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Greetings D, Without going into a million variable as to what makes good reception "GOOD or BAD" could fill a book. I can help you with a my experience with an iPhone and the Kindle. Keep in mind this is not scientifically valid, just my personal experience. iPhone uses EDGE network and WiFi. EDGE is ATT's network. on a scale of 1 - 10 actually radio buffs use 1-9, but that is another story. The iPhone is barely a 1 anywhere at my house with a lot of breaking up. A sad report indeed. Kindle is a solid 9 anywhere in my location. Kindle uses Whispernet. I am not sure of frequencies are used by cell phones and Kindle. One thing I am sure of, Kindle's Whispernet does not have the same coverage across the country as ATT's EDGE. Now that can be easily checked by looking at a coverge map for Kindle. I sure wold use Google to bring one up and check to see if you live in Whspernet's coverae area. Chaces are, if you are in a metro area you may get reception. I was surprized that some metro areas were not covered by Kindle. I expect if Kindle takes off, I think it will, coverage will grealy expand. I have never missed a single download with my Kindle, I am happy. Another suggestion would be to see if you can find anyone in your area and ask them to come to your location to see the how the reception performs. I love my Kindle.I am going on a cruise next week. I am loading up on a lot of free samples Amazon offers. I intend to read on the balcony of the ship and the beach. Ohhh another thing, the battery does not die. There is a very nice selection of content for a rather new item. Of course I am downloading many mgazines,newspapers, books, blogs and other freebees before I go to Belize, Mexico, Cayman Islands as there will be no Whispernet or EDGE. Ohhhh all is not lost, as you can use your computer and download from the Internet your content to your hard drive. Then xfer from your HD to your Kindle. This is a very simple process. They even give you a USB cable so you can very easily make a xfer to your Kindle. I hope you can use the Kindle.The Internet --> Hardrive --> Kindle methd is quite straight forward. Using the Kindle has "re-Kindled' MY INTEREST IN READING! grin If you decide to get a Kindle, enjoy! John
May 19, 2008 by John Kelley
Sorry I am not sure of the voltage. I use it to power my kindlle reader, iphone, ipad, and have had no problems at all. Actually love it's versatility.
Oct 28, 2013 by B. Parks
I don't understand the question.
Jul 19, 2013 by Pyros Velosian
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