Oral cancer? A coworker of mine was raving about this product to us, and another co worker overheard. She then came over and started telling us about how she had heard that this product caused oral cancer.

I wanted to try this item, but the whole cancer thing makes me feel uneasy about it. I searched for information regarding cancer in relation to whitening strips but I found nothing. I am curious if anyone else has read or heard of this type of product causing oral cancer?

Thanks in advance.
asked by Captain Insano on December 30, 2010
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I have never heard and have used whitening strips for 12 years.
Ingrid G. answered on July 22, 2011

I am an oral cancer patient and none of my doctors has suggested that there is any connection between whitening products and oral cancer. You should be a lot more worried about tobacco/alcohol and HPV.
Paige Bucherschrank answered on November 30, 2011

The use of peroxide in the mouth has been linked to oral cancer in some studies; however, the research I've read has indicated that this was the case when peroxide was used extensively and for long periods of time. As with anything, don't overdo. I would try to limit exposure of the peroxide to your teeth, and not to your gums or tongue, etc.
Sharon Tucker answered on July 14, 2014
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