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138 of 149 people found the following review helpful
on January 10, 2014
I was originally looking at a pocket projector when I saw them at brookstone under their own name. The ones they had worked reasonably well up to 60" in a very dark area. I did a little more research and found they just came out with a newer model that is 300lumens, and saw it up close, and it works much better, then I did a little internet research and found there are a LOT of choices in the 300-400 lumen range. Then I found this optoma projector, and saw it was available in 500 and 700 lumens which is unheard of for a pocket projector. Unsure of what I really needed, I decided to play it safe and order the 700 lumen model. Picture quality is amazing, projects 50-60" in a brightly lit room, and 100-120" in a dark room, HD quality picture. Also has a built in media player where you can throw a bunch of DivX movies on a microSD card and it will play them completely standalone without a PC. Colors are very rich, and despite other reviews, in "cinema mode" colors are pretty accurate. I probably could have gotten away with the 500lumen version, but I am VERY happy with this projector. I also run this from a portable lithium battery pack, and can watch full length movies on a battery charge.

Update: I also got an ML1000p and have compared these projectors side by side in terms of physical size (I made a neat video to show how similar in size they REALLY are) and picture quality. Aside from a slight increase in brightness over the ML750, the ML1000p has MUCH better looking colors. There is also no major shift in focus on the ML1000p as the projector warms up that is noticeable on the ML750. The touchpad on the ML1000p is gesture based and can be a little annoying when compared with the conventional buttons on the ML750.

Given the ready to run size similarity between these units and the better performance of the ML1000p, if you are deciding between the ML750 and ML1000p or the ML550/ML750, buy the ML1000p. If you are looking for lower cost, go with the ML550.
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59 of 61 people found the following review helpful
on July 10, 2013
Purchased this when no reviews were available on Amazon or the wider web so took a bit of a risk. I had an old optoma which claimed 3000 lumens, so I was a little concerned this unit wouldn't be bright. In fact, It's amazing.

Things I love:

* Tiny, literally, it's a true micro projector. Fits in palm of hand.
* Very bright, widescreen display, even at 4m in a light room. Incredible given size of projector.
* Easy setup and remote for keystone etc.
* High quality color and great constrast ratio

Things I don't love:

* It has a couple of small fans which create a high pitched sound all the time, to varying levels (depending on screen mode). During quieter parts in movies or TV it's noticeable.

Overall, this projector creates an incredible display from a tiny package and I'd highly recommend it to anyone in a smaller room or who travels a lot.
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49 of 53 people found the following review helpful
on January 11, 2014
The Optoma ML750 700 lumen 3D portable LED projector is an amazing piece of technology. The first impression out of the box is how small it is and how light it is. The projector comes with a very nice travel zip-up bag with the Optoma logo on it, a small power supply that comes apart at the power box so it is a total of 2 cords. A universal in to VGA out with an audio in. Even if you don't use this to connect to a computer you can plug in universal and bring audio in. The last thing is a very nice controller which has all the functions that you can use on the machine. I also bought a Sunpak SPK620786 5-Inch Flex Leg Mini-Spider Tripod which fits it perfect and works very well to hold it up and change angles.

I connected via Macbook Pro retina through the HDMI port on the back. I changed input to HDMI and it matched my screen within 5 seconds. I first used it in my office which is very bright and I projected from about 10 ft back and I had an amazing, bright beautiful picture of my computer screen which is a stock Apple image with vibrant colors. I was amazed at how bright it is and how good the picture is. I then played a video from netflix to test the sound and the speakers are ok for a small group of people but not good enough for a good action movie in your house. I would just use the audio from your input device or from the universal cord with audio in. The keystone correction works very well but usually you don't need it, keystone is always a salesman pitch but when its on your wall you don't really care that it is a little bigger on the top than the bottom, trust me.

I looked for about 2 weeks for which projector I wanted. I am using this for office presentations in a large well lit conference room, home movies and demonstrations at different stores that we have in our company. The other projectors I looked at are the Optoma ML550, Qumi Q5, Aaxa P300, Aaxa LED showtime, Dell M110 and a couple of the brookstone models. The Qumi Q5, ML550 and the Dell M110 were the only ones that were kind of close to this in the way of picture quality and brightness. The ML550 is the same thing just 200 less lumens, the Dell M110 is very close in size where the Q5 is a little larger and more rectangle shaped. After looking at these and testing them the ML750 was the best in brightness and quality of picture.

This is one of the only projectors in this market that you can project a large picture in a room with bright lights and still have really good quality and brightness. I projected a powerpoint in our conference room with the 20 plus lights we have and I could read even the smallest print well. I tested this next to a standard light projector that was 2,500 lumen in our conference room and this has a better picture and looked brighter! That's the power of LED.

Overall this is in my opinion the best "pico" projector on the marker for its size, connections, and quality of display. You can't fit it in your pocket but it comes pretty close to. I would not waste my time with the smaller below 300 lumens on the market, you just don't get a bright enough picture. I have not tested the 3D but will test and amend this when I do.

I would recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a small, LED projector that looks amazing.
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27 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on October 10, 2013
My second optoma projector already owned a pt105. This one blows that out of tbe water.

1. Small and lightweight
2. Bright crisp picture
3. Easy to operate menu
4. Ability to hang and display upside down and rotate picture.
5. 1/4 x 20 connector on bottom to mount on celing.

1. Remote super small will eventually lose.

At 12 1/2 feet back I get a 110 inch screen very clear.
In broad daylight easy to see picture.
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21 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on August 26, 2013
Very bright. Very small and light (easy to carry in my laptop bag). Very clear. Everyone who sees it and what it projects is amazed. I haven't noticed any unusual noise from the fan or anything. The colors are just what they should be, and the multiple screen resolution options are great. So far I've used the standard laptop connector to my Windows laptop and the HDMI connection to my iPad (with the digital connector from Apple), and both worked as expected. I only wish the focus was a little easier to get right across the entire image, that there was a way to manually switch the source on the projector itself (maybe there is, but I haven't found it and have to use the remote that came with it), and that there was a little adjustable leg to angle it up towards the screen (it just sits flat on the table or a pile of books, sadly no leg to angle it). But overall, I do really like it and recommend it. 4.5 stars, but since that isn't an option, I'll round it up to 5 stars because it does work well.
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on October 3, 2014
I normally don't trust reviews on Amazon, so I went around a lot of other venues, and looked up reviews on this. Most of the reviews were for this unit's predecessor, the ML500.

They gushed. Every single one. I grudgingly got this unit.

I already own an EX330, which is a badass little unit, but is still just a bit too big for carry-on. Whenever I pack it, TSA ALWAYS opens my bag (which is often stuffed to the max, and they will mess things up when they reclose my bag), so I need to carry on the projector.

First, this thing is REALLY SMALL. The pictures don't really show how small it is, because the overall proportions pretty much match those of larger ultraportables. However, the lens is really small.

The cables and power brick are basically bigger and heavier than the unit itself. With a little creative re-packing, you can fit this into a really small package.

I tested with HDMI and some pretty hi-def digital input.

Normally, I've been ignoring pico and LED projectors, as they project tiny, dim images only a couple dozen inches across.

This is not a pico. It will project a full-size image, just like my 330, and almost as bright.

It's visible in a lit room, even an image that covers an entire 72" X 48" whiteboard. The EX330 is a bit brighter in a lit room, but not that much brighter, and the EX330 is rated at over 2000 lumens (LED lumens are basically brighter than incandescent ones, because coherence).

The ML1000 is brighter, but it is also physically larger, and I need this to be very small. I can use my EX330 for bigger stuff.

When you dim the lights, the image is tack-sharp, and beautifully saturated. Once focused, it tends to keep its focus, even when moved around. It's not as nice as a laser projector, which basically never needs focusing, but it is better than an incandescent one, which can be finicky.

There is a focus knob, but no way to adjust the zoom, except by physically moving the unit, which isn't that big a deal, as the unit is fairly short-throw. You should keep this in mind when setting up. Plan to have a long wire to your computer, as you may need to set the unit up on a table (a little one), or a tripod (it has a tripod standard 1/4" threaded hole).

The tripod thing is nice. One of my biggest frustrations is getting a table set up for a projector. Since this thing is so small, you can mount it on even a very small or cheap tripod (like a point-and-shoot tripod).

It has 3 fans, but doesn't get more than a bit warm (It's not like the "hair dryer" from my 330). The fans do contribute a bit of noise, but nothing like the incandescent unit.

I don't particularly care about watching TV on these things. I use them for presentations, and I have yet to encounter a projector, from any manufacturer, that won't handle basic presentations.

If you are gonna shell out $550 bucks on a little thing like this, then you should feel its worth it. I feel it was money well-spent.

Absolutely tiny. Easily fits in a standard brief case or a carry-on.
Extremely bright. Astonishingly so.
Can be mounted on a tripod, so you have more options to setting it up.
Surprisingly "short throw." This means that you can place it fairly near the screen.
I have the entire thing packaged in a small LowePro digicam bag. That's including an 8-foot HDMI cable and a micro tripod.
I also dropped the thing from about 3 feet, and nothing happened at all. My 330 would have been destroyed.
This thing is absolutely fine for 90% of my presentation needs.

Has 3 fans, which can be a bit "whiny."
No zoom. You have to move the unit.
Surprisingly "short throw." This means that you have to place it fairly near the screen, which is not always desirable.
External power brick. This is always a pet peeve of mine. The brick is fairly large, as well, with a 3-prong plug. I'd love it if it were a little dinky thing.
Color ain't perfect. Tends to have a red cast. I was able to get something better with a calibrator, but still a bit off. The 330 definitely has better color.
The focus can change from top to bottom if you have the unit fairly near the screen.

Unfortunately, an entire industry has sprung up to create shill reviews. In general, don't believe five-star reviews on Amazon. I wish it were different, but there's lots of money at stake, and whenever there's money at stake, there's unscrupulous people willing to take it.

This isn't a shill; but then, that's what a shill would say. Take this review for what it's worth.

UPDATE: Added a few more notes, now that I have used it a few times.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on February 22, 2014
Although this particular projector is pitched as a mobile presentation unit, I purchased it for my home theater, as it is one of the more affordable LED projectors.


Despite being advertised with a maximum projection distance just under 10' I have mine at about 12', and the result is still a crystal clear picture that I would estimate at between 110" and 120".

Do not need to access a menu to adjust the volume, or to change input from HDMI to VGA (this was an issue with my last projector).

Fan noise is virtually non-existent and has not had an overheat yet.

Automatic Keystone adjustment has worked flawlessly.


(keep in mind that this projector was not actually designed for my application, and some of these were expected)

Remote in absolutely tiny, you will want to purchase a universal remote that can learn buttons if you intend to use this for a home theater.

Sound is very weak, you will want to use some sort of sound system (projector has a 3.5mm out).

(the following may be specific to my unit, or may be common problems)

The ceiling mount bolt holes are very soft and stripped out almost immediately, as a result I had to build a slanted shelf hanging from my ceiling instead of mounting the projector upside down (as intended).

The focus wheel on the side of the unit has limited resistance, meaning that my sub-woofer sometimes vibrates the projector out of focus


I would absolutely recommend this project at or below $800 (the price point at which Amazon has been selling it), for use as either a home theater or mobile presentation unit.

I would NOT recommend it for home theater use at the list price of nearly $1500, if you are going to spend that you can get a projector that is better designed for that application.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on August 23, 2014
The size is good, and the weight, it all works as advertised. The price is reasonable. I use it with my apple TV2 and it is good for movies etc

BUT....the only problem I have with it is that the focus is not 100% even.

Looking through the reviews I see a few others have mentioned it and there doesn't appear to be a fix that I am aware of. What happens it that you look at the image and it is out of focus in one are, for example at the top the text is blurry. So you adjust the focus and it looks good on the top, but then you look to the bottom, and is out, so you readjust and then it becomes apparent that this is not going to work. One will always be out. If anyone has a fix they know of, please comment and let me know.

It is true that once you start a movie it is not really that noticeable, but this is not the point, you see we are paying for a product that should focus out of the box. If the manufacturer had advertised that it will not be capable of an even focus, and I had been informed BEFORE purchasing it, this would be different, but there was no mention of this. So for this I give 4 stars.
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11 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on July 15, 2013
Optoma ML550, WXGA, 500 LED Lumens, Mobile Projector

We purchased this from a brick-and-mortar shop (Beach Camera) that sells online, as we were in the neighborhood and impatient. I'll be using it for small business meetings, when I don't want 4-6 folks hovering over my shoulder to see a small laptop screen. Once we're spending the money, we wanted one that we could also use it at home for other purposes. I did extensive research over a few days, ultimately settling in at for self-educating.

The ML550 won out, even with a lack of reviews other than 1 at Amazon. I'll be back with an update once I've used it onsite (beyond initial impressions)

- wide range of image sizes (17-100); most others started at 30, and I may find myself in very small rooms
- 1.7x zoom; this is the only projector of its size that had zoom (based on our research)
- the tiny tiny size, and the low low weight
- easy to switch aspect ratio setting via the remote
- easy to switch mode (PC, Cinema, Bright) via the remote
- easy to mute/hide the display, via the remote

- the zoom needs a dedicated button on the remote; as it is, we have to navigate thru the menu tree to get there and will probably use the keyboard control from my laptop instead

- it does have a standard 1/4-20 connection at the bottom, which is not mentioned anywhere
- as of today, the manual is not available at; we were fine getting up and running without it
- great little case for the projector + cables
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on June 29, 2014
Great projector, used as permenent bed room entertaiment system, as it's a rental, cant install larger projectors. simply the best on the market so far. If it can be quieter, with 1080p, this will be a perfect projector.

many pros;
LED, no bulb change needed
no color wheel, no rainbow
bright for darkened room
contrasty picture, great color, very film like
very solid build

-Fan noise is the most single annoying problem on this one, its loud and I used the lowest setting with theater mode and no way to adjust individuly, it has to go with the color mode, super loud fan noise with bright mode.
-No color adjustments espeically no RGB adjustment, even with service menu.
-Cold hot focus shift as others mentioned, i can tolorage that since I setup just over my bed.
-Cannot focus well from coner to coner, when I watch movie, I dont feel much
-Only 720p, with 80"+ 1080 is better, specially with uneven focus,
-No optical zoom, just a reminder if someone is looking for that
-Focus stick gets lose over time
-No lense cover provided, lens gets dusty
-Power adaptor is large for such small projector and with the power cord just as big as ML1000, I dont bring it out most of time, but when I do want to, it's quite heavy and big to bring wth me with the power adaptor and cable.

if you can tolorate the noise, i think it's a perfectly small projector for dark rooms.
hope this helps
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