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on September 4, 2012
I'm only about half-way through this book. At this point it has earned a "somewhat better than fair" rating. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to make it all the way through to the end...not because of the story, but because of the grammatical errors. Any publisher who releases a book that includes the use of "I" in place of "me," or "through" spelled "threw," just to name a few, should fire the editor. If you are a grammar fanatic, be warned.
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on March 8, 2012
I am amazed at the level of interest I had for an ordinary and not at all unusual topic. The entire story was laid out with no surprises, no cliffhangers, no violence and danger, yet the story glued me. Perhaps it is the innate honesty of the double narrators, and the interleaving of two different first person narratives, a mother and daughter several years apart.

The title of the book already gives away the main conflict, an unwanted pregnancy. The main narrator, Sydney, is the one who receives the verdict of the pink line. She has a way of being calm in the eye of a storm, strong and mature about the situation she faces. She makes the right decision for herself and never looks back, even when it meant losing the man she loves.

Granted there is no angst about the happy ending. It was practically presented at the beginning when the daughter, Grace, appears on the scene. Yet, I was still interested to see how the drama would unfold. It was heartwarming how family pulled together, and true love survived. The big hearts of most of the people in the story made me want to hug all of them (except for one character) at the end. I felt as if they had been my friends and I had lived through this experience with them.

I received a complimentary ebook for review purposes.
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on January 2, 2012
This was an incredibly moving read.

Sydney had the perfect boyfriend back home but, like many college coeds, she got restless (and drunk) and had a one-night-stand with a boy "friend" that resulted in a pregnancy. Sydney wants to keep the baby but the baby daddy wants nothing to do with either of them.

The author writes from both Sydney's perspective and Grace's (the baby). From Sydney's perspective, we see how she dealt with having a child at such a young age while unmarried and how it affected her relationships with her family and the boyfriend she left at home. From Grace's perspective, we feel her confusion at discovering that the man who raised her is not her birth father and we understand her desire to meet her biological father.

Although the book focused more on Sydney than Grace, I didn't mind as I found Sydney's story more compelling. I especially enjoyed the complex relationship between Sydney and her mother. I initially disliked Sydney's mother but loved the way the author redeemed her once Grace was born. While I thought Ethan was a bit too good to be true, I also loved him and was touched by his loyalty to Sydney.

I did have a few issues with the book. For one, Sydney's sister Kendra, who was such a big part of Sydney's life, was not mentioned once in the Grace segments. The only relatives mentioned in Grace's segments were from her birth father's side. I found mentions of Nanna Lynne and Aunt Sharon a bit confusing in Grace's segments since the author did not explain who they were until much later in the story. Also, while I was happy with how things turned out, I would've enjoyed a more drawn-out ending. Finally, *Spoiler altert* - I wished the author had explained why Taylor told Sydney that Ethan had reunited with Robin when it was not true. Was it a purposeful lie or just a miscommunication?

In sum, however, this was a very compelling read. I would definitely read more from this author.
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on November 1, 2011
Sydney Shepard had it all. With her senior year of college all but under her belt, her longtime boyfriend is ready to make plans to spend the rest of his life with her. With a gaggle of great friends, and well-meaning parents, she finds the world is hers for the taking. It's picture perfect. Until one pink line changes everything for Sydney. Dina Silver delivers a tender piece in her debut novel, "One Pink Line." The fresh storytelling from the view of two different characters through the chapters is brilliant. Your heartstrings will become tangled. Believe in the power of love.

Author Jen Tucker, "The Day I Wore my Panties Inside Out"
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on March 8, 2014
I could not decide between three or four stars. I wished there was a 3 1/2. I did not dislike this book, but I found it confusing (back and forth between Sydney and Grace) and some parts contradicting. I hope, that without giving away much of the story, I can comment on a few things that did not sit well with me. First, to me it made it look like Sydney went to college mostly to go to parties and get drunk without considering Ethan's feelings for her whatsoever. I know she had the freedom at college that she had wanted but I thought she came out looking selfish and immature when it came to Ethan. Second, Ethan's character made me wonder whether there are guys like him out in the real world that trust and wait on a girl or if the author made him one of a kind with his loyal and trusting love for Sydney during those college years. Third, Kevin was such a good, kind friend all during their four years in college but at the very end with their graduation done all of the sudden was insensitive and a jerk. I was blown away with his sudden change and detached attitude with Sydney. Fourth, how can you not know that drinking is not good for the baby when you are pregnant. Somehow some parts of this story did not fit together.

It was not a bad read and I did enjoy the story. I just wished that the changes with the characters and the story line would not have been so erratic. I did not care for Sydney's character during her college years but liked how she handled her situation and faced the consequences that she knew she would have to deal with. Ethan, of course, came out looking like a saint, full of patience and true love for Sydney.

I would still recommend reading this book. Is fast reading with a nice ending.
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on November 19, 2014
Absolutely LOVED this book! I laughed, I cried and I smiled throughout this heart tugging book. Yes... it was predictable at times but that made you want to keep reading even more to find out how things unfolded. Once I started reading this I couldn't put it down. I found myself reading on every lunch break at work and staying up 2 hours later just to read more about Sydney and Ethan! At times the book seemed rushed, like the Author skipped over going into more detail, especially as far as Sydney's College years go. This book had a "teenage" feel to it... much like the books I enjoyed many years ago as a young adult. It was refreshing to endulge in a story like this - I realized you are never too old for young adult books! I opted for the Audiobook add-on so I could listed while I was driving home and I really enjoyed that and would highly recommend it. It gave more dimension to the characters and I found that once I heard their "voices" through the Audio reader, those tones stayed in my head as I switched over to the read-only option. Overall I loved this book and can't wait to check out more by this Author!
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on June 13, 2013
I have to say, the Kindle's advertising scheme worked on me. I kept seeing the ad for this book pop up and, wanting something that was more of an easy read, I finally decided to give it a try. I wish I hadn't. I gave it two stars because it's not on the level of a couple of the one star reviews I've given, but it was a pretty poor book.

First of all, I read the one review that said "great for young adults and adults alike" which confused me as to whether it was YA or not. To find out that it isn't is frankly kind of depressing. The writing style and vocabulary were far more reminiscent of a YA novel. I can't believe it has ratings this high as a book marketed to adults.


Second, I found story to be very preditable. I expect a certain amount of predictability in a story like this, but there also has to be an element of surprise to keep the reader interested. I will say that this book is very readable, but disappointing. I kept thinking something exciting would happen, but nothing ever did. There was absolutely no climax. I believe the whole ordeal with Kevin suing for partial custody was supposed to be a climactic event, but it just seemed tacked on and pointless. There was nothing leading up to this point that suggested this would be a logical next step in the story, and the resolution of it was very, very anticlimactic and boring. The whole thing seemed very contrived.

Third, I found every one of the characters in this story, with the possible exception of Sydney, to be very weak and poorly developed. Throughout the story, only three of Sydney's close friends are ever given any page time. This is normal - you can't have too many characters - but I would at least expect them to be developed as people. Instead, Taylor, Jenna, and Keri are all caricatures of the "best friend" and feel more like generic fillers for Sydney to talk to and do things with.

Then there was Kevin. I'm not saying that I find it hard to believe that a guy might have the reaction that he did upon learning that Sydney was pregnant and keeping the baby. But I did have a couple of major problems with it. The first was that Kevin in initially described as someone who has just a few very close friends for whom he would do anything. This doesn't add up with what he turned into. Could he have had that same initial reaction? Of course. But someone who would do anything for his friends should be the type who calms down and a few weeks later apologizes for his behavior. If the author wanted Kevin to turn out the way he did, then don't initially describe him that way.

Even Grace, who had a number of chapters written from her point of view, seemed very, very flat and two dimensional. I understand that the story was about her parentage and the drama surrounding it, but if you're going to write chapters from her POV, you have to make her into a character, not a generic coming-of-age girl who just wants to know what her real father is like. It was all tell, tell, tell, and no SHOW.

Furthermore, there were so many stupid little things that annoyed the heck out of me. First of all, how does a person NOT know that alcohol is really, really bad when you're pregnant? It was 1991. And what about Taylor? Near the end of the story, there was the whole little drama where Taylor told Sydney that Ethan left that wedding with Robin and had Sydney all upset. Why did she do that? Why was it that after Ethan assured Sydney that nothing happened and told her he loved her, the issue was never again addressed? Why is it that apparently the only important relationship in the book is between Sydney and Ethan, and no friendships are seen as important?

There was exactly one thing I liked about this book, and that's the theme that Sydney was acting immature, made her mistake, but then bucked up, accepted the situation, and became a responsible mother. And, in doing so, Ethan was able to see that she was truly sorry for what happened and forgive her. I did, in fact, want them to end up together, and I was pleased that this happened, I just thought the journey to get there was paved with uneventful prose and flat characters.
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on May 3, 2012
After having been disappointed by a few other books from unknown authors that I had bought for the kindle, this was a pleasant surprise. In some ways it felt more like reading a diary than a novel as the writing wasn't 100% polished/developed but did feel very fresh and 'real' (almost like talking to a friend). I was actually quite surprised when I read the author's bio at the end and realised that the book wasn't based on a real life experience of hers. Would be keen to read anything else that Dina Silver decides to write. In terms of comparisons, I would say maybe Jennifer Weiner, particularly her later books about Canny and her teenage daughter.
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on May 6, 2014
I LOVED this one. Wow. A really good story.

This book was not a romance but a story about love and family.

High School senior Grace just had health class and they got to the Sex Education portion. They learned about conception and Grace got really confused. How is it that she was 2 years old and remembers her parent's wedding, if people were supposed to be married first? Also, she now realizes that she has different features from her dad, so much that she freaks out and the school nurse calls her mom.

Her mother Sydney has to tell Grace the story of how their family became a family and how her dad became her dad.

This story is told both from Sydney's perspective and Grace's perspective. It involves flashbacks too but it wasn't confusing at all, and it all ties in together nicely. Great story telling.
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on May 28, 2013
I read this book in about 24 hrs. It would have been much less if I did not have to spend Easter with my family. :) The story is not told from two different sides but two different women tell two different stories. Sydney's story is told from 1991-about 93. She was a carefree college student with a long distance boyfriend. One night she slips up and becomes pregnant. She decides to have the baby and she looks for support from familiar faces.

Grace/Gracie story is told from 1997-present. She was a smart alec little girl with a strong head on her shoulders and an even smarter mouth. One day in class she discovers a secret that she never connected before. After a while her story becomes a bore but the ending was very nice and pulled everything in.

The story was highly predictable yet still very good. Would I recommend it to a friend? No Would I read it again? Maybe, if it was a rainy day and I just needed a good pick me up. Am I angry that I read it? No.

It was a very short book, about <250 pages or maybe <270 pages I really don't remember. There were some lines that made me laugh such as Grace asking "does Daddy know" or when she called her brother "a dirty piece od filt" or in the end when she called her father the "bigger" man.

Would I pick it up? Yes, it's a nice quick read and only about 3.99 on Amazon.
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