Customer Reviews: Onkyo HT-S7400 5.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver/Speaker Package (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on December 2, 2011
I recently received my S7400 unit and have been very happy with my purchase. This is my first purchase of an Onkyo brand item and it is winning over this Sony loyalist.

Obviously, the most important part is how the unit sounds, and the sound from the S7400 is wonderful. I upgraded to this unit from a Sony HTiB system, and the improvement in both receiver quality as well as speaker quality and sound is huge. Highs are crisp and clear, mid frequencies are clear and much more distinguishable, and the bass is of a decidedly higher quality with more refined accuracy than my old Sony unit, making music more balanced and more enjoyable to hear. There is also still plenty of `boom', for those earth-shaking action sequences when played through the HD audio-compatible receiver. What separates this higher-end, powered subwoofer apart from the passive Sony subwoofer are both the amount of bass as well as the ability for the 7400 to have more 'accurate' and natural sounding bass rather than the muddy sounding bass I was used to.

This system has a great center speaker with two mids and a tweeter in it. Dialogue is much fuller sounding and much clearer and easier to hear. The front speakers also have separate tweeters and mids, where my old system only had a single, smaller speaker for everything. Having those frequencies separated by speakers handling the duties individually is certainly one reason for which the sound is so good from this system. The 7400's sound is almost multi-dimensional compared to the very flat sounds that came from my previous system (and this is coming from one who used Sony exclusively up until the purchase of this unit). Basically, it's almost like going from DVD to HD in terms of audio quality, whether it be watching TV, playing CDs or watching blu ray discs.

The on-screen display is great for set-up and for fine-tuning, but once the system is set up and all of the settings were made, I found the on-screen display a little annoying as the overlay covers up the bottom part of the TV screen when selections are made or volume is changed with the remote. I LOVE having the OSD for setting the system up and making adjustments in the settings, but don't care for it popping up while watching normal television. However, it can be turned off, which is a great option. The front-screen display of the receiver is also much larger and easier to read and has 3 different dimmer/brightness settings. I never had a problem reading the small Sony ones, but some have complained of it being very small to read from any distance over 5 or 6 feet.

I've had no problems at all with the HDMI connections. I've got 3 components running into the receiver via HDMI and one HDMI out to the HDTV and all is working properly. I even find lip-sync to be much better as well for the satellite viewing-probably because of the improved processing abilities of the receiver. I had a slight lag when watching my satellite with my old system, and that lag is now gone.

I have noticed some people mention issues with the HDMI pass-through. I am not needing to use components on a pass-through basis, but I did notice there are some pass-through settings that can be made in the set-up of the receiver, so it may be that adjustments in the set-up need to be made for it to work properly...just a thought.

I'm in the process of reading through the manual. It is a little complicated and convoluted in some of the wording for this audio novice, but I think it will be necessary to read through it to really get everything out of the benefits the receiver offers.

Set up was easy with all of the cords color-marked to know which speaker goes where and to which connection in the rear of the receiver. I will admit that the wires supplied for the rear speakers are quite short; mine just barely being long enough with not an inch to spare in a smallish living room (running the wire around the walls rather than a direct route). It also would have been nice to have a little thicker speaker wires

I was not thrilled with the interface of the wifi and Internet available apps-very basic looking. I actually like the interface offered from my blu ray player better, so I can't comment to the working of these apps on the 7400 as I am not using the receiver for them.

The auto calibration software was thorough and took much longer to set up than my Sony, but did a wonderful job. I needed to tweak the bass a little, but overall it did a great job of processing the sound, taking into consideration the speaker distances, the speaker set up and acoustics.

At this point, I'm a convert for sure and admit that you do get what you pay for. I do realize that sometimes one can only get what is within the means of their budget, but one should get the most bang for their money and I certainly feel this unit has been worth the extra it costs over other 'budget' systems. If this HTiB unit is within your budget, you are doing a disservice to yourself buying a cheaper unit like I did before, just to save some money. I'd even think the lower priced 3400 would be a better option for smaller budgets.

So, other than a slight disappointment with the 'look' of the interface for the Internet apps and the short wires for the two surround speakers, I am a very happy user and consider this to be a great upgrade. I give this system 5 stars because of the sound and quality of the system and because the minor issues don't really affect my enjoyment of the system. I'm sure it's not the cream of the crop compared to separately purchased components of a high-end systems, but I'd certainly consider it 'high-end' for a HTiB unit and I have no reservation in recommending it.
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on October 30, 2011
Ok, if you are looking for a budget speaker system, this is the way to go. I don't have the HDMI problem as the other review mentioned. First impression on the speakers well made but lighter than expected. The receiver is solid and served it's purpose. Again, if you are shopping theater system for a while, you know it's not going to be easy on your wallet. Taking in the price consideration, I would rate the receiver a four and half star. And the speakers let me down a little bit for a 2 and 1/2 star. It sounds like my computer speakers.
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on July 4, 2011
This is an upgrade to some of the lesser models (HT-S5400) from the standpoint of Internet connectivity. So far I have only tried Pandora which will not connect. I have no problem however on my Panasonic Viera Plasma connecting to Pandora over the same hardwired Ethernet Network Connection.

Also it won't play nice with my DVI equipped Set Top Cable Box and TV with respect to HDMI. I am getting HTCP Content violations. This does not happen when connected directly to the TV via a DVI to HDMI cable, but does with the Onkyo in between them. Arrrrr.

The sound with the cheap box speakers is actually quite good, impressive in fact. I will keep trying to sort things out with regards to the other issues. Fortunately having a direct network connection allows for easy Firmware Upgrades, which I hope will improve overall function.


I finally got the Pandora to work but I still prefer the Panasonic Viera interface. Also I swapped out my DVI Cable set top box for an HDMI unit. Everything works now. I also just purchased an Onkyo HT-RC360 for our other house and it has the same issues with regard to HDMI and a DVI Set Top Box. I had to reluctantly use the Component Cables to feed the receiver. I'll make a trip to Comcast again to swap out the Motorola DVI box for HDMI.
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on July 7, 2011
This is my second Onkyo set, I had a lower model before this one. I returned the lower model, because the signal would go out ramdonly, until 28 days later it went out for good...

So I decided to get this one, and what a nightmare it has been, I did a firmware update with a USB stick, you can do one with a direct connection to your home network. Anyway, the HDMI-through is the biggest pain so far, this unit for some reason, requires a power cycle EVERY TIME you switch signals, let me explain....If I'm watching TV with my cable box and then I turn my 360 on, the HDMI changes to the 360 signal without a problem, however, once I turn the 360 off, the receiver does not detect the already present cable box HDMI signal, so I'm forced to turn the cable box off, leave it off for few seconds (40 to 90 average), turn it on and then the receiver switches to the cable box signal, which is a problem with Comcast digital boxes, if you leave the box off for that long, the TV guide will not display current content, it will give you the old "this listing will be shown shortly" kind of message. There's a quicker way to get the signal to show up right away, unplug the cable box HDMI cable from the back of the receiver, plug it back on and the signal switches to TV cable, this however defeats the whole purpose of HDMI through alltogether.......The lower model I had, didn't need this "power cycle". I've been researching the net and also a local store near me, it turns out that anything from Onkyo with the "HT" in the model name, is basically garbage. Customers bring them back due to over heating or some component blowing up.

I was told to buy the receiver separately, and to go with the XT models. Sadly though, they do not run cheap, and do not include speakers.

This unit, with its $699, is nothing but a cheap receiver with some decent speakers. I've also heard about Onkyo's customer support and warranty, which does not include a pre-paid mail label, meaning, you'll have to haul and mail the package at your own expense. No thank you, I'll save a bit more money and build a system with separate components. Trust me when I say this, do not buy a home theater package, at least from Onkyo.

I hope this review helps some of you.
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on February 24, 2012
This has been a great upgrade for my home TV. Huge improvement for a good price. There are certainly better sound systems but how much does the average person really need?

Setup was simple -- granted I didn't do the proper thing of running wires through the walls (they run down my wall and then along the wall under the baseboard -- meh, 's good enough for me). Everything plugs into my receiver via HDMI cable (XBox 360, Tivo, Blu-Ray, HD DVD), though it also has plenty of connections for standard TV inputs, and then one HDMI out (cable not included) runs from my receiver to my TV.

Sounds great. Works great. Been using it about 2 months now.

The one small problem I've noticed with it, though, is that it doesn't always make a clean switch between sources. Once in a while I'll get little lines of static on the screen. The cure for this is always the same: switch sources and then switch back. Problem solved.

So, I dunno that I would pay the list price on this set but it was on sale when I got it and I'm entirely pleased with it. The features are fine and there's plenty of inputs available. Also comes with an antenna for AM/FM radio and a stand for your iPod (and a regular stereo input jack which I use with my Droid). If not for that occasional static issue and maybe some longer cables for the rear speakers, I'd rate it 5 stars.
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on January 14, 2012
I was doing some research on the Receivers/speakers for couple of months and ended up with this 5.1 system as it fits my Budget and found even if I outgrow the speakers the receiver/sub-woofer is still worth the deal (I got it for a good deal price around new year...)..Things change when I started building the system I liked the Receiver and its functions... and after configuring the speakers and after setting up the AUDYSSEY...WOW to the speakers quality as well.

Receiver is solid and good quality, Wired Internet connection and streams Radio's perfectly fine. haven't yet got the wireless adapter. Remote is very good i was able to control all my devices with this remote, and the build of the remote is very good too. On screen display of the settings make life lot easier and navigation seems little tough, but not bad at all.

Speakers are little big, but the quality of the sound is excellent. Use the Audyssey setup and you will love it.


Bottom line is if you are getting it for the right price it is a good HT system to start with....
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on March 31, 2012
Seemed to work OK for a little while. The HDMI output was always a little flakky getting signal, and recently after 6 months the HDMI output on the receiver completely died. Tried multiple HDMI cables into multiple display devices and none get a signal. Sad.
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on December 31, 2011
Great combo for the price with a lot of features. When properly set up with the correct settings there are no HDMI issues or problems with the networking on the receiver. Problem is many people who buy a home theater in a box don't understand this so they rate a great product low because of ignorance. Absolutely no issues with plenty of power!
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on March 6, 2013
Took me a few days to learn how to get this & all the features working + a call to the 24/7 help line to walk me through a simple reset to clear a network fault but after that everything works & it's an impressive system. all the features work....pandora, network, usb, zone2 audio, etc. The main room 5.1 sound is outstanding after the audessy routine & some minor level adjusts....sounds like a 3d sea of sound as I move throughout the room. I love took a few days to get there though. I upgraded the fronts to a pair of klipsch Icons, center to polk monitor15 and the surrounds to sony ss-b1000.....I could babble on but I'll end it here with a...I am very happy with this system. If you get has a lot of menu's & sub menus' which take a little getting used to with a thick (useful) manual. The telephone support line is great too....spoke to a real person in only a couple minutes in the q. Enjoy
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on July 22, 2015
Tu8rns out...Onkyo likes to build products that just stop producing sound after a year or so. Google Onkyo and no your money
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