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on August 7, 2012
These 2 men together baffled me for a minute but after seeing it it was great and off the wall. There is honor amongst thieves, and even killers. This was done with class. Many may sleep on it but it was worth every minute beginning to end
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on August 27, 2012
Ray Carver (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is an assassin for hire in Prague. He is hired by crime boss Mikhail Suverov (Andrew Bicknell) to kill the Tavanian family over a territory's all about respect. One of the Tavanians survive to the dismay of the Surverov family. This ignites a war. Surverov then hires Aleksey Andreev (Dolph Lundgren) to finish the job. Meanwhile in an ironic twist the Tavanian's hire Carver to kill his former boss the Surverov family.

The two assassins have different approaches. Ray Carver likes to keep a low profile while Aleksey wears Hawaiian shirts and usually comes in the front door. Carver works out, reads the Bible, kills people for hire, and stalks a girl. Dolph Lundgren gives the film some attempted comedy. During the opening credits, they opt to change the fonts and make the "N"s backwards. I thought it might somehow relate to the film, but it wasn't that deep.

Both these stars have done better films and Cuba has certainly done worse. The Eastern Europeans sounded like they learned English by watching Dos Equis beer commercials. The film ends at a point where there could be an interesting sequel if they bothered to hire writers.

PARENTAL GUIDE: F-bomb, near sex, no nudity.
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on September 14, 2012
One in the Chamber is an underrated action-thriller by director William Kaufman. Kaufman is one of a handful of DTV directors to really watch. (The others being Isaac Florentine, Roel Reine, and John Hyams.). Kaufman's action scenes
are always handled carefully, not sloppily, and with a definite, obvious respect for the days when audiences were presented with hand to hand fight scenes that were like mini martial arts demonstrations rather than quickly cut illusions of combat. Kaufman really seems to have respect for the genre. It seems that these days, with very few exceptions, the place to find a good action movie is in the DTV market and Kaufman is definitely one of the directors to watch. Of course, having Dolph Lundgren give one of his more memorable performances in recent years helps a bit too. Let's hope this film is successful enough to call for a sequel.
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on September 22, 2012
I rent from Amazon weekly. As I was scanning I saw at 2012 thriller starring Cuba Gooding, Jr & Dolph Lundrgren & figured, how bad could it be? We live in a "faster" world now. Movies longer than 2 hours stretch our attention span. We want to be enthralled. We want to try & guess what will happen next. "One In The Chamber" gave me all I wanted & more. I wasn't looking for Oscar Winning performances: I wanted to be entertained for 90 minutes. "One in the Chamber" delivers, both with humor & intrigue. If you appreciate guns, you will see some of the latest & best weapons the armed forces are using now, as well as the "fun" sequences that make these thrillers worth the low price. So? Low on cash? Bored? Kids on your nerves? Rent "One in the Chamber"! It delivers what you want & beats $10-$14 at the theatre, popcorn, & soda.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 22, 2013
Academy Awarding winner Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry McGuire,Men of Honor), is a paid assassin who switches targets, in One In The Chamber (2012), an adventure set in Prague, which also features action star Dolph Lundgren (Dark Angel,Men of War). While the story doesn't completely hold together, it benefits from a harder edged tone, as the two stars provide some charisma and energy, in a kind of humdrum crime drama.

Rival underworld gangs are battling over turf, and contract killer Ray Carver (Gooding) is hired by one group, to eliminate members of another gang. After Carver switches sides, and turns on his former employers, they enlist notorious hitman Alexei "the Wolf" Andreev (Lundgren), to complete the job, and also eliminate the duplicitous Carver.

Years previously, Carver apparently killed a man, as his young daughter looked on. Now a young woman also living in Prague, Carver has taken an interest in Janice Knowles (Claudia Bassols), who becomes another pawn in the gang war.

Cuba Gooding Jr. has had an interesting career. Once thought by some to have the potential to go the way of a Denzel Washington, he now seems relegated to B grade movies. With some solid physical skills, Gooding is quite smooth in the action scenes, and along with the steady Dolph Lundgren, elevates One In the Chamber slightly above Anchor Bay's other recent forays into the action genre, Maximum Conviction (2012) and The Package. While not outstanding, it's a decent enough watch for action fans.
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on October 19, 2012
"One in the Chamber" is a reasonably good direct-to-video action-thriller that nonetheless disappoints for (1) being produced so shortly before/after its leading stars' most recent rare theatrical outings (Red Tails for Cuba Gooding, The Expendables 2 for Dolph Lundgren) and for (2) being such an ultimately average outing by director William Kaufman, whose Sinners And Saints became one of the few DTV flicks to generate mainstream interest. What we have here is an ordinary low-budget movie with some good parts that's nevertheless held back by some dissatisfyingly generic writing and a cinematic opportunity that's ultimately not capitalized on very well.

The story: two assassins (Gooding and Lundgren) are pitted against each other in the middle of a Czech mob war.

I haven't followed Cuba Gooding's career for a long time, but I don't think he belongs in the DTV market - he's an Oscar winner, for goodness sakes, and the only one Dolph has ever worked with. However, neither in theaters nor on DVD do I think he's a great action performer: he has neither the presence nor the intensity, which adds to the overall boring nature of the character he plays, here. The script brings no new material to the conflicted loner cutout he plays, down to the bible-quoting dialogue he espouses. Of course, it could just be that he, along with everyone else in the movie, looks bland next to Dolph Lundgren, whose character is described in-movie as "Frank Sinatra on steroids" and for all the world feels like he could have jumped out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Lundgren really has a ball with this role, and beyond him, no one's really worth a second look: Billy Murray ("EastEnders") is sort of entertaining as Gooding's retainer, but everyone else - including Louis Mandylor ("Martial Law") as a mafia lord - speaks with an indistinguishable European accent and is all the more boring for it.

Action-wise, the movie does alright but overall could use more of it. Most of the thrills are supplied by gunfights, but because they include a cool little sniper shootout with Gooding, they're not totally bad. Dolph starts off his stay in the film by beating up a roomful of thugs in a decent brawl and then later takes on Gooding in the promised one-on-one fight. While suspension of disbelief doesn't quite cover the thought of the 5'10" Cuba Gooding going head-to-head for any length of time with the 6'5" Lundgren, their match is both fast-paced and brutal enough to be entertaining. It's a good enough outing for action choreographer Dian Hristov, but even though the film only runs 90 minutes, the fights doesn't really sustain the story, which expands to involve the relationship between Gooding's character and the daughter of a past victim (Claudia Bassols), but this ends up more creepy and uncomfortable than the writers probably planned.

Overall, I'm glad that this one is on the high end of average, but I wish both Lundgren and Gooding wouldn't settle for merely average at this stage in their career. I suppose that given the director's track record, it may not be his fault either (I smell studio meddling), but it's still disappointing that this film came relatively close to being outright good being going the way of so many others. Consider it a rental, folks.
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on August 10, 2012
"When one mob family has a problem with another they call me. For the right price I solve it. I'm a fixer that's what I do, but that's not the only reason I'm here." Ray Carver (Gooding Jr.) is the best assassin money can buy. After being hired by both sides of a Russian gang war he sets out to do his worst. When he refuses to shoot a woman he himself becomes a marked man. Aleksey Andreev (Lundgren) is sent to take care of Ray before things get out of hand. I know what your thinking...a movie with Dolph Lundgren!! How can that be bad?? Without trying to totally disappoint you this is not really good at all. I'm not sure what happened to Cuba but after winning the Oscar he really lowered his movie standards. Dolph's were never that high to start with but I am really wondering why his Russian accent in Rocky 4 was better then his in this one. I assumed the more movies you do the better you get but I guess I'm wrong. I have to say though that I am not into the B-rate action movies though and if you like them you will probably like this one. Overall, exactly what I expected, maybe a little worse. I give it a C-.
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on March 4, 2013
Action gods of the past unite, yes, but that's the Expendables 2, here we get a low budget brethren direct-to-DVD wanna-be. It stars Dolph Lundgren, who's been making a nice go at a comeback in the Expendables flicks, he was also in Stash House and Small Apartments, two recent theatrical releases and his next Universal Soldier installment will be hitting multiplexes in November. Still the big Swede is more than comfortable in this sort of thing, in fact he gives the picture's best and most lively performance. As a seasoned hit man, a role he could have played in his sleep and may well have in the past, here he adds color and personality to the role by not playing his usual hard ass, he's still a bad ass, dressed in a Hawaiian t-shirt and a white fedora hat, Lundgren also gets to further development the sense of humor that he displayed Expendables 2, here looking like a tourist with a hair trigger.

Alas, Cuba Gooding, Jr., though, is the movie's primary star, also on something of a comeback after the truly terrible and inept WWII insult Red Tails. Gooding plays a burned out world weary assassin working in Eastern Europe, he finds himself in a plot that is overtly complicated and often very confusing, but anyway, he fails to complete his assignment so the mobsters that employed him bring in Lundgren to finish the job and finish Cuba.

Gooding, I have always felt to be something of an overrated actor, he won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1997, though I felt Kris Kristofferson should have nabbed it for Lone Star, but those memories have long since diminished. Gooding has settled into the DTD world with a long list of forgettable and more often than not unwatchable films, he lags far behind other DVD stars in quality movies. He also isn't a very good or believable action star, here he has some very awkwardly doubled martial arts fight scenes with Lundgren. Gooding plays the part all moody and broody, looking for a noir-ish existentialism, but comes across simply dull. In fact, Lundgren exhibits so much more flavor and charisma that it is much easier to root for him over Cuba, who isn't exactly up there with Stallone or Van Damme, Dolph's more successful on screen advisories.

One in the Chamber is a passable, rather routine, but agreeable enough old school action flick. The production is slick looking, the low budget origins are kept from showing too much. If you are the kind of person to inclined pick up this movie in the first place, it will deliver pretty much just what you expect, nothing more, but at least nothing less.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on February 14, 2014
cuba plays a role that I never thought he could...acold, cunning hitman. lots of action,suspence, guns, money,betrayal. all you need to have a good flick.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on April 25, 2015
Solid action movie.Lundgren is great as always and Cuba Gooding is in top form as well.This one could have done well if given a wide release i bet.
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