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on January 29, 2006
I am so glad I found this CD. The music is very emotional, very powerful! There are some harder music too, but I enjoy the more ballad type of songs: "Open Your Eyes" is the top song, right up there with the best Rock band ballads. Then the songs "Broken Wings", "Down To My Last," "Shed My Skin," and "In Loving Memory" just make me feel good everytime I listen to them. One of my favorite more heavier rock songs is "Burn It Down." However, "Mentalingus" is everything a rock song should be, and I think it should of had grammy consideration!! Also, I am sure the people that prefer the more heavy rock will call out of few of the other songs!

Just a great all around album, I can't wait for their next album!! I may even prefer this album more than the Creed albums...and that is saying something because Creed was great!! Scott has a fantastic voice, but Myles is right up there with him and beyond. I think if you like Creed, you more than likely will like Alter Bridge too!!!
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VINE VOICEon December 1, 2004
I was disappointed when I heard that Creed had broken up because their music was very good (whatever may be said about some of the distractions with either their popularity or "good guy" image). When I heard that the "band" and Stapp would each be coming out with new albums, I was eager to hear what they had to offer. Whatever the future may hold for Stapp, and I am not terribly optimistic, Alter Bridge's "One Day Remains" is simply a phenomenal rock record.

The new lead singer, Myles Kennedy, is a top-quality vocalist. I think that was a problem with Creed. I enjoyed Stapp's lyrics - I found them deeply emotional, personal, and meaningful. But Stapp was not a remarkable vocal talent. He had the baritone sound embraced in the 90's and 00's, but he was not a powerful singer. He was better in the studio where he could get help. Often his live vocals were subpar. He didn't have much range. Goodness knows the same cannot be said for Kennedy. He has a tremendous voice. His range is out of this world. He is a fantastic lead for the band. I read some other reviewers complaining about his "ohs" and the like. I actually find it appealing that, as the others play their instruments, he uses his voice in similar fashion. That seems like what being a vocalist is all about (not that he doesn't play guitar as well).

Aside from the vocals, Tremonti's guitar has never sounded better. The same can be said for the rest of the guys. While the lyrics are very good, I do feel they are a little weaker than Stapp's. Nonetheless I think Tremonti did quite well in his own right.

The band recorded a good balance of hard rocking tunes and more melodic pieces (which are often my favorites: "Open Your Eyes", "Down to My Last", "Shed My Skin", and "The End is Near"). Whether as Creed or Alter Bridge, these guys have a gift for creating catchy tunes. All the tracks are quite good. I didn't feel anything was just thrown in. Of course, as with any music, we all have our tastes and some will appeal more than others.

I heartily encourage you to give it a listen. It is a great record.
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on August 10, 2004
Finally a rock band splits up and 3/4ths of the band actually produce a recommendable, quality, and actually down right rockin' album! Lead singer Myles Kennedy makes you listen and say to yourself Scott who? Kennedy can be described simply as Chris Cornell meets Ian Thornley. The resemblence to the Audioslave frontman is erie on "Find the Real", "Broken Wings", "Shed My Skin", and "The End is Near". Of course the anthem song of the album is "Open Your Eyes"...a song that sends chills up your spine and motivates you to take on the world! As far as the rest of the band, former Creed members Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips are stellar and actually turn it up a notch from their previous performances. If you want to know what Soundgarden meets Creed on steroids is like, buy the won't be disappointed!
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on January 2, 2006
I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical of how this band would work, as the most memorable part of Creed had always been the vocals. Sure, Scott Stapp is not an especially strong vocalist, the studio does a good job of cleaning up his voice and covering up the weaknesses. In fact, Stapp is notorious for giving some of the worst live performanes in the past 10 year, including one time where a vast majority of the audience asked for their money back. Fortunately, however, Alter Bridge had put together an exremely pleasing album. Myles Kennedy's voice has grown on me, and Mark Tremonti puts on a guitar clinic. Some of his solo's are absolutely execeptional.

The songs:

Find the Real -- A strong opening track which gives the listener a good impression of how this album is going to go: Kennedy shows off his range, while Tremonti shows how capable of a guitarist he really is. The drumming fits in perfectly with the guitar, although the bass is a bit lost in the mix. 5/5

One Day Remains -- The title track is just as strong as the opening track. Kennedy's range has increased even further. Also, the bass is used perfectly. This is one of the best tracks on the album. 5/5

Open Your Eyes -- The album is still going strong with "Open Your Eyes". Kennedy's voice is fairly calm until the very end of the song, when it really explodes. The lyrics are a little repetitive, which is Alter Bridge's biggest problem on this album. Also, a good thirty seconds of the song is devoted to Kennedy going "ooooooooooh" over and over again. If the time was cut in half, it would fit in nicely, but the song picks up again after some nice guitar. 4.5/5

Burn it Down -- This track showcases what is probably the best lyrics on the album. The vocals, for the most part, are very dull, and the percussions are quite repetitive. The backup vocals, which usually fit well with Kennedy, are grating here. 3.5/5

Metalingus -- "Metalingus" is my favorite song on the album. Kennedy's vocals are so strong here and his range is truly exceptional. The bass is at its strongest here, and the guitars and drums fit perfectly. The song is by far the most energetic on the album and can really excite the listener, especially when the drums kick in heavy. 5/5

Broken Wings -- This song provides a good variety. For the most part, its very calm, even dull. Yet when the chorus comes, the vocals and instrumentals explode. This song features the strongest lyrics so far. 4.5/5

In Loving Memory -- By far the softest song on the album, "In Loving Memory" is probably the song off this album you'd most likely find on a Creed album. The vocals drag a bit, but as with the previous track, the song picks up during the chorus, before falling down again. It's a nice change of pace. 3.5/5

Down to My Last -- An even better change of pace, back to the more intense music of the first few tracks. The song also features the best guitar solo on the album, which is absolutely tremendous. The song is well written and all of the instruments are great. 5/5

Watch Your Words -- "Watch Your Words" is my least favorite song on the album. The vocals drag, and the guitars and lyrics are rather uninspiried. It isnt a bad song, by any means, but it does stand out as being the worst song on the album. 3/5

Shed My Skin -- Fortunately, the album recovers right here with a great tune. Everything is just right on this song and there is absolutely no room for complaint... perfect vocals, nice guitary, strong drums and poignant bass and lyrics. 5/5

The End is Here -- The closing track sums up this album nicely. It also features one of the cachiest set of lyrics I've heard in awhile. It's unfortunate that this is the last song, but at least Alter Bridge goes out with a bang. 4.5/5

Overall, this is a very good album. The vocals and guitar are exceptional and the bass and percussion fit perfectly. It's apparent that the three ex-Creed members have more talent than their former band allowed them to show. My biggest complaint is that there are only 11 tracks. Fortunately, the album still clocks in around 50 minutes. Still, it would be nice on the next release to see a couple more tracks.
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on August 11, 2004
This is essentially the 4th Creed album that never would have seen the light of day with Scott Stapp still on board. Don't get me wrong - Stapp is a great songwriter in his own right, and between 1997-2001 Creed produced three excellent rock records that will stand the test of time.

One Day Remains, however, provides direct insight into the creative energies, life experiences, and philosophical paradigms of Mark Tremonti. The result is a masterpiece.

Tremonti did some heavy soul-searching while songwriting for this record, as evidenced by powerful tracks like "Down to My Last", the lilting "Broken Wings", and the scorching lead metal anthem, "Find the Real". Myles Kennedy shines throughout, with a graceful, robust tenor that beautifully complements the ferocious crunch-heavy firestorm of Tremonti, Marshall, and Phillips. At times, (e.g. Metalingus, End is Here) the three ex-Creed bandmates collaborate to churn out ultra-tight, synchronistic riffs with even more speed and fury than was found on 1997's "My Own Prison". The disc spans almost an hour, each track drenched in melody, greatly enhanced by Tremonti's perfectly-delivered solo adaptations.

This collection of songs might be described as the gospel truth according to Tremonti - with equal parts inspiration, spirituality, and sorrow fused together in a musical milestone - a magnificently rendered rock record.
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on February 10, 2007
I never heard of Alter Bridge until a buddy of mine gave it to me for my Bday recently. Wow! Now, that I've listened to it. I can't stop.

The sound is tight and it's a good return to a real rock-and-roll type of sound, even with great guitar solos!

The lead singer can hit just about every note imaginable and pull them off perfectly.

The whole album is great but tracks 7-10 are outstanding. If you like rock and you are looking for something new or to try something new, give this album a shot. I don't think you will be disappointed.
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on March 8, 2007
I loved this album right from the start. I was sorry to see Creed dissolve, but I love the sound of this band. Myles Kennedy, the lead singer, has such a fantastic vocal range, and Mark Tremonti, the lead guitarist, really let's it fly here. His playing is very tight and aggressive; great stuff. My only complaint about this band is what the hell is taking so long to get that second album out? Come on, guys. It's been three years; let's get a move-on here.
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on August 10, 2004
This is one of the best rock CDs that I own. I have been following Alter Bridge since I heard that Creed broke up in June. I can tell you that Creed was and still is one of my favorite bands. However, Alter Bridge stands alone by themselves. I am amazed at how well Mark can play guitar. I thought that he was excellent already, but this album proves that he has topped himself. I also think Myles has an excellent range and voice, but some of the "ooos" and high notes can be anoying at times. I admit, it took me a while to get used to the singer, being that three of the guys were in Creed and I am used to Scott Stapp's voice. There is not a song on here that I do not like. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon October 1, 2004
First of all , Creed were one of my favourite bands which is probably why I have an interest in Alter Bridge.I have undying respect for Scott Stapp.I think this band has saved the year for me. It tops all expectations. They've put in some serious work into this. I think there is an overall departure from the Creed sound. They're more of a hard rock outfit.Influences of grunge greats like Chris Cornell can be noticed in the new frontman's voice.He has a great vocal range and I cant wait to hear him live. Living where I live , I wont ever see Alter Bridge but I wonder how the band does live.

Now talking of the album it has pretty much everything for everyone."Down To My Last" Is a song I can hear over and over again.It has this great wave of a vocal current in it. The kind you dont hear very often.

"The End Is Here" and "Burn It Down" are another two of my favourite songs from the disc.Burn It Down reminds me of the flavored ALICE IN CHAINS(the start of the song). Sorry Layne , Myles is only a better singer. The song is like a journey of emotions."The End Is Here" is such an awesome song. Its like the whole band is contributing. The Drums do their bit and the riffs are absolutely beautiful.

"Watch Your Words" and "Metalingus" are two shockers from this album. The deep layered guitaring is something I would expect from bands with a ton more talent like Dream Theater and Metallica. WATCH YOUR WORDS causes an absolute emotion of 22 emotional shockwaves to blow through me. Its what makes me feel like I have wings and I can fly. Drive to this and you'll know. Whats amazing is that Metalingus is only more addictive. "Metalingus" is where the band gives everything they've got. Words arent enough to describe the absolute favourite."Fear Will Kill Me,All I could be/Lift these sorrows/Let Me Breathe/Could you set me free,could you set me free?" Metalingus is a winner.

"Broken Wings" is a radio friendly song and its not like Im depreciating it by calling it that.Its a darn good loveable song."In Loving Memory" is the one. It caused a total oblivious heart ache to me the first hundred times I heard it. Some would say its the best track on the album but I'd say this album has no best track. Every track is a winner. "One Day Remains" isnt amusing.

Live On!Respect Unlimited @ Mark Tremonti,Myles Kennedy(my new dad),Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall.

Apologies for the embarrasingly long review. I love Alter Bridge.
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on March 10, 2016
Alter Bridges Best, in my opinion. I think this is Miles Kennedy's first recognized CD, and he sounds great with the old Creed (without Stapp)! This CD is a must if you like the band or you are a fan of Miles.
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