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on November 12, 2013
I love these for so many reasons-- the top ones being they're easy for my son to pick up, and they taste GREAT (yes, my husband and I sneak a few every once in a while), and their sugar content is FANTASTICALLY low.

I find it very disturbing that the highest-rated critical review slams these for having sugar as the second ingredient (right after milk). Yes, it is the second ingredient listed, but this is a GOOD thing! Here's why:

I don't like feeding my son extra sugar, but I love these because of how LITTLE sugar they actually contain. The package indicates that there are 4 servings to a bag (though it takes us about a week to finish one), and that there are ONLY 4g of sugar per serving. That means that a baby would have to eat a WHOLE BAG to get as much sugar as is naturally found in an apple or a banana, or basically any single pouch of pureed baby fruit (check out the nutritional facts!). If you want to compare these to yogurt, one serving of happy yogis has HALF the sugar that an adult-size portion of plain nonfat greek yogurt has, and and ONE THIRD the amount of sugar that stonyfield organic's yobaby yogurt contains! That's a HUGE difference. So the fact that there is so little sugar in this and yet it's the SECOND ingredient listed is a pretty good indicator of just how much of these yogis are good plain milk. And that's awesome in my book.
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on November 4, 2012
I got this pack of 8 for a cheaper unit price. But be careful, since some of them might be EMPTY! All you get is AIR!! So disappointed!
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on October 19, 2013
Our baby loves her Yogis and we get the same smile and "Num" every time.
Great for teaching finger control and they melt very easily in the mouth for first time snacking.
Good distraction before a meltdown gets out of control.
Can usually be found cheaper on sale at the "Bullseye" store. . . for about $3 a pack.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 12, 2011
These are very good tasting and when I gave a few to my baby he loved them! But after looking at the back and seeing that the second ingredient is sugar I decided this probably isn't the kind of thing I want my baby to get used to. I don't want him to get used to sugary snack foods at such a young age, I'm sure there will be enough of that when he's older. I wish Happy Baby would come up with a yogurt snack with no or very little sugar, I would buy it than.
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on December 21, 2014
These are freeze dried flavored greek yogurt bites. They kind of remind me of astronaut food. The dissolve quickly in baby's mouth making them an ideal starter solid food. My little one LOVES Yogis, but probably a little too much! She doesn't want to eat anything else. The package cannot be in sight or she will refuse to eat whatever else is in front of her. If you are having a tough time getting your baby to transition to solids, try Yogis. If your baby is doing well with solids, then maybe skip these because they might start to prefer these over all other foods. Another perk to these is that they have probiotics, so if your baby is on a course of antibiotics (like for an ear infection), this is an easy way to keep their GI system balanced.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and I hope you found it helpful in making a purchase decision.
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on July 30, 2015
Milk ingredients are a good in a yogurt snack but why is there so much sugar? I should've anticipated since the sellers didn't post an image of the FDA labels or the ingredients. That's great they are organic. Organic sugar is still a lot for a developing brain to contend with.

Freeze dried ice cream could easily have the same ingredients & sugar content.
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on June 20, 2014
My 1 year old loves these, as well as the Happy Creamies. I was excited to get these Yogis because as the image of the nutritional value states, these are supposed to have 20% of the daily value of calcium for a 1-4 year old. For a baby who is transitioning to regular milk and maybe not getting enough calcium, this would have been a great way to add a serving of calcium with a snack. BUT, I received the packs and was dismayed to find that the nutrition has changed and it only has 4% now! That's a huge difference! The ingredients look to be the same so I have no idea where that extra 16% went! My baby still loves them but now they're not a snack packed with calcium as I was hoping they would be. They're just a yummy tasting snack with a bare minimum if nutrition. The Happy Creamies have more vitamins in them so I will probably just buy those instead as a snack. I plan to send an email to the company to see what happened since the change is so drastic.

I emailed the company to see what the deal was with the calcium content of these snacks. Their reply:

We recently updated our packaging and recalculated our Nutrition Facts panels using a new calculation system. This system better takes into account the bioavailability of nutrients after foods have been processed.

Interesting, are they saying that these Yogis always really had 4% calcium and they were just mislabeled before? Oh well. The company did send me some coupons for free products, which was nice.
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I hesitated on how to rate this. 2 stars would be "I don't like it", which is true, but it's more like I don't like it as a matter of preference, not because there's anything wrong with the product. I like their gluten free "puffs" between than this yogurt snacks. Baby seems to be okay with them. Doesn't love them, doesn't hate them, but only eats a few at a time. I feel like the amount inside the packaging was kind of "light". I'm not sure it's worth the $5 per pouch it comes out to. Maybe $2 per pouch would be a better price, or the 2 for $5 or something. I like this brand though and I'm happy with the ingredient list. I will continue to buy this brand, but probably won't buy this particular product again.
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on June 20, 2015
these are a freeze dried, disk-shaped snack that is the texture of dry, delicate merengues or astronaut ice cream and is a bit tart, like yogurt. we ordered one each of the banana mango and strawberry varieties, and loved the banana mango, which was milkier, less tart, and also less sweet than the strawberry (they were both good). we then reordered two packs of just the banana mango, and all of the bags were full of tiny, broken pieces and a whole lot of powdered product, which ended up in our eyes and brows. amazon credited and said it was ok to dispose of them, so we ate some of the product in the end, and found it to be extremely sour, much more so than in our previous, initial order, tasting more like lemons than like banana and mango (we ended up emptying the rest into our banana smoothies, for an interesting texture--no sense in throwing out a probiotic product because it is crushed and powdered, when there are plenty of folks paying for powdered probiotics!). from the ingredients list, it seems this batch might've received a doubled up portion of the ascorbic acid, which makes me wonder if that might have affected the integrity of the final product's texture as well. the small handful of whole pieces that could be found in each of the bags were much more flattened and delicate than in our previous batch. overall, I think this is a good product with good potential, but there does seem to be some issue with manufacturing or ingredient consistency. for your information, the product never did look like the product pictured on the bags. the image shows tiny, merengue-shaped (or hershey's kiss-shaped) morsels, but the snack has always been a flat, disk-shaped freeze dried snack, with a consistency like dry merengues or astronaut ice cream. maybe our first pack also had an issue, but it seemed ok to us as it was, as the pieces were mostly whole. we enjoyed them. we were initially surprised, though, that the snack in the bags did not look like its picture, which was definitely odd. just sharing.
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on January 10, 2014
I order this product for my baby girl and she loves it as a snack during the day. My only complaint is that the bags are not even half full so you pay for a lot of packaging with a small amount of the actual yogis in side.
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