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This shelf seems to work fine when you use it as recommended however I found a trick that makes it look even better. Mount it upside down using the front lip of the shelf hooked over the front of your TV instead of the 2 pegs. It looks way better this way and functions about the same. When you do this, also be sure to mount the rear legs not in the normal spots, but just behind in one of the vent holes. That way, the screws will not protrude upwards. I also recommend using a bit of sticky tack mount between the center speaker (or other device) and the shelf, to provide a bit of further protection from the speaker being able to slide during an earthquake of if the shelf should get bumped.

My TV stand would only allow my center channel speaker to be placed on it's bottom shelf, not on the shelf directly below the TV. I tried it like that for a while, but the sound was no good. Having the speaker down by the floor made male voices sound muddy and when they spoke low or whispered, I couldn't even understand what they were saying-the sound was just lost with the speaker down there.

Although the look of this Omnimount shelf is not ideal because it detracts a bit from the beauty and sleekness of the TV, you do get used to it pretty quickly. I got the black one and it matches my TV (Sony SXRD 60a2000) and installing it upside down looks way sleeker than having 2 pegs in the front of the TV.

The sound from the center channel speaker is worlds better having it on top of the TV, than down by the floor. While I wish my TV stand allowed for placing the speaker on the upper shelf, this Omnimount shelf is the next best thing.

Be extra careful when installing this shelf so as not to scratch the front or top surfaces of your TV. Once it's on there, it should not scratch anything if you don't move it around. Also, this shelf really cannot support more than 30 pounds so be sure to weigh your speaker or device (or look in the manual for the weight specification).
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on February 13, 2006
I bought one of these to hold my 30 lb center channel on top of my 61" Samsung DLP. It worked just fine for about a week, and then last night the speaker came crashing down the back of my TV. The metal rods have ripped apart from the base (screws still in place, top part of metal rod itself ripped off). Also, the bolts that sit in front of the TV scratched my Samsung pretty scratched it as I was installing it, and then again when it came crashing down.

I'm not angry or anything, I was using this shelf at its weight limit, and perhaps a pound or two above. Also, my center channel extended behind the shelf (I have a deep center channel). I would imagine this shelf would work great for a lighter, shallower center channel. If you have a heavy or large center like me, you may be better off with a HyLoft Heavy Duty Wall Shelf. I just ordered one from Amazon...and I'm SURE it will be sturdy enough (designed to hold 200lb).
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on February 21, 2005
I bought one of these after getting a new DLP TV. I had a smaller tube and had my center channel in the entertainment center but after moving to a TV stand had no where to put it. This shelf is very well built and nice looking. The box says it will work with tube, LCD, and DLP TVs. The problem that I had was that the ajustable legs were just not long enough to reach the back of my TV. I had someone make me longer leg inserts to use this shelf so that was a major hassle. Other than that though I am very pleased with the looks and consturction of the shelf.
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on October 26, 2006
I read the reviews here on Amazon before ordering. I decided to get the shelf anyway, figuring if there were missing parts I could just have them mailed to me. Sure enough, I opened the box and I could not find the front feet. It seemed odd to me that they were ALL missing the same front pegs so I looked carefully.

The people who package this thing screw the front legs (pegs) to the rear swivel feet for some dopey reason. My guess is that most of the reports of missing front pegs are just a case of not finding them. (I was seconds from giving up when I spotted them)

Anyway, the shelf is really nice. The metal is heavy enough and feels "solid". The assembly went smoothly (once I found the pegs). The shelf is a real bargain at this price and nearly invisible on the tv with a speaker on it.
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on March 16, 2007
I upgraded from a 32" tube TV in an entertainment center to a 61" Samsung DLP HDTV sitting on a TV stand. The top of the Samsung is nowhere near wide enough to be able to hold my Klipsch center channel speaker (which had previously been sitting on top of the entertainment center), so after doing some searching, I ordered one of these shelves.

The two pegs that are intended to anchor the shelf on the front of the TV ended up being too long for my TV (they hung down low enough that they would have blocked out part of the screen) so I took the advice of some other reviewers and just mounted the shelf upside down, using the shelf's lip as the anchor instead. This worked without any problem.

The double-sided stickies that are included to help keep the shelf on the TV are *very* sticky (which is a good thing), and so I would recommend ignoring the instructions that suggest that you affix them to the shelf first. Instead, measure the top of your TV and pre-place the two stickies so that the shelf will be centered without any guesswork, and then lay the shelf down on top of them. Initially, I mounted it a bit off-center, and I had to (rather gingerly) unstick the (very stuck) shelf to fix the positioning. Once you get the front mounted, there is enough "play" in the legs to be able to place them appropriately.

I'm knocking off a star because (as other reviewers have noted) many of the parts come screwed together in non-obvious ways and the instructions are somewhat lacking (though assembling the shelf is hardly brain surgery). That aside, this shelf works perfect to hold my 10-pound speaker above my TV -- with the upside-down modification -- and it was even deep enough to conceal a small OTA HDTV antenna behind the speaker.
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on January 31, 2007
I bought this to mount on a Toshiba 32HL66 HDTV because it mentioned in the Technical Details here at the site it would work on most CRT's, DLP's, LCD's, projection TV's. The keyword here is projection TV's for an obvious reason, their dimensions are deeper. If your Flat panel is not at least 7 3/4" deep this shelf will not work for you unless you do as I did and came up with a modification for the rear leg assembly which I won't recommend. Like other reviews here I too had thought I didn't get the shelf pegs meant to overlap the top front of your TV. Looking carefully at the pictured illustration of all the parts, I had noticed the foot assembly in front of me(for rear support) didn't look exactly like that pictured, sure enough the front pegs were shipped attached to the foot assembly, so it's a good possibility others had overlooked this (not hard to do) and returned it thinking they were missing the shelf pegs. The shelf pegs are bare painted metal. I read at least one review that mentioned they scratched the front of his TV during installation. This can easily be avoided just by being somewhat careful, however I took the precaution of wrapping the peg with black electrical tape to cover the metal. It's virtually unnoticeble and protects the finish of your TV. 1/4" tubed black heatshrink would had been ideal, but I had none on hand. It would be a nice touch if the manufacturer would send these out with a black vinyl cover or the equivalent on these pegs. Oh well. Despite the forementioned quibbles I am happy with the product. It's well made and providing your TV goes deep enough you should be very happy with the results. It definately settled the what to do with the center channel speaker dilemna I had.
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on May 6, 2005
This shelf is very strong and of nicely finished steel construction. It is the least obtrusive of the units I compared it to. The mounting system is very flexible in adapting to various configurations of TVs. I have a Sony LCD rear projection 60 inch and adjusted the speaker to fire slightly downward toward the viewing sweet spot.
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on October 17, 2007
I own a KDS-60XBR2 and wanted to mount a center channel that was about 14" wide and 10" deep. This mount was perfect for the fit on top of the TV. Only problem I have with it is the front two "peg feet" are steel with no padding, so I suggest getting some foam pads to place underneath them before placing it on the front edge of your TV as they will scratch it. The rear feet come with double sided adhesive foam pads that work well. I personally only peeled off the side to stick to the shelfs feet and left the paper backing on the side touching the TV since I wasn't sure how hard it would be when it was time to remove it. Overall works great and is very reasonably priced. It has enough adjustment options to accomodate most new projection TV's but not the newest super slim cabinets and definitely not a plasma or flat screen LCD.
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on April 16, 2008
I had this thing for about 2 months. One night I heard a crash in the living room and yes, my Klipsch center speaker crashed behind my HDTV damaging the speaker and wall. Fortunately damage to speaker was cosmetic. This thing is NOT to be used with a speaker over 20 lbs. Like others here I do not recommend this stand....too risky. Like everything else you get what you pay for.
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on February 12, 2009
Purchased through I got quick delivery and the shelf worked out great for my DVD and VCR players, (yes, I still have a VCR). Once you get it adjusted right and put on the adhesive foot pads it is very stable and solid on top of the T.V. I would suggest checking the parts list, all the parts are there, but the 2 short spacers are screwed onto the feet and look like one piece. You have to unscrew them to shorten the foot sections and screw on the legs. Do not put the adhesive pads on until you are absolutely sure it is level, screws tightened and centered on the top of the T.V., because once it set in place with the adhesive pads release paper removed there is no moving it around for adjustment. You get one shot at placement. My 42" Sony Wega LCD has a steep back on it and I had to use the long set of legs, the forward mounting holes in the shelf and remove the little lock nuts on the foot sections to get that little bit to make it level. Trial and error test fitting is the only way to go to get it right. Instructions could be better, but as far as the unit itself, it is strong and well made and should hold most anything you want to put on it, within reason. Try to keep most of the weight forward and not sitting on the back edge of the platform for safety's sake.
I am very satisfied with the purchase and the price, plus delivery was fast (4 - days).

Another note:
To all the folks that don't use all 4 adhesive pads, 2 on the rear feet and 2 under the front lip that sits on top of the screen. The pads keep the legs from sliding down the slope on the back of your set causing bending and breaking off. Disaster in the making. The front ones help keep the front edge down so it resists tilting back or sliding if the weight is not balanced. If you are worried about removing the adhesive pads later for some reason, just use a common hair drier to warm up the pads and they should peel off without any damage to the finish or the back of the set. Adhesives soften with a little heat. The pads assure the stability and strength of the platform and becomes a rigid part of the set.
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