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on September 10, 2009
I've been a real advocate of the Omrom HJ-112 for years. Absolutely loved my old HJ-112... Unfortunately I got careless and accidently left it clipped to my pants and ran them through the washing machine... So I decided to get a new pedometer. I was intrigued by this new model and decided to give it a try. I really like it. It has some improvements over the HJ-112 and it's less expensive to boot! Briefly here are the differences: 1) It's smaller in circumference, but slightly thicker. 2) It has a different paint job. 3) There's one less button, the reset function has been removed, which I rarely used on my old pedometer. 4) The real improvement is that while the HJ-112 stored your KCal burned, total steps, aerobic steps, and total miles for 7 days it did not save your aerobic minutes. They were only visible for the current day. The HJ-113 stores aerobic minutes as well as all the others for 7 days. This was a great improvement for me. I like to log my aerobic distance as well as time. It helps me to calculate walking speed, a component of my program I'm trying to improve. 5) They've also included a fat gram burned on the KCal display. Frankly it's just the KCal divided by 9. I doesn't add anything for me, but it might help motivate someone else.

So overall I think this model is fantastic; it offers all the benefits of the HJ-112 (I find it's every bit as accurate, etc) and it has a few added benefits of its own. Namely: it's slightly smaller, it stores your aerobic times as well as distance for 7 days, it calculates fat grams burned, and it's cheaper! FYI: mine came with battery, so that's not how they're trying to save $. I got mine via Amazon/J&R and even with the nominal amount of shipping ($2) it was still less expensive than the HJ-112. I heartily recommend it, it's a great motivational tool. Also contrary to info in other reviews this is not a European model; all the distances are in miles, weight input is in lbs, stride is in inches, ect.
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on November 24, 2008
I've spent plenty of money on pedometers that never seemed to work for me. The clips would break, the number of steps were never accurate, they'd fall off... never to be seen again. Until I found this one. This current model has a really COOL color scheme, but the underlying product is PHENOMINAL. For those reviews that say they "lost" their pedometer due to a falty clip, the only thing I can say there is they must not have engaged the safety strap that I clip to my belt loop to avoid such a situation. Of course, as a male, I wear pants with a belt loop, and so this has never been a problem. This current product is an upgrade from my previous one, which lasted nearly 4 years before the unit itself stopped working properly. An upgrade on this version from the previous one is the "reset" button is no longer on the front and accidental resets (a small problem previously) no longer occur.

Options I love: 7 day memory, auto reset at midnight, EXTREMELY accurate counting of steps.

My only "negative" comment about the product is the inaccurate counts I get when I wear the thing on long runs. Depending on where I put it, it can be off a bit, and I'm not annoyed enough by that to give it a negative star rating. That's what I get for taking the thing to the edge of it's capabilities. If you want the most accurate step counter on the market, you can't beat this product at the price it's offered. You could spend a lot more for a product as accurate, but why?
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on October 31, 2008
I purchased this pedometer before the price reduction and it is still worth the higher price. It is easy to set up. Only had a minor problem inserting the battery since the battery cover screw is somewhat small. The unit fits snugly into the clip holder. I use the strap with the small clip attached to my clothing for extra security but the unit has not dislodged during heavy exercising. I am using it for just a few days and it is accurate whether in my pocket or clipped to my clothing. The re-setting at 12MN is nice however there is no way to turn off the pedometer to prolong battery usage.
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on April 28, 2009
Be careful with this company. While some of their products are good, they take no responsibility for shipping out defective product. I bought this pedometer which never functioned. I thought it might be the battery and went out and bought a new one. It still didn't work. I called their customer service number (which was not easy to find) and left a message (no real human was available). No one ever bothered to call back. I contacted Amazon, but the 30 days had lapsed and they wash their hands of the matter as well. They did however, provide me with another customer service number where I was able to speak with "Jennifer".

She asked me a couple of questions and explained that they send their product out with "trial batteries", which have very little charge, so they know that you are going to have to go buy a new battery pretty much right away. Jennifer offered to set up a repair order for me so I would have the priviledge of mailing the defective pedometer to Texas where they "might" be able to repair it. Of course there were no guarantees and there was a slight fee for the repair and no, they do not send you a shipping label or take any responsibility for shipping....I didn't bother wasting more time and money.

They sure generated a lot of ill will for a product which cost less than $20 ....
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on February 22, 2009
My review is based on the HJ-112 which I have used religiously to track my step count daily for more than two years. Based on the description of the HJ-113, the functions are identical to the HJ-112; the differences are insubstantial and are only in color and button shape. I purchased the Omron pedometer to ensure that I based my exercise program and diet on facts, where the step count acts as a surrogate for total overall activity. Using a step count as a measurement of activity simplifies your exercise program. It reduces the activity component of your health plan to a single number so you don't have to worry about whether you're running, walking or dancing: moving (taking steps) is the key.

The Omron is highly accurate and highly reliable. It will not add to your step count when you take 10 steps or fewer at a time, but this is a small inconvenience when compared to the problems that other pedometers have of adding steps when you aren't taking steps at all. I generally leave the pedometer in my pocket without the clip and check periodically to see where I am in my step count. Only once in more than two years has it failed to count accurately: it undercounted when I ran much faster than I usually do on a treadmill (in the rest of my hundreds of other treadmill runs and walks it has been incredibly accurate). The accurate count prevents me from being in denial about the amount of activity I have undertaken during the day. It also encourages me to find opportunities to be ambulatory. Instead of parking as close as possible to a store I park farther away to increase my step count. Indeed, the pedometer is effective at motivating me to walk wherever possible and to leave the car at home. The pedometer has also been useful in motivating me to dance regularly; with the exception of the Argentine tango and very slow waltzes, where steps are undercounted, the pedometer does a remarkable job of keeping track of your step count when you dance. You still have to watch what you eat -- intake is still important -- but the pedometer will at least let you know where you are on the output part of the equation. I am admittedly compulsive about keeping track of my step count but making sure that I have at least 10,000 steps logged each day has been a good way of helping me stay in good health via consistent and regular daily activity. The Omron pedometer has been an invaluable tool for an overall health program.

A final recommendation: make sure to buy a pedometer with a 7-day memory (like the HJ-112 or the HJ-113) so that you don't feel that you have to check the step count each night just before you go to bed and before the pedometer resets to zero at midnight. If you track and record your step count and your morning weight over a long period of time, you will find that eventually there will be high correlation between the two.
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on July 2, 2008
This is an excellent pedometer! I exercise every day, and thought I was burning sufficient calories; however, this pedometer has given me a wake up call, and encouraged me to exercise more to meet my goals. I was amazed at the steps and miles I walk at work! I have lost several pounds since having this pedometer.
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on December 16, 2008
I have gone through about a half-dozen pedometers in the last 3 years.
One fell off in the toilet, 2 just fell off at work without my realizing it. Two just stopped functioning.

The Omron has a stronger spring than others I've had. That with the "leash" clip pretty assures against its loss. I have knocked the clip
off a few times when carrying something heavy, but the leash kept it attached.

I also appreciate the automatic daily reset feature. My daily goal is to walk between 4-5 miles in the normal course of the workday. The unit also keeps track of an entire week's accumulation in miles, steps, calories burned. It's the best one I've used to date.
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on October 8, 2008
The product is great, and I've bought a few and given them to people who are into walking/running. I use it every day and it is accurate. Love the fact that it resets at midnight, and allows you to see your history for the week.
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on July 12, 2012
If you are moving from an old-fashioned cheap pedometer that only counts steps and needs daily resetting, you will feel like you moved into the modern age with this.

Initial set-up is easy and similar to a clock - you put in the time, your weight, and your stride length. After that, it will track your total steps and your aerobic steps automatically and keep a 7 day log, changing days automatically at midnight. Push the Mode button to see the four displays: total steps, aerobic steps, kcal burned, miles. The default display is total steps and time; I even use it as a pocket watch. You push the Memo button to see your history from the previous 7 days. You don't need to do anything but slip it in your pocket or clip it on in the morning to have it do its thing. You don't need to reset again unless the time, your weight, or your stride length change.

The set button is recessed (use the end of a chopstick or paintbrush) to avoid accidental resetting in your pocket. The only issue I've had is accidentally pressing the Memo button during activities where I bend and twist a lot. When it is displaying previous days, it is not recording the current day. Clipping it to my bra fixed that for me. If you hope to wear it while playing badminton or handball, you'll have to figure out how to avoid this issue.

I've been using mine for a week. It's accurate whether on the clip or in my pocket, does not pick up stray steps when I drive, and has been a great motivator not only for total steps, but to make sure I do enough brisk continuous walking (aerobic walking). The requirement for aerobic walking is only 60 steps/minute for at least 10 minutes continuously, but you will be surprised how effective meeting a daily goal is. This is where the product stands out for me.

Highly recommended by this 53-year-old woman.

Edit on 9/24/12: this pedometer has been with me daily since July. I now walk 5 miles/day total, 40-60 minutes aerobic pace, and have lost weight, gained muscle, and feel like a new woman. The pedometer remains durable and reliable. After a week or so, I started using it exclusively in my pocket rather than in the belt clip. It's comfortable, accurate, and discreet. This little thing was more help to me than any gym membership or aerobics class. I'm now active all day, every day. Highly recommended.
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on January 31, 2011
I had pretty much given up on pedometers because I have had several over the years and none of them seemed to have worked very well, or if they did work, they did not work for long. Then I saw an ad for this product and was intrigued by the company's name, as I had just purchased an Omron Blood Pressure monitor after doing much research to discover that Omron had by far the most highly rated BP monitors on the market and were highly recommended by both the AMA and AHA. And I soon determined that this BP monitor was as accurate as a nurse doing it the old fashioned way with a hand pump tournequet and a stethoscope. So I figured they probably also made a good pedometer.
I have only had this product for a few days, so I may be premature, but so far this product has been working flawlessly. On my walks at lunchtime at work, I have a milestone that is just about exactly one mile from my starting point and when I checked the distance when I reached that point it was right on. If this product continues to perform this way over time I will be very pleased.
There is only one thing that really bothers me about this product. When I first got it of course I had to play around with it for awhile and after I was done, it was after midnight and I had a few hundred steps on it. To get ready for my walk the next morning, I tried to figure out how to set it back to zero and could not figure it out. After going through the manual twice, I realized that you cannot set it back to zero manually unless you press the system restart button on the back, which will wipe out all of your data, including date, time, weight, and stride length as well as all the history. I could not believe that there was no simple reset. I brought it to work this morning and by the time I got to work and made it to my desk, it had over 200 steps on it and showed one tenth of a mile. So when I went for my lunchtime walk, I had to subtract what was already on the device to get an accurate measurement of my walk. Apparently, this device was designed for people who wear their pedometer all day to measure all their steps for the day to see if they get the magic 10,000 steps per day. I do not use pedometers this way. I just want to measure my daily walks and sometimes I will take more than one walk on the same day. So this was kind of disappointing. But at least it automatically resets itself at midnight every day. So for those of you who wear their peds all day to get a count of all their steps, this pedometer is probably perfect for you.
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