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on July 28, 2013
Size Name: 90ct
Alpha Brain is controversially effective:

1) The ingredients are adaptogenic: the more you use it, the better it starts to work to open up the pathways necessary for improved cognition. The first time I took it, I did not experience anything, and I eventually become very sensitive to it.

2) This is the second version. They cut the sauce to make it weaker, and in my opinion, cost-ineffective.

Alpha Brain Version 1 delivered a significant and effective spike in dopamine and general adderall-mimetic effects (without the long half-life and unhealthy side effects of amphetamine salts). The original version benefits were due partially to the Mucuna Pruriens as a dopamine precursor and the GABA as a calming agent. As detailed on their website, they replaced the GABA with Theanine (which from my experiments with both ingredients, was a good move because GABA is not easily utilized by the body and can produce negative effects in some people). They also replaced the Mucunia Pruriens with Tyrosine, a decision which reduced my interest in this product to zero.

Not discussed on the website was the drastic reduction (by cutting in half or more) of nearly all the other synergistic and effective constituent ingredients that probably made this stack so effective (and are not yet available in the competition stacks). One can only assume at the time of writing this review that it is not yet cost-effective for Onnit or other supplement manufacturers to make a nootropic stack that is truly effective, and cost-effective for the consumer.

Ethically speaking, they list the ingredients in full disclosure without any "proprietary" blends like some of the more despicable vendors and products available on Amazon (all of which containing lopsided reviews to lure customers).

I hope that at least one of the future incarnations of Alpha Brain do not include either Tyrosine or Phenylalanine, as these dopamine precursors do absolutely nothing for me, and I suspect, nothing for many of the confused and frustrated consumer base.

Stacking Alpha Brain with Choline only works if you are not naturally high in Choline already (Choline-dominant).

I purchased Alpha Brain direct from the Onnit website.

Update 9-1-2013:

Here is the listing from the labels of both version's bottles:

VERSION 1 (note: no longer in production)
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container 90

Vitamin B-6 - 7.5 mg
Alpha GPC - 60 mg
Huperzine A - 50 mcg
Huperzia Serrata - 10 mg
Vinpocetine - 2.5 mg
AC-ll - 175 mg
Bacopa (20% Bacosides) - 250 mg
Pterostilbene - 125 mcg
Mucuna Pruriens - 100 mg
GABA - 150 mg
Oat Straw(10:1) - 150 mg

Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Capsule (gelatin, water)

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container 45

Vitamin B-6 - 10 mg
Alpha GPC - 100 mg
Huperzia Serrata - 40 mg
Vinpocetine - 5 mg
AC-ll - 350 mg
Phosphatidylserine - 50 mg
Bacopa (20% Bacosides) - 100 mg
Pterostilbene - 750 mcg
L-tyrosine - 300 mg
L-theanine - 200 mg
Oat Straw(10:1) - 100 mg

Other Ingredients: L-leucine, Bamboo Silica
Capsule (cellulose, water)
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on September 17, 2014
Size Name: 90ct
I want to make this very short and to the point.
I ordered it to London which cost £50. Don’t know about most people but for me this is crazy expensive.
Ordered the 90 pill one because I wanted to give it a proper shot.
Started by taking one a day for 20 days to see whether it made a long lasting difference (based on other reviews and videos of people doing the same) the result was – no meaningful difference other than having extremely unpleasant dreams.
Once that was over I stopped taking it every day and only took it when I actually needed extra focus, etc. Started from taking two and continuously upping it to four pills at a time (which is what Joe Rogan himself takes) and here’s my conclusion…
The first few times I did feel a difference but not in focus. What I felt was a bit restlessness, I felt something that I can only describe as mental high. I was giggly, had strange thoughts coming and going (which I admit was pretty funny) but in terms of serious focus that helps you get whatever job done – no. It was a very different kind of effect.
I will say this, I did feel a difference in my ability to grasp wider amounts of detail and paying attention to things that otherwise I would need to be very awake and sharp but nothing out of the ordinary.
Also, I’m an established chess player so I used chess games as a platform to check my abilities over time of taking three to four pills.
My conclusion is this – Yes, to some degree there is a definite positive impact and I very much enjoy it!
So, now you may pop the question – “why only one star”?
For a very simple reason… I see, feel and statistically measured no difference between taking four Alpha Brain pills and drinking a good amount of black coffee.
More so, I checked it against taking ‘Choline and Inisitol’ which I bought from Holland & Barrett for £4 (which has more pills in it) and the effects were about the same.
Mind you that Choline is one of the key ingredients of Alpha Brain!

Over time of comparing the two I’ve slowly shifted my opinion to conclude that I actually prefer the effect from taking Choline & Inositol alone because I feel that there is more emphasis on what it’s actually meant to do (cognitive enhancement) and less BS.
More so, I also felt that my dreams while still being intense, stopped being unpleasant and actually transformed to something far more pleasant which actually contributes to my over all quality of sleep.

I say all of this with a heavy heart.
Because I’m such a huge fan of Joe Rogan.
I love his Podcasts. I really do. I listen to all of them and I love everything he does including his UFC work. I learn a lot from him and he is a really open minded and interesting person but unfortunately I can’t subscribe to that sort of business.

At some point I even followed his suggestion of looking up the ingredients of Alpha Brain myself which frankly is pretty easy to do in England other than AC11 it’s all pretty available and you could manufacture around 50% more for around 50% less but it’s a huge hassle to combine the right amounts and put them in capsules.
And again. All That aside, in the end of the day it’s a question of what you’re getting with relation to what you’re paying.
If I felt that there is an added health benefit I would consider, lets say… paying 10-20% more but this is not the case at all! Comparing a £50 pound product to a £4 product that gives better results is ridiculous!
It’s seriously not even in the same category, not even in the same galaxy.

Now, I realise that this is not the price it costs in the US but we are still talking about over seventy dollars against less than ten! You simply can’t compare such a huge price difference.

So this is why I gave it only one star.
Drink one cup of high quality coffee and get some form of dirt cheap Choline & Inisitol and from my experience (because people react differently to different things) you may very well spend very little money and get better results.

Sorry Joe, it’s just what I think.
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on May 23, 2013
Size Name: 90ct
This product is very effective. It won't turn you into Albert Einstein or anything, but it does help surprisingly well with clarity and speed of thought. So, why only 3 out of 5 stars? Because the price is a bit much when you consider that you can buy most of these ingredients in bulk and just make your own capsules for a lot less money. I designed my own brain stack using this product as a template, and it costs less and works better. Just sayin'.
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on March 1, 2014
Size Name: 90ctVerified Purchase
While many people seem to praise this collection of exotic herbs, please do some serious research first on nootropics in general. Joe Rogan and Onnit labs have done an excellent job with their website and marketing efforts to convince you this is the most complete or balanced nootropic available with only the purest ingredients, etc, etc.. They are full of crap.

First of all, this contains nothing that should be considered a nootropic. What they have done is come up with a random formula packed with the same stuff that has been in many pre-workout formulas for years. Even Alpha GPC, while a good compound does nothing when paired with the other ingredients. Especially at such a low dose. Unless you have a serious nutritional deficiency, the Alpha GPC will do nothing. It is not a nootropic, only a fancy choline supplement.

Onnit Labs must be making a killing with this. About $35 per 30 caps, with about 3 caps per day as the dose. Giving you about 10 servings. For one month you would have to spend over $100. Onnit Labs = genius. This is only legal because the American FDA is completely stupid and doesn't care that these products are mislabeled. The only way to even produce a lawsuit is if the company mentions any specific disease with advertising.

If you are actually interested in Nootropics, and possibly reaping decent benefits, please do some research about the different ones available. I'd like to state once more that there is not a single Nootropic compound in Alpha Brain. Racetams like Piracetam, phenylpiracetam, Oxiracetam, Noopept are all Nootropics that are safe and clinically tested. These molecules actually do improve cognition, memory, senses, and social anxiety in most people. You can create your own stack with a nootropic, choline support, energy and immune support, and others that will cost under $100 for at least 6 months.

Please avoid this and stop supporting this company.

PS: I have also tried Shroom Tech, and would give it 3 stars. I'm betting most of the energy I got from those pills was due to the massive amounts of B12. If you are interested in a Cordycepts product, there are plenty of better and cheaper ones out there. Cre02 for example.
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on December 6, 2014
Size Name: 30ct
I don't even know what a Nootrope is. I have an unfortunate history of successive concussions from a lifetime of sports including football, ski racing and action sports. In my early 40's now, and having suffered a massive motorcycle crash 2 years ago, I struggle with the symptoms of PCS, post concussion syndrome. My family, friends and co-workers have all seen the change in my personality.

Its depressing, to be honest and irreversible.

A good friend who is involved in MMA recommended this product to me. He likely heard about it through Rogan, etc, but I honestly have nothing to lose and I would pay through the teeth to discover some part of who I was again.

Long story short, within a few days this product began improving my ability to complete thoughts, stay focused and become more productive. It's not a magic cure, and I know I will be declining for the rest of my life, but taking this for 8 months now I can tell you that it has improved my quality of life significantly. I'm happy if it's a placebo, or not a true Nootropic formulation, but I wanted to share that it's made my life that small percentage better that makes everyday worth looking forward to.
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on January 4, 2015
Size Name: 30ctVerified Purchase
I wish I could give this zero stars, giving it even one is very generous. The only reason I say this is due to the highly unfortunate fact that "sharpyinc" has COMPLETELY manipulated the Alpha Brain product, and got away with it by still being able to sell it. I feel very sorry for Amazon because I dont believe they even know about this FAKE Alpha Brain thats floating around on their AWESOME site. The REAL Alpha Brain sold by Onnit is a few bucks more in price, the pills themselves are half green and half yellow, and DO work and DO in fact fuel wonders to your brain in many levels. I know this, because I have bought Alpha Brain by the Onnit company, FROM the Onnit company firsthand. The only reason I tried the Amazon route was, again, it was a little bit cheaper. But, BOY should I have went with my instincts, and NOT bought it in the first place. When I got it, I INSTANTLY notice fishy differences from the original. 1. The bottle was completly solid in color, and totally white. As opposed to the real bottle that is clear. 2. The pills themselves were completely clear, as opposed to the real pills that are, again, half green and half yellow. 3. There were zero effects when taking them, as opposed to the real ones that enhanced everything, as well as my awareness and my sleep. 4. There was no cotton OR that little round piece if paper to seal the bottle after you unscrew the cap, as opposed to a real bottle of supplements that has all of the aforementioned specs. Point being, DONT BUY THIS FROM "SHARPYINC" OR THROUGH AMAZON. BUY IT FROM ONNIT WHERE YOU KNOW ITS THE CORRECT AND UNMANIPULATED PRODUCT!!!!!
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on April 4, 2014
Size Name: 30ct
Of course this product will not, and does not, make you a genius! However, it is a pill that is full of scientifically researched chemicals that are exceptional for you and your brain. In my experience, I thought this was going to make my head feel a little clearer, and do nothing else. What I have been experiencing for months now have been much clearer thoughts, faster 'processing' when I do work, no headaches, and extremely vivid dreams! Not only do I have crystal clear dreams, but I remember a lot more of the dream (not just random pieces), and I remember them in much, much more detail than ever before. I've always dreamed a lot, but wow is dreaming after taking an Alpha Brain earlier in the day, make them that much better! I do practice lucid dreaming, and this pill won't just make you a master either overnight. If anything it is harder to lucid dream because of how real they feel. Overall, this product is expensive, but so is every other good thing. And you can make that comparison from an organic tomato, all the way to a Lamborghini. If you want good stuff, you gotta pay accordingly. And really, what price isn't worth you and your health?
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144 of 193 people found the following review helpful
on October 24, 2012
Size Name: 30ct
I am a 140lb, 22 year old male and I am fairly active physically. Here is my PERSONAL experience to give you some perspective.

2 years ago I was just starting college and was really struggling with memory/focus/general clarity.
I personally blame weed for this although I could just be using it as a scape goat. I love clarity of thought and extreme mental focus and had never really KNOWN what it felt like until I started taking neuro1. The improved clarity/focus/mood actually inspired me to start eating better and to become more physically active. Instead of just skateboarding here and there, I started biking/going on runs at night/hitting the gym in the AM. I mention the "being active" because I believe it is CRUCIAL to truly tap into the potential of these type of supplements. A lot of people say " Well it didnt work as advertised" and give a supplement a zero rating, meanwhile they are very unhealthy in the first place.

Simply put, there is no EASY WAY to achieve the results and feelings that healthy people are achieving/advertising unless you are healthy in the first place.

I have recommended supplements, mainly Neuro1, to my main circle of friends. A handful of them have been using it since I introduced them to it. We are all big gamers and vary greatly in terms of health. Some are morbidly obese, some are a little overweight, some are semi active and others are very active. I've noticed that everyone shares a heightened attentiveness while taking nuero1 but not everyone shares in the "feel-good" that I rant and rave about. Again, I believe this is due to over-all health and has made me realize that the healthier I am, the more of an effect they have on me.

I heard about Alpha Brain from a video game advert on youtube and then later from Joe Rogan.
I bought the product immediately to try it first hand and now after 30 days I am impressed. Within the first 30 minutes of taking Alpha Brain (2 pills) I noticed a shift in focus and a lift in my mood. I wrote this initial feeling off, because it could have easily been the placebo effect. I also took one an hour before bed because I wanted to experience these "lucid dreams" that Joe Rogan had been talking about. I still have yet to experience the dreams but I think these effects may vary person and to person, diet to diet etc. The focus and lift in mood continued every day in the same fashion and I was very excited and pleased that it was working as advertised. After a week of taking 2 in the morning/1 at night, I started becoming extremely focused and I have been able to retain more information throughout the course of the day.

If you are searching for a wonder drug to make yourself happier/feel more alive...its as simple as researching a healthy diet and becoming more active. This is much easier than people make it seem. I think mega corporations like McDonalds and other fast food companies want you to keep you lazy and uninformed. Of course this passiveness keeps you shackled in fog that holds you back from truly experiencing the richness of life. By keeping you dependent on junk ($$$) they distract you from becoming educated, healthy and happy. If everyone was healthy and educated, how would they stay in business?

I highly recommend this product to any healthy person who is interested in trying to improve memory/focus/clarity and I hope they get to share similar experiences. And good luck on your journey through life! Some people forget we only get to experience this one time, lets make it count!

- Mason
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on July 26, 2014
Size Name: 30ct
I never write reviews for the items I purchase on Amazon, but these pills are amazing and I had to post one to let the world know! First things first, I'm on day five and feel great! I have a self-diagnosed developmental disorder with cases of anxiety every week, but for the past week, they've disappeared. The dreams are extremely vivid and very easy to remember. Reading is no longer a hassle since my attention doesn't deviate every ten minutes. Sleeping is as easy as counting sheep, too! Stuttering has disappeared completely and word recall is at an all-time high. I definitely recommend this to anyone who overthinks, literally forgets anything after a few minutes, and/or has trouble with socializing.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on November 2, 2014
Size Name: 30ctVerified Purchase
I did not know what to expect in using this product there were mixed reviews but I decided to try it anyway. The difference is subtle, your not going to wake up and be the next Enstine, but I felt that my thoughts were clearer and there was an improvement on my memory. I also feel that Alpha Brain helped me sleep at night, I was remembering my dreams. Those dreams seamed more real and I was able to be more focused on my thoughts and my dreams, I found that very helpful for a deeper sleep. I would recommend Alpha Brain to any one just to try it out. It worked for me and I will defiantly order it again!
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