Customer Reviews: Optoma HD33, HD (1080p), 1800 ANSI Lumens, Home Theater Projector (Old Version)
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on October 28, 2011
I upgraded to this projector from my HD20 and had a chance to compare them on my 150" 1.1 gain screen.

Out of the box the black levels looked slightly better than the HD20 but not enough to call it an improvement IMO. However, the contrast difference to me is a huge improvement. The picture looks much brighter and the higher end of the grey-scale has much more punch to it. I first A/B'd How To Train Your Dragon in 2D and it was immediately obvious that the HD33 outperformed it on contrast and overall color saturation. Much more WOW and POP to the picture.

The HD33 was a little quieter than the HD20 in both modes as well. Standing six feet from them while they were at idle, I could clearly tell which one was making more noise... that being the HD20, with the HD33 only emitting a faint whir from its fan. In 3D mode the HD33's fan kicks up a little but nothing too bad... the HD33 sounded just as loud in 3D mode as the HD20 in eco-mode for comparison.

I am not very sensitive to the rainbow-effect but I know several movies which I could go to several scenes or the end-credits and make it occur to my eyes. With the HD33, I could not produce the RBE through those examples as I had done with the HD20. On the HD20, I normally could see RBE sometimes on the end-credits to Avatar (white-text flowing over animation and then a black screen) but with the HD33, they were gone, no matter what I tried.

The projector has zero crosstalk or ghosting which was tested on several of my 3D Blu-rays. The 3D performance on this machine is phenomenal and to me well worth the money spent. One of my tests, How To Train Your Dragon in 3D, looked great. I only have one set of glasses but my friends (who are non-videophiles) tried it out and were both impressed with it. To them, it was just as good as our local commercial cinema, if not better. The jump in brightness in 3D mode was sufficient enough to almost counter-act donning the glasses which was important to me.

Several days ago I tested the frame-interpolation out on the Monday Night Football game. While I am not a fan of FI, I thought it was a nice touch to sports, real smooth and fluid, others may like this feature to remove judder from 24p films though. It works just as I assumed it would.

Overall I have been impressed the past week that I have had with this machine and look forward to countless more.
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on February 4, 2012
Okay let me start off saying that like most I was sitting on the fence between 4 differant projectors for the last month. I thought and pondered and then thought some more, I frequented Projector central and amazon obsessively during this time.

I have a light controled environment from my previous projector so Based on the info about the epson 3010 and reviews saying it is just too bright in a cave and others costing more then double these two models prices I wound Up taking a gamble and decided I will try my first DLP unit. I ordered two pairs of the OPTOMA RF GLASSES and set this bad boy up.

Upon getting everything setup and without having fine tuned anything I turned it on and immediately began testing the unit with various 2d and 3d material via blu ray disc...I must say I cannot believe what I have witnessed and at this price point.. I was skeptical.. Not anymore...

I started off with despicable me 3d...Umm amazing...Then tron 3d.. Some scenes will possess you when the 3d is in full effect..Which is funny because I was hardly impressed with tron on my plasma...Then open season, and once again I am impressed..I cannot wait until my free copy of AVATAR gets here......

Now I Grab some good old anime..Yeah dont judge...I am an anime Nerd... Akira and neon genesis blurays totally got me back in the anime watching mode and looked fabulous..

Then I decided to make sure my WIFI was connected from the basement and tested out netflix.. The HD content usually looks close to a bluray or HDTV broadcast on my 50" plasma and although it was still pretty good it was more along the lines of 720p or 1080i at best. There just wasnt as much pop..but then again I just got done testing out some high end material previously so I was probably a bit spoiled at this point..

thank god my universal mount is an extended one and has 4 points of articulation because this would have been impossible for me to setup otherwise as it has a odd throw angle. to have a nice 120" screen size you need about 14' distance from the screen. the projector lense needs to be about 8-10 inches higher then the top edge of the screen as well as being level with no upward or downward tilt to avoid having to use keystone.I managed to get this done far easier then what I had worried about for over a month of trying to decide.. I have a weird ceiling and my cold air return for the central air happens to be lower then the celing and is between where the projector and screen are. I simply had to lower my screen some more and articulate the mount a certain way and Bingo I found the sweet spot..

Long story short, I am now in ecstacy and I think im currently having what one could only describe as a Nerd-Gasm... my brain is about to burst with excitement...Do yourself a favor and get off the fence, get this thing if your going to have some light control such as blackout curtains etc. Or if ambient light is an issue regardless then look at the epson 3010. I can vouch for the HD33 and this thing is fantastic...

In the last few days I have watched many more 3d movies, I also hooked my 360 up..

I just watched transformers dark of the moon 3d and I thought it was much better at home then in the theatre, at the movies I only noticed a few scenes with any good 3d depth, on bluray however it was pretty insane sometimes and the 3d depth was consistant from beginning to end.

Today I watched a very Harold and Kumar christmas, and This movie is now the new movie I base all my future opinions of 3d bluray on. The effects were insane, The movie benefits greatly from the 3d and it really just makes ya laugh..keep the kids far away from this one though.. Still waiting for avatar to arrive, mailed out for it about 3 weeks ago..

Then I hooked up my xbox 360 and played a multitude of my vertical scrolling arcade shooters, then castle crashers and then Halo Reach, This is a new 360 and I never played Halo reach.. I had boycotted microsoft 360 the last few years cause I had way too many units die on me.. I am glad to be back and very glad to report having no issues with Lag.
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on September 3, 2011
Just received my HD33 Saturday Sept. 3rd. I was not sure how good the 3D would look, now I cant believe how good this projector is. 2D images are very good, it reminds me the Sony I have and will continue to use it for regular movies, VPL-AW10, got this one back in 2007 it has 1024 hrs on the lamp, and it is still looking Very Good, I should change the lamp when reaches maybe 2000 hrs.
Back to the HD33, this is my second 3D pj, got last dec.2010 the LG BX327, but never liked, bad image contrast ratio, poor 2d, poor 3d and 4:3 native, just bad. I think it will be going to the trash tomorrow.
The HD33 is amazing! The 3D quality is impressive. I tested it in several movies I have and they came out excellent.
The unit is solid, and much better than from the pictures I've seen.
I was thinking to get the Sony 3D projector or the Panasonic model, but I am glad that I chose this one.
It will work just fine with the DLP Link glasses, I prefer this one over the RF glasses. I've tried those in the past, just couldn't bear the flickering, you wont see flickering on the DLP link ones.
When watching movies remember to turn the PureMotion off, it will give a more natural look to the movie. The PureMotion was meant for sports, races, otherwise your movie will look "speedy", the " soap opera effect ."
About brightness, in 3D mode images are perfect, did not think it was dim at all. You are able to control the brightness level as you like it, without living the movie!
Well, I am very happy with Optoma HD33, and would recommend to anyone considering a 3D Home Theater Projector.
I will be getting an Extended Service Warranty, 3 or 4 years would be reasonable, just in case.

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on October 24, 2012
Like everyone else, I did extensive research and comparisons before I committed to purchase this projector. I didn't buy HD20 because I want a 3D projector and get some new HT experience. This projector has been performed flawlessly for the past two months since I bought it.

The installation of the projector is not hard. I used a ceiling mount bought from here as well. I had to make +5 keystone adjustments after installed it on the top of the ceiling. We projected it to a 135" screen from about 15-16 feet away. This projector is quiet and we could barely notice the noise even I hang it on top of our seating area. We connected it to a Denon A/V receiver through a 25 feet HDMI cable bought here, everything else is connected to the receiver include A 3D Sony Blueray player. We have watched most recent popular 3D movies such as Avatar, Hugo, Avengers, Transformer - Dark of the Moon, How to Train your Dragon, Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth etc.. The picture quality of the 3D is excellent, the 3D scenes pop up nicely when it needs to. We used TrueDepth, SainSonic, and some other DLP link 3D glasses sold here, very few crosstalk or ghosting with the combination of TrueDepth and this projector. Even streaming Netflix or Amazon Video through the Sony Blueray is picture perfect and crystal clear. This is one of the best 3D projectors under $2K range, you won't get a decent 60 inches 3D TV at this price.

If you have problems to get the right contrast and grey levels, you should upgrade your screen or have your room light under control. Darker or gray screen makes the color pops and increase the contrast significantly. Mine get very decent contrast with a good gray silver high gain screen, my HT is at my basement cave with controlled light. Also, you should change the default settings and make adjustments on gamma levels. See my settings below.

Of course, if you have a much better A/V receiver can upscale to dark color, the whole home movie watching process is such a joy even for TV broadcasts or streaming videos. Combined it with our Polk Audio Monitor front and rear floor-standing speakers, CS2 center, Bic America F12 sub, and two Furnace bipolar surround speakers, the sight and sound of the home theater is unbelievable, it is a different experience from sound distorted commercial theaters. It makes us don't ever want to go to the movie theaters again.

I have logged about 500 hours in about two months since I bought it, I used it as a TV, I watched about 10 hours of movies and TV channels everyday after my leg was injured and couldn't go anywhere. I am really hooked to this projector and the new HT system.

Highly recommended if you are still on the sideline to evaluate which economic 3D HD projector to buy.

Here are the settings I use after read the discussions on avsforum and some other reviews on the projector - tweak the settings according to your screen type use and the light condition in your room:

2D Settings:

Image Menu
Display Mode: Reference
Contrast: -24 (surprise here, but give it a try)
Brightness: -9 (yours not too bright?)
Sharpness: 13 (try higher sharpness)
Gamma: Standard
Curve Type: +1
Offset: -1
PureDetail: Off
PureColor: 1 (fine here)
PureMotion: Off
Color Settings
Color Temperature: Warm
RGB Gain/Bias
Red Gain: 0
Green Gain: -1
Blue Gain: -1
Red Bias: +1
Green Bias: +1
Blue Bias: 0

3D Settings:

Display Mode: 3D
Contrast: +10
Brightness: -7
Sharpness: 13
Gamma: Standard
Curve Type: +1
Offset: 0
PureEngine (you should turn off Pure Eingine)
PureDetail: Off
PureColor: Off
PureMotion: Off
Color Settings
Color Temperature: Warm
RGB Gain/Bias
Red Gain: +7
Green Gain: -2
Blue Gain: +14
Red Bias: -1
Green Bias: -1
Blue Bias: -13
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on November 25, 2011
I had a benQ pb6200 for about 8 years. I had replaced the lamp 3 times but finally the fan broke and rather then fix it again I decided to upgrade. I figured since tvs had hit a peak with 3d and 1080p a while back it was a safe bet to wait for projectors to catch up. I unboxed it and I realized it was huge and my old mount wouldn't work (I over night delivered a universal mount from eBay). Other than that it was absolutely incredible. It works with all the lights on in the house, 3d is fantastic with the PS3, 1080p is just incredible at 100"s, the throw distance is very short so its easy to make the screen huge even in a small area. Everyone that sees it in person is just stunned by it. I didn't know what I was missing since I only had 1080i. Native 1080p is incredible and 3d in first person shooters like killzone 3 is so awesome. Some games like GT5 3d is more like a novelty and is still really cool but first person shooters will make you flinch when bullets whiz by your head. I got dlp link glasses from optima and they are great. The projected also supports the new ir format for 3d glasses but I'll wait until there is a little more maturity for that technology before I buy a set of those glasses. Also if you use DLP link you don't need to plug in this little wire and adapter that comes with the projector for IR support. It will be a long time before anything tops this projector when price is considered. In a few years this projector will probable be under a grand, but for me I couldn't wait and I totally feel like it was worth every penny.
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on October 20, 2011
I purchased the HD33 along with a new home theater reciever. I've been wanting to get a 3D display for some time and was contemplating getting one of the new Samsung 64" plasmas or LCDs. I have a nice Samsung 46" LCD that we love, but was wanting to get something a little bigger, but every time I went to actually buy one, I couldn't pull the trigger because they cost just too much in my opinion at >2000.

So I kept on looking at projector central to hoping to see a 3D projector for home theater that was in a decent price range. In the last year, a few 3D models can on the market, but they were all >3000 and then the HD33 came out this summer. I waited for the review on projector central as I trust their reviews and I determined that after the "highly recommended" review came out that I would purchase it.

I ordered it along with 2 pair of the RF glasses and it came in the mail. I quickly mounted it on my ceiling mount and connected my PS3 to it and projected the image onto the wall without a screen. I notice immediately that it had a flicker on the screen, and realized from the beginning that it was probably a lemon. I went ahead and set it up and noticed that as the PS3 loaded that it continued to flicker. Even so, I could tell that the image was extremely impressive! The colors are vibrant and the image quality is probably the 2nd best I have seen in a projector. I think the best quality that I've personally experienced was a $6000 JVC RS50 and the only thing that projector really had over this one was its ability to display deeper blacks. The actual quality of the image is very comparable in my opinion (and that was just on the wall!).

I then tried out Tangled 3D on it and again, I was VERY impressed with the 3D image.

After finishing up, I called up Optoma about the projector's flickering and they told me that it was a bad unit and that they would send me a new one. They did at their expense and sent me a shipping label to send the old one back. It took a couple weeks, but they let me keep the original in the mean time. I received it and the new unit is just fine.

In that time I received my 120" Elite screen and my new sound system and set it all up. All I can say is "WOW". The screen made an already impressive image even better. It is literally like having a 120" 1080p plasma or LCD on the wall that has NO discriminatory sweet spot for viewing. People on the side of the room can see the image just as clear as direct on. I popped in Avatar Blu Ray the other night and it has never looked or sounded so good. I now have my own theater in my living room and all of the kids love to come and watch the "HUGE" TV at our house.

I connected our HTPC to it as well and calibrated it for the picture and even internet TV looks great on this screen. It turns all movies and TV into a theatrical experience. The kids are funny when they watch the 3D stuff, they often jump off the couch and try and grab the things that are sticking out from the screen.

One another note of "issue". One of the two pair of RF 3d glasses that I received wasn't quite right, so I RMA'd those as well with optoma and again, they gave me no hassle, just sent me some replacement ones that work. So even though I was unfortunate to get some lemons, I was impressed with their customer service and no hassle process in getting the issues resolved.

Great purchase overall and highly recommended!
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on September 20, 2011
I was skeptical that a projector that costs this little could produce a quality picture. Boy was I wrong. This is unit represents a lot of bang for the buck! The Ultra sharp picture and the 3D is beyond belief.
Once in a while a company engineers design a product that performs correctly and this one weighed in above and beyond my expectations.

I presently own a Epson 1080pro that cost around $3,000. This Optoma HD33 is less than half of that and does 3D with a picture you must see to belive on my 120 inch screen.

It's 2D mode is quite nice also only suffering a bit less contrast than my previous projector which only means the blacks are not as defined in dark parts of a film. no big deal Colors are vivid but natural. Super bright picture!!! The WOW factor on this one is thru the roof. After it's arrival we watched bits of many films to judge what it could do. Tangled.. was better than in the theatre the detail was amazing so was Tron... Avatar looked like you could jump into the picture. The Grand Canyon looked as if we were there. NO ghosting or artifacts.. Several times we paused the film and felt like you could touch the plants and people or water.

If your flip flopping about buying this.. don't. Buy it you won't regret it.

The only question I have is what will it do or be like months from now. no one knows so I bought a 4 year service contract just to be on the safe side.
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on January 18, 2012
I owned an Epson 8350 for over a year now.So I do know about that projector.
I didnt try the epson 3010, but if the new Epson 3010 is not that different from the epson 8350 in terms of image quality, then Optoma HD33 is WAY BETTER THAN THE EPSON 3010, in all aspects.(blacks, purity and colors uniformity.)

Nice picture, you can't see the pixels, even when too close.
no rainbow effects, no ghost effect, very, very pure and clear 3D
I love it....Love it...Love it
For purists.

NOTE: I read a lot of complaints about this projector.
DLP projectors have a different type of technology that requires more handling/care/attention than LCD. DLP are more life-like for a reason.

You cannot RUN a projector All DAY LONG, or plug and unplug game consoles anyway you want it,turn off and on continuously..Do so and you will see the results soon.

My recommendation, do not run a projector for over 6 hours straight with a DLP, or even with any other projector.Period.
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on November 8, 2011
I bought the projector after being a loyal Optoma customer. I owned the Optoma H31, HD72, and now just upgraded to the H33 after much research and I am not disappointed. The image quality is amazing, and the 3D image is just as spectacular. I do a lot of gaming as well with the PS3, and the 3D gaming is out of this world. I recommend the Optoma BG-3DRFGLASSES 3D RF Rechargeable Glasses as they use the same red flash sync frequency as the projector. I first bought the True Depth 3D DLP-LINK rechargeable 3D glasses and they use a white flash that does not sync with the projector consistently.

Overall, this is the best projector I've ever owned, the picture quality is spot on, and it is plenty bright, even with ambient lighting. I was worried after reading the reviews that it was going to be dimmer than I expected, but it is definitely bright enough. I highly recommend this projector to anyone on the fence about buying it!

If there are any negatives about the projector, it is that there is a delay when changing between 480, 720, and 1080 channels, but this is a minor inconvenience when looking at all the positives of this projector.
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on January 21, 2012
I have owned Projectors by Optoma, Epson and Panasonic.
I own a Epson 6500UB, believe an 1100 and a 8350, very old Panasonic when in Korea. I have owned 2 Optoma H30s left for crews in Iraq, own an HD77, HD80, HD808,think that is the number, HD72, HD65 and 3 HD66 and Pico 301 and a HD33 I am buying two more HD33's soon to upgrade projectors in my home this product is so good. Blacks are excellent I find them so similar to the Epson 8350 that is know for blacks and the pictures and functions so much better then the Epson's that at this price this is a steal. Bulb life has always been good on the Optomas. My experience showing movies to my team and soldiers in the field in Iraq for 5 1/2 years and 2 years in Afghanistan. If you are not RGB sensitive this is the best projector by far better than the projectors I paid up to $4000 for.

3D is so great my nephews boss that has a video store request my nephew review the 3D on this project so he can provide valued comments on 3D blu ray and dvds to his customers.

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