Opinions on Laptop Comparison: Toshiba Vs Acer Hi, I'm debating between purchasing the Toshiba Satellite T115-S1100 and the Acer Aspire AS1410-2039. Both are 11.6 in. screens and both have very similar specs. I can find the Toshiba for $429 whereas the Acer is $399. Any opinions on which is better? Thanks
asked by J. Luke on January 7, 2010
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I looked at exactly the same units as well. Really the only difference between the two is that the Acer has Wireless Pre-N and the Toshiba does not. Also, (according to specs), the Toshiba claims to have 9+ hours of battery life, but the Acer specs say around 6. But, as we all know, the battery life specs are VERY suspect - It is basically the same computer, so it is hard to beleive there is THAT much of a difference in battery life. The Toshiba was probably tested with no WIFI, no disk drive use, etc. etc. They are probably the same in terms of usable everyday battery life. The Acer Looks smaller (as the screen does not have the large border around it like the Toshiba has) and may be slightly smaller dimension-wise.
N. Gopal answered on January 16, 2010
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