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on April 1, 2010
I am a professional Astrologer who has studied astrology for 16 years now. This was my first Astrology book at 15 and it was a very dim general introduction.To advise you before buying: It is very dumbed down for the novice to understand. There are better books to get a better understanding about astrology. The art of chart interpretation is complex and cannot be that simplified. If you want to accurately learn astrology then I suggest authors like Stephen Arroyo,Steven Forrest,Kevin Burke, ,Noel Tyl. I teach basic astrology and I would never recommend this book to my students. In an effort to be fair I will say if you do not want to cast charts and know some slight details on houses ,signs etc then this is a decent introduction but by no means is this a great book for the beginning astrology student. I will say although it was (((my first book)))) It never took me to that next level I was seeking. If I would have relied on it as my only book I would not be a good astrologer today.
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on October 31, 1998
The title really is false advertising: You can't even do the kind of astrology that's described in the book with just this book, as you need an ephemeris--a chart that tells you what degree your planets are in--to figure out the aspects between planets, and this is a central part of astrology. You can find an ephemeris--as well as more helpful readings of what planets in signs and houses mean--from Parker's Astrology, a far superior all-in-one astrology book. Much of Woolfolk's book has a cut-and-paste feel. There's a chintziness about the writing that is in keeping with the choice of such a cheesy, mercenary title. I'd like to single out the section on synastry, or chart comparison, which is bad to the point of being harmful. I give this book two stars rather than one because it can give a beginner a general idea of what real astrology is about, and may lead them on to more serious books. So it has some value to the extent that its title is wrong.
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on August 22, 2000
An excellent book anyone who has given less than four stars is being harsh !!! The only short comings that this book has are 1.) The aspects for planets are limited (It views aspects as bad, good, and ok but not in those exact words. The only information that she can give you on aspects is the conjunction between planets , which is no more than 2/3 lines, other than that there is no help.) 2.) Recent 'planetiods' such as lilith, chiron, ascendant and midheaven do not have aspect information. For instance if you wanted to know what sun conjunct ascendant meant in your chart, or any of the above I've mentioned, there is no help. 3.) Cusp information is not included at all. For instance say that your 4th house cusp fell on pisces. There is no information that would tell you what this means. To make a long story short, the book is excellent for everything except aspects and house cusp information.
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on July 2, 2002
If you were born in the southern hemisphere, forget about buying this book. The charts are only for the northern Hemisphere
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on January 28, 2003
The author writes with clarity in a warm and direct style. I do not agree that it is the *only* book you'll ever need on astrology, but it is a good place to start.
I am most disappointed that the second edition contains a glaring error: The author lists George W. Bush as a "Famous Gemini." She is wrong! George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946 at 7:27 AM in New Haven, CT. He is a CANCER Sun, Leo Rising (Ascendant) and Libra Moon.
I can hope that this is a publishing error/typo, but it makes me nervous--If she is wrong about the Sun Sign of the President, (and it's not a typo), what else is wrong with the book? How accurate is other information? After reading the second edition, I don't trust her expertise as much as I once did.
The Age of Aquarius is not usually covered in a basic astrology book and her section on entering the Aquarian Age is well-done. (Both editions have it.) The author provides something for all of us to think about because this Age carries both a promise for a better world and a dire warning: The inventions that can save us can also kill us. (Nuclear power, an Aquarian invention, as an energy substitute for depleting natural resources vs. global nuclear war) We have the technology to go either way. Which way will we go?
I have both editions of the book and I am disappointed in the second edition because it has "Completely Revised and Updated" in big letters on the front cover. I couldn't tell much difference between the two editions as I placed them side by side and compared them.
Still, astrologers are not known for their clear writing styles and Ms. Woolfolk explains astrology better than most. She has something to offer the beginner in the often murky world of astrological writing and terminology. I wish she hadn't written that George W. is a Gemini, but her writing style and clarity are worth a look.
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on February 10, 2004
I couldn't agree more with most of the other reviewers. This truly is THE only book on astrology you will ever need, whether you are new to the whole, exciting world of astrology, or if you are already a pro. I would not say I'm a hard core astology person, however I've always had an interest in it and found that the majority of things in this book were right on the money! It's almost as if the person who wrote this book knew exactly who I was and everything there is to know about my personality and the personality of other people I know. It is well written, easy to follow, and organized well into different sections. I even let a friend who is a die hard astrology follower, borrow this book and she was very impressed by it. Having read dozens of books on astrology, she said that this one definitely blew all the others away.
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on February 20, 2000
This is an excellent book for beginners. It brings together all the elements I needed in a beginning book and explained quite a few things most astrology books assume you already know. There are certainly more in depth books on the indivitual subjects covered but I none I know of that cover *all* the subjects in this book.
You may find yourself *wanting* more detailed books after reading this one, but you won't *need* them. The basics, common sense and imagination will take you a long way with this book as your guide.
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on November 29, 2012
After waiting 2 months for this book, the ship date gets pushed back. I finally get the book and the software to calculate the chart is not included. It's supposed to be a link, but the link on Amazon doesn't work. It's not active! I call Amazon and all they can do is suggest I return the book and/or I can call the publisher myself. The back of the book even says it comes with software to build your chart which will also direct you to the corresponding page in the book. Seems to me, Amazon shipping half of a product. DON'T BUY THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON.
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on September 13, 2011
I was VERY disapponited in this purchase! First, the Kindle addition does not give you the CD so those chapters which reference it are useless. Second, the authors obsessive reference to Oprah Winfrey made the examples annoying since there are a lot of more interesting people who could have been used. I have other books on the subject, but this one was recommended by an "astrologer" so I purchased it. The phrase "nothing new under the sun" would apply to this book. And with the kindle addition, your stuck with it. Amazon SHOULD NOT sell this via kindel without the CD and if they do it should be for no more than a $1.00.
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on December 18, 2001
When I was starting out in Astrology back in the early '80's, this book was the the most helpful AND informative book of its day! (Mine is in the hardbound edition) I have since gone back to it over the years to recommend it to lots of people and friends wanting to start out learning. I still recommend it for the beginner as well as the intermediate and advanced! Ms. Woolfolk has done a great job in presenting information to many people in a simple way. It did NOT stop me from buying more books, it actually whetted my appetite! I highly recommend this book to everyone who has any interest at all in Astrology!
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