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OGX 30 Day Smoothing Treatment, Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy, 3.3oz
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on March 13, 2011
Scent Name: 30-Day TreatmentSize Name: 3.30
Tried this, very mixed feelings and will review in two parts to fully explain. Gave it three stars because it DOES work as advertised, but not without risks. For results only, skip to part II. If you are new to Brazilian Keratin Treatments and the risks involved, PLEASE read part I.

Part I:

I have been getting Brazilian Keratin Treatments (BKTs) in the salon for several yrs. and have done extensive research on them. FYI, BKT is an umbrella term, like relaxer. There are many brands/makers of BKT (e.g. Brazilian Blowout, Copolla, Global Keratin, La Brasiliana, Marcia Teixiera). The active ingredient in ALL of them is either formaldehyde or a chemical "cousin" of it. The brands with the "cousin" compound (like this product) call their product formaldehyde-free. Free of irritation or risk? No.

**What you must know is that these "cousin" compounds work because they react with the hair in the SAME manner as formaldehyde, thereby subjecting users to a level of risk.**

The active ingredient in this product is Oxoacetamide. I suggest you google it. According to the Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) on this compound, potential health effects include:

Eye: Causes eye irritation.
Skin: Causes skin irritation. May be harmful if absorbed through the skin.
Ingestion: Harmful if swallowed. May cause irritation of the digestive tract.
Inhalation: Causes respiratory tract irritation. May be harmful if inhaled.
Chronic: No information found.

Another chemical near the bottom of the ingredient list is methylisothiazolinone, a preservative, and very potent allergen. Suggest you google it too.

The bottom line: Don't let the name Organix fool you, this is not an "all natural" treatment by any means. Proceed with caution.

Part II: Application/results

The application process is very tedious, much like at the salon, but YOU get the joy of applying it. (On the upside, you save big money applying it yourself.)

The directions are in teeny tiny print on the label. Summary: apply in sections to damp hair, let sit for 30 minutes, blow dry with solution in hair, set flat iron to 450 degrees, iron hair in sections going over each section about 7 passes. Leave in hair 48 hours. Do not tuck behind ears, use ponytail holder or do anything that might leave a kink or dent in hair. Do not get hair wet.

I used my Sedu iron to apply because the temp is adjustable. The high temps are key to set the product, so you can't scrimp on this. The goop of the product will protect your hair from the high temps. If you have any flyaways, the hot iron will make them stand on end. It's really annoying, but unavoidable. Happens at salon too. You're not really supposed to put gel or anything on them to keep them down during the waiting period, but I do. This time, I used a dab of Kerastase Elixir Ultime. It didn't affect the results.

About my hair: past my shoulders, naturally very curly but not particularly thick, Caucasian, naturally dark brown, but highlighted ash blonde (well it WAS, until this treatment turned my hair disgustingly brassy -- will explain in more detail below). For me, the whole process took about two hours.

Application PROS:

--None. It's a pain.

Application CONS:

--You must wear gloves. My box was missing gloves. I emailed the company to ask if I should be concerned and they responded it was probably an oversight on the part of quality control. Lovely.
--Instructions do not say how much solution to apply. I didn't use the whole bottle, but I probably could have used less. When I was done with the application, my hair was very greasy and heavy, more than BKTs done in the salon. I was careful to coat every section, guess that was wrong? Still not sure.
--Solution STINKS. All BKTs stink, but the stench of this one is horrendous.
--Emits noxious fumes/smoke when blow drying and flat ironing. Instructions say to use in well-ventilated area. Heed them and open a window. I gagged and coughed from the fumes that emerged after the first pass of the flat iron. Safe ingredients don't make you gag. But I knew the risks.
--Solution irritated my scalp. For me, it was the same irritation as bleach, not enough to totally freak me out (but I was a little freaked out). My scalp is still itching a bit too as I type this.

Post-application notes:

--Made blonde EXTREMELY BRASSY. I knew this was a risk, because some salon BKT formulas discolor blonde hair -- namely Coppola. When I wrote to the company about the gloves, I also asked if it would discolor the hair and the rep said no, that she had blonde hair and hers was fine after using. She suggested doing a strand test, and waiting at least two weeks after I colored my hair to apply. I did both. But what I saw on the strand wasn't really a great representation of what I would see on my whole head.
--I ONLY LEFT ON FOR 24 HOURS. The reason I rinsed it out is because of these red flags: the horrible discoloration of my hair, the unbearable stench, the visible lifelessness and greasiness of my hair, which far exceeded that of any salon BKT I had ever had.


--My hair is VERY straight and soft. So the product does do what it says it does. Ends look a little more frazzled than pre-treatment. The straightness is comparable to the salon BKTs I have had with the highest concentrations of formaldehyde, which confirms FOR ME that this product contains high concentrations of the cousin compound (note: This is pure speculation based on my experience, take it however you want it. I am not a scientist). The reason I am not thrilled about the result is that I FEAR what would have happened if I left this in 48 hours. It's about as straight as any BKT has gotten it -- and pretty flat.
--My blonde hair is now yellow and brassy --- have to have hairdresser fix it with a toner this week. I used large amounts of toning shampoo and conditioner on my hair after the treatment, with little improvement. I DO NOT recommend this product if you have blonde hair.
--STINKS -- the previous reviewer who gave the product one star is spot on. This stuff stinks. In fact, it smells worse when you rinse it out. The only good thing about the mass amounts of toning shampoo and conditioner I used is that it helped get rid of most of the smell. But it still lingers.

OVERALL: USE with EXTREME caution. Follow directions. And when in doubt, RINSE IT OUT.
If your hair is dark or ethnic, this product is probably better-suited to you. That said, if your goal is to defrizz and soften the curl or achieve waves -- not straighten -- you may not want to leave it in 48 hours. You can always apply more -- for $15, it's not really a big deal IMO. If your hair is blonde, have toner ready. If you feel it's worth it to save $200-$350 (what BKTs generally cost at the salon) and maybe have to pay for a toner after it's done, then go ahead. I certainly felt it was worth a try.

Will I use it again? Not sure. Based on the initial results, I feel the straightening aspect of this product is comparable to salon BKT brands. The smell of this product and effect on color-treated hair, however, are definitely inferior.

I will update in the coming weeks re: staying power.

I apologize for the length of this, but I really felt it was my obligation to share my experience and research. Again, I'm not an expert. I really hope this helps you decide whether or not to try this -- and good luck either way.

*Update -- it's been about three weeks since I tried the treatment and my hair is still very straight and frizz-free. To date, I'd say the "straightness" has worn off only about 15% since my first wash and blow dry with the treatment -- and that's even AFTER I've had it toned professionally the week after and re-highlighted and toned two weeks after. The straightening results have definitely been comparable to salon treatments.*
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on March 3, 2011
Scent Name: 30-Day TreatmentSize Name: 3.30
I have never in my life written a review for a product, so that tells you something right there. I'm biracial, black and white, with hair more like my mother's who is white, but my hair is drier and a lot more curly. I had it dyed to a dark brown with highlights, but I dyed it back to black. This stuff WILL lighten your hair, so be careful. My hair is now a really dark brown with thin streaks (it looks great and it only cost me fifteen bucks)of a tannish-brown that turns red in the sun.

I picked this product up about a week ago a my local drugstore. I was apprehensive about buying it because I was worried that it would destroy my hair. Before I bought it, I ran home to read reviews on this product to make sure I wasn't in for a lot of heartache and lost money. The reviews were seemingly all right so I ran back to the store and purchased this product.

I got home, pre-washed my hair with the packet of cleanser that comes with it. I let my hair air dry then I applied the solution. In the directions it states, "Do not oversaturate hair." Well, the problem with this idea is that they tell you absolutely nothing about how MUCH to apply. I was still kind of worried so I applied just enough to make my hair wet. I let it dry for 30 minutes and blow dried the rest (it says to do this in the instructions). Then, I flat ironed my hair in small sections.

My hair was really waxy, but it had a nice, shiny glow. I was still on the fence about how much I applied. I decided to wait two days and if I saw no change, I would reapply the rest I had in the bottle and do it over again. I washed it after two days. I felt my hair getting curly again as I washed it with the matching shampoo and conditioner, only the curls were not as tight. I decided right then to do it over again. My hair was still curly and this system said it can make your hair straighter by up to 95%, and I waned my results!

This past Tuesday, after "oversaturating" my hair while repeating this whole entire process again (it takes hours!), I washed my hair after another 48 hours. In the shower, while washing again with my matching shampoo, I noticed something - my hair wasn't curly. What? I shook my hair around (it's only to my shoulders so it's kind of short), but it was too dark in my shower to see anything. I got out and went right over to the mirror. Finally, RESULTS I CAN LIVE WITH!

My hair is still wavy but it air dries to perfection. The best part of it all - not one, ONE freaking SIGN of frizz popping up anywhere when it dried. I usually would have an afro if I DARED to let it dry without some moisturizer first! Even then my hair would be a disaster. I can't wait to go the beach (frizz central) and see if my hair poofs up when I walk on the boardwalk. It usually does, but with this - I'll bet my life on it that I won't have trouble with frizz anymore. My hair shines like a mirror. I find myself touching it and wanting to look at it all the time. When it's straightened, oh my goodness, it's even more amazing. My friends have given me compliments and they NEVER, EVER (NEVER!) compliment me on my hair. Even my guy friend, along with my boyfriend noticed!

Try this. It's a rare gem and I will definitely be buying a LOT more of this product. However, despite how happy this has made me feel about my hair, It has only been DAYS since I applied this. I have no idea about how damaging this product might be or anything, so in this case, I will have to update my review. I am also going to start taking vitamins for my hair in the event that something happens. At least I'll already be on the road to recovery.

UPDATE 3/22/2011: The staying power of this formula isn't one of the best. I have had it in my hair a little bit over three weeks and it's just about gone. The only thing I have left is the shine. This doesn't really bother me because one bottle can be used twice. They give you plenty of formula to work with for a 30-day treatment. In fact, I've been meaning to apply this formula to my hair once again, but I was too worried about damage to go through with it.

This leads me to the "meat" of the review - damage. When I first applied this product and flat-ironed my hair, I had a few flyaways, but nothing major. My hair was so straight that it almost felt kind of thin. This worried me because I wasn't used to having my hair THAT straight. I also thought I may have lost a lot of hair during this treatment. However, since I was patient enough to wait this long, my hair is becoming thicker and curlier like it used to be. I can now "see" my hair a little bit better without the product on. As far as damage goes, for me, it was very minimal. I actually haven't lost any hair. I could use a trim (maybe a 1/4"), but that's about it. All-in-all, I'm happy with this product. I'm sorry to see that it isn't working for everyone.
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on March 1, 2011
Scent Name: 30-Day TreatmentSize Name: 3.30
**UPDATE: 2/3/2012**
So I still very much like this product~ I used it at least 5 times and got great results from it and still much better than relaxing--HOWEVER...the fumes/smoke when blow drying and flat ironing started to get by the 3rd time :(
Additionally, it did change my hair color--which I did not mind the first & second time I used it--it was summer, it looked nice! But, subsequent uses=color no likey :(
Started looking for other non-formaldehyde alternatives that would not have such a smoky haze when sealing the Keratin in--and ended up paying a lot more--used Zelo Hair ($45.00 from HSN) which was ok--but seemed to burn a bit when left on before blow dry--scratch that!
Then tried "Keratin Earth" ($59.99) which was a complete waste of money!! Didn't even last a day--soon as I did my morning workout the next day--my hair was poofy again. Addditionally, it was VERY hard to comb Keratin Earth through my hair--it was a serious struggle.

So I went back to this Organix again--at $14.99 it was still the best alternative for the money and it worked miles around the Zelo and Keratin Earth. But I accidentally ran across another treatment called "Renpure Brazillian Keratin" a couple of weeks back---it costs $5.99--WITHOUT the crazy fumes. Renpure is TRULY all natural and has no parabens/formaldehyde and smells WONDERFUL--didn't change my hair color (it is color safe) and no crazy fumes!-but it didn't last 14 days--still a good option though for temporary straightening -- See my review for RENPURE BRAZILLIAN KERATIN
Meanwhile~ I am changing my rating for this Organix to a 4 star--simply because of the smoky drama when blow drying/flat-ironing--it still deserves 4 stars because it does work great!~but the fumes are troublesome--at least to me. If you can get past that and have a well ventilated room to blow dry and flat iron in--this may not be an issue for you...
Nevertheless, I am a true and firm believer in non-formaldehyde Keratin treatments though--Keratin has done wonders for my hair!--Ladies, please--no more relaxers! Use Keratin!!


I have coarse, curly african american hair which was being relaxed (last one was over 4 months ago)--I was trying to transition out of this because of the damage that the chemicals in relaxers have put on my locks, but still wanted straight hair! Last year I started using WEN products (which I love~ my hair was much more manageable with WEN cleansing conditioners which are free of sulfates and more nourishing to your hair.) While I love how the WEN products softened my hair (movement, body more shine) it was making my hair grow --and then came the new growth! The Wen works wonders for putting moisture back in but will not tame or address the curl pattern of your hair if you want it to be straight~ I was *yearning* for something to tame this but did not want to put another relaxer in my hair! I heard about the Keratin treatments and was intrigued, but did not want to ever do it because of the formaldehyde~

I picked this Organix Brazilliam Keratin Treatment last week at Ulta~ "NO formaldehyde"--safe for all hair types~ and thought "what the heck"--Don't be discouraged by the fact that the ingredients don't list raw keratin--there are keratin protiens in this product (amino acids)
Instead of taking the good things OUT of your hair (relaxers) to straighten it, you are putting IN and sealing to the hair good things to change the curl pattern---ummmmmmmm--let me tell you people this stuff is CRAZY!! (good)!! My hair feels AMAZING and is sleek and straight~ has never been so straight--not even with a relaxer! My expectations were low~ but I have been so completely (and plesantly surprised) My hair feels like SILK!! My hair is 2" past my shoulders and I only used 1/2 the bottle (did not want to over do it because the instructions say "Do not saturate the hair") I've read some of the other reviews of people saying their hair felt "waxy" for the 2 day waiting period and it may be becuase too much of the treatment was put on the hair.
The 2 day waiting period *bites* but with these results, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

**TIP** Be in a well ventilated area when you blow dry and flat iron your hair~ sit by an open window with a fan going if possible--it doesn't "stink" in a foul way--but it does produce a "smoke" as the treatment is being sealed into your hair cuticles.~more so with the flat iron than the blow dryer.
I have a VERRRY sensitive nose --& the smell only bothered me when flat ironing it in... I used my WEN to wash it out after the 2 days instead of the Organix brand shampoo (it is sulfate free and I am a Wen fan so I used it) and the results are SPECTACULAR--I am so happy with the results, I cannot stop touching my hair! I am shocked at how well it worked! Even though I didn't use the Organix Shampoo/Conditioner, I did get the Organix Coconut Milk Split End mender and Coconut Milk Serum and now my hair smells *divine*!! (The only thing I dislike about WEN products is the smell--I can't use them as styling products because I can smell them all day~so it has been a pleasant switch to smell Coconut instead of mentholy cough syrup-LOL!
I can't say you will have the same results as me, but if you follow the directions (I think the key is to not over saturate the hair) you should have a positive result! LOVE!!

****UPDATE**** 4/24/11****** The "lasting power" for this product is pretty much just as advertised-The 1st treatment lasted me longer than the 30 days--it was about 45-ish--which is fine with me because I used to relax every 6-8 weeks. I have applied the other 1/2 of the bottle as a 2nd treatment and the results were just as good the 2nd time as the 1st. This stuff is *ahhh-maze** and reacts very well to my hair texture--I'm sorry to see that others are having not-so-good results--but this product (for me) is fantastic~it has not only made my hair stronger and silkier--but the "fried & dried" frizzy look that Southern Texas Humidity can give your hair has virtually gone away for me ~I could not be more happy with this product! The only down side to this product is the 2 day waiting period after applying it--(imho)-I am still using my Wen cleansing products with it and I honestly think that this is what helped the "staying power" of this product last me a few extra days.
I would not recommend it for color treated hair based on some other reviews~ I have highlights and it did make them lighter when the product is applied~but nothing dramatic or "shocking"--again, this was just on my hair...With any product there are bound to be varied results on different types of hair--as seen in the wide range of "love it/hate it" reviews for this product--but for me, it is a keeper & I will use again.
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on April 6, 2011
Scent Name: 30-Day TreatmentSize Name: 3.30Verified Purchase
I am a African American woman. I have natural hair. No relaxers or other chemicals are in my hair. I have made of vow to have healthy hair this year. I started by buying the Wen conditioning cleansing shampoo, which I love. Its great for African American hair. Its not like other shampoos that dry out your hair. I have been look for a product that would actually smooth
my hair so I could wear it straight. Without breaking the bond of my hair. I could not believe how great this product work. I have never in my life had my hair this straight. And the shine and body was Fabo!!. I did a lot of research on this product before trying it. No claims of hair loss or anything damaging. Just some complaints about the odor. The only odor I experience was a coco smell. This product seems to make my hair look about 80% healthier. The directions are kind of vague. There are a couple of videos on youtube on how exactly to apply. You just want to make sure you enter organix hair treatment. I love that this product only last 30 days. I love my natural hair. And it was so happy to find a product that would not change the structure of my hair. I can not say enough great things about this product. If your trying to go from relaxers to your natural hair. But you want to keen that bone straight look with body and shine. Grab this product. Here are some better instructions on applying this product.

1. Wash hair with the shampoo that provided.
2. let hair air dry to about 80%. I dried my hair with a blow dryer on cool.
3. Apply the product. Apply the organix as if you were applying dye to your hair. I section
off my hair into 4 sections. Make sure to apply the product from the beginning of the hair
shaft to the end. The product will comb threw the hair easily,
4. let the product sit on the hair for 30 min. Then blow dry with high heat.
5. Your hair may be a little waxy after this. Do not worry. When you flat iron your hair all
the wax will disappear. Rinse off your brushes and combs with warm water to remove the wax
build up.
6. Flat iron your hair in small sections. Instructions say to use a flat iron at 450 degrees,
My Chi got up to 420 and that was fine. I used my pressing comb to get the edges. You want
to go over the hair 7 to 10 time.
7. Wait at least 48hrs before washing out the product. Make sure to apply the organix in a
well ventilated area.

*. style as usual and go.
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on July 12, 2011
Scent Name: 30-Day TreatmentSize Name: 3.30Verified Purchase
I was excited to use this, hoping I'd finally get rid of some of my hair's "poof". I suffered through 2 days of greasy, nasty hair, didn't leave the house, and had to hear my husband tell me over and over how bad my head smelled (which, honestly, it wasn't THAT bad....). Longest 2 days of my life. Finally washed it, dried it, and..... nothing. It looks the exact same as always. I did notice that it doesn't really tangle at all now though, so for that, I gave it 2 stars. I know I have stubborn hair, so maybe this would work better for others. I was not impressed and will not be trying it again.

For those who want results, I highly recommend "Africa's Best" relaxer. It's for AA hair, and I'm white as a cracker.... but that stuff works wonders to get your hair straight and smooth. While it doesn't eliminate my "poof", it definitely does help. Most importantly, it gets completely rid of those annoying kinks by my scalp that are hard to get out with the flat iron. It goes on like cement but you wash it right out and you're done!

EDIT: 1.5 weeks later... I am downgrading this to 1 star because my hair is now SO gross. It feels like straw when straightened. It's so damaged I want to chop it all off, which makes me so sad because it has been long and beautiful for a few months now. :c(
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on July 13, 2011
Scent Name: 30-Day TreatmentSize Name: 3.30
****Update 8/29 - It has been 6 weeks and my hair still looks and feels awesome :-D ****

I went to a salon and had the BTK done professionally. The salon results were great, but my eyes hurt during the process (due to the chemical strength) and it was fairly expensive for just a 2 hour treatment. Loved the results so much that I had to so research on all the available keratin treatments and that is how I stumble across the Organix products. I have been using the Organix Brazilian keratin 30 day treatment for 2 months now and I am so happy with my results I had to share my experience. First things first, the first time I did the Organix treatment I followed all the directions to the last detail (wash hair with shampoo, towel dry, put product on hair 80% dry, wait 30 mins, blaaaa). My hair after treatment looked very silky and shinny, so I was happy but when I washed it 2 days later (48 hours) the results were not what I got on the salon treatment. So I was a little disappointed, oh well. I did some more research on at-home keratin treatments and I found ONE person who brought the light to all this ordeal so I decided to try this Organix treatment for a 2nd time (since I still had 2/3rds of the original bottle), but this time with following different directions. 1st I washed hair, 2mins etc like directions; 2nd I blow dried my hair completely(not in style, just to air dry) so that I could apply the treatment on my hair when it was COMPLETELY dry; 3rd I applied the treatment, this time I applied more than the first time, almost too saturated, then brushed each section with a comb, section by section until I got all my hair, then I added a bit more to my ends since they looked a little dry. 4th waited 30 mins with product on my hair. 5th blow dry my hair (this time I had so much product on the hair that it was very noticeable) 6th, I flat iron my hair (again felt heavy and with lots of product in it) but I kept flat ironing each section many times 6-7 times. Secret to not burning your hand? Flat iron the first half of the section 6-7 times, then do it again with the second half - so you don't burn your fingers. After all this my hair felt very heavy, dirty, and I could still feel the product on my hands, but I waited 24 hours (not 48). Hint, I flat iron again the next morning (each section 2 or 3 times), then that same day at night when I got home I flat iron again, same way. So I flat iron (with iron oh highest setting) a total of 3 times (to seal the product well) then that same evening (24 hours later) I jumped in the shower and washed my hair. MY OH MY, I GO THE RESULTS I WANTED and the same results I got at the SALON! So you see, instructions are not perfect, that might be why some people are not getting the results they want. I have very curly hair, between wavy and an fro, so is not an option for me to wash my hair, walk out of the shower, and let my hair air dry. Now it is! My hair is not completely straight, it still has some waves on it (same results I got with the salon treatment - is not a straighting system but it does kind of straightens your hair a lot). I am in love with the Keratin treatment, and can not be happier to have found this product! If you want to try it, do it differently, dry your hair completely then follow the rest of the instructions (but you DON'T have to wait 48 hours if you seal it really good by flat ironing it several times in a 24 hour period). I know the process is tedious, and having heavy product on your hair 24 hours might be a little annoying, but I rather bare with is for under $20 bucks, than pay $250+ at a salon to get the same results. Thanks ORGANIX! I am getting a few more boxes of the product, the shampoo and using my loreal eversleek conditioner! :-D
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on September 6, 2011
Scent Name: 30-Day TreatmentSize Name: 3.30
Okay, I did my research before I tried this product. I read many many reviews, and I really think that alot of people don't know what their doing, or they are applying WAAAAAYYY too much product.
First off I have 4b naturally kinky coily hair, relaxer free. (google it if you don't know what that means)This product made my hair feel like silk. It has an amazing shine and it's flowy and light. It gorgeous. For lack of better wording, my hair feels like a white girls hair. Well maybe not totally, but you get my drift.
Anyway, I read a lot of reviews saying not to use a lot of product. DONT USE A LOT OF PRODUCT. People getting that horrendous smell, hair feeling greasy and weighed down, smoking flat iron..they use way too much product. It is kinda liquidy so I literally used a little "dap" and spread it on the two inch section and combed it thru. You don't need more than that. Seriously. Your hair should NOT be soaked with the product. Oh yeah, I also only applied to the "leave out" portion of a hair weave. It took a total of about an hour and a half. So I can see how it can be tedious for a whole head.
Anyway to avoid this being long (too late), my opinion/review:

1. apply with an applicator/color brush. Only dip the tip of the brush in the solution (which I poured into a bowl) and stretch that little amount onto the two inch wide section of your hair. Rub and comb the solution thru. That's ALL you need.
2. I thought I didnt use enough at first. That's how little I used
3. If you don't use too much, it doesn't smoke that much while flat ironing. It doesn't smoke anymore than if you flat ironed your hair with a Garnier Straightening Serum. All products smoke when flat ironed.
4. I didn't smell anything. It smelled like burnt hair. The same smell when you normally flat iron or press your hair. (Black girls know what smell I'm talking about). Actually the product smells kinda good, but I couldn't really smell it.
5. I used a fan blowing the smoke away from me into an open window. Maybe that's why I didn't smell anything. But Yeah I think a lot of people exaggerate or like I said, don't follow the instructions. DO NOT OVER SATURATE THE HAIR
6. Dont get it on your skin, but try to get it on the roots. I didn't apply it to my roots really and they frizzed while sleeping. But the rest of the hair was perfect.
7. It will leave bends in your hair if you pin it or tie it down too long. But you can flat iron it out. For us black girls, creases in your hair is very common actually if you tie it down, or put in a ponytail.
8. My hair blends perfectly with the weave
9. It feels light and wispy and flows in the wind. I don't have to constantly put my hair back in place to make sure my tracks aren't showing.
10. My friend was here and she didn't smell anything either
11. Haven't washed it out yet, so not sure how it will change the curl pattern. But it was so worth it. But don't get it if you havent done your reasearch and don't know what your doing.
12. I'm sure its tedious for a full head of natural hair. Be prepared. Like I said, for me it was only the leave out hair for a weave.
13. U have to use a Flat Iron. Not a maxi glide. I tried it with my maxi glide at first, but it didn't straighten well. Something about the flat plates like seals it to your hair. You can see it as you straighten like your hair just gets shiny and really straight.
14. I got the results I was hoping for! Totally worth paying the $15 bucks and doing it myself versus paying $300+ at a salon, which is probably a harsher treatment.
15. I love it! And will probably use again when I want to explore my straight options. Just not a lot of product. And I would only do my whole head if my hair is like BSL and I'm not wearing a weave:-) Good luck, research, and follow instructions.
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on February 7, 2011
Scent Name: 30-Day TreatmentSize Name: 3.30
For the money, this product is the best I have used. I have tried all kinds of straightening products and this by far works the best. I have really curly hair and made my hair much more manageable. No frizz, and the curl is turned into nice waves. Also it lasts for the full 30 days too.
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on April 28, 2011
Scent Name: 30-Day TreatmentSize Name: 3.30
I bought this product and decided to read reviews before actually using it. I knew the potential risks and decided that if it actually worked, it was worth the risks. I'll write my experience with it so far, and then I'll update once I've rinsed the product out of my hair.

Yesterday afternoon, I washed my hair with Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy shampoo (not the stuff that came with the 30 day treatment) first in order to get all the gunk out of my hair. I then used the clarifying shampoo that came in the box. It was a lot more watery than I expected. I only used a small palmful, which was plenty even though I normally have to use a ton of shampoo for my long, thick hair. I probably have enough left for at least 3 more washes. I left it in while I finshed showering, and then I rinsed it from my hair. It made my hair feel tangly and dry, which was to be expected since I didn't use conditioner. I took my dogs for a walk to let my hair dry 80% of the way. It was just a tiny bit damp when I put the straightening product in.

I had read so many reviews that complained about accidentally over-saturating the hair and ending up with a waxy, greasy mess for the next 48 hours. I was careful to start with a tiny bit of product and only add more if I needed it. I have very thick hair, about 8 inches past my shoulders, and I only used about a dime-sized amount for each 2" section of hair. My hair is curly/wavy but usually the part near my scalp is pretty straight, so I didn't try too hard to get the product close to my scalp. Overall, I used about 1/4 to 1/3 of the bottle, which surprised me because knowing my hair, I expected to use at least half the bottle. I will definitely be able to get two more uses out of it. I combed my hair well to evenly distribute the product. It only took me about 10-15 minutes to finish my whole head. Also, some people complained that it smells bad and chemically, but the only smell I noticed was that of coconut. It was great!

I waited a half hour, occasionally combing my hair to keep it straight. I blow dried my hair in my unventilated bathroom, with no fan or anything. I used a round brush and just dried it as if I were straightening it. I did not notice any unpleasant smell or burning of my eyes. I didn't even see any steam/smoke. It was a little hard to tell if my hair was completely dry, since it was a little waxy/greasy, but once I kept at it, my hair got less waxy.

I was still expecting a horrible stench from straightening my hair, so I sat in front of an open window with a fan blowing at me so that I didn't breathe in any harmful fumes. With that said, I did see smoke, and while it was blowing out the window, some of it lingered and I didn't smell anything. I'm not sure why some people complained that it gave off the most horrible smell they'd ever smelled. Anyway, I used my Sedu straightener on the highest setting (410*) and straightened tiny sections, layer by layer. I did 2 inch sections and made sure to go over each piece about 9 times. Be careful not to burn your fingers when touching your hair, because it becomes very, very hot! My hair was extremely straight and had very little body even though it's really thick, but that's because it I was straightening each section so many times and there was some product weighing it down. However, when I was done, my hair felt mostly soft and product-free. It was not greasy or sticky or waxy. There were no white flakes or anything like that. I think it's because I was very careful to not use too much product.

My hair now feels clean and soft. I hardly notice that there is any product in my hair at all. I think it's soaking in as the day goes on. Also, when I woke up, my hair was still stick straight. Usually when I wake up, the underneath of my hair is a little wavy if I sweat in my sleep, but this morning, it was barely noticeable. I ran my straightener through my hair quickly though, just to be safe. I will have no problem with leaving this stuff in my hair for 48 hours. I think if I had used more product and saturated my hair, it would be a different story. And as far as smell goes, I can't smell anything unless I stick my nose in my hair, and only then does it smell like coconuts. No chemicals or burnt hair smell.

Overall, the whole process took me about 2 hours. It didn't seem that long, though, since I let my hair dry for a half hour while walking my dogs, and then straightened my hair while watching tv, to keep myself preoccupied. It did not take me half the day or anything. I had also read that it might discolor my hair. I have naturally light brown hair with natural dirty blonde highlights. I had gotten blonde highlights about two years ago, so the very ends of my hair still have some highlights left. I don't really notice any color change. The very ends of my hair are slightly more brassy, but the rest of my hair is unchanged.

I also thought that it would be a pain to have to not tuck my hair behind my ears, etc. Since it's so soft and clean feeling, it doesn't bother me to have it hang down the sides of my face. I'm hardly noticing it, actually. I've occasionally tucked it behind my ears when I eat, and it does not get a kink in it or anything. I am going to wash my hair tomorrow, and I'm hoping for good results. I'm not expecting stick-straight hair, but I am hoping that my hair is less frizzy and more manageable. Stay tuned!
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on June 4, 2013
Scent Name: 30-Day TreatmentSize Name: 3.30
Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment, 3.3 Ounce

Length-mid back
Color-dark brown
Type-thick, wavy and course
Healthy but slightly frizzy when air dried
Age: 32
Ethnicity: Italian

I used this product over 1 year ago, and I am STILL trying to reverse the damage it caused my hair. Please steer clear! There is a reason this treatment costs so much in the salons, it is a serious product, that can cause serious damage.

First I will start by saying that I followed the directions that were included EXACTLY!

The smell is overwhelming even with a fan on and windows open but I muscled through it.

As I flat ironed my hair at the recommended temperature, it was sizzling and smoking, which made me slightly nervous, but I kept at it. 2 hours later (long thick hair), my hair was pin straight and looked thin and shiny/slightly oily.

It was a rough 48 hrs. I was constantly having to touch up wrinkles and curls with the hot iron. I was embarrassed to go out in public because my hair looked like it hadn't been washed in weeks. It was so slick looking and just hung there, stuck to my scalp. Made it through, still keeping hope alive that all this wasn't in vein and my hair will finally be manageable and tame without spending a fortune at the salon.

As I began to wash it out, my hair was coming out in small chunks. Now I shed A LOT normally, I have a mane of hair, but this was enough to make me a little nervous. My shower walls looked like they were growing hair.

I blew out my hair and not only was it frizzier than normal, the ends were split, it was dull and lifeless and the slightest pull on the hair follicle and the hair would snap.

I realized I now had a head full of straw, where my hair use to be 2 days ago.

I developed small thinning patches on the crown of my head within a few weeks. The regrowth process has been hard. I have so many fly aways now that no matter how I wear my hair, they stick up and it looks ridiculous.

I can no longer let my hair naturally air dry, with or without products, like I could before. If I do, it becomes a matted, nappy birds nest.

The ends have broken and then broke some more. I was left with very uneven hair. Some of my hair was still down to the middle of my back, while other pieces broke up past my shoulders. And not just a few strands of hair, I am talking atleast 1/4 of my hair. So I was forced to chop it.

Even with the cut, it was very fragile, with a ton of split ends and looked awful.

I only buy premier salon brand hair products, shampoos and conditioners and do deep conditioning at least once a week. I also trim my ends every few weeks, sometimes more often, because my hair immediately breaks, as soon as a brush even goes near the hair.

Still, after over 1 year, my hair is nowhere close to being back to what it was before I made one of the WORST decisions of my life, and used this product.

REALLY! Truly! The single most damaging product I have ever used in my hair! AWFUL!
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