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No, the input-output Rca´s in this amplifier are just conected internally with no electronic pre-amplification, just like wires. I´m hopping this amp to down price but still in 200$... you will need a preamplifier to connect your turnable to any amplifier with dedicated phono input.
May 7, 2011 by Jose Salas
Just to clarify... This is a 2 channel amplifier. You would need a second 2 channel amplifier to run a pair of Bi amp speakers. if you find an amplifier with a "speakers A + B option, don't fall in to the assumption that you can hook "speakers A" to high pass and "speakers B" to low pass. You will encounter a direct short. Well maybe not so direct. It might take as long as a few hours to fry your amp. I own one of these amps and have been using it full range on some Polk Audio bookshelf speakers. With Bi amplified floor standing speakers, I could see myself employing 2amplifiers. I do have an additional pair of Polk Audio floor standing speakers that I switched over to Bi Amp mode after operating normally for about a year. What a difference! It has been my experience that you can never go wrong with more power.
Jan 14, 2013 by Robert D. Vachon
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