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on June 14, 2007
This season is by far the greatest season of One Tree Hill yet. If there is one word to describe this season, it would be addictive. This season has some
unforgettable story lines, twists and surprises and introduces new characters from Peyton being stalked, Nathan cheating at the game he loves, Ravens winning the state championship, Peyton And Lucas finally being together, Graduation and Dan facing the harsh consequences for killing his brother and many more. This fourth season is a season no fan of One Tree Hill should ever miss. I highly recommend this season as a must have on DVD. You will not regret having it as part of your DVD collection.
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on August 24, 2007
I am from Australia and have only seen up to the end of season 3 and i am hanging out for season 4 to be released on DVD so i can watch it, I was so disappointed when the release date was changed from September, I hope it comes out before the end of the year so i can purchase it from Amazon. I must admit i have had a sneak peak on the internet and found out what happens in season 4 but i would much rather watch it on DVD instead of just reading about it. I am totally hooked and watch seasons 1-3 on DVD all the time to get my ONE TREE HILL "fix" until i can watch season 4. I am so excited that they are fliming season 5 but living in Austrlia it will be a long time until i see it. I hope they continue the show for many more seasons to come. They did 10 seasons of 90210 so why can't they do the same with ONE TREE HILL. I hope the network can hurry up and give us a season 4 release date , so we all have something to look forward too.
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on July 12, 2007
It was suppose to release Sept. 25th but since the 5th season isnt due until early 2008 they are pushing the release of the 4th season on dvd. I wish it was sooner =T
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on March 3, 2009
I love One Tree Hill, but I was a little bit upset when the "boxed set" didn't come in a box. The DVD's are all in perfect condition, and play well, I just thought the DVD box cover would be included. Oh well, I still really enjoy the product.
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on November 4, 2007
I love one tree hill. it's like 90210 but just a bit more modern. But this past season...while it had some great moments and a somewhat interesting storyline it had it's weaknesses as well.


It opens with the ending of season 3. Nathan has just jumped into save his uncle and Rachel. Luke and Karen pull up and find Haley screaming for Nathan who hasn't come up for air. Luke jumps in to find Nathan and only manages to find cooper. They look over to the side and see Nathan with Rachel in his arms. Alright that's fine. He saved the day YAY! But then it takes an interesting twist. Nathan starts to believe that it was Keith who passed away last season, that saved them. Weird. Then it gets even more confusing. Brooke is the one that everyone thought was pregnant, but in a somewhat shocking (not if you've watched the ending of season 3 and know what's happening in 4) change of events it's actually Haley who is pregnant. Well apparently she isn't that far along. Okay that's cool...but alright now I'm gonna skip ahead a little. The gang finds out that Peyton has a brother who she just found out about. That is the creepy freak named Derek. Well Lucas of course doesn't like him at all. She finally calls him and he hangs up on her. Then the next day he's at her door telling her that she just scared him a little but he wants to get to know her. Meanwhile Brooke has broken up with Lucas and is heartbroken when she sees him with Peyton who last season told Brooke that she had feelings for Lucas. So the stuff between Peyton and Derek keeps going and you start to think he's a great guy...who likes to take pics of his sister...way too much. Turns out he's a stalker and he tries to rape Peyton. However Lucas, who had been trying to get Derek caught by the cops, and the real Derek come to Peyton's rescue. This leads to this wonderful episode when Peyton's real brother takes her to his base and teaches her how defend herself (one of the best scenes is when she breaks down). Finally Peyton moves on the guys win the championships. There is also a side story where Nathan gets involved with a gambler and it gets so bad that at the championship game he tells Nathan to throw the game so he can win. But he finds out from Haley after half time that they're having a son so he decides to win the game instead. After the game they're all celebrating the win...Lucas is celebrating the fact that him and Peyton are getting together...when Haley gets hit by a car that was intended for Nathan and Lucas has a heart attack because he wasn't taking his medication during the game and the shock of seeing Haley is too much for him to take. They both live and in one of the best episodes of the season Lucas sees Keith who takes him around and shows him what life would be like if he didn't do half the things that he does (once again proving that the show is really about Lucas). Things stay good for a while after that until the night before the prom when Nathan and Haley throw a party and an old sex tape that stars Nathan and Brooke is show and Peyton learns for the first time that when she was dating Nathan, Brooke slept with him. This causes Peyton to tell Brooke that they're over and they have one of the most hilarious cat fights ever. That night when Lucas comes to pick up Peyton from the prom she doesn't answer. Turns out earlier in the night she went to answer the door thinking it was Lucas and it turned out to be Stalker Derek again who ties her up and decides to have his own little prom in her basement. Brooke goes to the prom and gets pissed when she sees Lucas all alone so she goes to find Peyton and the two of them end up kicking the crap out of stalker Derek and they decide to stick together. The season keeps going with more stuff that just was thrown in there until the end when Lucas figures out, with the help of diabetic Abby, that Dan shot Keith. And when Dan is at his house dinner with Karen he pulls a gun on Dan and Karen collapses. She gets taken to the hospital and before graduation the doctors perform a c-section to save both Karen and the baby. The kids go to Graduation and Haley's water breaks during the speech. The final episode starts off with Haley giving birth and the doctors trying to revive Karen. Karen has a little Keith visit and she meets her daughter. The doctors revive her as Lucas looks on with a relieved smile on his face. Meanwhile Haley gives birth to a son who she names James Lucas Scott. The story shifts to two weeks later when the group is saying goodbye to each other at a party thrown by Rachel. In the end they all decide to come back to the river court in 4 years.

This season had great moments. But there were some really confusing moments as well. Like the time line for Haley's pregnancy. It didn't make any season. But whatever it's tv right. Anyway this is a great season if you love one tree hill. I for one am going to have it the day it comes out. But that's because i love one tree hill. Anyway see you guys the first week of January for season 5!
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on April 26, 2011
This is my favorite season of One Tree Hill,this is the last season that the gag spend in high school and boy it's better than ever.This season was mind blowing awesome IT'S SERIOUSLY MY FAVORITE SEASON every season is great...but none of the season can top this one.With the crazy Dereck storyline and some of my all-time favorite episodes of One Tree Hill.And this is coming from someone who's seen all the Seasons,even the one thats on TV right now,own all the boxsets,and seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of One Tree Hill.I love everything about this season right down to the cover.It came in perfect condition I mean absolutly no problems,it wasn't torn,bent,nothing.Thanks so much Amazon. :)

My Favorite Seasons(1-the best 7-not that great):
1.Season 4
2.Season 5
3.Season 6
4.Season 7
5.Season 3
6.Season 2
7.Season 1-only because not that much awesome drama as the characters are still trying to develop and had some dull episodes...but hey what can you expect from a starter season.

Some Of my favorite episodes are:
-4x01 "The Same Deep Water As You"
-4x03 "Good News For People Who Love Bad News"
-4x04 "Can't Stop This Thing We Started"
-4x05 "I Love You But I've Choosen Darkness"
-4x06 "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"
-4x13 "Pictures Of You"(one of my all-time favorite episodes)
-4x17 "It Gets The Worst At Night"(my all-time favorite episode of OTH)
-4x20 "The Birth and Death of the Day"
-4x21 "All of Sudden I Miss Everyone"
As you can see they had some AMAZING episodes.All the episodes are great but these really stand out...which as you can see is half of the season. :)

Final Thoughts:
One Tree Hill Season 4 was an AWESOME one.And in my Top 5 favorite seasons of One Tree Hill as you can see OTH Season 4 falls under #1 :).On a scale 1-10 I'd give season 4 a 10, if you didn't already see that coming.OTH SEASON 4 BEST.SEASON.EVER. DEFINATLY RECOMMEND IT.
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on November 3, 2008
I should probably begin with the fact that when I was a kid I loved "Dawson`s Creek". I had a chance to watch only 2 first seasons, so I`ve purchased the rest of them from Amazon recently. BUT when I started watchin` One Tree Hill I understood that I`ve grown so much and comparing to OTH "Dawson`s Creek" is such a kid show, like 4/10 entertaining. So I can assure you now if you want to see the real teen drama, have a great time, then don`t hesitate a second to buy all seasons of OTH! It has everything a good show must have: great writing, great actors and acting, fabulous music. I bet you`re not gonna be bored with this show. Even though I thought that the first season of One Tree Hill was good, the second season proved to be even better. And I can say the same thing about seasons 3 and 4. There were moments when I almost jumped because of brilliant plot twists. There were episodes when I couldn`t help crying or laughing. I thinks it proves how goog the show is;) Not to mention gorgeous DVD packaging and interesting deleted scenes and other extras. Tonight I`m going to start watching season 5 and I`m really nervous because I do care about the characters because they are so real. They make good things and mistakes just like we all do, and no matter what happens this show always gives us hope, provides us with wise thoughts, teaches us not to be bad persons. This show has a soul. A soul you feel familiar with. Like old good friend or yours. And I`m definately staying with that friend. P.S. Good bye, Dawson!;)
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on January 22, 2014
I didn't watch One Tree Hill when it aired, and I'm kind've kicking myself now because it's a really good show. I finished season 4 yesterday and it was terrific just like the first three seasons. Lots of cliffhangers this season and it never seems to let up once. The actors all do a good job too, and everyone is likeable in their own way or entertaining to watch. Hilarie Burton (Peyton) in particular is a real standout this season, and Sophia Bush (Brooke) and James Lafferty (Nathan) continue to be two of the very best characters.
We also get some supporting characters who finally become regulars ( Daneel Harris as Rachel and Antwon Tanner as Skills), and some new characters (the very cute Stephen Colletti as Brooke's new boyfriend Chase).
This season deals with Peyton being terrorized by a stalker, Dan being haunted by his own demons (and by someone who knows what really happened to Keith), Nathan getting into a mess of problems when he just tries to be a good husband and find ways to pay the bills, Brooke finding new enemies, boyfriends, and friendships (not all turn out to be positives) and Deb having to deal with a pretty bad drug addiction.
I've yet to be letdown by a season of this show, and I can't wait to watch the next. Not a single moment of boredom to found here.
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on May 25, 2007
One Tree Hill Show is awesome. I love everything about the show the characters, actors, and music. Hope they hurry up with the dvd season 4.


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on September 10, 2007
Season 4 of One Tree Hill will be released on New Years Day 2008. Season 5 will begin a couple weeks after, and jumping 5 years into the future.
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