Customer Reviews: Orei DVD-P901 9-Inch Swivel Screen Multi Region Free Portable DVD Player - 4.5 Hour Long Battery Life - USB/SD Card Input
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on November 27, 2012
Through my ignorance, I was disappointed with the first of these products I received and returned it - mainly due to what I perceived as video controls not working and poor video quality. The problem was that, in the video settings, I was trying to adjust the video out settings (marked "Video Quality", rather than the onboard screen settings, which were marked "Panel Quality". When I adjusted the "Panel" settings today, I was able to bring up a very nice video quality.

There are also several audio settings - rather ho-hum with the onboard speakers, but GREAT with headphones. Very nice audio quality.

I spent several hours online trying to find a unit with the features I wanted at a reasonable price. So here's my impression:

CONS: The onboard buttons are a bit frustrating, sometimes not reacting until the second or third push. The remote control is better, but also unresponsive at times and quite small and cheezy. I wouldn't let this discourage you from making a purchase, though. everything else makes up for it.

PROS: USB port, audio/video in and out, a card reader, a flip and swivel 9" screen, fair volume and a decent weight factor, at $100. you cannot go wrong. There is nothing that will compare with these features at this price.

Oh - and, by the way, there IS a volume control on the unit. They may have added this after previous reviews, but there is definitely a volume control on the right (up) and left(down) sides of the circular multi-function control.
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on June 11, 2012
I bought this product couple of months ago. It has been working perfectly. We have been using the DVD player during overseas flights, and the battery last well over the promised 5 hours. The swivel screen has been great option, as it allows us to fold the player, and attach it during a flight or a car drive to the front seat. We have also been playing DVDs from with different regions without a problem.
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on June 11, 2012
The Orei DVD-P901, is the most OVER-LOOKED Portable DVD on the Market!!! It's a TRUE Multi-Region-Free DVD. It has the most controls for Audio & Video for the "Set-UP Mode, that I have ever seen on a portable DVD.! I watch a lot of DVD'S because I don't care for TV, except for Football! I use "Earbuds" for sound. I started with my AKG 324's it was very good. It has a digital feed for sound, 0-20. It "ROCKS"!!! The most "POWERFUL" Portable DVD I have ever heard. I put my Sennheiser 880's in, this is my best pair. Beautiful full spectrum sound. It has 3 stages, just for Bass. I stay with the middle. If you want it to "BOOM", it will. The Audio is like haveing an SAE in it. The Video is the same way. Completly adjustable. BEAUTIFUL PICTURE. When you put a DVD in the player, you can just let it go, at the DVD opening, & it gently slides into place. Then push it down, at the center, to lock it. The 9" Screen is so much easier on the eyes! It has 2 finger slots to remove the DVD gently. I have never seen anything like it. Several people have talked about all of the extras. I can't say anything about 4.5-5 hr battery-life. I have only played two movies with the battery, but it went about 3 hrs. with no problem. It comes with earphones. Throw them away & get a pair of quality earbuds! It has an A/V Out, even with all of the other goodies. It works great in the auto with the 12v power adapter that comes with it. I have had this Portable DVD player 1+ month & played many DVD'S,r,rw (both - & +), CD's & it has worked great. No skips, freezes, no problem loading. No problems anywhere. The one con: The only volumn is on the Remote, so I ordered a extra about 3 weeks ago. Maybe the person who gave the 1-Star Review, just got a bad one! That can happen with anything. Have you got in touch with the company.? I did when I ordered the extra remote. Great people, very easy to do business with. I highly recommend this DVD for anyone looking for a Portable DVD player!Orei DVD-P901 9-Inch Swivel Screen Multi Region Free Portable DVD Player - 4.5 Hour Long Battery Life - USB/SD Card Input
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on April 3, 2012
I have only owned this player for a few days so I can't write about it's durability yet, but I did feel compelled to write a review since there were none posted when I ordered it. My first thought when I took it out of the box was that it looked very nice in appearance and it feels decently durable. When I plugged it in and turned it on, I was surprised at how beautiful the picture was and I was also pleased at the volume level capability. I have played both a PAL format DVD and a U.S DVD, both played beautifully without having to change any settings. You just put any disc in and it plays it without any complications. One thing I did notice that someone may want to know before hand, is that the volume control is 'only' on the remote control. So if you loose your remote, then you can't adjust the volume level. I even read in the manual to see if I was wrong, and I was not. The remote is the only way to adjust the volume. There are a lot of features available on this player like parental controls and a password feature. I would never use any of those, but it is nice to know about it ahead of time if you are looking for that. I hated to buy this without being able to read any reviews about it before hand, but I needed a region free portable player and this one fit the price. I am very pleased that I ordered it, so far I am very happy with my purchase. I have not used the SD or USB slots yet, but I will update this review with another one in a few months when I have had a chance to put more wear on the player. So far though, this looks safe for you to take a chance with.

************* I am deleting my first update and replacing it with a new one because this has all been very confusing. For the past two days I have been trying to figure out how to make the USB play a video. Okay, this gets complicated. According to the Orei website, the player will only support an "MPEG-4 Advanced Simple L5 format" and they say that they will play an "AAC audio codec". Well, after trying MANY different conversion options for a very long time, I found that the video codec, MPEG 4 will work, however the audio will not work as AAC. The player will say that the audio codec is not supported. I found that the audio formats "MP 2, MP 3 and AC3" will work. The problem is that I am not super techno savy, and so far I cannot find a conversion program anywhere that will allow me to convert an MPEG 4 video in L5 format with an MP 2, MP 3 or AC3 audio. I did find a Cucusoft Program that will allow me to convert in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 with MP2 audio and this does work but the video quality has many pauses/stops and starts. The video does not do this when it is in MPEG-4 format but like I said before, I can't figure out how to get the audio and video to convert together. This is good information for anyone to know who is considering purchasing this player with the intent of using the USB and if anyone out there already knows how to convert to the desired format for this player, I beg you to please either respond to my review and let me know or to please write your own review. Thanks! I am quite confused but otherwise I am still having very good luck with all other aspects of this player. I should also add that I have not yet used the card slot but on a USB, I can view jpg photos.
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on June 11, 2012
I have not used the player for very Long, but no complaints so far. My girls watch it in my truck as I pull the camper when we are going on vacations. It is very easy to use and the picture quality is great. My girls (9 & 11) are able to control the player with no problems. Hard to beat price. I will update if I have any problems in future.

Update 12/16/12

I have owned the DVD player for a whole camping season and it was used many times with no problems.
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on August 25, 2012
Color : 5/5. The color is extremely sharp, even better than my 32in flat screen TV. Sound : 4/5 The sound is better than another model I have, but it could be better. Price : 5/5 Pricewise, it is one of the cheapest 9in televisions on Amazon. Quality : 4/5 The only reason I am not putting this as 5/5 is because we've only used it a few times. Details: 3/5 The problem with the details is that when one turns the swivel screen to a certain extent, it snaps, and although it doesn't actually break, it is very unsettling. Also, there is a bit of difficulty closing it.
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on April 24, 2014
You get what you pay for with this little thing. And not in a good way.

This dvd player is awful. It pays no attention to setting and displays every single dvd I've put in it stretched out - even if they're already widescreen! Who wants to watch that?

When I hook it up to a television, it just buzzes. No, it's not the television. Same port plays other dvd players, roku, apple tv, all with no issues.

I suppose if you want to watch a dvd in the car, this might be passable, but for traveling in general, I might as well bring my laptop if I want to watch something I can't stream and/or download ahead of time for a tablet.

I just retested it before I posted this. Now it's all ready to go to Goodwill.
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on May 21, 2014
In May 2012, I bought this Orei DVD 9 inch player / region free so my kids could watch movies (both Japanese & English) during the 13 hours flight. This player continuously worked good 3.75 hours without charging (not quite 4.5 hours as it says on description) and displayed picture not great but well enough. My kids have been watching so many movies and animation with this DVD player in the car these past several months. Only the problem is that the volume was so low that I had to connect it with AUX so the sound would come out from the car stereo. Lately, this DVD player worked at least one hour after disconnected from car charger, without charging. (I know this becuase my kids continued to watch some movies although arriving at the distination, but I told them to get out of the car after while.) It has USB and SD card outlet
Pro: good enough battery. Worked great when use with car-charger. The quality of the picture is good.
Con: The sound at the loudest level is breaking, and moreover, not loud enough to be able to hear from the front of the car to the third back seat of a mini van. The remote controller is not well made, so you have to press firm few times to function.
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on April 12, 2015
We unpackaged it and used it on the same day. After about 30 minutes of playing a DVD, a large strip in the center of the screen (about 1/3 of the screen) turned bright green. We contacted Amazon to return it, and they sent us an email saying "just keep it and we'll refund you anyway." I'm not sure what their policy with the seller is here, but if the product is so crappy they don't want to bother fixing it, I bet these suckers are fairly cheaply made.
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on April 2, 2013
After going through several DVD players trying to find one that will hold up I cam across this model. So far I'm very happy with this. You can plug this in and charge it while watching which is nice. If you have the battery charged up, you can go for a claimed 5 hours before recharging. I haven't needed it that long without a plug in. The screen can rotation is pre-set. You can turn it one way for a partial turn. You can turn it the other way for a 180 and then fold the screen down flat like a tablet. Since the rotation is set, you don't have to worry about constantly spinning the screen and breaking any internal cables. The remote is a bit touchy. We're using this in a mount between the seats and the remote sensor is not far from the front. If you want control from the front with a remote, facing backwards towards the seat in the position shown in this picture, could be very touchy.

The other thing I am very happy about is that it does indeed remember where you last stopped the dvd. This is great for shorter trips with the kids who whine when the movie starts over. =) You do have to press stop vs just shutting the unit off. As long as you hit stop it will remember where you left off. The other thing you have to do initially is turn this option on in the menu settings for the player. Not sure why its not on by default. It's called Last Memory and by default is set to off/no. set it to yes/on and you are good to go.
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