own a Rolex Submariner. The Omega Seamaster design holds its own in a crowd of diver watches and is never confused with anything else other than a OMEGA SEAMASTER.
I absolutely love this watch for several reasons. 1st its build quality is perfect and its fit and finish is top notch. The accuracy is excellent. My watch is + or - 0 seconds in 30 days. Outstanding!! The Omega Seamaster 300 quartz movement is Omegas toughest Diving watch and can withstand 5000g's of shock. No wonder it was THE original James Bond choice in GoldenEye.

Omega quarts movement are very high quality and doesnt take a back seat to its automatic brother at all. Both have their selling points. Both are desirable for the same and different reasons.

Why you should buy a Omega Seamaster quartz:
Not all quartz movements are the same just like not all automatic movements are the same. Omega quarts is a very high quality robust movement. There is no reason this quartz movement cant last 3 lifetimes or be handed down as a family heirloom. Maintenance is also a lot cheaper than its automatic brother and less fussy all around.
The 5 link bracelet on the Bond models are a masterpiece of design and comfort. Omegas best bracelet ever.
Omegas quartz movement can be serviced 30-40 years down the road just as easy as keeping a automatic going for the same amount of time. The only difference is it will still be cheaper to service in the end.

A true Professional diving watch.
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on July 12, 2007
I second that. This watch is an absolute beauty. I got the Quartz version myself, purely because I'm an accuracy nut but I can see why people would want an automatic version. This watch screams class, but not in an overt way like a Tag (held in smaller esteem by watch connoisseurs) might. It's nicely heavy, and its refined workmanship makes you realise what a joyous piece of jewellery you're wearing. This is my first step into "expensive" watches, and I am more than happy with the choice I made.

If you're thinking of buying this watch, and like me, have scoured the net endlessly in search of reviews and pictures, then just take the plunge and buy it. This watch looks 100 times better than any picture out there, official ones included.
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on May 14, 2007
I have this watch for 3 years now. It has excellent built quality and is highly accurate. My watch drift less than 15 seconds a year. The power reserve is mentioned to be 36 months but the battery lasted longer. However I changed the battery after 37 months just to be on the safe side. The battery change and water pressure check cost me singapore dollars SGD$30.00 (done at Swatch SEA service centre). I wear it almost daily and scratches are evident on the bezel and the bracelet. I left it at that as it look more personalized.

Specifications of the watch: stainless steel case and bracelet. Sapphire crystal, Date, 300M water resistance, 3 hands movement
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on February 8, 2011
This watch is AWESOME! After researching Tags, Hamiltons, and Omegas, and trying on a bunch of different watches, I kept coming back to the Seamaster. The weight, versatility, durability, and beauty of this watch are worth the expense (my wife surprised me with this dream watch for finishing my master's degree, 10th anniversary, birthday, and Christmas all in one). As much as I love the automatic version of this watch, the quartz (for me) made more sense for cost and maintenance. She got the watch from an authorized dealer over the phone for $1640 (only $100 more than the cheapest on-line grey market dealer), and it is worth every penny.

I am pretty hard on watches, and I seem to graze my watch against door frames, tables, and other hard objects on a regular basis. Other watches I have bought have the crystal and steel scratched pretty quickly, but this watch (after two months) remains pristeen. The steel clasp has a few scratches on it, but I am not paranoid that every time I brush the watch against a surface a scratch will appear on the crystal.

If you have never bought a watch 40 MM or bigger (or you are not used to wearing a heavier watch), my suggestion is to buy a cheap watch of that size to see if you can adjust to the larger profile. The Seamaster wears smaller than 40 MM, in my opinion, though the crown does rub a bit against the base of my wrist/ hand. It is very comfortable otherwise, and the band is incredible.

Finally, the watch is just plain beautiful. It polishes quickly, and is versatile enough for casual or business. One nice feature is that the low profile (to me at least) makes it easier to wear with a button-down dress shirt.
It is awesome.
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on October 8, 2009
The Omega Seamaster 2221.80 is my first big brand watch, so my I shant be able to do any comparisons with other timepieces in this class. I am, however, truly happy with this watch. It is stylish, sturdy, and, most importantly: it feels good. It is stylish enough to wear at formal events yet sporty enough to go with normal everyday attire. Leather shoes and tie or sneakers and a hoodie. This watch complements almost all styles. I have not owned it for long enough to tell you that it will provide fault-free service for a lifetime, but it seems nigh on unbreakable. You will definitely not be afraid to wear it, which is brilliant (I must add, however, that, while the glass is unscratchable, the bracelet does scratch rather easily. Not so that you'd notice at a glance, but enough that it is visible). Most expensive things tend to be either flimsy or flashy. This is neither. I think it can be best described as luxury for everyday use. It is, to my mind at least, not even really expensive considering what you get. It is not cheap, mind, but this is of high quality. Although we often would like it not to be true, you do in most cases get what you pay for.

The only slightly negative side about this watch, and it is only slight, is that because it has a metal wristband, I can't really wear it while using my Macbook Pro because it will scratch the living heck out of my computer. It is, however, a only a slight nuisance, and, I should imagine, a nuisance that one will not have to put up with if one uses a desk top computer.

I'm truly and utterly chuffed with this watch and can only recommend it highly. You need to go into a store and try it on. It seems a lot nicer when on your wrist than does it here on the internet. The picture here on Amazon (as well as almost all other websites) does not do the wonderful, deep blue color of the Seamaster justice. Not at all.
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on May 3, 2011
I have had this watch for 8-9 years and as almost everyone else here, I love it. Finish is great, look is great, it makes a statement (understatement??) and seems bombproof. I abuse it constantly - swimming, working outdoors, skiing, you name it. I'm on my third or fourth battery. Let's say it is well scuffed. My 4 year old kid likes to run around the house with it and play with the "winder things".

Which brings me to the sad part of the tale. The other day the crown fell off. When I sent the watch in for a repair estimate, I was told that water had gotten inside and the watch needs a complete refurbishing. I guess that means "new movement". (Perhaps I neglected to close the pressure relief valve after the kid got done with it??) The price tag? $398.00 At first I was reluctant - but then I thought about how much good, hard use I've gotten out of it and how much I like it. So, repair authorized and we're all set for another decade.

Don't hesitate to buy this watch.
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on April 11, 2009
I was looking at this watch about a month ago and it was for sale for @$1,200. I went down to the local authorized dealer and got the watch for $1,500 + $91.00 tax. I do have to say that the Amazon seller has a 1 year better warranty. The watch keeps very accurate time (not off 1 second compared to three atomic clocks). I prefer the quatz movement, due to the accuracy of same. Watch is heavy, keep that in mind. I like that it is a very nice looking, but not over the top watch.
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