Customer Reviews: Onkyo HT-S7409 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver/ 5.1 Speaker Package (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on December 12, 2011
I was planning on building my home theater around the NR609 and was having trouble finding a reasonably priced 5.1 speaker setup whether bundled or separate. To my surprise I find this setup at about half of what I was planning on spending. The setup sounds great and as expected the receiver is feature packed...for someone coming from an old Sony box without even HDMI this is a quantum leap. I have some cons below but I don't feel like any of them necessitate less than 5 stars, just wanted people to be aware. Also note I didn't even take the speaker wire out of the package as I bought 12awg wire and banana plugs right out of the gate.

-SiriuxXM and Spotify (among others) built in
-On Screen Display
-Sounds great out of the box
-Works with Onkyo AS140 speaker stands

-Speakers have spring clip terminals only
-Center channel lacks any sort of "stand" for being on it's side...seems it's the same rounded casing as the surround channels.
-Internet Radio mode has bad menu will get used to it but don't expect other people to be able to pick it up right away.
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on December 21, 2011
WOW!! That's about the best way to put it. I love my Onkyo HT-S7409. I spent over a year searching through reviews, websites, and stores and finally decided on this particular Onkyo product. The receiver supports 7.1 but the speaker package is a 5.1 setup which is more than enough for my application. The sound is crystal clear and has MORE than enough power to chase people from the room. Whether watching movies with big explosions, car chases, or outer space orchestrations this system can easily handle and exceed epectations. Deep booming bass, clear speech, and a THX certified reciever make this package well worth the money. I've read reviews and complaints about the provided stock speaker wire and can say that adequate amounts were provided for my particular application but you would need to purchase additional speaker wire for medium to large applications. My room is 13X14 and the provided speaker wire was sufficient.

The only downside that I have, if it's an actual downside - Setup can be a bit tricky, but if you read the instructions and take your time to do it right, it's well worth the time and trouble invested. I'm not really sure it's a downside as the system is amazing and I purposely stayed away from Entry Level HTIB Systems, so I kind of set myself up for this and expected to spend some extra care in setting the system up. WELL WORTH IT!!

Also, not really a downside, but the clarity and sound reproduction from the system is amazing. I'm hearing things in movies and music that I haven't heard before. And with this being a new system I was listening hard for anything that didn't sound right or may indicate damage or defect in the speakers/system. So while watching a movie (The Sound Of Music) I heard either a footstep/shuffle of a foot or scraping of something else just at the beginning of a song. Thinking something was wrong I listened to it about 10 times to figure out what the heck I was hearing. It's like almost hearing too much, like that's a bad thing. I'm no audiophile but I would think this is the kind of sound reproduction that they would stive for in a system. Then again, I'm stuck listening to my own breathing when I'm trying to enjoy music, I'm not sure I'd want to be stuck listening to breathing coming through my system as well. lol ;)
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on December 10, 2011
Was going to buy a Bose cinemate 2!
Glad I didn't this system is great!
I've owned prior system that cost more
And this ones the best!
Amazons $488.00 price! Just adds to the thrill
Not to mention the quality of the Onkyo & features!
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on November 25, 2011
For all the folks like me looking for a review on the HT-S7409 and finding no reviews anywhere. I have purchased this Model and If you are holding out for reviews will get it set up and try to review in a week or so, so if you are thinking about getting it for Christmas, i will give you a good opinion on what I think. I have had many systems in the past including, Panasonic, tectonics, Sony and Phillips. Stay tuned.

UPDATE!!! 12-2-11
Ok so i installed this in my home. First off the Box weighed 80LBS. This is well packaged. I knew that manufactures give wire as part of the deal but my sugestion to you is to go to your local electric wholesale facility and pick yourself up some 14-16 gauge 99%copper oxygen free wire. I got 150 feet for $30 locally. I promise you that it will make a huge differance. I hooked up what "they give" you for wire to sample the system and this stuff is like 24 gauge. I was not too happy with that but i figure people are savvy enough when it comes to stuff like this that they run a higher quality wire anyway, so why give the good stuff even though this is a high output system and they give you low quality wire, i can understand because monster wire is $50 a roll of 50 feet. This swap alone will make the sound more clear and crisp. I only tried some music last night and will attempt a movie like star wars on BD to report back a movie and the THX certification. Compeared to my other systems that i mentioned, this is by far a better sound. The speakers sound great with un hearable THD + N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) I beleive them when they say under 1% total. I want to get a logitec harmony remote however i was able to program my 3D tv and BD player to the remote that comes with the receiver, so i was able to save a little money there. I ordered the ipod attachment and the wireless adapter for the receiver and will report how well stuff works out. So keep your eye out for more reviews. I rated this a 5 so far because in my opinion this sounds phenominal next to my other systems and even going to a local store where you can sample receivers, this sounds every bit as good as a 2k+ machine. Should i rate it a 4 for the skimp on the wire.... Heck no but you will notice a differance in quality when using a larger sized gauge. More reviews to come as i play with it, but hands down if you are thinking of ordering before Christmas, you cannot go wrong @ $488.00

Update 12-6-11
After putting it threw some movies. Starwars, Lord of the Rings and The Matrix, I am totally satisfied with what I got. I am discovering new things everyday as i play with the remote. You can actually play music and movies in different sound modes. My favorite is THX. Every thing sounds so crisp and the Bass is so solid. This system is worth the $799 and is a total steal @ 488. You cannot go wrong. I have ordered the IPOD dock and the Wireless dongle and will update when i have those installed. The bigest kick i get out of this experiance is when the girlfriend says " Just because we have a nice loud system doesnt mean we have to listen to stuff so loud".... Makes me laugh.
Till then,
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on February 23, 2012
I've had the system up n running for three days now and I am very happy with it. Like most I bought the system for the receiver with the expectations to upgrade the speakers over time, but honestly there is no need these speakers are more than capable. The sound is great with both movies and music which isn't all that common. The bass is so powerful, but for the size of the sub it should be, I'm talking this thing is huge..easily 20"x12"24", and I'm guessing a good 30+ lbs. The receiver is packed with functions, countless different listening styles including "THX" which should be the best sounding, but I use the "all channel" function which gives me the ability to change the bass, treble, center channel, and sub woofer levels to whatever I want, whereas using the THX has the adjustments preset with most of the sound coming out of the center speaker. The net applications are great although I only use one; Pandora. Onkyo makes a wireless adapter but I read negative things about the connection signal so I bought the "TP-Link TL-WN722N 150Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapter" which has an antenna and also a USB extension so you can place it works absolutely great and costs less than Onkyo's. The receiver is able to have 7.1 system hooked up and has soooo many other connections in the back it is ridiculous. I have my Xbox, Blu-ray player, and Laptop hooked into the receiver using HDMI hook ups, with my cable box still hooked into the TV so I don't always have to have the receiver on to watch TV, but I can still listen through the system speakers using a digital audio wire, sometimes known as an optical wire. I didn't use the wire that came with it with the exception of the sub woofer because I already had all my wiring in place from my last system, so I cannot speak to that.

So to sum it up; Sound: Very full and crisp without having that "overpowering" feeling.
Receiver: Everything you could ask for, all the HDMI connections you could ever need, music apps, THX certified, and more than enough power.
And I forgot to mention if you have an Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, or android you can turn those devices into the remote, with ability to stream music on your android wirelessly, apple products wireless streaming isn't available except for pandora or other internet music apps. But like I said I have my laptop hooked up through HDMI so I can play music that way or from the apple products using the USB port.

The One Negative I have is that there is only one USB port, which if you plan on using the internet apps can be a problem because you can not have both your Ipod and wireless adapter plugged in at the same time. I wonder if a USB hub would work, might be something I look into in the future.

You will definitively be happy with this system, unless you are able to spend thousands of dollars this is the best system you'll find under 1K. Hope I helped!

UPDATE 3-7-12: Everything is still amazing, broke the speakers in so I am now comfortable running at high volumes, although I have only gotten it to 75 out of 99..I couldn't imagine someone needing it to be louder than that. I basically wanted to update you on my attempt to use a USB "hub" so that I could have the ability to have my ipod or any usb connectable device along with having the wifi adapter plugged in at the same time. I had no success and I used the "Belkin USB 2.0 4-Port Ultra-Mini Hub." So as far as I can say the one USB connection on the receiver is it, a little disappointed but not anything to take away from this amazing system. So happy I invested in this system, I can't imagine anything better!
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on December 16, 2011
Okay first let me put out I am not an audiophile. I just wanted a system for a medium sized room and a AV that had network capability. Now that has been said I really like this system I bought the Onkyo UWF-1 Wireless LAN Adapter and it worked like a charm. The system really sounds great with my PS3 and TV Panasonic VIERA TC-P65ST30 65-Inch 1080p 600 Hz 3D Plasma HDTV. My only two knocks on the system is DirectTV's sound does not come through that well but I'm not sure if that is a problem with Onkyo or DirectTV. The other knock is Onyko makes no speaker stands for this system so if anyone knows of some stands that work properly please let me know. Other than that great system.

Update --- Dec 26th
Two days ago my video feed started to be sporadic inbetween watching cable and using my tv's Internet movie download capability. Finally today I called Onyko who was helpful and they had me reset the receiver which fixed the problem. However, then I was only getting sound through my center speaker for cable which sucked! Called Onyko again who advised me that I had a faulty HDMI board and I should have amazon replace it since I've owned it less than a month. Thank goodness or Amazon's seller return policy! I should be getting another system then stay tuned!

Update II --- Feb 13th

System works like a charm, we are very happy with it!
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on December 2, 2011
I Had the $2000 Bose 2.1 and returned it for this system. Quality product that sounds great with my home entertainment set up.
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on January 27, 2012
So, we got this system for my hubby's mancave (which is the size of a single-car garage) and it blew our whole house down with awesomely-powerful sound! Surround sound speakers are great and the receiver is a 7.2 channel, with the option to hook an extra channel from another room without the need for another amp... (btw, just this receiver is about $100 less than the total amount of this whole package, so its a REALLY good deal!)
We soon realized why its such a good deal... the system comes with a 10" powered sub that has incredible sound/bass quality and pretty much was almost too powerful for our street! haha! But, the sub over-heated or something after the first 2 weeks of having it. We had to find a local Onkyo dealer to get this fixed. IS an authorized Onkyo dealer, so the warranty this set comes with is ACTIVE (thank GOD!) The local dealer is now fixing our sub at no cost under the warranty, should be ready in about a week. No problems!
Will let yall know if the sub has some staying power or not, so far the rest of the system is working beautifully!
In my opinion, this set is worth it because of the warranty and how expensive all these parts would have been separately. I can wait a week if I'm saving myself $300 overall.
Last thing: the surround speakers DO NOT come with mounts. Not sure where to get those, our old mounts we had worked very well for installing. And the system comes with all the wiring to put it together. But, we used higher gauged wire b/c this set comes with what looks like 18g??? Pretty thin, but it'll do the job. I think we used either 12 or 14 gauge wire... maybe this is why the sub overheated??
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on February 3, 2012
I was using a 5 year old Panasonic 5.1 system and was happy with it. I upgraded my TV and found that it did not have the standard audio out to a receiver. You either needed an optical cable or a receiver compatible with HDMI (ARC) in order to get sound from the TV to the speakers. Unfortunately the Pani system was dated and did not have Optical or HDMI (ARC) inputs. This is why I upgraded to the Onkyo and man I am happy I did. The receiver has more inputs, settings, and modes than I will ever use. I put it in my large game room which is pre-wired for surround. Setup was very simple but keep the manual close! The system even comes with a microphone used for calibrating the system to your room and optimize your listening experience.

As I said, I was happy with my Pani system, that is, until I hooked the Onkyo System up and realized it wasn't even close. When watching movies, I can hear things from the speakers of the Onkyo that I didn't from the Pani. Even my wife, who could care less about which speakers/receivers are used, was impressed. The system is upgradable to 7.1 and has A/B channels. It is 3D ready so it will grow when I'm ready. If you are in the market for a 5.1 system in this price range you will not find better. And as usual, AMAZON's prices can't be beat.
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on March 6, 2012
I'll start by saying I love the stereo. Setup was a breeze, the sound is amazing for a large room, and configuration options are not confusing. That being said, my receiver appears to have the same issue a lot of customers are experiencing. The hdmi board quit working within 30 days of setup. After researching the problem online I found many users frustrated with the same problem. The hdmi board on these units fails often. One day I turned on the unit to find I had sound but no video. After calling tech support and "resetting" the unit I was told that it needs to be serviced. Luckily I was within my 30 day return policy and Amazon offered to ship me a new replacement unit. I am still hesitant as to whether I should return the unit and go with a different brand or model. I chose the replacement because the stereo is awesome when it works. I will update this review in a few weeks and hopefully the new unit will not be defective.
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