Customer Reviews: Qt Conc Org Garden Spray (Pack of 2)
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on September 22, 2010
I have used Organocide in my garden and on my orchids for more than a year (that's how long the first quart of concentrate lasted me). I mix 2 ounces with hot water in a one gallon sprayer and shake well. I drench my rose bush and my smaller evergreens, as well as any other foundation plantings that aren't looking so healthy. I apply every two weeks, allowing at least four hours to dry before rain. It keeps away all sorts of insects and those nasty molds and fungi that like to attack roses, plus the deer and rabbits hate it. I also drench my orchids in the fall before moving them back into the house; it greatly reduces the insect population through the winter and I haven't had any fungus problems in my collection. Flower blossoms are not harmed by this substance. It does smell of fish oil and sesame oil; you can notice that for a day or two after spraying. Cleanup has not been a problem since I learned to use hot water and thoroughly flush my sprayer. I recommend this product without reservation.
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on April 15, 2012
I first purchased this product after noticing powdery mildew on some of my blueberry bushes. One day, and a heavy rain later, all of the mildew/mold was gone. It has been gone for over 1 month. I also use this on my 3 mars grape plants. I have noticed zero aphids on the grapes this year, last year they were covered. Both the blueberries and grapes are also looking healthy after spraying weekly for the last month. UGA has published an article on how beneficial fish oil is to some blueberry bushes.

I mix 1-2 oz concentrate in my 1 gallon pressurized sprayer. I leave the extra in the sprayer until the next use. I have never experienced the sprayer clogging. I do shake the sprayer periodically to keep a good mixture, what is sprays is a thin cloudy/clear white liquid.

This week I also sprayed my strawberries and vegetable garden and experienced no "sticky" coating as others have expressed. The only thing I can see that may clog a sprayer and cause a sticky coating, is if you do not dilute the product, as described on the bottle.
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on November 19, 2011
My plants were under attack by scale. I don't like using toxic pesticides, because I have a mostly native wildflower garden. I'm glad there is an organic insecticide that actually kills insects! It hasn't affected my plants like other reviewers have stated. My only complaint is that it stinks really bad, but at least it works!
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on June 13, 2010
Purchased this to get rid of a fast and heavy infestation of white flies on my vegetable plants. It got rid of the whiteflies but almost killed my tomato and other plants. Sticky residue was very hard to remove.....seemed to just smother the plants...I finally was able to get most of it off with dish soap in a Miracle Grow spray container. We may have put too much on initially so just be very careful and maybe use a milder solution than the jug calls for.
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on May 13, 2013
I have used this on my palm trees for over a year. You need to make sure you are mixing this with water to the proper strength not using it straight out of the bottle. I mix two generous capfulls of Organocide with 48 oz of water- using the Ace Hardware red spray bottle. This bottle has lasted about 2 years with constant use. I was trying to kill armoured scale that most pesticides do not kill and that is one of the many pests Organocide kills. I was also wanting to make sure that none of the fire ants here in Florida could set up a colony in my pots. For that I added about 1/2-1 tsp powder called Surrender Acephate 75 in the spray bottle. I needed to flip over each palm leaf and make sure it is clean and then spray a generous amount under and over each leaf. The extra liquid goes into the pot and helps set up a drench to kill "crawlers" that try to move to other plants. The underside of leaves had dirt splashed up from the pot and also some gray-white fungus along with the scale so the product would have been much less effective without an underside cleaning and treatment. I used my fingers to wipe both sides of the leaves clean while spraying with the Organocide. This left a shiny film with a sticky residue and made the leaves look very green and healthy. Even after rain the protective film remained. This does a better job than other pesticides that kill the natural predators - imaclopramid - and aren't effective for armored scale. If you have trouble cleaning up this product on your hands or sprayer then you can get a specialized soap called Liquinox that dissolves the "sticky" residue straight away. I keep a large can with the soapy water so I can dip my hands in or the bottle for cleanup. I would not recommend storing the mixed Organocide solution in your spray bottle more than overnight. It can get lumpy and start to adhere to the bottle itself.
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on July 16, 2014
I'm honestly a little surprised to see the negative reviews. Most of the time, I don't buy organic/environmentally friendly products because they just don't work. This is an exception. It's worked fabulously for me for killing a variety of pests (sooty mold on croton, red date scale on robellini palm, greasy spot fungus on citrus). The complaints about it being sticky are a little puzzling; that's the whole point. Like most horticultural oils, it is not actually toxic, it works by coating pests with an oily layer that basically suffocates them. It will kill any pest, insect, fungus, etc, that gets coated with it (as well as any beneficial insects, this is the down side of horticultural oils). The one thing that you do have to be careful of is constantly shaking (as in, shake, spray for half a minute, shake, spray for half a minute, etc). It is fish oil plus sesame oil (plus a natural surfactant, lecithin), so it will separate from water fairly quickly, and if you don't shake constantly, you will not get a quality application. And it does stink like fish oil, quite noticeable for 3-5 days. Nonetheless, it is not toxic, and you can spray it on fruits and vegetables and basically eat them the same day (I would recommend washing off the smelly fish oil...). It is my go-to pesticide.
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on July 23, 2010
This is without a doubt the best insecticide I've found. Unlike Sevin dust that washes off in one rain, this seems to stay on through several downpours. It kills or deters all the usual pests that love to munch on my plants and it does it in a very friendly manner. One of the greatest benefits of Organocide is being able to use it right up until harvest time.
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on June 10, 2010
I bought this product because of black spots on the leaves of my rose bushes. This is mainly caused by the heat & humidity of New Orleans. So far the product seems to help. Not as much yellowing of the leaves. Water etc seems to roll off the leaves once applied.
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on May 19, 2014
I Have been using this organocide for the past 3 weeks. It is more than I expected. My Sago is looking better and the white scale is all but gone, I have been following the directions and am happy to say my plants all look healtier.
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on October 16, 2014
This summer I discovered that my Sago Palm's had a white fungus(looks like snow) on the trunk and fronds. Apparently this fungus is the same one that seems to have been visiting these poor Sago's around the state of Florida the past couple of years and I read about Organocide as a solution on the internet, so I found it on Amazon at a great price and tried it out. Its best if you put it in a manual sprayer that you can buy at a garden store very cheaply(or probably on Amazon!). I mixed it up with water and sprayed it all over the plant and it cleared it up in about a week and stayed clear for about 6-8 weeks but then it came back so I sprayed it again and it went away again. I'm waiting to see what happens next. I've had these plants since they were pups (about 15 years ago) and I got my first flower this summer! I would hate to lose them now! I'll try to do an update. THIS IS SAFE FOR ANIMALS AND CHILDREN according to the bottle.
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