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on July 2, 2005
This book gave me an hours worth of reading about poker, and that was good. If I had never played poker, or was one of the complete fish at party, it would probably have helped my game some. But, the little good information that he gives can be had anywhere ("play tight, good starting hands, and bet made hands aggressively") and probably in more depth. On top of this, he makes numerous statements that are FACTUALLY wrong. A pocket pair against a higher pocket pair isn't a "coinflip" because they both have two outs! The higher pair is a 4-1 favorite! The higher pair doesn't HAVE to hit trips to win. It's a "coinflip" against two overcards (where the pair is a slight favorite, if you were wondering). He spends several pages explaining why figuring odds is worthless because "your opponents could have some of your outs." Not only is that stupid, it's potentially damaging to someone who actually listens to what he has to say. Pot odds are never discussed except to ridicule people who use it to explain a call. He never discusses his experience or winnings, but it seems because he has none. He apparently plays 5 dollar tourneys on party, and speaks in awe of someone who was playing in 200 dollar sit 'n gos. The only mention he gives of his results are that he is the "unluckiest poker player alive" and how people draw out flushes on him at least 35% of the time instead of 1-4 like the odds say they should. Finally, he spends a chapter "paraphrasing" another book which is very good and similarly priced, and has some material (his odds charts) that he says came from a specific site, but I would not be suprised to find out is copyright infringement. This guy seems to be where I was before I started actually researching how to play poker well, and I would be highly doubtful that he is even a breakeven career player... even WITH the fish in 5 dollar sit 'n gos at party. How this farce got on Amazon I don't know... but buy anything else.
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on June 23, 2005
The first problem I had with this book was the contradictions. First of all the author preaches on how big pairs like AA and KK retain ther value whether against one opponent or six opponents. By the end of the book the author now suggested AA does not do well in a multi-way pot. So what is it? Do they retain ther value in a multi-way or do the not do well? Next the author suggest checking on the turn with an opponent on a possible flush draw who is not going to stop chasing. This is basic. You do not give a free card to someone on a draw when you have a made hand. Do the math. If you have an opponent on a flush draw his odds are 4 to 1. So if you bet, 4 times you will pick up a bet from an opponent on a draw and 1 time you will lose a bet. If you do not bet you save your opponent 1 bet 4 times and 1 time your opponent will hit his flush courtsey of the free card you offered. Basic. The author also teaches begginers to calculate percentages instead of odds. Learn to caluclate odds. Its much simple and makes comparing your odds to the pot odds easier. Very dissappointed. Save your money and put it towards a decent book.
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on March 24, 2005
I am the proud owner of ten e-books I bought off the Internet on how to win at online poker, and this one is by far the best. I got another one for $47, and it had 3 pages of decent original insights (no, not Rory's book, that's actually pretty good, but it's only about live play as he doesn't like internet poker). O'Meara's is 85 pages of solid, grade-A meat (or soy, if you're vegetarian). It is way underpriced.

My jaw just about dropped as I read it. Finally, one of these online poker e-book authors is spilling all his beans and not holding anything back. This book really is great for beginners, and will hold your hand all the way to big poker profits, but I have a sneaking suspicion that alot of experienced players will gain tremendously from it.

Just about everything is covered, but in a way that is a fun, easy read--yet by page 85 you've ended up absorbing an encyclopedia of highly useful poker skills. I especially enjoyed how the author told story after story of his own real-life online poker adventures at the virtual table, lending alot of credence to his advice. And, yes, he shares his "bad beats"!

Where to play, which type of online holdem to play, what hands to play, how to play position, how to calculate odds, how to win the endgame, plus a great summary of major lessons from Doyle's SuperSystem. I kid you not, this author TOTALLY delivers. It is not only a great guide to online no-limit texas holdem, it is a COMPLETE guide. I mean that.

To be honest, if I had found this e-book first, I wouldn't have had to buy the other e-books. Maybe i am so enthusiastic because most (but not all) of the others seems to be trying to get away with delivering the bare minimum. Not so, Mr. O'Meara. Dont worry about the cheesecake e-book cover. This guide is the real deal. He overdelivers on an underpriced product. Get this before he comes to his senses and doubles the price.
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