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on July 24, 2014
Best 720p full 3D projector on the market. I purchased this about 6 months ago after researching projectors for at least 3 months. I cannot be happier with this purchase. No problems. Easy to setup and the picture quality is better than many of the 1080p projectors I looked at. The colors pop out during movies or when kids play video games and the contrast is excellent. People have a lot of reasons why they like or dislike products but with a projector, it really comes down to only one thing, the picture quality. The Optoma h180x is only 720p but that doesn't matter because what it may lack minimally in resolution, it makes up for in every other category: I can turn this puppy on in the middle of the day with windows open because of its 3000 lumen bright image, realistic colors, deep blacks with its high contrast, FULL 3D (not 3D ready like most scams) 2 m/s response time for fast video (sports, videogames, action movies) shorter throw for a 300" image, and the thing is really quiet for a projector. It must have a nice processor in it, to do all of this in such high quality. Buy it, you'll love it and you will love that you didn't pay double for a higher resolution (1080p) projector sacrificing the picture quality.
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on April 26, 2015
I've had this projector for about a year now - it replaced a previous projector that lasted me for about 4 years.
This is a great projector (as was my previous one) and it does exactly what I wanted: provide high-def video to my 110" screen.
I have a large DVD library and have no need for blueray (yet), so 720p is just fine and it fills my screen with as much precision and clarity as I could ever want. Seriously, at 110" in a living room, you do not want to see every pore in the skin of your favorite stars.
I haven't tried the 3D portion of this yet, but it's nice to know that it's there.
Noise: When the unit first starts up, it's a bit loud - and boy that made me nervous at first - but within a minute or two it settles in and is barely noticeable. Now, after having it about one year, I have recently noticed that the startup noise is a little louder and lasts a little longer. This is only a problem when I try to watch something immediately after turning it on. But within 3 minutes or so, the noise level is back down to where it should be. I watch in a dark room so I have the brightness settings at medium (econo mode?).
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on January 8, 2015
very impressive picture. I mounted it from the ceiling 12 feet back and it projects a excellent 100" picture. The manual zoom and focus along with the remote keystone and lens shift allowed me to center the image perfectly. It looks awesome when the room is dark but still looks pretty good with the lights on while we're playing pool. Its very quiet and the audio is adequate on its own but I'm planning on adding speaker to enhance that.
review image review image
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on May 24, 2015
We sold our house and I had to include the projector so I purchased this to swap out for my Panasonic AE4000u. The Panasonic is probably 3ish years old at this point, but retailed for $2500. I will say that in all honesty if I had to argue the jump up to the Panny at this price I dont think I could. I was worried that swapping it out would be a big downgrade, but the picture is actually quite excellent. It doesn't have as many tuning features or controls, but at 1/4 the cost of the Panasonic that is a given. The only major issue I have is the remote is not very responsive, it would have been nice if they had put an IR receiver on the bottom of the unit or something.

If you are on a budget build, this is a wonderful buy and you will be very happy. I paired it with a 92" Silver Screen and for $650ish, I dont think you could do better.
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on October 6, 2014
1. The image quality is excellent! Small text can be read easily.
2. Color contrast. Compared to my laptop screen, this projector has MUCH brighter colors and more contrast.
3. Brightness. All I have to do is close the blinds and turn off the lights and I can watch movies during the day.
4. Sound level. This projector is very quiet, even on high altitude mode, which turns the fan speed up.
5. The image can be shot from the floor or the ceiling. I keep the projector under a couch so it can't be seen.
1. The zoom is very small, so the projector will have to be placed at a specific distance from the screen for the picture to be the right size. The zoom really doesn't do anything.
2. No horizontal keystone correction. This means that the projector will have to be placed in the center of the room.
3. Doesn't come with a lens cover to protect the glass. I just made one myself out of cardboard and tape.
4. Doesn't come with a case. But if you're just keeping it in one place, that shouldn't matter.
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on May 15, 2014
I've had this projector for almost 3 months now. I have it mounted and projecting in my living room instead of having a TV. Why spend twice as much for a screen half as small?! It is projecting on a wall roughly 13 feet away and it produces a picture about 98" measured diagonally (same way they measure TV screens).

I have it hooked up to my PS3 and use it to watch Hulu, Netflix, DVDs and BluRays. Despite the description on here, my PS3 recognized it as 1080p resolution and as long as your internet speed is fast enough or you're playing a BluRay, it really does look like 1080p especially with such a large screen!

I do recommend that you invest in speakers though because the highest volume on the built in speakers can sometimes not be high enough and the lowest volume not low enough. I say that because I like to fall asleep to my TV shows sometimes and lowest volume can still be heard quite well if the rooms is completely silent. On the other hand, the highest volume is not enough to be heard clearly if noise is made in the kitchen or the laundry room is left open (I live in an 800 square foot apartment with the kitchen, dining area and living room adjacent).

It does tend to get a little hot if it is not given sufficient room around it to ventilate properly but the fan noise can hardly be heard even with the volume at it's lowest setting. It does keep a constant temperature while it's running and I've even run it while the room was between 75-79 degrees with no problems.

The wall that I project on is adjacent to a sliding glass wall so for most of the day I have indirect sunlight shining on the wall. Though this projector does not appear as clearly in indirect sunlight as it does in complete darkness, the picture is still visible and I can still play video games on it without straining as long as I set the projector to its "Bright" setting.

Overall, I am VERY satisfied with this projector and if I were given the choice again, I would be hard-pressed to buy a different projector in this price range.
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on July 14, 2014
This is a great project, at pretty reasonable price! It's bright enough to work with the lights on or during the day. We use it on a 100 inch screen (even though the projector is rated up to 300 inches) and the picture is really, really crisp with deep colors. We love it! :-) It's great for movies and video games (we have a PS3). We haven't tried using it for 3D.

The one downside is the "rainbows" or RBEs. When there is a scene with white next to something of a different color and you move your eyes - you may see a flash of a red, green and blue rainbow. Not everyone sees them (I've been taking an informal survey when people come over to watch movies) but, unfortunately, both my wife and I do. :-/ Anyway, when we first got the projector, it really bothered us (the first 2-3 days) but now we just ignore them. I still see them, but I don't *notice* them unless I'm thinking about it. It may bother you more, so it's something to be aware of!
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on January 9, 2016
I am new to projectors and am not tech-savvy, so I did a lot of research before buying. What I liked about this projector is that you can hook up gaming systems to it in addition to a computer or Blu-Ray. This was great for our business on New Years, we hooked up an XBox and the kids had a great time playing games. It is light weight but sturdy. I am definitely happy with this product.
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on April 18, 2016
Using this for Halloween and singing pumpkins (using a DVD player). This works great outdoors at night. If you are planning on using it for movies expect you'll need a dark room and the image quality won't be awesome.
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on April 4, 2014
A friend needed a projector for a presentation, and was going to rent one. When I found out the price of rental I came here to Amazon and found this projector at a great price. He was skeptical so I got it well in advance so my friend could still rent if he needed to. Hearing this, the rental guy brought over his $250 per day projector (claimed it cost $5,000).

WOW. Rental guy left with his tail between his legs. The OPOTMA made his "professional model" look like a dim whit. So my pal rented mine for $500 a week (didn't tell him the cost--- which is lower now than when I bought it) and he later bought his own. Just as an experiment, he brought his over and we put them in tandem, (one on top of the other and used the keystone adjustment) on the high lux screen. After some futzing with the alignment which was all with the remotes, WOW WOW WOW! In shadowed daylight, it was very bright. After the experiment, we did a garden party home cinema fete) and from a BluRay player, the quality was amazing. Did the 7 speaker surround and had the audience cheering. Unfortunately the film wasn't that good but the outdoor cinema was GREAT.
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