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on January 3, 2007
Years ago I was given a buckwheat pillow of the sort that appeared in infomercials. It was as large as a regular pillow but the buckwheat rustled noisily and was not particularly comfortable. Recently I visited Japan and had the opportunity to use authentic Japanese buckwheat pillows that were much higher quality, comfortable, and *quiet.* I searched many websites to find this buckwheat pillow, which is essentially identical to the pillows in Japan and the best value I came across during my search.

The chief benefits of buckwheat pillows are good support and excellent breathability. The buckwheat husks in this pillow are small enough to feel smooth and densely packed enough to provide thicker support than feather pillows. The pillow conforms to the shape of your head or can be easily smoothed out by hand to the desired shape. There is no odor.

Moisture and heat dissipate very well through the pillow. I did not feel the need to flip the pillow over during the night and I awoke to a dry pillow unlike my experience with feather and polyester-filled pillows. Good riddance to waking up to a clammy pillow.

The size is markedly smaller than standard pillows but works well when I position my face near the edge of the pillow. Assuming there are other pillows on your bed to fill the decorative sham(s), the only disadvantage of the size is having to put a pillow case on sideways and folding it over. In Japan, they covered just the top side of the pillow with a cotton cloth that had ties to hold it in place. (Picture an apron with strings on both top and bottom.)

The directions call for occasionally washing the pillow covering. This will require emptying the loose buckwheat into some kind of container, which I don't look forward to, but ultimately, will make the pillow a better value than conventional pillows that eventually stain and are never the same after laundering.
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on August 8, 2005
We've used buckwheat hull pillows for many years, but ours had finally worn out and needed replaced. I ordered two of these pillows from beans72dotcom and could not be more pleased!

The outer shell is very high quality: thick, durable muslin fabric with fine stitchwork and a good zipper. It is obvious that these pillows were painstakingly made and will last for many years.

The buckwheat hulls also seem to be of high quality: little to no broken pieces, no stems or debris, and nice and clean. Also, the seller offers additional plain buckwheat hulls for sale if/when the hulls compact over time (this is called polishing, it is explained in detail in the flyer that came with the pillows). This shouldn't be necessary for quite awhile, buckwheat hulls are very durable and we have had the mass-marketed and produced pillows we own for almost ten years.

These are very comfortable pillows and if you are in the market for a buckwheat hull pillow, I'm sure you will be very satisfied with this purchase.
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on May 15, 2012
I have had sleep pain in my neck and shoulders for more than 20 years. I've tried every type of bed. I have an astronaut foam bed now. I have tried every type of special or orthopedic pillow I could find. I have a useless collection of them now.

Usually when I get a new pillow I have relief for a night or two, but then the pains come back. I was pretty sure there was just something wrong with me (arthritic deterioration?) and I was going to be living with this pain for the rest of my life. But not having given up hope completely, I recently tried a very well reviewed pillow with a water base that could be filled to suit. But that too turned out to be a disappointment after several nights use, experimenting with water fill levels. I mentioned all this to a friend and he told me about his great experience with buckwheat pillows. He added I should be sure to get one with a zipper and to experiment with the amount of fill to find my own comfort level. I wasn't highly optimistic because I already have a synthetic version claimed to be like a buckwheat pillow but with little soft beads in it. It was a disappointment. (I now recognize these are nothing at all like real buckwheat pillows)

But figuring the chance of getting rid of pain was worth one more gamble, I checked what was on Amazon and I read up on the Beans72 product. Reviewers commented on the good quality of the product and reinforced the concept of experimenting with the fill level, also praising that the Beans72 product gives you more buckwheat than you need, so you can take some out and save it for later use if needed. I also noted some people said you don't need more than the Japanese size, their smallest and least expensive. (I later found that to be true for me.) I was convinced enough to try one.

I am now very pleased to report that after tweaking my fill level and weeks of use, my pain left and remains gone! Additionally, as time passes, the pillow seems to be more and more comfortable, giving me confidence this may finally be my permanent, pain-free pillow. With every other kind of pillow, pain was back within a few days and got worse with time.

This Beans72 buckwheat pillow appears to have improved my life significantly, at long last. Maybe I don't have arthritic deterioration after all. I will certainly be happy to pass along the recommendation for a pillow like this to others whenever the subject comes up, as my friend did for me.

UPDATE: It's now 8 months since I wrote the review and I still stand by it. Still sleeping comfortably. Amazing.

UPDATE: It's been almost 2 years now. I can't live without this pillow. I take it with me when I travel, which is quite a sacrifice in terms of losing space in the luggage, but it's worth it to me. I also have not yet needed to readjust the amount of buckwheat in the pillow.
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VINE VOICEon January 22, 2006
I sleep on my side or stomach. This pillow is THE BEST side-sleeping pillow I've ever used. It's firm enough to keep your neck aligned and your nose from getting smooshed into the pillow, yet squishy enough that you can move the buckwheat "beans" around to your liking. I can't fall asleep on my back, but laying on it makes it seem like it would be a SUPERB pillow for back sleepers too. I don't recommend it for stomach sleepers because it's too firm. Also, for snorers: this pillow GREATLY reduced my snoring when I sleep on my side, thus I get a better night's rest (and so does my spouse). Americans and others who use down or soft pillows may think this is kind of weird the first night, but after you sleep on it you'll want to bring it with you everywhere you travel. Lastly: please take note of the size of the pillow. I was surprised it was so small. However, since you sleep better and toss less, the size of the pillow turns out to be just right.
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I have 4 bulging discs in my neck and 4 bulging discs in my lower back, and until now I have never truly experienced a great night's sleep. And there are few things better in life than a good night's sleep, so it's important to find just the right pillow that will support and pamper your head and neck in just the right ways. Well, after a lifetime of looking I finally found the perfect pillow with all the right therapeutic properties! THANK YOU BEANS72!

As most of you already know, most pillows are filled with feathers, fiberfill, or poly-foam; instead this hand crafted pillow is filled with hypoallergenic buckwheat hulls. During sleep the small buckwheat hulls shift inside the case to match the exact contour of your neck and head. The even support means no more cramps or muscle tension, both of which are known to contribute to more headaches and more stress.

Thank you once more for making my life bearable again!

PS: *PLEASE READ* - I learned my lesson the hard way BEFORE I purchased my first QUALITY pillow from BEANS72.

I was really desperate from my back pain and wanted relief, I had heard about buckwheat pillows on TV and without doing any research I purchased a very cheap "As seen on TV" type pillow.

All I can tell you is that I have never been more disappointed in my entire life! The pillow had been shipped to the USA from over seas, the fabric was of poor quality, the zipper was of poor quality, the buckwheat hulls were of poor quality - they were dirty and there were many small broken pieces, and then to make things even worse, the entire pillow had been FUMIGATED! Shame on me, I learned my lesson, I knew then and I know now that "You get what you pay for". When you buy cheap you get cheap...only worse when I think about it, can you imagine laying your face on a dirty, FUMIGATED pillow and breathing whatever it was fumigated with for 8 hours per night?

Thank you for this FORUM Amazon.

Jack Perry

Real Name without the badge.
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on January 19, 2008
I bought the "regular" size pillow, and didn't notice that this is considerably smaller than the "standard" American pillow--which means that on a double bed, this pillow doesn't fit with the other pillow, and a standard pillowcase doesn't fit it. Had I realized this, I would have ordered the travel size pillow, which is cheaper, would have been fine for my needs, and would have been easier to store when not in use. Because a standard pillow case does not fit this pillow, I also had to buy a cover from this company, which brought the price up.

NEW NOTE: Now, a couple years later, the buckwheat hulls have degraded, turning almost to powder. They provide less bulk (flatter pillow); and they have begun leaking through the cover. As they are dark brown, this causes a bit of a mess. The pillow cover is turning brown. To continue using this pillow, I would have to start all over with new buckwheat hulls, but I think I'll pass.
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on March 16, 2010
I wish I had found this pillow four or five pillows ago!! I bought this hoping for the best but not counting on it as I have tried SO many different pillows, including expensive models from the Relax the Back store. This pillow is amazing!!

The reviews said that it might take a couple of nights to get used to it; some said that there was a slight odor. It took me ONE night to know that I loved it, and I noticed no offensive odor at all. It is smaller than I expected...but that was okay as the first day I got it I was on my way out on a ten-day trip. I took the pillow and put it in my suitcase and so the smaller size was actually a plus. It is large enough for daily use.

It was a bit too "full" and didn't have give where I needed it, so I took out about a quart of the beans and then it was just perfect, allowing me to form a little depression in the right spot but still providing the needed support. Some of the other pillows offered don't have a zipper, so you can't adjust the fullness like you can with this one; that's a huge plus.

Note that it doesn't come with a pillowcase, so if you don't want to use a regular case and end up folding the excess over (it occupies about half of a reg/queen size case), then you should order one with it.

I truly cannot say enough good things about this pillow, and this is the FIRST time I've written a review for an Amazon product, though I purchase here regularly. I thought if I could help encourage someone who's in pain to try something that would help, I wanted to do it. For the first time in years, literally, I wake up without neck pain. I hope you'll find the relief that I did!
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on February 11, 2012
I have only used the pillow a couple of nights, so this is an early review:

I bought this pillow, with one of the Beans72 pillowcases, to replace a smaller buckwheat pillow I've had for about 6 years. I use buckwheat pillows because I have moderate neck spasticity that can make sleeping difficult. I find buckwheat pillows are more comfortable than other solutions.

Size - these are about 2/3rd the size of a regular pillow. I was afraid they'd be too big ( a small pillow is easier to maneuver and shape just right for your neck) but think in the long run I will prefer this size.

Hulls - These pillows really are overstuffed.The manufacturer says this is on purpose so that you have hulls to add back to the pillow over time. I took about 5 quarts out of mine to get it to the right level. I'll store these hulls in a large ziplock bag to add back as the hulls in my pillow become "polished". The quality of the hulls looks very good - no broken pieces or dust. The literature says they are organic and American grown - important because imported hulls may be required to receive an insecticide treatment before entering the US. They look like they have been preflatten, which helps them become polished.

Smell - other reviewers complained about the odor. When I first unwrapped the pillow it had a strong smell of fresh mowed hay. Really nice smelling. Unfortunately the smell dissipated quickly and was faint after sitting out for about 6 hours. I could still smell it faintly the next day if I stuck my nose in it.

Weight - with the 5 quarts of hulls removed, which weigh 1.5 pounds, it weighs about the same as my wife's standard size down pillow

Noise - still crunchy sounding. I know from previous pillows that this will wear off in a few weeks as the hulls polish. The pillow liner and cover are soft and don't make any noise.

Texture - crunchy. I know from past experience that this will become smooth and soft as the hulls polish. It improves rapidly.

Instructions - came with an instruction sheet. The language was somewhat fractured and the information it was trying to convey not clear.

In spite of the crunch, I found the pillow very comfortable and expect it to only get better over time. Too early to say how the pillow liner and zipper hold up, or whether the pillow cover will develop pills like similar covers I've had.
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on October 2, 2009
On a recent trip to Japan, my son and I had the opportunity to stay in a friends home. In addition to futons, our host provided us with buckwheat pillows. We both slept great. For two weeks after returning home I had trouble sleeping through the night. At first, I thought it might be due to some kind of residual effect of the time difference in Japan and the long flight home. But I noticed that, in addition to the frequent waking up throughout the night and being unable to get comfortable, in the morning my neck and upper back hurt. It occurred to me that the problem might be my old fiberfill pillow. At this point I decided to go on a search for a buckwheat pillow, remembering how well I had slept using one during our trip. I settled on the Organic Buckwheat Pillow (Japanese size) from It was the right choice. Since the first night of using it, I have consistently slept through the night. I wake up with no neck or upper back pain. I later bought one for my son, and he also tells me that he finds it very good for his sleeping. I highly recommend this pillow.
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on June 24, 2009
I am under 30, and over the past 10 years or so have frequently had a stiff neck and headaches throughout the day. Even worse, I typically couldn't turn my head very much at all. I've been thinking about getting a buckwheat pillow for awhile, and recently bought this one.

I was worried about the noise--I'm a light sleeper, and insomniac, and worried that the shifting hulls would keep me awake. It took me about four days to stop waking up when I changed positions during the night, but the noise never *kept* me awake, and I'm used to the noise now. I wish I hadn't waited so long to get it.

The pillow *is* pricey, but I have found it worthwhile already. (Much more so than the memory foam pillow, which I unsuccessfully tried previously.) The other reviews are correct; the pillow is a nice, quality product. The zipper is a definite plus--I removed a couple handfuls of hulls to tailor my comfort.

I've been sleeping with this pillow for about a month, and my neck and shoulder pain has lessened. The range of motion in my neck is also much improved. (I have also been doing neck exercises, but prior to the pillow change, wasn't seeing results. I can now turn to the left perfectly, and am getting closer on the right.)

Sometimes I still wake up slightly sore, but I'm down to about once a week instead of daily, and it's much less intense. (Before I woke up surprised if my neck *didn't* hurt.)

My friend tried it and wants one now (bigger, though--I got the Japanese version and am very happy with it-but my friend thinks she wants a bigger one).

I don't mean to make this sound like a miracle pillow, but if beans72 would make a mattress topper from buckwheat, I would be interested!
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