Customer Reviews: Onkyo HT-S7300 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver and Speaker Package with iPod Dock (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on December 5, 2010
I purchased this system on Black Friday, and noticed shortly after that it was "under review" by Amazon. Several of the other reviews state that the unit overheats and malfunctions if the vent is blocked, and were considering that to be a defect. This system could very well be a popular first home theater receiver/amp, so for those of you who aren't familiar with these kinds of things, think of it this way- the main unit is a video/audio processor packaged in a metal box which ALSO contains the parts that power the center, fronts, and surround speakers. The speakers don't have power plugs, they're powered directly by that unit. In other words, imagine placing a 20-pound power supply in a metal box with your laptop. Get the idea? There's a reason it ships with a warning label which clearly states DO NOT BLOCK THE VENT. I have no doubt that shoehorning it into one of those cubbyhole-style stands or placing a shelf directly above it will cause problems.

All that being said, I have my receiver on the bottom shelf of my TV stand with a good 8" above it before the next shelf, and the stand is open on the sides and back (glass shelves with wooden legs on the corners). I've run the unit for hours at a time with no problems whatsoever. Maybe I'm just lucky, or maybe it's the fact that there's sufficient airflow. Either way, it works.

And it works really well. I'm not sure how the setup could be difficult, all of the ports on the receiver are clearly marked and the remote uses the same labels (the "Game" HDMI port and "Game" optical audio port are controlled by the "Game" buttons on the unit itself and the remote). The various audio modes are well described and the Audyssey setup is easy too (and highly recommended, it makes a difference). The subwoofer is huge, which is good or bad depending on your situation. I'm in a third floor apartment, so turning the knob to anything beyond 3 (out of 10) is inappropriately loud. On the other hand, in a "man cave" or home theater you can really crank the thing up and feel the soundtrack in your chest. For comparison, the subwoofer is slightly taller and a few inches wider than my Antec 900 computer case.

A few additional notes: as another reviewer stated, the Atlantic stands that are listed at the bottom of this page DO NOT directly attach to the speakers. The speakers have a wall-mount bracket towards the top of the back, but nothing on the lower-back or bottom. I just used the included double-sided tape and the speakers aren't going anywhere. If you have kids or rowdy pets you might want to look into another solution.

Also, Onkyo is kind enough to ship some speaker wire with the system, but it's super thin. Upgrading to some 14-gauge wire is a good idea, at the very least for the rear surrounds. You could probably get away with using the thin stuff for the front three, but you can get a spool of 100' 14-gauge wire for under $40. Also, don't bother with banana clips; you can't use them on the speaker end, and they don't seem to make a good connection on the receiver end. Just wire everything directly- it's quick, easy, and reliable.

For the price you'd be hard pressed to find a better system.
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on October 22, 2010
Bottom line is I like the receiver. The sound is quite pleasing. It has a sufficient number of HDMI inputs for my needs and met my 3D requirements.

I did discover an already known issue (That I did not know about) with DirecTV and most any 3D Audio receiver and 3DTV, it doesn't work right out of the box. One ends up with a "split screen" much like a side by side PIP.

It appears this is a problem of DirecTV's making but can be corrected using Samsung's 3D option located in the Content-3D menu, then selecting the icon that looks like the problem you are having, in my case a side-by-side image. This works but is only effective while watching the 3D program. It has to be reset each time when watching a DirecTV 3D program. 3D programing from my Samsung BD-6900 Blu Ray passes through the receiver without a problem.

My S7300 is only one week old and I have had to order a replacement from After listening to the receiver for anywhere from 5-30 minutes, the sound begins to cut out. It begins clicking every few seconds through all speakers for about 2 minutes with the clicking increasing rapidly over the 2 minutes. The sound then goes completely silent. If I unplug the receiver for about 30 minutes, the sound will come back, but will go out again in about 5-30 minutes as described before.

The problem does seem to be heat related as the sound goes out faster if the receiver is in it's enclosed space inside the Entertainment center. If I sit it out on a TV tray it will run for up to about 30 minutes before failure.

I'm a little disappointed at this point, but I am hoping the replacement will be trouble free. I will update my review after the replacement unit comes in....

When it does work, it works very well!

I have had the replacement S7300 for several weeks now. Perfect! Excellent sound, and no more problems. I have elected to leave the receiver in an "open" slot, (No Door), in my Entertainment center where the air can move freely and help with keeping it cool. This one runs a lot cooler than the original that failed, but it still operates a bit on the "Toasty" side. (Fans in the cabinet would be a good addition).
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on September 15, 2010
This setup is by far the best for the money. When I originally unpacked it and put it in the cabinet, the amp put out so much heat that the sound would go off for a few seconds after about 2 hours of play. I called Onkyo who said they never heard of such a thing and I should do a hard start(push power and vcr together) and if that didn't work I should drive the amp 30 miles to the nearest repair center. In the process of playing with the amp I pulled the cabinet away from the wall and pushed the amp to the back of its shelf so that I could get to the connections. Every time I did that, the intermittent sound loss stopped. I realized that the shelf above the amp did not block the amp vents when the amp was pushed to the back of the cabinet. I removed the shelf above the amp which gave the amp about 6 inches to vent the heat and from that time on there has been no sound loss and I have kept the amp running for 10 hours at a time. There are suggestions not to block the vent but it is a safety not a performance suggestion.
I would recommend this product to a friend, but not to insert in a cabinet without proper ventilation.
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on November 24, 2010
I just bought this over a month and a half ago and it came damaged so I had to return it, a new one was shipped to me the following week, of course this one never worked right. The video works fine but the sound keeps cutting out. I bought new High def HDMI to hook up my PS3 and cable, still haveing same problems of sound cutting out. The video stays on only. The top of the receiver gets extremely
hot, which makes me believe it is over heating, and thus the reason for this to shut itself off. Ive owned many systems throughout my life and just replaced a Sony, which I paid for alot cheaper and had for a long time without any problems. I wanted bigger and badder, instead I've got so far a headache. I work alot so time slipped on me, its past the 30 for refund through amazon, so now I am dealing with Onkyo warranty, 2 yrs parts and labor.
Ok this is the major problem. Onkyo has cut many service shops, due to saving money, so only two places that will take care of these issues. One in NJ and other in Lakeworth, FL. BEWARE, you must either take your system to them or mail it with return postage all on your expense. This is where Im at this moment, luckily I live in miami so a 3 1/2 hr driving trip is what took me. Knowing that I must take that trip again to pick it up when I hope this problem is fixed, since I was told it would be about a month.
Ill update then.

...... Just picked up receiver yesterday 1/12/11. Was advised that inside unit had bad connection and needed to be resoderd. Now so far I watched a movie last night and all went well. I will update later when I'm sure all is well.
The "Beware" is due to the hassle I had to go through. So I had a defective unit from the start.

...... UPDATE... NOW 1/20/2011 Horrible to say but problem still is here. sound cuts out when it feels like it. one day watched an
entire movie no problem, second day movie sound cut out twice. now on third day sound continue to cut out. I will be contacting Product support asap. I will update then.....
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on January 18, 2011
I did extensive research before I made this purchase. I literally spent 4 months reviewing and waiting for prices to drop before pulling the trigger on this HTIB. I currently only have my Xbox 360 and a computer connected to the receiver and a 46 inch LCD. I use the computer for my TV (antennae and internet). The picture quality dramatically improved running the computer through the receiver. I also live in an apartment so a HTIB setup is ideal for my situation. If also living in an apartment and you are thinking about this setup, be forewarned, the bass it produces is POWERFUL and the sub woofer is huge! Another reviewer was accurate in that the sub woofer is as tall as a mid size computer but twice the width. I have my TV set in the corner so I was able to hide the sub behind my TV (Not the most ideal place, but I had to work with what I had). I also had to turn the base dial down on the sub to the first mark (probably has about 20 marks on the dial) just so I would not upset my neighbors. I wish I had a basement so I could use the full potential of this setup!

I was initially deciding Polk Audio, Yamaha or Onkyo. Again, after reading hundreds of reviews on the net, I chose to go with Onkyo. This setup fit my list perfectly. I wanted the below;
-7.1 surround with the option of adding 2 additional speakers (A and B, totaling 9.1)
-Powered subwoofer
-I wanted the two front speakers tall/floor standing
-1080p up scaling
-Ipod dock was a bonus
-Dolby TrueHD / Pro Logic IIz / dts-HD Master Audio / Dolby Digital Plus / dts-HD High Resolution Audio (would have liked THX.....but not for the price)
-WARRANTY-----(Very important when it comes to receivers!!)

I was able to get everything I wanted with this Onkyo setup while spending under $600.

Many reviews, on both amazon and the egg (the other website I wanted to purchase from but was more expensive) mentioned over-heating issues with this unit or Onkyo in general. I'm not sure where these people are putting their receivers, but I have not experienced this issue at all. Does the unit get warm if used for hours on end? Yes, obviously, as ANY receiver would. Just don't cram this unit in a space without proper ventilation. My receiver has about 6-8 inches of breathable air space above the unit (nothing on the sides as there are no vents anyways). Again, no over heating or "hot to the touch" issues at all.

My only con or fault with this awesome HTIB is the included speaker wire. Others have said numerous times that you should purchase other speaker wire. Do yourself a favor and purchase 16 gauge wire (the included is 24 gauge!!!!!! Way to small!!!). I was able to get 100ft of RCA 16 gauge speaker wire through amazon for under $15.00 dollars.

In all, this was a fantastic purchase and I would recommend this HTIB by Onkyo to all friends and family. I would have gladly paid more that the deal I got for this system.
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on December 29, 2010
First let me say that I am an electrical contractor with 30 years experience. I wire houses and surround sound systems for a living, so I'm anything but a beginner, but it was very frustrating installing this system.

Pros: INCREDIBLE SOUND from a good looking system once it's working.

Cons: The manual is quite poor. The wiring included with this system looks to be way too small (I only used it for the initial setup), but was color coded and made for an easy install. I connected the satellite box to the receiver and then to the TV with HDMI cables, but I was unable to get a picture through the receiver to my TV. I tested and verified my HDMI cables were working, but no go. Three days of trying and I finally got someone at Onkyo. Apparently there was nothing wrong with the system or my setup, but you have to turn the receiver off and on every time you change anything in the setup or it won't work. It would have been nice to have the manual say this, but I never saw it if it's there.

Onkyo customer service was a mixed bag. The first time I spent over an hour on hold and first got a nasty woman who hung up on me. The second time I spoke to a tech named Daniel who couldn't have been any better. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional and eager to help. He patiently walked me through the setup and in 5 minutes everything was good.
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on February 19, 2011
I spent a lot of time reasearching Home Theatre systems for just about the past year. I was always taken away by the Bose systems in the stores that go in the $1,500 range, also the 2-3 speaker systems for $700-800. I have not had a home theatre for some time and my last big stereo purchase was a Aiwa receiver (5.1) with front and back speakers from Cambridge Soundworks. A nice little system that I have enjoyed for the past 10+ years. It was time to upgrade.

After researching long and hard I discovered the Onkyo systems. Highly rated in Consumer Reports (I tend to follow a lot and have never been dissapointed). The system I was after was the lower 5000 Onkyo HT series with bookshelf speakers/satellite speakers. I went to local Sears and I was impressed by the sound. My turn off on thelower system was the size of the speakers which would not fit on my TV stand. I opted for the Tower Speakers for looks and also a little better sound.

My system arrived and was in a pretty big box. Overall everything is really good quality. I was surprised like a lot of people by the size of the subwoofer....twice the size of the one that I had. Receiver is color coded and comes with wires that are coded the same. I have a small living room and not sure what circumstance you would have where the back speakers would actually reach with included wire. You will need extra speaker wire to install the back four speakers.

Wiring up the speakers was the quick part. I had some connection issues on the back wires (user error by me) that I made. Once I got these issues fixed (I called Onkyo support and tech was very helpful inwalking me through what was wrong) I was pleased. This unit produces INCREDIBLE SOUND!!! I can't tell you how good the sound is of this system, both watching TV, video games and Music. Powerful, clear, crisp sound like I never imagined. I would put it there if not better than many $1,000+ priced sound systems out there.

A ton of Modes for various sounds, different sounds you will use it for. I actually cannot believe that I went this long with listening to mainly the sound from my TV. This system makes every movie worth watching again and is also unbelievable when watching live's like I'm there. Pair this system with a good HD TV/Blu-Ray player and you have the ultimate combination.

I truly am happy with my purchase and hope my comments help someone else out there in a market for a great sound system. I typically do not spend this kind of money on a Stereo but in this case I would do it all over again. I feel if this system was priced at $1,000 I would still be happy with my purchase, obviously cost almost half that. Very happy and I look forward to enjoying my Onkyo for years to come.

PRO's: Sound quality (top-notch, better than systems that cost a lot more $$), # of sound modes, ease of hooking up, remote, overall look, tower speakers, center speaker quality

CON's: HDMI...I hooked through receiver but it was too much work to switch between components...wired all back to my TV and did audio out to receiver. Size of subwoofer.
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on November 30, 2010
Finally, was able to spend time and funds on my man cave/ den. This system is exactly what I was looking for. I am 65% done with room. Utilized the 7.1 speaker set up, but you can use many different speaker set ups. The Subwoofer is HUGE and luckly was able to fit behind the couch. This is not ideal, but this thing is HUGE...did I already say that? Can't wait to watch a DVD with a Saturn V rocket launching...will probably shake the paint of the walls. I would recommend this to a family member.

UPDATE: Have been using for three weeks....AWESOME! Receiver runs hot, but this is typical for Onkyo. Installed a circulation fan and that keeps the Temp. down in our AV cabnet. Love it! When the Woofer kicks in, behing our couch, it vibrates the whole thing....FUN!

One negative, thought I would be able to control the iPod through can't. You can increase and decrease volume and charge it, but that is all.
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on December 12, 2010
Pros -
The sound is amazing. Prior to this I had a Samsung All in One BluRay 5.1 surround system and I'm baffled by how much better this sounds.
The receiver has every kind of input you'll ever need.

Cons -
The SubWoofer is huge and the receiver is big as well. This was almost a deal breaker with my girlfriend.
It didn't come with enough speaker wire to reach the back surrounds. My living room is average size

Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Just know that the system is going to take up a decent amount of space.
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on May 20, 2011
For the current (sale) price of this HT system, you cannot beat it.

The input options are great. I have my PS3, Cable box, and a loose HDMI to Mini HDMI (for connecting my video camera) hooked into the HDMI ports with an extra left over. I have my turntable connected to the "RCA" inputs and my iPod nano stays plugged into the included dock. What more could you need?

Hook up is easy and self-explanatory. Match the colored wires to the same colored terminals. I'm not sure how much easier it can get.

Sound quality is excellent. There are tons of different listening modes to choose from. Playing shooting games like Battlefield: BC2 is insane. The sound of gunfire thumps your chest and mortar strikes shake the room. Even an enemy sneaking up behind can be heard with realistic sound direction.

Music sounds phenomenal. I prefer to use the "all channel" listening mode for music, it really fills the room. My old records have really come alive and using the dock and on screen controls for my iPod make selecting music easy and pain-free.

Hooking up my Audio Technica M-50 headphones into the receiver made them sound better than they have ever sounded. I even did a side by side comparison between using the receiver and straight from the ipod and it is noticeably better using the receiver.

The only real con I can come up with is the heat that the receiver creates. It never created an issue, but it did worry me. I fixed this issue by using an old PC fan and wiring it up to an old plug with the correct volts/amps. I just set it on top of the unit blowing down into it and it made a HUGE difference. I think Onkyo needs to have one inside the unit from the factory. It wouldn't cost them more than a few bucks at the most and could be easily done without modifying the current internals.

That's all I have. This is a fantastic HT system and well worth the price.
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