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Season 2
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15. Origins TV-NR CC

Nikita is shocked by what Carla (ERICA GIMPEL) recounts of the night Nikita was arrested. Alex shows up at a Zetrov press conference to make an announcement.

43 minutes
Original air date:
February 17, 2012

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Season 2
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    1. Game Change In the second season premiere, Nikita and Michael plot to take down Division and Oversight. Amanda, who is now running Division, enlists Alex's help to stop them.

    TV-NR 43min September 23, 2011
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    2. Falling Ash Nikita and a reluctant Michael join forces with Owen (DEVON SAWA), who is searching for the mastermind (JOHN RALSTON) behind the Regimen. Meanwhile, Percy demands to see Alex.

    TV-NR 43min September 30, 2011
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    3. Knightfall Amanda convinces Alex to kill a man who used to work for Alex's father. But when Nikita disrupts Amanda's plan, Amanda fights back and takes what Nikita loves most.

    TV-NR 43min October 7, 2011
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    4. Partners Nikita is stunned to hear her old Division partner Kelly (KATHERYN WINNICK - Bones) has escaped from a Turkish prison, having believed Kelly died when Nikita fled Division.

    TV-NR 43min October 14, 2011
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    5. Looking Glass Michael wants to help a woman (HELENA MATTSSON) he once romanced under Division orders, who is in danger. Sean (DILLON CASEY) begins to doubt Division's true motives.

    TV-NR 43min October 21, 2011
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    6. 343 Walnut Lane After Birkhoff finds Nikita's birth certificate, Nikita and Michael track down her father (DAVID KEITH). Percy tells Alex the black box could help her avenge her father's death.

    TV-NR 43min October 28, 2011
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    7. Clawback Amanda intercepts messages between Nikita and Ryan (NOAH BEAN), who is in prison and has learned how Oversight is funded. Alex comes face to face with someone from her past.

    TV-NR 43min November 4, 2011
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    8. London Calling Michael helps Cassandra (HELENA MATTSSON) after hearing General Tupelov (PAULINO NUNES) will kill her unless she returns money she allegedly stole, but Nikita is suspicious.

    TV-NR 43min November 11, 2011
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    9. Fair Trade Sean (DILLON CASEY) captures Birkoff and when he won't reveal where Nikita is hiding, Amanda tortures him. Meanwhile, Alex sets her plan in motion to reclaim her father's empire.

    TV-NR 43min November 18, 2011
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    10. Guardians Nikita turns to Owen (DEVON SAWA) to help her track down another black box, but discovers Owen is working for an unlikely employer that could jeopardize her whole operation.

    TV-NR 43min December 3, 2011
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    11. Pale Fire Alex's mission to take down Gogol comes to a head as she infiltrates her childhood home and faces ghosts from her past. Michael and Owen (DEVON SAWA) work together.

    TV-NR 43min January 6, 2012
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    12. Sanctuary Sean (DILLON CASEY) attacks Nikita and Michael to protect his mother. Percy gets the upper hand on Amanda and threatens to level Division unless she releases him.

    TV-NR 43min January 13, 2012
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    13. Clean Sweep Nikita must decide if she will try to save Division. Sean (DILLON CASEY) turns to Nikita, Michael and Alex for help.

    TV-NR 42min February 3, 2012
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    14. Rogue Percy threatens to kill Nikita's mentor, so she uses Madeline (ALBERTA WATSON) to send a message. Amanda tells Alex it's time to reveal Alexandra Udinov to the world.

    TV-NR 43min February 10, 2012
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    15. Origins Nikita is shocked by what Carla (ERICA GIMPEL) recounts of the night Nikita was arrested. Alex shows up at a Zetrov press conference to make an announcement.

    TV-NR 43min February 17, 2012
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    16. Doublecross Amanda reluctantly offers Nikita a deal: Stop Percy from murdering Division's agents and Nikita can have Ryan (recurring guest star NOAH BEAN).

    TV-NR 43min March 16, 2012
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    17. Arising Michael is furious when he discovers a secret that Cassandra (HELENA MATTSSON) kept from him. Alex makes a last-ditch effort to find her mother (SARAH CLARKE).

    TV-NR 43min March 23, 2012
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    18. Power Amanda and Ari (PETER OUTERBRIDGE) prepare to take over Zetrov. Alex surprises Ari by showing up at the board meeting with an old and powerful friend.

    TV-NR 43min March 30, 2012
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    19. Wrath Nikita is captured and tortured by someone she previously targeted, and Percy continues to play mind games with Michael, Alex and Sean, pushing one of them to the brink of death.

    TV-NR 43min April 20, 2012
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    20. Shadow Walker After losing his life savings to Percy via a plan gone wrong, Birkhoff hacks into an old network which trips a trap set by the FBI.

    TV-NR 43min April 27, 2012
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    21. Dead Drop Nikita opposes Ryan's (NOAH BEAN) plan to go to the CIA and is surprised when Michael takes Ryan's side. Sean is shot by Percy's men, shaking Alex to the core.

    TV-NR 43min May 4, 2012
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    22. Crossbow Percy threatens to set off a nuclear explosion unless his demands are met. Nikita realizes the best way to stop Percy is to go into the belly of the beast: Division itself.

    TV-NR 43min May 11, 2012
  • from $1.99

    23. Homecoming In the explosive season finale, Nikita and Michael invade Division in an attempt to capture Percy, and Alex and Sean get caught in a deadly gunfire battle with the U.S. Marines.

    TV-NR 43min May 18, 2012

Product Details

Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Director Michael Robison
Supporting actors Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, Dillon Casey, Melinda Clarke, Xander Berkeley, Peter Outerbridge, Erica Gimpel, Peter J. Lucas, Lyndie Greenwood, Sean Bell, Rogan Christopher, Lisa Berry, Darrin Klimek, Ricky Sethi, Dalton Derek, Adrian Griffin, Inanna Sarkis
Season year 2012
Network The CW
Executive Producer Marc David Alpert
Purchase rights Stream instantly and download to 2 locations Details
Format Amazon Instant Video (streaming online video and digital download)

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Format: DVD
There seems to be a tendency to think that ANY TV show that we watch and like should automatically warrant a five star review rating. I have never felt that to be so and would accordingly rank the various shows I watch on a regular basis from 3-5 stars (most falling into the 4 star designation). I say this in preface to my comments about the second season of CW's ratings challenged adventure "Nikita" because it is a show that has improved substantially since its debut. I loved Season One, don't get me wrong, (largely due to the incomparable Maggie Q) but a number of elements never quite gelled for it to truly reach its potential. Some supporting characters were ill defined or underutilized, Alex's complete freedom to talk to Nikita as the plot dictated seemed awfully convenient and unbelievable, and the new recruit interactions seemed forced or took us away from the main action. But still, I tuned in every week (and just rolled my eyes every time Alex was in the empty computer lab in the middle of the day chatting with Nikita) and appreciated all the good stuff! Still, I would have regarded the first season as a 3 1/2 star endeavor with some brilliant episodes and some not so stellar.

When I tuned in to Season Two (I guess I was one of the few as it is consistently one of CW's lowest rated shows and that's saying a lot for CW), I was absolutely floored by the show's changes. It was like they reached into my mind and corrected everything I found lacking in the preceding year. And with that, "Nikita" emerged as this year's most improved program AND the season's most underappreciated treasure. Why is this fantastically complex and rewarding spy drama being subjected to a slow tortuous death in the ratings dungeon?
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33 of 36 people found the following review helpful By Pathfinder on April 26, 2012
Format: DVD
Would highly recommend 'Nikita' to anyone looking for a fast-paced, intelligent, action-packed TV show that is enhanced by a stellar cast. I've been watching 'Nikita' since it originally aired & have totally enjoyed it. This is definitely one of the most underrated programs currently on TV.

The 2nd season has shown a lot of maturity from the 1st & has consistantly been interesting, well written, & well acted, especially by Maggie Q, who is the best part of the entire series. 'Nikita' goes beyond the typical gov't assassin/James Bond plots & story lines, & goes for a well developed story that has viewers interested in the characters, how each episode will turn out, & keeps you guessing until the end. 'Nikita' doesn't rely on cheap, gratuitous violence, nudity, or any raunchy visuals to keep viewers watching. Instead it works at being an intelligent, well crafted program that offers people what they truly want to see.

'Nikita' is one of those rare gems you find on TV, but its network doesn't support it & the show's plagued by low viewership. CW really needs to get its act together & understand that it has a great program on its hands. There's tons of potential with this show as far as where the story can go, character development, & so forth. High praise for 'Nikita'. Hope to see a 3rd season.
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19 of 22 people found the following review helpful By Mike8023 on May 25, 2012
Format: DVD
This series only seems to have that upward climb effect. I hope they keep getting better. I gave this season a 5 star mark because it well surpassed the first season with twists and turns. The writing is a lot more solid. The first season was also a good season just season two is better. I think both seasons had pivotal endings and season two was no different. Looking forward to season 3. :)
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful By Shadow Walker on July 18, 2012
Format: DVD
I'll just write it out right now: I think that Nikita is one of the best television shows on air right now.

People might laugh because, hey, it's on the CW and while CW shows are a guilty pleasure, they're not actually GOOD, right? But the thing is, Nikita isn't a typical CW show at all. In fact, it sticks out like a sore thumb on the network because it really doesn't fit with any of the other programs. Anyway...

When season two starts, a lot of things have changed. Amanda is in charge of Division and has locked Percy up. Nikita and Michael are on the run. Alex is trying to avenge her father's death. And Birkhoff is, well, NOT working with Nikita and Michael. ;)

Nikita's second season ends up being vastly different from the first. For one thing, Nikita and Michael are no longer "frenemies", which lends a very different vibe to their scenes together. I've heard some people complain that these two are boring now that they're actually in a relationship, but I disagree. I like that the writers don't feel the need to throw in manufactured drama and angst into their relationship. And we knew that they were going to get together eventually, so I'm thrilled that the writers decided to not drag out their will-they-won't-they dance for an additional four or five seasons.

The biggest change is that Alex and Nikita start off this season no longer working together. As someone who really enjoyed the friendship between these two, I was pretty heartbroken when Alex and Nikita had a falling out at the end of season 1. Their relationship has become a lot more fractured and complicated in season 2, and the writers do a good job at depicting this.
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