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on June 4, 2011
Overall I'm quite pleased with this clock. I returned a Philips projection clock that I had received as a gift because the projected digits were rather fuzzy and purchased this Oregon Scientific model instead. The LCD digits are bold and easy to read, and the projected digits are sharp no matter where I pointed them. Below are some of my observations in a PRO/CON list.

- Nice design

- Bold, easy to read digits (reddish-orange)

- Synchronizes to National atomic clock

- Indoor and outdoor temperature display (either or both (toggling)) (with included remote temperature sender) worked with no problems

- The entire top surface is a snooze bar

- The alarm is pleasant enough

- The projector swivels for easy projection on a bedroom wall

- Displays date or seconds along with time and temperature

- As with other Oregon Scientific clocks I've owned, the control buttons on the back are very small and butt against each other, which isn't great ergonomics.

- The LCD back light has a BRT-OFF-DIM slider switch that didn't really work in the OFF or DIM setting unless you giggle it just right. Not a big deal, I just leave it in BRT.

- It took almost 24 hours for the time to sync with the atomic clock. Granted I'm in Seattle which is a long way from Colorado, but still...

- The snooze bar doubles as an "invert project digits" function, which is just stupid. I find myself inadvertently inverting the projection quite frequently.

- While you can swivel the projector, you can't rotate it (you have to rotate the whole clock). To project on a far wall, the clock face will be oriented away from the bed. And if you choose to project on the ceiling, it likely won't be aligned to your desire. This seems like a pretty basic design omission.
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on January 6, 2012
I asked for this clock for Christmas after reading many reviews for various clocks on this site, which met these criteria:

-Visible display at night
-Projection on the wall
-Alarm clock
-Temp outside and inside

From what I read, these were the main complaints about this clock:

-Display is not red, but orange.
-The clock did not connect to Boulder, CO and get the time either quick enough or at all.
-Projection cannot rotate.
-The snooze button is a touch sensor, which flips the projection as well so there are many times when you flip it and don't mean to.

First off, I have no complaints about the orange display. I actually like it better than red, since red is harsher on the eyes at night. It is crisp and nice. I can see it at all times during the day and it is big enough to see in any part of the room.

The projection is crisp as well; though I only project it onto the ceiling, which is just 6 or 7 feet away. I do have to admit that the touch sensor is hard to avoid since the clock is so slim, but after a few times of inadvertantly flipping the projection I learned my lesson. I had the rotation feature on my last clock for the projection, but I do not feel like I miss it as much as I thought I would. It is simple to move the clock's projection to the desired location. That means one will probably not be able to look at the clock at night, but what is the point of seeing both the clock and the projection?

My clock did connect to Boulder, CO, but I did not time it. The manual does warn you sternly to make sure you have a good signal, and if you do not, to put it near a window. I had a good signal and went to sleep and it connected by morning. It did go to the wrong timezone though. It was an hour early but I just switched it to manual and fixed the timezone and then switched it back over. Everything was fine from then on.

One feature I was surprised to find out and liked is that you can set the clock to rotate back and forth from indoor to outdoor temperature. All my other clocks have had to switch it manually and this was a nice change.

Overall I love the sleek design of the clock. It is what sold me on buying it. The buttons may be smaller on the back and the touch sensor may sometimes be annoying, but I am totally satisfied with this clock going on two weeks. Hopefully it lasts a whole lot longer.
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on July 26, 2012
Finally had to replace a LeCrosse projection that I'd had for years and the new one (LeCrosse) failed after a few months. So this time, I thought I'd try this Oregon Scientific model but it wouldn't project the outside temperature and the various time zone and projection orientation controls wouldn't work. None of the clocks I've found have really good reviews and it appears these are all cheapened to the point of non-functionality. I'd be willing to pay a fair amount for a decent projection clock but can't seem to find one. This shouldn't be that tough!

Amazon continues to be Amazon though. The return was effortless.
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on October 15, 2011
Love the sleek design and now I am glad the old bulky version that had served me for five years finally died. The ease of reading this clock without glasses is a big plus. The numbers have a soft reddish orange against a totally black screen which seems to be very easy on the eyes at 2:00 AM. The outdoor temp function I thought would be unnecessary, but has turned out to be very helpful. Therefore I highly recommend this item as a night time projection clock but would not expect to see the projection during the day.
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on May 22, 2014
The cons:

Difficult to set the alarm.
Only 1 alarm.
The beeper is similar to a smoke detector. Hope you like being jarred awake!
No focusing ring for the projector.
Projected numbers are actually amber, not red. So is the face.
LCD cannot be read at all from certain angles.
It's impossible to turn off the alarm without accidentally hitting snooze.
The snooze bar also flips the projected image 180 degrees.
It's top-heavy.
It requires 2xCR2332 batteries for the alarm and a AA battery for the temp sensor.
Batteries are not included (even though the return shipping label said "contains lithium batteries").
The controls are not intuitive at all.
It's a fingerprint magnet so it looks really dirty all the time.
The instructions are incomplete. There was one setting I never figured out.

The pros:

The numbers are large.
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on August 15, 2012
My husband purchased this clock from This is the second Oregon Scientific Atomic Clock we have purchased. This one worked for 28 days before it started displaying the wrong time. It was working fine then on that fateful 28th day it suddenly jumped ahead 40 minutes. Nothing I did could coax it to tell the correct time. It is being returned for credit.

The first one was a different model, purchased over a year ago from another vendor. It had a problem from day one. Almost every day in the wee hours of the morning the clock would jump ahead by 59 minutes at the top of the hour. Sometimes at 2:00 AM, sometimes at 3:00 AM. It would stay that way until three minutes after the next hour, then switch back to the correct time. The clock was returned and replaced and the new one did the same thing. I contacted Oregon Scientific, they sent me two more. Both of them did the same thing. Back they went.

There is only one thing a clock needs to do, and that is to tell you the correct time. Oregon Scientific doesn't seem to know how to make an Atomic Clock that will do that.
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on March 29, 2013
I thought with the Oregon Scientifis name that this would be a great product. This thing is cheaply made and is a real pain to turn the alarm on and off and to set the alarm. the screen is at such an angle that I can't read it in bed either. I am really disappointed with this product. They must have sold out to cheapness instead of quality, buyer beware.
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on April 5, 2013
The outside Tempture does not work in a location other projection clocks have worked. Other than that it is a great projection clock. The reading on the wall in my RV is easy to read and at home it works on the ceiling.
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on December 13, 2013
I bought two of these clocks. One did get an atomic signal one did not, so I had to set one manually and one by the signal. Even though I didn't have any problem setting them either way, I got to say that the directions were very skimpy and not very helpful. So those who had problems figuring out what to do is very easy to understand. The display on the clock is okay. The unlit segments that make up the numbers are easily visible but not to distracting (might even be intentional).
Now the main reasons I bought these clocks were because of the projection feature, the outside temperature display, and as an alarm clock. The projection display is quite good, none of the problems I have seen with other clocks (no huge glowing spots, batman signals, or full moon effects). The numbers are clear and easily seen with no washing out. The temperature display is pretty accurate and easily seen on the clock. The temp does not project but that is okay, I don't really need that information till I am getting dressed to go out anyway.
The alarm part of this clock is where ther is a huge problem. I can barely hear it if I am awake, yes my hearing isn't the best under the sun. But the rest of my family whose hearing is better say that the alarm sound is quite pathetic. The sound is so soft right by my head I just sleep right thru it. Not mention that it turns off after 90 seconds and doesn't startup again till the next day. So either be a very light sleeper or DO NOT rely on this alarm to wake you up. I have had to get a second alarm clock just for the alarm part. And yes I was late to work several times before I got a different alarm.
In the end I really like the projection and temperature part, and won't give it up. But the alarm part is absolute junk.
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on June 1, 2013
NOTE: I'm going to amend this up from 3 to 4 stars because since I wrote this review the projector has not turned upside down unintentionally. Maybe the sensor is super sensitive during the first month and gets less so? Not sure... Original review below.

This is a wonderful clock, with the exception of the ceiling projector. The primary issue is the "rotation" of the ceiling image, which is done by a button on the top. However, rather than it being a normal button, it's some sort of a proximity button, and it sometimes misfires when nothing is touching it. Worse, it's often fairly hard to trigger when I want to trigger it.

So, that button is the perfect combination, for frustration, of doing something when you want it not to, and not doing something when you want it to.

I've laid in bed and watched it flip orientations on it's own, then hard a hard time flipping it back. However, it doesn't happen a lot after a couple of months, it mostly stays the way I want it.

Even worse, the separator between digit groups is rather small, so it can be hard to tell if it's saying 1:25 right side up, or 5:21 upside down.

Otherwise, the clock is really quite wonderful.

It quickly picked up the time, other clocks I've had have taken hours to pick up the correct time, especially during the day. This one picked it up over several "reboots" in just a couple of minutes. Note however, I live maybe 15 miles from the source of the time setting transmissions.

I really wanted an LED segment clock, rather than a backlit LCD clock like this. However, on the low setting, with the red, I don't find it annoying at all. However, it does have a more limited viewing angle than my LED clock. I was unable to find a reasonably priced LED clock with large numbers that auto sets from the broadcasts. I found some lovely $400 ones meant for institutional applications. :-)

However, the problem of the viewing angle is resolved by using the projector. Late at night, until 6-8am (depending on the time of the year), it's readable from the ceiling, which is wonderful. When it's right side up (as mentioned above).

I don't use the alarm or calendar or temperatures so I can't comment on them.
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