Customer Reviews: Omron 7 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
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on May 27, 2011
I am a young man who has, unfortunately, been beset by a number of cardiovascular issues. After bypass surgery it was eventually found I had costochondritis (inflammation of chest cavity, chronic pain) and high blood pressure. My doctors have been harping on me to start tracking my blood pressure every day so they know what exactly they are dealing with and take preventative measures from there. Looking around I found the 7 series which seemed both reasonably priced and well recommended by the community, a wonderful combination.

Upon receiving the device it was clear from the instructions provided how to, easily, use it. It does mention, as doctors do, when during the day and when not to take your blood pressure. It is EXTREMELY easy to use, simply follow the cuff instructions and press start...that's it. Now, I understand some people want to use the built in memory system to track their blood pressure etc. This will take a bit more work considering it requires more input and such. Some people are worried about the inability to store more than one person's record. I have a solution. Microsoft Excel. Simple as that. Just take your reading twice a day and simply use a spreadsheet to mark your progress over the weeks and doing so keeps it in a form easily transferable to your primary physician to look at.

Some quick other notes, it comes with a power cord if you want to plug it in or you can use it cord free by putting 4 AA batteries into it, so you can use it around your home or wherever else if you wish. It comes with a black carry bag for your cuff and cord for travel and easy home storage. Some might have issues with how "bulky" it is but it is no larger than a desk calculator (the larger ones with the large buttons) and just as heavy, easily transportable.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a very reliable and relatively well priced home monitor system.
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on June 22, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Simple. Took about a minute to figure out how it worked, thanks in part to the handy quick start guide. Basically, install batteries (OR attach the provided AC adapter), attach the cuff, and press start (I did set the date and time in between, which is optional). The reading takes about 30 seconds or so, with the cuff inflating and then deflating as expected. The cuff, by the way, isn't totally floppy. The part that goes around your arm is pre-formed into a "taco"-type springy shape that fits around your arm, and then you wrap the extra cuff material around and secure with velcro. Very easy for one person to put on themselves. The cuff is extra long, and some of it just hangs loose (or can be secured with additional velcro on the end, not a big deal). The measurement seemed accurate based on my past readings, and the unit has plenty of advanced features, most of which I may never use (multi-reading averaging, the 60-test log, etc). It's nice to have the large readout (the numbers aren't hard to see), which includes both blood pressure readings (systolic and diastolic) and a pulse measurement. I suppose the main unit could be smaller, but it's not heavy, and not too big to stash away on a bathroom shelf somewhere.

Anyway, it's a handy, easy to use unit, with a clear display, which comes with a carrying case for keeping it all together. A good choice, I think.
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on March 2, 2012
I have another Omron Blood Pressure Monitor and it works just fine so I decided to buy one for my husband with a bigger arm cuff but after taking it to be tested by two different doctors, it is way off from the what their readings are. We have read the manual and done all the recommended instructions so I contacted the manufacturer and even though it has a one year warranty, which is we have only had for six months, they expect customers to pay a fee and send it in for repair. I could see this if the warranty period is over but I will not pay for an item that is under warranty. So I am disappointed with their company.
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VINE VOICEon June 24, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've purchased two blood pressure cuffs prior to receiving this one, and each has had problems. Both were rather flimsy, or felt so, and did not seem consistant in sequential readings. Readings seemed to be in the ball park, so generally useful, but sometimes returned no reading at all. I read through other reviewers comments on this model, which were mostly quite good, although some not so good. So I approached this review with an eye out for possible issues. I also wanted to see if operation was easy to figure out or whether the manual would require close reading.

This unit does feel solid; its rather heavier than previous units I had used, and stays firmly on the table in use. The individual components, cuff, power cord and base plug together in an obvious way. The cuff is snug on the arm and was awkward on the first try. I looked down at the cuff and turned it so the diagrams were easy to read. This lined up the air tube exactly correctly, but had to slide the cuff a bit to clear the elbow. After several uses, no problem at all. I hit the Start button and it worked perfectly. I have yet to see the incorrect fit icon on the unit. Sequential reading were not identical, but close.

The only thing that was not obvious to me was how to set the time, so I turned to the user's guide. Pretty easy. The manual explains all the features including morning and evening averages and memory in English and Spanish. Not sure if this will be useful, but time will tell. The unit is clearly designed for the left arm. The manual shows how to use it if you are a 'righty'.

Very pleased with this unit.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Since 2003, my husband has used an Omron blood pressure monitor daily to monitor his blood pressure due to congestive heart failure. We have used the same model all these 8 years- talk about reliability! I know it's 100% accurate, because we go to his 4 different doctors each, 3 times a year, sometimes more, and the numbers always match up. The Omron monitor we have used for the past 8 years is still accurate and still working! We bought a model HEM-711 back in 2003 for $70.00. It doesn't have the great new upgrades that this Model BP760 7 Series has, yet the price is almost the same for a lot more, 8 years later, so I know this is a tremendous buy for the money.

After using this monitor in comparison with a recent hospital stay and 4 of his doctor visits, it is 100% accurate- just like our 2003 model. This new model has a new cuff design that is so easy to put on. It has a partial firm tube shape that stays on your arm, while you are wrapping it around. It also has a white plastic finger guide and blue stripe that you line up with your middle finger, to make certain it is on correctly. With the 2003 model, you had to take time in using one hand to keep the floppy cuff from moving around while wrapping your arm. Not only is the cuff super easy and accurate in putting it on your arm, but it fits all size arms, from thin to heavy! This new ComFit Cuff is PERFECT!

This monitor can be used with batteries or with the included AC adapter. It can average 3 readings taken within a 10 minute period. It can store up to the last 60 readings with the date and time. It displays the date, time, if you have the cuff on correctly and even if you are having morning hypertension. One of the best new features, besides the cuff, is it will show if you have an irregular heartbeat. For a person with congestive heart failure and a defibrillator, this is so great! Omron has provided accurate blood pressure readings for 8 years in our home and now Omron has made an easier to put on cuff no matter what your size. With the addition of detecting an irregular hearbeat- this is a really great monitor for the money, that will bring you years of peace of mind in monitoring your health accurately! Being the #1 Doctor Recommended Blood Pressure Monitor with a 5 year warranty (And we know they last way longer than 5 years), you just can't miss with this 5 STAR purchase!
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VINE VOICEon June 22, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have another Blood Pressure Monitor (ReliOn) that if I believed its readings, would have me off to the hospital every time I took my bp - no matter how relaxed or how I positioned my matter what I tried my bp was through the roof, it never matched what it said at the Dr's office, or even came close. I had a hard time putting on the cuff and it always wanted to come off...

Now on to THIS awesome BP Monitor! I've not gone through the ins and outs of whatever else this monitor may do (like store your bp readings, etc) yet, but I opened the box, hooked up the cuff to the machine, plugged it in and took my bp and low and behold, almost a perfect match for the Dr's office! It was EASY to put on my own arm, snug, but comfortable (I have a big upper arm) and made me so happy I could have done the happy dance! Now I can truly monitor my BP and not have to worry about it or get frustrated. I highly recommend this machine and STAY AWAY from the ReliOn automatic monitor (in pink, for ladies!)

This nice little machine, which comes with a storage bag, too, is a joy to use! I highly recommend it!

p.s. I'm mid 50's and my BP with this machine averaged 130/80 - close enough to the 126/78 I get for an average at the Dr's office - in comparison the other machine always read right around 180/110 (the inflation process was extremely painful if I didn't clear the memory)Funnily enough they both had the heart rate right.
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on August 10, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Let me begin by saying I really do love my Omron BP760 blood pressure monitor. I use it daily, and I am thrilled with the way it has functioned. I watched the Omron Comfit Tutorial right here on this Amazon page, and that's all I needed to start using it correctly. It is smart, easy to read, easy to use, comfortable, and hansdome. I feel confident about its accuracy as we also have a traditional analog blood pressure device at home and a trained person to administer the test! And I feel guilty giving the BP760 only four stars because it deserves five...

BUT. After getting the BP760, I noticed that the BP785 is only five dollars more, and has features which, in addition to all those the BP760 has, will;

* automatically double-check each reading (self-calibration)
* will perform three consecutive readings (which my wife tells me is the best way to get an accurate reading)
* will automatically average your AM and PM numbers if you measure twice daily (which many people do, and it's the best way of getting a true "daily" average
* has the capability to keep two separate users in its memory banks.

These are some pretty outstanding features for an extra five bucks, so after comparing those two units, I strongly advise anyone looking for such a blood pressure monitor to look that the BP785 before purchsing the BP760.

The BP791IT is twenty dollars more than the BP760 (fifteen more than the BP785) and the only difference is that it is compatable with Microsoft Health Vault, which you can learn about here; [...]

I whole-heartedly recommed the BP760 if those extra features don't make less of a difference to you that those additional five bucks, but those differences should definitely be looked at before buying either of these products, in my opinion.
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on April 27, 2011
I did not realize that this is the only Omron system, besides the basic 3 series, that does not include a 2 person function. With all of its averaging calculations, your readings can be really thrown off if someone else uses the device. As far as I can tell, there is no way to select to not record a reading into your averages. It makes me feel like the averaging functions are useless, because if anyone else uses it, you have to go back to calculating everything by hand until the memory clears.
Moral: if you plan to use this for more than one person, do not buy this model.

However, the cuff is comfortable and the device is intuitive to use.
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VINE VOICEon June 22, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. Ultimately this is what you need in a home blood pressure monitor. I took this monitor with me to the doctor's office for a recent visit. I ran the Omron monitor twice and came up with similar, although a few points off, readings. I then compared those readings to the reading that I received from the trained nurse and a professional monitor (I honestly didn't capture the device's maker).
The Omron monitor was within 5 points on both systolic and diastolic readings. Given the ease of use of the Omron as well as its accuracy, I would recommend it highly.
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VINE VOICEon February 20, 2012
To be perfectly fair I think I got a defective unit which overinflated. I tried it for a week and only TWO times did I get an accurate, pain-free reading. Other times it caused extreme pain and bruising to my arm and a very high BP. Could the high BP reading and fast heart rate be caused by the pain? I don't know but it's my guess it was. Also the battery back-up didn't work. I replaced the batteries TWICE with new, tested alkaline batteries and it still read "low batteries". Of course the settings were lost when the adapter was UN-plugged.

Amazon is FANTASTIC about returned, defective merchandise so I've returned the upper arm monitor an ordered the wrist cuff monitor. It looks much simpler to operate and I wont be traumatized expecting the cuff pain.
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